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Duykers, Bertha, Dirk Christmas program 1937

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Duykers, Bertha, Dirk Christmas program 1937 - _ MONTANA STANDARD, BUTTE, WEDNESDAY MORNING,...
_ MONTANA STANDARD, BUTTE, WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 15, 1937. a oi of an be 'LIEUT DP LIFE' APPLICATION FOR ENLISTMENT FILED Christmas Cantata Scheduled Scheduled Sunday at Mountain Mountain View Church. "The Ught of Life," a Christmas cantata, will be presented' by the Mountain View M, E. church choir at 1:30 o'clock Sunday evening. B. H. Weanie, director of music, arranged the musical program. W. H. Johns will be organist. The program will open with an organ prelude, "Joy to the World," (StuKz); followed by an organ introduction introduction to Part I. Musical numbers numbers will be a soprano solo with the choir, "Hearken Unto Me," by Miss Cora Williams; "Then Shall the Redeemed," a double mixed quartet quartet of Mrs. A. O. Caton. Miss Wllnia Johns, sopranoes; Mabel Mitchell, Bertha Duykers, altocs; Matt Webber Webber and w, M. Woodward, tenors; Dick Duykers and John Marls, bassoes; a basso solo by R. H. Wearne with the choir, 'Oh Come Emanuel;" "The People That Walked in Darkness;" a contralto solo by Miss Margaret Webber, "O Light of Life;" the choir in "Arise, Shine, lor Thy Light Is Come;" an offertory at the organ, "Shepherd's Dream," (Wilson,) Part II will open with "Angel Serenade," by a ladles chorus, followed followed by "Gloria in Excelsls" by a male chorus; a soprano solo by Miss Cora Williams, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear;" the choir, "Glory to God;" a te^or solo by Matt Weber, with the choir. "Now When Jesus Was Born;" a soprano solo by Miss Violet Paseoe, "O Star Divine;" a contralto solo by Miss Bertha Duykers, with the choir, "Bejotce Greatly;" three old English carols, "Star of Jacob;" "Angelic Hosts," and "Hall Sacred Day," all by Merritt; postlude "N'uno Dlmlttis," (Mallard.) Members of the choir are Miss Cora Williams, Miss Violet Paseoe, Mrs. A. C. Caton, Miss Wllma Johns, Miss Ruth Mitchell, Mrs. Charles O'Neill, Mrs. W. R. Mcllor, Mrs, R. H. Nlcholls, MlJB Hazel Flint Miss Louise Schrupp, Miss Vera Stoddsn, Miss Vera Richards, Mrs Eldred Moyle, Miss Louise Kearney Miss Geraldlre Kessell, Miss Ellen Cundy and Mrs. Wayne Safley sopranoes. Mrs. W. H. Johns, Miss Margaret Webber, Miss Mabel Mitchell, Miss Bertha Duykers, Miss Cora Jenkins Mrs. Harry Gibson, Miss Grace Gundy, MJss Dorothy Marls and Mrs. 'Robert Rundell, altoes. J. L. Lorlmer, Matt Webber D. W. Symons, W. M. Woodward and Lee Lorlmer Jr., tenors. B. H. Wearaie, John Marls, Dick Duykers, Robert Symons, J. C Leverton and Wayne Safley, bassoes COURT TO RESUME Application of John M«t«JIa Mast, 2633 Harvard avenue, for enlistment enlistment In the U. S. Navy was ac- •epted by the Intermountaln office In Salt Lake, according to word re- elved yesterday by A. T. Harrison, ocal recruiting officer. Aiast has been with a COO camp t Lolo, Mont. He Is the son of Mrs. jhirley Clark of Butte. His name as been placed on the waiting list or enrollment. D Bounty Purchases 2,888 More Licenses Than During 1936. An Increase of 2,888 in 50-cent driving; licenses from January 1 to Jecember 1 over the same 'period nst year was shown In a report received by the county treasurer "esterday from the state highway >atrol office in Helena. There were total of 14,488 Issued this year. The increase from 12,200 to 14,488, lowever, was not sufficient to place Silver Bow county ahead of cither Cascade or Yellowstone counties. Thus far in 1937, Yellowstone county county drivers have purchased 17,731, and Cascade, 15,824 permits of the 50-cent variety. Silver Bow county led all the other 56 counties in 25-cent permits, permits, 2,544 having been sold this year—an Increase ef 380 over last vear. The total of 50 and 25-cent permits sold here this year Is 17,032, Jurist to Study Pre-Trial Procedure for National National Body. Appointment of Jeremiah 3. Lynch on a committee of the American American Bar association was learned in the city yesterday. John J. Parker of Charlotte, N. C., chairman of the section of judicial administration, notified Judge Lynch of his appoint ment on the committee on pre-trial procedure from According to the letter, the section section of the national bar association is "addressing Itself this year to the task of suggesting Improvements in the procedure of our courts." Seven committees are being appointed lo conduct studies and make a report to the Cleveland meeting next July The reports may b» published in permanent form. ILKEH1LE, IT IS ESTATE 1TTEHS Al FILED IN CUT Several estate matters were filed In district court yesterday. Daniel Nalley tiled a final account and petition for distribution of the estate of N. D. Nalley. Judge J. J. Lynch appointed B. O. Flit, P. J. Driscoll and James H. Rowe appraisers In the estate of Francis Arthur Hill. A final rojwrt to the state board of equalization In the estate of Alma Slevers gave a value of $13,889.76. J. Rudolph E. Sievcrs, executor, filed a Itnal account and petition for distribution. distribution. ED EQtl TO CHE Sam Harris died In Wnlkorvlllc. says It. W. Collam of Wise River Mr. Colloui writes in reply to the ntiulrlcs of Mr. Harris' niece, Mrs Bennetts, and his daughter in Cornwall, Cornwall, "I note In the Standard thnt Mr. Ogle knew Sam Harris," Mr Collain writes, "I, too, knew Sam Harris. lie came to ,WnlkcrvlUc from Nevada tack in 1831, He worked at the Blue Bird in Burlington. Burlington. He nlso was a deputy sheriff under Sam Reynolds and was pump- man at the Leonard when he died He came from Camborno. Cormval ir near there. He married a glr that lived with a family by the name of Body. Body was a shift boss nt the Alice mine. He went back to St Rustell, Cornwall. After Sam diet Ills wife also went back to Comwnl but came back ngnln and made hci home In East Butte. I think there I. a lady living In North Wnlkcrvlltc —If this Sam Han-Is Is the rljh man—who ran c'vo the relatives nl particulars." Mr. Collam snys he has Written to Mrs. Bennetts to Inqu're w>'cthc: the Sam Harris he mentions k tin man she seeks information about. DEMOCRATIC CLUB TO SPONSOR DANCE Arrangements for a dance Feb. 1 will be announced at a meeting o the South Side Democrats tomorrow night. The club will meet at o'clock in the courtroom of Justla MOTOR CAR SALESMEN AFFILIATED WITH OF TEAMSTERS An agreement between the Silver Bow Employers' association and the ecently organized Salesmen, Dein- nstrators and Drivers' division of the Teamsters' union, local No. 2, ras announced yesterday. The groemeut becomes effective today. t was slfnert by both parties on Dec. 9. The new local Is affiliated vlth the' American Federation of Labor. The new organization has to do trlmarily with auto salesmen. The grcement relates to working hours, x>rcen(ages and other factors. Among other things, tho agreement provides that all showrooms R>Jd iscd car lots shall nol be open be- ore 9 o'clock in the morning and vlll close not later than 8 o'clock ,t night from March to August, in- lusive, nnd shall not close later han 6:30 o'clock the balance of he year. A provision, however, is imde in the agreement to the effect hat "Immediately after the intro- uctlon of a new model showrooms nay remain open after scheduled lours for a period ot 10 days" lolldnys on which rooms and lots will be closed arc New Year's, Me- norlal day, Fourth of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving and Chrlstmns. Salesmen shall receive seven per ?nt on the net volume of business with a guarantee of S100 a month Salesmen shall not bo allowed to 'wash, grease or polish cnrs," the agreement states. Other provisions rclalc to such matters as tlmo on ho floor, Salaries' for part time juslne.'ys agent of local having the wlvllcge ol Interviewing salesmen when not busy wltli customers mlonlzatlon of salesmen, discharge ot workmen, settling of disagreements disagreements and similar matters. The agreement Is binding "until tho first day ot May, 1039." CHARGE OF ASSAULT FILED AGAINST MAN An Information charging assaul In tho second degree against Frank Shclcy was filed yesterday In dts trlct courl. Judge T. E. Downey flxcc a bond of $2.500. The dcfcmlan furnished bond. The Information charges tho dc fondant with assault with a knlfo Jeff Jtidd Is the complaining wit ness. Sheley pleaded not guilty. GUARANTEED PEN AND PENCIL SETS No cost for cngvavlnp your nnmc. Special tillcnlloit given to <t to

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  • Duykers, Bertha, Dirk Christmas program 1937

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