Times 19 July 1885 re production of The Black Hussar in Philadelphia

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Times 19 July 1885 re production of The Black Hussar in Philadelphia - Philadelphia-Capu Tne- be- Twenty-eighth- at to...
Philadelphia-Capu Tne- be- Twenty-eighth- at to Mo-Cartby ACTORaMANAGER, AND PLAY COL. M'CAVLL TO PRODUCE " THE MIKADCT IN PHILADELPHIA. Torts to stop Soetxrmi's reooro nO!f Or THE PIECE a CLICK. 15 A LUNATIC LUNATIC ASTLCM EAypOK GOSSIP. Vlanagef-John Vlanagef-John Vlanagef-John A. MeCaull baa for some time past been in earnest cable communtcstion with the redoubUble DOyly Carte, of the Savoy Theatre, London. CoL MoCaull ha also had a light attack of " Mikado" ferer. but hie physi. cian. ex-Jndr ex-Jndr ex-Jndr Dlttanhoefsr. thinks that hi symptom are all rery farorable. and can only result saUsfactorfly. CoL Mc-CanU Mc-CanU Mc-CanU ha, leased Htveriv Theatre, in Philadelphia, for two yean. By thia stroke bf policy be baa practically obtained an exclusive monopoly in the Quaker City of comto opera. All tbe other theatres pursue the com bination system. 'and are leased or subleased for the entire season In the usual manner. Col. Mo Caull ha tberefo decided to produce "The Mikado Mikado in Philadelphia, opening at Hareriy's Theatre Oct. 5. and running .until the Philadelphia Philadelphia audience beg for mercy. The fact that CoL McCaolI ha been negotiating with D'Orly Carte for thl production ha occasioned considerable surprise In theatrical clreles. At one time it was popularly supposed that John Stetson actually controlled D'Oyly Carte's rights for this country. country. It Is Jd that : Manager Stetson is to content himself aimply with the metropolis metropolis and one or two other cities. but that he has canceled any other dates be mar have made. Manager Stetson im not a h.nnr man In this controversy. He Is anxious to wlth- wlth- raw a mucn aa possible. The cable arranre-rnenti arranre-rnenti arranre-rnenti discued between CoL McOaull and D Oyly Carte hare been ratified br Alexander P. Brown. Mr. Carte's leml rsntraaitstiis on thia Ide. Mr. Brown has come down from the loftr pedestal of London asaurance from which he rased at American manarer a short time aro. He suggested' to Col. MeCaull t hat the cost of the London orchestration, models of scenery, and prompt book would be 1(1 per Cent, of the rro receipts, tni iou Mcuaull declined to rire. Lawyer Brown, whose nresent nollcv is to take what he can ret and be thsnjcful. came down to per' cent., and this Col. Mc-CanlL Mc-CanlL Mc-CanlL who if the) terms had been refused would hare done the opera anyway, taking Mr. Dnff as a pr-cedent. pr-cedent. pr-cedent. has erred to give. He has tbe exclusive rirbt to Philadelphia sod to one or two of tbe Western cities. The comment upon, this arrsnrement have been numerou. Col. McC nil's bar rain has been contrasted contrasted with the fearfully exorbitant demand made by D'Oyly Carte of Manager Duff, and the similar demand to which Mr. Stetson has aceed- aceed- . ed. In fact. It ia renerallr- renerallr- arreed that Mr. D'Oy Ir Carte ha nroved. himself to be what Mr. James C Duff oririnallr called him. "a Wily speculator of a arasplnr temperament." Mana ger Moiaui) win produce "The Mikado" In his usual elaborately spectacular manner.. manner.. The scenery and costumes, after i the London model, will be rery orefullr devised, and CoL MeCaull anticipate a brilliant suoceaa. a Haverly'a Theatre will be the only house In Philadelphia at which the' opera can be heard. The company will Include Bertha K loci. Laura. Joyce. Dirbr BeiL Charles Piunkett. Charles Dunran. and four ladies who hare not aa ret been definitely deolded upon, but wbo will Frobsbly be well known comic opera atnrera. ol. MeCaull will take the Black Hussar' on the road on Oct. 5, opening In Pittsburg with tbe company now plartnr at Wallack'. with the exception of Dlrby BeiL who is a-clng a-clng a-clng over to - 1 be MiKsao," and WW plane will be fl'led by Harry McDonnurh. : After the run of "The Mikado" in Philadelphia the "Black Hussar" ill he taken to that city. Cob MoCaull proposes to put another company on the road with a new oners, the name of which ha not yet been revealed. Tbe Black Hussar" will be riven In, Boston at the Boston Boston Theatre, and. owing to the size of this bons, tbe end of tbe first act will be rendered more brill iantly successful bv the. Introduction of half a dozen horse on tbe stare Instead of the solitary solitary equine specimen seen at WaPack's Theatre. col. Mccaull win bold back " The Uttle Musketeers" Musketeers" for some time, and It Is not at all likely that tt will be the next production after Tbe Mikado." The new opera, tbe name of which is not yet made known, will be produced in this etty in Deoember at the Star Theatre. hlch house has been leased by Cl. MeCaull for period of four weeks. CoL MeCaull intrusts all his numerous transaction to little Mr. Stevens, Stevens, who is kept busy from morning to night and seem to thrive upon bi industry. I Speculations 'as to whether Sydney Rosen- Rosen- feld's production will be riren to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow night are everywhere rife. While it M quite certain that he will giro " Tbe Mikado during the week. many manarer seem to think that he will be stopped to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow night on a technicality. Tbis is, boweeer, highly improbable. A well known lawyer was narrating yesterday to an Interested audience how he managed to effect a similar stoppage In Oswego. He boUrht a seat for tbe production rn tb front row of tbe theatre. u watcned tne bouse gradually fill. He aaw the musical director come in. He heard the riolln beinr tuned, and tben he rot up, and just a the musical director wa about to tap on hia desk for tbe orerture to be sin tbe lawyer served aim witb paper. Tbe opera Was then (topped and another uo- uo- tltuted. Yesterday, however, Sydney Rosen- Rosen- feld' opponent adopted other tactic, and are endeavoring to top tne performanee Monday nlgbt on the ground that, as tbey allege, Fred Perkins. Mr. Rosen I eld's director of tbe orchestra, orchestra, obtained a copy of Sir Arthur Sullivan's orchestration by payinr a musician engaged at tbe - baroy Theatre S Tor a stoleu cot y of the band parts. To prove thia. however. Lawyer Brown must have a copy of Sir Arthur Sullivan' orchestration, properly sworn to., in order to institute a comparison with Mr. Perkint'a version. How this ls to be done remains to be seen. It Is aaid that at present tber is no copy of Sir Arthur's orchestration in America. Mr. Brown haa ap plied for a temporary injunction restraining Mr. Kosenfeld from using bi orchestration to morrow nlgbt. Tbe case will be heard to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning before Judge Wheeler, in the United State- State- court. Mr. Kosenfeld will be here this evening witb "Nee Ban." wbo will superin tend tbe mate up. aresse. ana Dnc-a-Drao Dnc-a-Drao Dnc-a-Drao Dnc-a-Drao Dnc-a-Drao ar rsnrement. At U e oiock yesterday roorntnr the adranoe aalea amounted to $1bu, and tbey were going on teduy all tbe afternoon. Sydney Rosen feld denies tbe rumors which bare been circulated here to tbe effect tbat the receipt for hia week In Cblcaro amounted to only $1,500 by the statement tbat each of tbe last three days brought in over SLOOu, and that tbe tint three ranged from f'WO to $W0 each. Mr. Roland Keed, whom Mr. Kosenfeld I said to have engared in " The Mikado" at a aalarr of aauo a week, wui go Daca to nia usual comeay role next season. Manager Duff still continues his rehearsals, unru tiled and serene. Hi chorus is nearly perieet, and he is. or seem to be. perfectly perfectly untroubled as to coming crenta. He la negotiating with Mathilda Phillips, late ot tb Boston Ideal Company, and it 1 probable tbat the lady will be secured for tbe Standard Theatre Theatre version of The Mikado." Tbe Thompson Opera Company will produce "Tbe Mikado" at tbe Hirhlaad House, Cincinnati, next week. tn oa of It all it a is to

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 19 Jul 1885, Sun,
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  • Times 19 July 1885 re production of The Black Hussar in Philadelphia

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