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Notes on McCaull production of The Black Hussar 2 Aug 1885 N Y Times - I of tbe acton' uleuic referred to in this...
I of tbe acton' uleuic referred to in this twra-arapb, twra-arapb, twra-arapb, and to mak tt undeirb: for otiier people people to undertake ainxuai- ainxuai- tricks m the future. Tbe engagement ot Mr. John T. Raymond at tb Madison-So Madison-So Madison-So ur Theatre has not been by any raeaas successful. A good ileal of money ha beeaiost. and Mr. Raymond has not received that benefit which he expected to get in th way of advertising. A metropolitan run for a new piece, in which its owner contemplates starring, is. of course, hlgbly advantageous, and Mr. Ray. mond hoped to mas a auQictent hit wita In t ban eery"' to carry btm safely throrjgb next easoo. The piece eras, however. o thorough a failure that the substitution of " For Congresa," a piece already praotk-ally praotk-ally praotk-ally played out, was rendered rendered necessary, and Mr. Raymond's engage-meat engage-meat engage-meat now comes to an untimely close. It was expected when the arrangement between Mr. Raymond and tbe Madtaou-rsiuar Madtaou-rsiuar Madtaou-rsiuar manaa-ement manaa-ement manaa-ement was first contemplated tbat he was to remain the function upon tbis stag up to the return of he regular MadUon-8uuare MadUon-8uuare MadUon-8uuare company. But Mr. Couldock now comes in to fill the gap left open by tbe Raymond failure. Mr. Couldock will in all probability piay tor three or four weeks, and it is not at tbe present time in contemplation contemplation to carry his engagement beyond tbat time, although If tbe revival or Tbe Willow Copse" should prove especially attractive the piece will be kept on for tn remainder of tbe open period. At present, however, it is Intended to rent tb Madison-Square Madison-Square Madison-Square Theatre for tne month ot Septemlwn- Septemlwn- to ny reasonably ft luteins luteins attraction wbicb may want to secure the house at a fixed weekly sum. Tb company will not reopen ta New-York New-York New-York before the 1st of October, October, and the plans of the management tn connection connection with thl event are not verv clearly developed. developed. lt ws Mr. Palmer's original Intention to bring back bis organization In Sealed Instructions," Instructions," tbe proposal being to keen tbat piece goinguntil " Saints aud Pinners" could be made ready. It ia now thought, tbat this coarse will be abandoned, and tbat Baints and Sinners" will be . tbe first- first- piece Presented by the Madison-9qnare Madison-9qnare Madison-9qnare company for the Autumn term. Mr. Maliory. who returned from Europe last Sunday, did not bring anything anything witb bim. He waa, however, in consultation consultation with Mr. French, the play importer, during most of his stay in London, and it is reasonably well understood, tbat an arrangement ha been made between tbem for tbe use of several new plays as yet unprodnoed on tb other side of the water. It waa at one time thought that Mr. Palmer and Mr. French, wbo are equal owners in tbe American rtgbts to George R. Alms's most recent play, called "The Last Chance," would abandon their Intention of produolng It in this country, owing to the distressing failure which tne piece achieved at the London Adeiphl Theatre. But Mr. Sims has made a num-lr num-lr num-lr of change In the manuscript and ha so far strengthened tb play tnat its American owners are now likely to produce It in tbis olty and oarry it tbrough the country. They have already invested between tbem the sum ot 0U) In this enterprise, and tbey naturally naturally do not feel like letting tbat amount go by tb board without making some effort to recover recover it. Tb play, if it is done here, will not be produced with tbe reokleaa extravagance which characterized tbe London representation at the Adelpbt. For instance, tbe last act was plaved In four tremendously heavy scenes, . when tbe coherency f tbe story would have been considerably helped if onlv one set had been used. Everywhere through tbe piece money waa wasted In tbe manner suggested, to tbe actual detriment or tbe piay. Up to tbe end ot th third act The Last Chance" Impressed Its London auditor auditor as bemir by all odds the best melodrama of modern times. From that point, however, the Interest fell away, and tbe piay registered a fiat failure. Mr. Sims has been working diligently diligently on tbis part of his pteoe. and has,, in tbe opinion opinion of Mr. Palmer and Mr. French, very much Improved it. It would be an dd tblng if The Last Chance," having quite failed in London, should be a great sucoeas in America, thus reversing reversing the TOdultion of " In tbe Ranks." wblch is from the pen of the same author, and which, being an unprecedented success in Eng'and. was an unmitigated failure in tbe United State. Mr. Palmer has not yet decided upon the theatre in New-York New-York New-York where "Tne Last Chance" ia first to see the light in this country. It is prooable, however, tbat an arrangement will be made with Mr. Wallack under wbicb the drama will be pro, duned at that gentleman's theatre. Open time in the metropolis during tbe coming season season is at present very bard to get. Tbe Fifth-Avenue Fifth-Avenue Fifth-Avenue and tbe fctar, which are practically practically tne ouly ttrac-claas ttrac-claas ttrac-claas combination theatre in tbe metropolis, are completely booked up witb tbe exception of four weeks at tbe latter bouse left vacant by the failure of M. Coquelin to keep his contract with tb Messrs. French and Chtzzola. This time was given up bv Mr. Lawrence Lawrence Barrett, who held eight weeks at tbe i-Jtar, i-Jtar, i-Jtar, bea-lnnln bea-lnnln bea-lnnln tbe 1st of January, and who agreeU to split his engagement in two for the accommodation accommodation of tbe French actor. Wbetber Mr. Barrett will now resume tbe entire period formerly at bis disposal or will leave It with Mr. Moat to fill up tbe gap as beat be may ia not known atltb present time, and witb tbe exception of tbe four weeks indicated tbe time of tbe Star Theatre, like tbat ot the Fifth-Avenue, Fifth-Avenue, Fifth-Avenue, is wholly filled. - Mr. MoCaull has abandoned his Intention of closing Wallack's Theatre for tbe preparation of the new opera, or rather tbe opera which has not yet been heard in New-York, New-York, New-York, and which was written for tbe exclusive use of lime. Cottrelly. Tbe period of very hot weather bad practically decided Mr. McCaull to abut the doors tor a tort-night tort-night tort-night and set bis company to work on the rehearsals. rehearsals. On reasonably cool nights, however, tbe business of the " Black Hussar" bas jumped to such a belgbt as to encourage the continuance continuance of tbe season, and tbat oiera will not be taken off until the new one Is quite ready to occupy IU place. This piece wa originally called "Tbe Seamstress," and was prouu.-eJ prouu.-eJ prouu.-eJ by Mr. McCaull in Philadelphia, where Mme. Cottrelly Cottrelly made- made- an exceptional hit in tbe principal character. It was not ad visa-ble visa-ble visa-ble at tbat time to bring " The Seamstress" Seamstress" to New-York, New-York, New-York, because Mr. McCaull's other arrangements required tbe use of a large number of people, who could not conveniently be put into a piece of this character. Bo it came about that at tbe production of tbe " Black Hussar." the topical song, wblch was one of the principal features of Mme. Cottreliy's piece, was transferred to the heavier opera and made one of the marked bits of the representation. It will now be restored to the place from watch it was taken. Tbe name of ' Mme. Cottreily's operatic comedy has now been twice changed, the title of "Chatterbox" having been abandoned abandoned for that of " Chatter." Tbis course was necessitated by the discovery on Mr. McCaull's part that there was aootber piece already registered registered In Washington under the name of " Chatterbox." Chatterbox." Should the piece prtive success! ul upon Its production at Wallack's, it will be kept going for six weeks, at the end of which time Mr. McCaull's lease comes to au end and Mr. Grau's term of occupancy with Mme. Judic begins. Tbe anticipations for tbe success of Chatter" are exceedingly great. Tbe piece is to be most elaborately staged and It will bave the advantage advantage of an exceptionally strong cast., if it prove to be all that la anticipated for It, Mme. Cottrelly will star in tbe central character during during the coining season, and tbe " Black Hussar" will not benefit by ber scrv.ctra. Tbat opera has. however, made such a favorahie Impression tbat Mr. MoCaull bas no doubt whatever aa to its future. Tbe firm of McCaull & Dunlap will have its bands exceedingly full for tbe next tew months. In addition to the two pieces already indicated tbey bave secured the.-right the.-right the.-right to play Gilbert and fculli van's " Mikado" la all the territory territory outside of New-York New-York New-York east of tbe Missouri River and north of tbe Ohio, including Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Chicago, and in fact nearly all the large cities except 8t Louis, Baltimore, and Washington, these cities being held by Mr. Ford, who usually succeeds in getting for tbat territory all ot Gilbert and Sullivan's Sullivan's piece by reason of tbe fact that be was one of tbe first managers in this country to pay royalties to fj'Oviy Carte at tbe time wben there waa no belief tbat there could possibly be anything anything like protection of a foreign work In America. America. Mr. Carte's lawyer. I believe, white undertaking undertaking to collect royaltlea for the use of "Tbe Mikado." are refusing to guarantee tbe right of their customers to play tbe opera exclusively. Tbe other diiy Mr. Browne wrote to Mr. Wesley Bisson, wbo haa tbe rlgbt to play the piece in Ban FrancifKto, calling upon tbat gentleman for a portion of bis payments in advance. Mr. Sis-son Sis-son Sis-son replied tbat be would very readily pay any reasonable turn down if Mr. Browne wouid guarantee that nobody else should piay tbe opera opera in ban Francisco. Mr. Browne wrote back tbat be wuld guarantee nothing, and Mr. t?ison accordingly stood upon his right not to pay until until tb time of production. . Meanwhile there is still a good deai of interest in Mr. Sydney Rosen f eld and his posslole fat as a disregarder of the injunction of Judge Wbeeier. There were plenty of beta offered last nigbt on the new Rialto, which is tbe space In front of tbe Bijou Opera House, that bM punishment for contempt would 'not fall below a six months' sentence. Indeed. Mr. John Russell, after personally personally watching tbecouduct ot tbe case up to tb resent time, announce it as hat conviction that !r. Koseofeid will be lucky if be gets off without without a sentence for life. Mr. Roeenfeid blmself. however, shows a cur iocs disposition to hasten Into tbe jurisdiction ot tbe court. Every two hours for a week he sent a teieuram from Chicago or some still more remote Western point saying be would be in New-York New-York New-York at a given time to assume tbe fu'i responsibility of bis acts, and be cam In person yesterday with tne X peeled reKUit, It Is therefore assumed tbat he possesses a tuil appreciation of tbe difficulties a rising young adapter woald be likely to encounter encounter tn tbe -production -production of humorous dialogue In Ludlow-;-treet Ludlow-;-treet Ludlow-;-treet Ludlow-;-treet Ludlow-;-treet JaiL Tbe prese reoort that Mr. Hosenfeld had been arrest -d -d in Red Wing. Minn., appears to bav neen entirely erroneous, and tbe opinion of such aa eminent iegaJ author. . By as ex-Judge ex-Judge ex-Judge Dittenboefer is that he could not have been taken until such time as b might cbuoee to come this wav of hat own volition. j Tbe other bllirhted - Mikado," which flourished briefiv ia rrooklyn. has given rise to a number of complications. Mr. Robert Grau. the young aentleman whose nam wa put up a tbe head of tnat enterprise, and wba haa is tb past few year shown a surprising degree of industry la getting com nanie out ot New-York New-York New-York and letting tbem get bark th beet way tbey could, was not tbe real baeker of the Brooklyn piracy. Tb honor of that position belongs to Mr. M. & Leavltt, who now distinctly refuses to nay tb salaries of tbe oompany or the expense attendant upoa tbe productloa. M r. Leav. ltt haa occasionally turorad ia this lia-ht lia-ht lia-ht be fore now. but upon tbis occasion ha ia lmprswd with a sorrowful be bat that i Mr. Grau h; In his own rlrtnresqne phraseo-o.y. phraseo-o.y. phraseo-o.y. " bested" him a condition so unusual tbat Mr. Leavltt hi wrapped in profound gloom. fev-ersl fev-ersl fev-ersl of the members of tb late corrpany bav indicated a burning desire to sue Mr. Leavltt for tb sm. arias cue tbem. and Mr. Grau bas declared his entire wtltlngneas to assist tn that pursuit. But as such a eourse when resorted to heretofore heretofore bas resulted tn perturbation n tb part of tb suitor and undisturbed serenttv to th suite, tbere I not much onoouragemeot for proceedings of thai kind. - Mr. Anson Pond has concluded to send out bis Interesting military drama called " Her Atonement" Atonement" lor only 10 weeks next season, H feel, la common witb a good many other managers, that tt h.ts now became a matter of c,uite auner-f.oous auner-f.oous auner-f.oous trouble to fill a long srstson where a part of it must he put in among the small onavma-ht onavma-ht onavma-ht town which wer long ago played out financial! financial! v. It ha been to custom to en an or 40 weeks of time every year, even wben the manager knew that a rnnatderahie portion of hm season was being distributed where tbere wa no earthly chance that he could secure a profit. The reason given for this course has been that actor and actretases might be mme rearfbv cd gaged for loag seasons than short ones. But suoh an argument Is deatmv-d deatmv-d deatmv-d bv tbe complete ease witb which Mr. Jefferson fill up hi com pan v to travel only IS weeks in every year. Mr. Pond, who has watched tbe progress ot ni plav until he is thoroughly posted as to where It may he relied upon to do a large basin, ha disposed hi (ten weeks' see. sou ocording to tbat discovery ln,the largest ettte. It is learrr-d learrr-d learrr-d that a number of otber managers are considering the advisability of cutting down their tour similarly, similarly, so that the theatrical seasons of the future are likely to he considerably shorter than those to which we have become accustomed. Thl Plan, If carried out to any extent, will undoubtedly undoubtedly he or benefit to the theatrical business through the general country. Th smaller cities, capable of properly supporting two or tbree entertainment entertainment every week, have during the petit few years been compelled to divide their patronage patronage among five or six. and tbe result tsthst tbere ha been little or no profit for any of tbem. It may he -tbat -tbat the ex. amp' art by Mr. Pond -and -and manager like him will lead to a restoration of prosperity In the one-night one-night one-night cities. . It 1s reported, hy the wav, tbst a stolen copy of Mr. Pond's play has fallen into the hands of an English actress calling, her. self Gertrude Norman, who ts advertlsiner in the London papers her enthusiastic deslr to star tn it through the British Provinces. Mr. Pond has sent a power of attorney to bis agent in the English capital to check Miss Norman's career at any icosti There are more stolen American play undergoing performance In England at present than there are unauthorised English pisyslnthe fritted Stat. The " Darjltes." the " Messenger from Jarvis Section." " Fun on the Bristol," and a dozen, others might be named in this connection. Po that tbe cu-toniary cu-toniary cu-toniary wall of English authors concerning the robberies of American managers la more then balanoed by the Just complaint of writers on this side of tbe Atlantic; It is tbe cas In England that men have fallen to the point wblch tempts them to steal a work like " tTnknown." and comment fails completely to do justice to tbe occasion, i Mr. Paul Arthur, a young actor who has achiever widespread popularity a a member of several traveling companies within the past few seasons, baa just been engaged to perform a leading rAle next Winter In Mr. Hoyt newest farcical trifle, called " A Tin Soldier." Mr Hoyt, after spending a number of years in the compilation compilation of paraeraphio humor for the Boston out, took up the concoction of such works as th "Bunch or. Keys" and tbe " Rag Baby," and he has been exceptionally successful In this lln-s lln-s lln-s of writing. "A Tin Soldier" depict the sufferings, bestowed nprni the human raoe bv plumbers, and in N'ew-Fngland N'ew-Fngland N'ew-Fngland It baa already made it mark. Mr. Arthur, who baa a fine baritone voice, will travel with this company through tbe coming season, after which be may accept a long engagement which has been offered him New-York. New-York. New-York. It has been finally settled that Minnie Palmer's London engagement. . beginning at - Christmas time and running for an indefinite period, shall, be played at the Olympic Theatre. A letter from tbe astute Mr. John R. Rogers informs me that the provincial tour of this actress begins tn August and last up to the beginning of her London term. It h expected tbat she will play in tbe principal English city for six or eight months before starting for Australia, where a Fsll setMon has already been boosed in her behalf. behalf. For her London engagement she had the Gaiety, Strand. Comedr. ana Olvmplc Theatre to choose from, and ber selection of tbe last mentioned house was oecestnued bv tbe belief that its size was best suited to he entertainment. entertainment. My Sweetheart" is to remain the play in which she appears a long as it continues in popular demsnd. though ber new piece, from tne pen of Mr. Frederick Marsden. is quite ready for production. ' I Mr. J, B. Polk bas ordered several thousands of bottles of mixed pickles, which he proposes to ' dl-tiibute dl-tiibute dl-tiibute among his auditors during tb coming season upon souvenir nights. This ia certainly a rather new form for the souvenir Idea to take, and now that tbe grocery store bas been established as an adjunct to the stage, it may bp-expected bp-expected bp-expected that prise laundry soap, oleomargarine, oleomargarine, candle, and other products of that nature will be shortly held out as inducement to tbe patrons of the drama. Mr. Polk resumes his career with "Mixed Pickles" early in the Autumn, and expects to play consecutively until until tbe middle of May. I - Mr. J. M. Hill, the sedate but untiring manager manager of, Miss MargaretMather. is accurou ating enterprise with a degree of rapidity Quite amazing. amazing. He now controls tbe Tblrd-Avenu Tblrd-Avenu Tblrd-Avenu and Tnlno-Square Tnlno-Square Tnlno-Square Theatres In this city, another Important Important place of amusement 1nBuffalo, the Columbia Theatre in Chicago. Miss Mather and jher company, an Irish farcical organization, and a new company which will produce Mr. Elwin I Fta iron's "Moral Crime", in Chicago to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow plight. Mr. Hill finds time between hi moment jof Interest in tbese nume ous affairs to conduct ia large stock farm In Illinois and to at .end' to jthe movements of a long string of race horses jwnicn t n aenns through all tbe principal itruibiug lunrimg Di rated la millionaire.. most af his money in the country; He I having accumulated the tbeatrioal field. y where he .has been remarkably successful ever. since ne tnaae a paying stair or. Denman Thompson Thompson after having Inst !"0.(00 on tbat actor. Mr. Hill bas given Capt. ThAmnson carte- carte- blancne for the. production of -Borneo -Borneo and Juliet" at the Union-Square Union-Square Union-Square Theatre, end that gotitleman has in return promised to considerably outdo the revival of tbe play wbicb he conducted for Henry Jrving in London. Mr. Hill expects tbe renresentaMons to run through the most of the Winter. Hi oompany Is now nearly complete. It Is possible tbat Mr. Joseph Haworth. wbo is regarded ss a player of very rapidly rising importance, importance, may appear as tbe Romeo of this occasion. occasion. L Mr. Hili bas engaged Mr. Ha worth as a ptar for a term of year, and if be plays in Mies Matberfs New-York New-York New-York engagement bis name wiil be starred equally with hers. ! - ' A new combination, called the Excelsior ToV.y Company, will begin It season at tbe Philadelphia Philadelphia Chestnut-Street Chestnut-Street Chestnut-Street Theatre Sept. 7. It is to be headed by Mr. Harry Brown, a comedian who is highly esteemed In New-York New-York New-York and otber leading leading cits- cits- by reason or the good work he ha often done upon the stage. Tbe company win also include An 4ie Boyd, Emily Keane, Joseph Harris. George W. Earie, and a number of others others wh are not unknown u oon the stage. Bur-lesoue Bur-lesoue Bur-lesoue will be the principal material dealt In, and tb first piece will be the " Field of tbe Cloth of Gold." Tbe productions are to be new as to scenery and costume, and a very considerable considerable capital baa already been invested. Mr. Pam Del Grau will conduct tbe en terpiiee when not asslstln his brother. Maurice Grau. in shaping shaping th tour of Mme. Judic ! Miss Myra Goodwin, the young girl who is to begin Immediately her season at tha Fourteenth-fitreet Fourteenth-fitreet Fourteenth-fitreet Theatre in' Mr. Kidder's play called " 81s." tnakesiher first an trance on a sled in tbe attitude attitude made familiar to the recent observers of New-York New-York New-York shop windows, exoeptlng that there will hardly be that great prodigality of stocking which i tbe picture oeoote. Mr. Kidder bas hitherto written some blrhlv successful --cialty --cialty --cialty play. Including "Three of a Kind." tn which i tbe Ka!tury Troubadours bav horn making great deai of money during the past two sea-sin. sea-sin. sea-sin. Miss Goodwin ha not nourished in an important light upon tbe stage up to tn present time, but she. fuliv expects to go forward forward rapidly from tbis period on. If she Is successful successful at the start ber engatrem-tit engatrem-tit engatrem-tit w;ll continue continue unto tbe time of Mr. Campbell's regular opening. II she isn't It wul boC . Mr- Mr- John A. Mackav. who is widely irked for hi endearing personal aualitlea no less than for his ability as a comedian. Is at present bereaved bv tbe loss of his youngest child, wbo dwd on W'ednesday of croup. Mr. Msckay and his wt'e have received many messages in token of the sympathv felt for tbem among their numerous f rieuil and acquaintance. Mlas Adelaide Moore, a young English actress who has been starting In the provinces of Great Britalh for two or tbree year, bas leased the Star Theatre for a abort tire, beginning Aug. IT, and will begin her season by a few representations, representations, of "Romeo and Juliet." Tbe lease was signed yesterdav. and tbe company win be engaged Immediately by Mr. Augustus Prtou. wbo has taaen charge ot thia sertea of enter-talnmarits. enter-talnmarits. enter-talnmarits. Mia Moore's photographs, wuicb wer shown me yesterday. Indicate that sn t a young lady of quit unusual personal attract-iveoees, attract-iveoees, attract-iveoees, and the report coming with ber from Englaad lead to tbe conclusion that ah la aa actress of considerable worth. PERISHED IX A BURX1XO BAJtX. EiJsraA. X. T.. Aur. L In South Creek Township. Bradford County, yesterday mora, tag. a farmer named D. B. fe Witt went to hi baraaadsetitonfira. Tb Came were not da-covered da-covered da-covered until tt was too late to rescue Lie Witt, woo had pavpose y remained 13 tb barn. If wut had rweo auffenng from bines for some tiro, and I i W irppoaed that hi mind wa tiers tiers n red- red- Tae bsrrn and a large ouanutv of farm prod no r oesiroy. " is of o( on hi on be it Is of be I all A a to f aa be ob a a -witb So go it It to -a A a t

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