Second Trial of Levi Barton

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Second Trial of Levi Barton - there ,.ng the program "' . n A lorgc One...
there ,.ng the program "' . n A lorgc One of j The program fot - the ret m n ( program not be a "set" affair, but 'nB com - ans will sTiTgrnocamrrsong. . u ... j Prl theler a memorial service tor w ready I comr.des they will speno " ' .k hov rrillnff remlnls - ronvror ; mainnn ,n i met last program cences. - z - ' . ... . T . - m - zz rtf rh .... The brokerage PrVllkjn TRIAI ", jtvUlll IIMAL account New 2s, - done that if OF BARTON IS BEING DELAYED scci - iiuiiuwiji fa - wcrei , hm, nir nolnt of the urer. . beyond I Mr. the board churrh TmtssionaiT j The j crete property . .J,.ni fired on him as he'staruut .,'""'"., run - ,' n, ,.r BBr,0ii said he thm yhZtria National i ',. .. .nlrn u, his ' 1 n"f to the " .' ,. " Busbv. who wss still . ' "r ' coming t urea on "v.,,,J ! he rrnm mm ww - ht. r n On. of the importanl wi.nessej , .a. , Vi 1.1 - w Mlnnlo A I k 1 llSOn. WnO IS a Oiotri - r r si v no 01 risnst - , - .7 Mrs lllrtk church Dr lovl Harun n,,chv Mrs Alk nson. wnoso nu - In - :. . n ...... ! HontlKl of ,..,' d nfn Kh came to her : nual, for Inotxklll - lm I hrr brother she found ner : "penlng wssde - 1 ".,",. I n law and ' sister Mr and : the night been:;. , ,, . r,lir,n both Intoxicated, selected IL,.;" Urt fiMrr , so much In - - conference "that ','. ' , ',!. ,h,' .1,0 hnrt to assist her mon. al - ln lNIIn. mwiairs Thr , ' 1,1 S I .ninial bank. A.t. ,orlflon that Ah and ,h .1...,,, ,1,110 she wss helping crease In ftr n(1 Mrs - Barton to hang rsper In Paul address' , , p t i ri room, the question of f at least ,i,i,r( ln.r came up She sa:d Levi nnrinn declared that he and his wile , - on - ,,. i,Move In women b"bbHig CANTON. the ,lPlr ,ir but Mrs. Bsrton exe up ; Two pros - ,,.i noi Inrori that If she wrtnted to ing 01 ti Attornev nv, nor hair she would rertalnly hob rhlef. end ,1 whereupon Barton handed her a heard witness ,,.r ,,r - ior and told her to go Dnn - R ahead and boh her hslr. Mrs Hsrtnn Usher, govern - twssn rutting her hslr. and men our - ai ton seized the snssora. threw his lfe K Oen - on the bod and began culling wisps colonerTroin her hslr . . A reduction alien: Frank Bushv. who wss asleep m an rent In 301. - iadlolnlng num. heard the rnrnmotlon oral land 1 nd came into the room and stopped oxt . Barton. Bsrton turned to Mrs. At - bv the werelklnson. wiio slsfi w reni(metrtiiut niyj la a ! with him and said - "You're a pretty were ' looking thing with your hair bobbed - 1 Frank Bsrton then ordered Bsrton wlllinc 'to leave the house, and Mis Atkinson ac. 'said Barton left, hut ss no went out " 'Pl bantering Bushy in follow him outsine nusny,, n - n.. AtklllMt ' outsule here Barton s rsr was stand n.r,o o. hi. .hntaun and paper " , ' , . tr record : opened f;re on Busby. Busbv dodged cr H - n.h - . ' behind his own catrrlc - - - sas Tither Tells Atkltmrn rirt - Urrfl that whfti th - y g rilS I.'l standing near, and wh.n he emerged to fira on Barton. Bsrton fired a second shot, whlrh struck Busby In1 IT The tne rigni nreaai., ,orrB .r, - 1 T"" Husbsnd. Ijilaf. l"!jlr m'mber" of th. - Picking at Vn Mrs. Barton riaelajevf - fflat she was .... tha ' band and her brother had" been drink - ; white s HiK wine, but that when they offered : or(, , her srime she declined It. i p.,,. n, fc j Mrs Barton's atory of the troubls r p,, nniR and Mri. Atkinson. However, Mrs. Bar - ' were , ,,atlrd ,ht her husband did the nol urn n,r broth to fpnw him oul of the houM1 ,nd ,natf h,r hll,. band - dl net flr - the - fli Barton declared that Busby fired the first shot, which struck her husband at the Radios. and a Voroui . In the left leg aa he went to get tnto the car. - j Barton also testified that there were but two simta fired and that - Busby fired the first one Barton's wound ln the leg was exhibited, and : showed that the hall from the revol - ; Mar - ver entered the left thigh from the 18 00. ' back and came out at the front of the , 1439. j thlsh. I Mrs Bsrton testified that while she ! East WM holding her brother In her arma , I after the killing. Barton came up and criea. 1 ve ailiea my nesi inena , - i ..Mother, , h you woul(1 th, t IWJ,M chll - haa klll m, increases The elder Mrs Busby and Ivlrs At - by office klnson testified that they did not CAFE hourslhesr Barton make these statements - On the witness stand Barton de - 1 - clared. witn tears streaming a own nis nose'"6 - ,h" he ,n(t ? Buihy.Tr! in i"00" n1 thl wn'n h' kn"s Phone Busby he killed hla best friend The ,uit contended that Barton t fired the first shot, and as pro.f of - ,"hoe fered the testlmonv that Bushy had John. . w ,ty ,hoUl , hl, lrtt 8t which were of a different sir to the ,rge charge of shot which struck him - 32 1 in the right breast This tended to 'corroborate h t - zt members osteo - .of tha Buaby family, who declared Bldg that as Barton fired the first shot - J - . ,rrank Busby dodged behind his auto - (mobile, ana mat tne secono whlrh was fatal, was fired by Bsrton Barton idhla rd he ss Busbv stepped from behind rar 10 return Barton 'a fire. However, neighbors, who heard shooting, testified that there were We

Clipped from
  1. Springfield Leader and Press,
  2. 08 Sep 1926, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • Second Trial of Levi Barton

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