FAH in Scotts HS 1930

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FAH in Scotts HS 1930 - !evening to the Union Grove girls [girls of...
!evening to the Union Grove girls [girls of this department served re-1 top.m by a score of 35 to 12. freshmcnts. Those consisted of food* j On Thursday evening February 13,'grown in Ircdell county (coming on-j the Junior Order United American tircly from tho homos of the girls),. Mechanics Rave a dinner in the high and comprised of foodstuffs ncccs-1 school gymnasium and invited till the Bray for maintaining and building of teachers. They served barbecue, fried our bodies. Tho girls gave a very in- 'and stewed oysters, coffee, pickles, tcresting little drill showing the im- etc. The barbecue is said to bo the portance of a balanced didt rind'the best that was over brought to liar- different ingredients in foods. The mony. Everybody enjoyed the occa- refreshments wore daintily scr/vCd r.ion, and the teachers fool grateful and consisted of: Fruit, salad, made, to the Juniors for inviting them to from home canned fruits with boiled their banquet. dressing and whipped -.cream served Mr. Adams, of Statcsvillo, made an on shredded cabbage; sandwicTios, interesting and instructive talk on tho made of whole whcnt bread and eggs, : t0 pj c "Spreading the Light." Prof. I. cottage cheese and peanuts used for j stephenson was called up and made filling; molasses cookies, heart shap- :•. short talk on the three cardinal cd; and fruit punch. A number of principles of the Junior Order, Pa- garments made by both Home Eco- triotism, Religion and Virtue, nomics Classes day afternoon. were on exhibit Fri- SCOTTS 1 .. SccoHd and Third Grades We had,a very interesting study of the home grown products last week. Wc found the children's parjbnts owned owned 82 cows. All children except two . drank at least two i each day, and about In lir's carried home each and cctihtry Many which a gram have wo lire topic We "Liyo SCOTTS HKJH SCHOOL We arc putting on a most cner- ss-s? ±Th; u ^g "iBKiSWS^^&S? teacher is taking the special ^^\^^^^^^ 6 J^^ for the day and interesting contests, I somc to hdp interk the cSi-cn in Vvvn o-irf <> "iir ol ' ou bouiSHchflTlw-nflriinK thln £ T£, w?fc?hi!fi t fr n riow nunSU ra-.! n °,f •? | OU V P A mW« fm. thni, nvvn i w « their dren Helpful program'. •.. ,,, 1M _«4. i .1 « / i""ft"-**»»* .i»w«J *»*vv*p*VWIl. .n.ln:|.- til' n J £? VJ th ' S ™, OS I P«ffn«n wc served "Live at Home flin n.Vnn TMO civ* nllmaf 1 « *• . ; : .* . •. and we are hoping for some extra -rood posterr, and essays from the different departments. Not only Home Economics Department Miss Young,, the assistant State Home Economics Supervisor, visited are we taking up this u s last Thursday afternoon. The program by ourselves, but each morn-! Home Economics .Club met Friday. Ing this week wo have had some in-! An impromptu program was given, tore-slimr .-speaker come and make a Wo are hoping that one of our girls short address. Monday morning Mr. w ''l °e. ao ' c to represent us in the Robinson was with us and talked' ' about the value of Poultry. Tuesday moraine Mr. Ray Morrow' and Miss Ruth Current wore our speakers, State Student club at Greensboro the 21st and 22nd of .February. The French Club The French Club met last Thursday i, (h<?v tnlfl us al)0llt the value of tho' aml elected the .following officers: i'J. 0 "] 0 cow ? ml thc . various products.' President, John Morrison; Vice. Pres»> i r> * i • , ,. •—--«-"•- !•• wvtuwo* ,V' Ravc '"Costing, and instructive »l en t. offe™,'., w l dn f*.,.•••° rni .^ Mr- *™» 1 Elizabeth Wilson; Secretary . .. , Treasurer, Electa Allison; Critic, Now that examinations arc over j tcn to ; and nearly all of us passed wc are •• r> i, ' •••"••••••.s «»i. ••,.— Ma ^ Donal «. our agriculture teachtv.. Miss Bailey. £ e , to us . !j ! )out , the iniportanee of Eighth Grade ™I.,,.*™ raisin K P'cnty of 'IOKS. thus Now that examinations ^^ln™'*' M ?' > Ml> ' Jones from starting on the next term with a new ( ^nn^J J P , ° i° u , s abou ^ tho Im :' record. Wc have a new book for ; uTl O w " US llOW even friends and it H good may bo gram. In learned that from that right things mrtking things want us have wo can grow North cupscd and, survey cows Pos, tcrs ishdw ! ;f v ities of the wee" I . _ , l\;i.\Jl\4* I* W ****T1^ C* ••*• '* MUUH. J.V* gnrd3n an..- showed cach subject. Our attendance was p™j «; avden ^"^^ ninetv per cent last month. Franklin *riciuy tnnrc will be a t M orr j son ha-, .been sick .for several nin ,' days. We have new song books and r^l 15 « a "u . they have helped to improve the sing- 'b-.tC"^, ing at chapel wonderfully. ' Wc have been very busy this week Some special son^s adopted for the ^ arrym K occasion have created much intcicst during these programs. First Grade Inert arc twelve girls and .sovcn- tscn boys in the fir.it trraJe who have the idea of "Live at Home." Wc have written a theme each day on the .topic discussed on that particular day. We have also studied, in English, stories and poe- S to farm life. '., Seventh Grade very . interested fifth mrfnth of school. They are: We arc very .interested in the Lois BtTMnan. Lo.-s Comos, I-ranees "Liyc-at-ilomo" information that wo Deal Viola Gibson, Lucille Godfrey, have learned this week. Wo have al- Dorothy Ilaly'ourton. MilJrcd Hart- have learned this week. \Ve have air r- »r -j-.u T- XL »»• i ready learned so many things about S,, T Mcr M' |; at ^l ry , n ^ oes , c ' our own county that we did not know \>ilria .vlooso, Kuti. MurdocK, Ovada " ' Sict.'loff. J. C'. Branch. M. O. Brewer, &,,';^.ST::1ic^«:'. "T^-I-^JI; «**. and wc plan to continue pur studio-.; alonf; this lino in the form of out Goodwin, man. Hi 1 L Don Kirk- Harold Lackey,' Ninth Grade Following is the list..of those who Mf-r-itn (-'.Jfra,- wcro on the Perfect Attendance P k oll .,jcL.UIH, • L*UU«I f ,, ... .. ... .. .,.. Park?!-, Otho Shorrill, Owen Siceloff f, 01 ' lh ?, 5th month: Myrtle Allison, /ella Comus, Connie Grant, Poui Gryder, Louise Halyburton, Floyd Harris-;, I/hrenc Head ( Pauline Hill, an;; Ji.lm Watt. Seventh iJrado Sat.'.:i-f.Jav, February 13th. six of n\ Iredell" Iredell" information •with which v.'c arc trying to supplement our •'Live-'xt- H<me" information. Tho first place .wo visited wa.s tho Dillon Vitt Under- [ wear Factory. Mr. Ensign was more ,.,,., gr-nc-rous with his Mine, and i-on- at-Homo campaign, this. week. Each studied found owp. produce buying We tera to Wc We how lining at cow, study el', be Carolina pictures going to In entertainment, each The will dys Maybcrry, George McColl, Louise Morrison. Lillio Potcct, Frank ll-:y- nolds, and Sue iiicolc. Fiflh and Sixih Grades We are taking part in the ''Livc- Tho ducted us over tho ontire plain. Wc ''were very imii-h i'Uerusted to know ° av w <> '>a v c a now smbjcct. U- write °»- Tho first .subject was "The Importance Importance of Daily Food for the Finn- »l.v." tiio second, "Tlie Importance of Third. "The Importance • Pc.'fltrj, 1 ' Fourth, "Tho importance of a Ho C ," Fifth, "The Importance of a his product is snt as far away as Korea, Chin-i and .South America, ihe t'mc tho m<iti>rial 'is sent (into the nlant until the Jinitthed un- IdM-wear is Ix.scd an-: ready to be , shi| ped out to cvc-r/ stOitc in the Garden." Our teacher'is' offering i (union is a more than interesting pro- •-.••. ce.< : ;, and we learned many things we .never luv.w oof ore. Mr. Ensign gave (ciidi of tho boys in our jiarty two suil: of underwear and they were • prizo ff.r thp best pappr. Fourlh Grade News N ! (By English,,Class) Tho Fourth Grade was given u new room last week. Our new room is tt> proii:::e to report, to him down .stain* and we like it very much. >w they liked it. Our next visit was \y c have had so many new pupils since i tiio Statcsvillc l-loJi- Mill wnerc, Chrisrnias that wo outgrew our ol'i ,o;;.- oyes were again opened as wc ,-ooni. Wo have SO in our grade and \vi.o conducted througli the huge 1.18 i n our room as some of the .-iceond plant with its six ,h.oi., of macninery, graders &tay with us. Our room n'rtd' - ( ' lc ' h a » Intcrcstl "g Ba . lh . L> nthcr— ,Mi«i Clarke's room arc having an at- chfforent. \\e obtained some. tendance race. \V<. ,,ro t.h« RI,,« nt-,A i.ii.1 all (iitiercnt. we oiiiaincM Borne; tendance race. Wo arc the Blue Bird very valuable information. Fromi tho! and her room is a Red Bird, th.-rc mill we went to the sixth f]nn - • • *"«.i«. through wcek nlnci The enjoyed Monday wcro troop The from winning the 01' a KM, | the | 1.00I-. ,,uL tS'L i?SU' 1 ff»?J3-SLS-lf- f™>" '~M^>.W .1)1)00 good pictures in our root)) when Ald „.... us a talk on First interested in their work. Wq are mak- jils which he demonstrated ''"K Jwtcrs showing how, a raw ina- L- class. Wc found these j t . ei>ial '» changed into a flnis'heU pfo- duet. When \ye Hnish this Coster wti wro going to make onto about Coin- nierce. In our English wo orb writing atones atones -.icnrly every day. Wo arc also The following meniberi'. of the Kev-j trying tiv impidvo the En^li«li we nth (]ratio hud perfect ulteiulance j spcalc. ^ W.b hay'^. a pbstor showing ,n | for the past school month ; j/ ' ov«t and gave Mttln. lutforo the vuy practical and feel thut wc are better prepared to meet, an emergency emergency i.hould it arise. Wo appreciate the time, that he gave us. Moselle Combs I Halyhurton, Stella Morrow, Robert Reynolds, Ruth Er - ...... attenance ea. . ay. a psor sowng n : Connie i baseball batter Knocking thp ball, , William 1 which is pn incorrqct iyoi'd. We hop The in* i to English below lesion. infrf>rpn( l-arm Mr. . Morton to have nil the ballfj knocked out be- orsft. day, ... ... liilly (Hek-n Uenliuld. Homo Economics Notes Th« ({iris i n ^hj,; department took much iiHercst in the "Live-at-Homo" campaign last week. Each student tried out ircvoraPnow dishes of food I ia '^'d at home. At the special pro- B ivcn Friday afternoon to tie ^-.m-.-pareiiln and puii-on* oftho school the

Clipped from Statesville Record And Landmark24 Feb 1930, MonPage 10

Statesville Record And Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina)24 Feb 1930, MonPage 10
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