Morris and charity efforts- 11 January 1915

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Morris and charity efforts- 11 January 1915 - E .! V E MPLOYMENT BUREAU THE RIGHT MOV General...
E .! V E MPLOYMENT BUREAU THE RIGHT MOV General Approbation of Plan of Charities Bureau to Give Work to Men PLENTY OF NEED FOUND Distributors Will Report Toda? Number of Cases Aided and Conditions of Work STATUS OF THE FUNDS JUST Altoona people are expressing themselves favorably on the establishment establishment of an employment bureau by the Central Bureau of Charities. It Is a move in the right direction. It. . 1. I : , . .o mc uyuuuu expressed in general by business men and by the heads of the accredited distributing agencies agencies as a move to take away the sting of being dependent upon charity. It: is hoped by the Central Bureau that: the contributions will come in more liberally this week in order that a' greater number of men may be giv en employment to aid them in helping helping to provide for their families. For every dollar contributed thecitv will get the benefit, as the work per-' per-' per-' formed by the men will be done uu-' uu-' uu-' der the direction of Commissioner Frank E. Rooney, of the department of streets and public improvement. With the funds now at hand it wilt,' be impossible to give more than, thirty men employment three days a! week. If the contributions run to a' higher figure this week it will be possible to increase the force from-day from-day from-day to day until a large number ot men have been accorded the opportunity opportunity of helping themselves. A. P. Kready, who will be in charge of the bureau, on Saturday was busv getting matters straightened out to get busy in the work at the employment employment bureau. In addition to seeing that men are given work, he will alsi maintain a ledger for the enrollment of all classes of labor. He will ba prepared to furnish men to any or all persons wishing to hire. men permanently permanently or for any small jobs. H will classify them as they present themselves to his office for employment. employment. The Central Bureau has already decided that the heads of families who are now being assisted by the accredited distributing agencies shall be given the first opportunity to earn a few dollars a week to help keep the wolf from the door. Then, as the employment bureau fund increases, increases, other men will be given work. The men will be worked in relays relays of three days a week and thu will be able to earn sufficient to provide provide their families with the ties of life. Relief Work Continues. The Altoona and the East Sida Sunshine societies and the Salvation. Army were busy Saturday giving out relief to the numerous families coming under their special care. Each of them received new cases that were most distressing, people applying who were absolutely with out bread and other necessities of life. More contributions are needed for both the relief and employment funds. There are practically thre months of winter yet and it wilt take considerable money to prevent; them from coming into absolute want. There are some several hun-i hun-i hun-i dred families receiving assistance' now and indications are that unless, there is a big revival in the indus-i indus-i indus-i trial situation they will have to be looked after until the end of March, i This afternoon the accredited dis-I dis-I dis-I tributing agencies will make their! first report to the bureau. It will then; be ascertained how many families they have been caring for during the first month of the bureau's history.. The representatives will also furnish. a list of the heads of families who desire to work to earn their breadj Tribune Contributions. The Tribune's fund for the relief ofl the city poor was last night given another another boost by the congregation of thei Second Lutheran church, Seventh ave-J ave-J ave-J nue between Eleventh and Twelfth! streets. During the Christmas servJ ices the congregation's collection, amounting to $37.65 was donated t! the Tribune fund and last night a col lection amounting to $26.40 was lift-: lift-: lift-: ed for the fund. This church has set an example for-other for-other for-other churches in the city to follow in, charity work. It has already contrib-j contrib-j contrib-j uted $64.05 to aid in relieving distress, and suffering among the poor of the city. This church will aid many families families by its contribution to the city's poor fund, the money being turned into into the Central Bureau of Charities fund by the Tribune. The Tribune begs to acknowledge these contributions: Previously reported $1,176.07 Second Lutheran church collection, collection, second contribution 26.40 $1,202.47 Funds Deposited. Tribune funds deposited in Central Bureau fund $1,220 75 Central Bureau Fund. Treasurer Wilson, of the Centra Bureau of Charities, reports the following following contributions received Saturday: Saturday: Previously reported $2,654 31 Walter L. Moser 5 00 William Weil 5 00 ' Mrs. W. H. Markland 5 00. Morris Lenson 5 00 J $2,674 31 Total in all funds.... $2,737 63 Employment Bureau Fund. The amount noted is a monthly contribution for three months: Previously reported ....... J 146 00

Clipped from Altoona Tribune11 Jan 1915, MonPage 1

Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania)11 Jan 1915, MonPage 1
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  • Morris and charity efforts- 11 January 1915

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