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Scotts school award 1931,  - cm 1 ';?, '.**.' '*)V' r ' c\t ./;;- f» f. Vvi...
cm 1 ';?, '.**.' '*)V' r ' c\t ./;;- f» f. Vvi •/ ,-* i* ; ; »)~s PAGE EIGHT THE LANDMARK*; N.:fe: scons SCHOOL and Primary Grades.. To start a year with enthusfasnv kigh Iwpes and no money require.- -couragre, energy, ingenuity and almost almost super-human effort on "the part of the teacher. -That H can be <lone through sheer determinatkm, hard work and enthusiastic financial co- operatim on the part of the teacher, is -a result which may be readily deduced deduced from the following report Each teacher lias given, unsparingly and groner ously, time, money and the very best that we had in mental effort. effort. Amounts spent bv individual jrrades are listed as follows: First Gwvle $lfi.OO Second Grade .. .' . 12.10 Third Grade 19.70 Fourth Grade Sfi.10 FifLh Grade 19.30 Fixtfi Grade v. IS.00 Sevb«Wi Qrade 20.00 , Total ' $187.SG The following improvements have lienB carried out in all grades, One to Seven, inclusive: 1.—Homes of pupils have been visited. visited. 2. —Hot lunches serv&d. 8.—Luncnes provided for necd> children. 4.—Children .contiibuted to Asso- cited Charities; food and clothing turned over to County Welfare Officer. Officer. children "'eix r hcd and mea- ,for thc best bird houses wiil be given; given; - prizes' will be given to winners in thc Art Appreciation contest. The following will receive Perfect Attendance prizes: L.ucy Combs, Mary EIHs, Hdthmary McCotl, Richard Richard Feimster. The following will receive a New Testament and a Heading Circle Certiiicatc: Certiiicatc: i-ucy Combs, Edna Harindss, , Eurilla liarthess, Mabel Hillard, l Uuby, ftiary Morrison, Zuby ' Knnmcr, Mattie Beckham, Lacie Bowman, Reva Gibson, Elizabeth ]uoj(l\vm, Sue Woodside, Ruthmary j McColi, Wilma Godfrey, Paulino I Moose, Kayron Guy, Rachael G'fan- | ton, Augusta Tayse, Mary Ellis, Heri Heri man Dagcnhart, FYank Masscy, JJan Reynolds, Kenneth Watt, Ervin Bow- Jie, Kichard; Fcimster, Clifton Gibson, 1 George Miller, Carlyle Weston, Grier •Eenlieid, James Mayhew, Charles | PriVettc, Larrin Gibson, Roscoe -War! -War! ren, \\1lliam Marshall, Rex Marlowe, » . .1 Loley "Lambert, Roy Ellis, Blenard en almost every day for a check-up studied the children have taken more Ellis. ' on reading. interest in then?. In connection with .. ' Pupils having Perfect Attendance the State Art Appreciation contest'.. Fifth Grade. are Isabel Nicnolson, Elsie Minton, we have displayed good copies of six- The items below are a part of the Ecma Lewis, Viola Woodside, Lamar ty-f our famous pictures. work done'by the children and the Adams, Fred Hedrick, Frank Brown, Free samples of soap, tooth paste material added to the room .equlp- Heien Weston and L. C. Mills. , and other aiticles have been distrib- mcnt: two large pictures; Art scrap Pupils receiving Reading 'Ccrtifi- utetl amounting to 25 different kinds, book and 13 prints, added blackboard L-ates are Oren Stoutc, Gladys Poteat, While these samples do not add ma- space, reading table with magazines n^ 1 ... „ Tinwif* T **~'— ' XT:«I i TXT«.. J j „ 1 1., i. _ j.i- _ _/*•_; ~f .n _i nnrl Krknlfa fan 1iK»»ji»»Ar finAife. PY! m parct Sher Fred Combs, Elsie Summers', Edna Lewis,' Raymond I wise would mot especially"""interest grades; added Zaner Alphabet strips; CInnton, Billy White, Ruth Grose,; them, -but which are beneficial to gen- exchanged a collection of shells; gave , , owie, Isabel Nicholson, Mar-1 tonally to t.he efficiency of the class and books, ten library books, extra iherrill, Willmer Houston, j room the children are always eneeriworu in Health, Geography and liis- Minton, Thomas I to receive them as it calls a variety tory; bought balls )odside, Musette] of things to their minds that other- girls' baseball leagu and organized e in Elementary I amar Adams, Fred Hedrick, Nina' oral health. Mae Wilson, Frank Brown, Harding! each child a comb; built bird houses | and model airplanes; made and paint- Grvder, David Douglas, Helen Wcs~-i The reading table in our room has C(l instruments for toy orchestra; ton, L. C. Mills, Rov Norton, Leon-! afford « I the children much pleasure used ^ nnes Arithmetic Work books; ard E.1!. and Robert" Douglas.' __ » *?''," ?« «~jl±" ve iJ",,™ ?.' i construction paper, printing set, 26 Pupils whr- have been on the Honor Honor Roll every month are Oren Stoute, Gladys Poteat, Erma Bowie and Musette Summers. Fourth Grade Teacher, Janie Morrison. Equipment for room: Printing set, The following magazines and hooks | muaic books nm j t i; s tributed free have been ,on this table at different ] iea ith material. pantograph, reading table, table, 6 chairs, table for toy store, 215 librar-y hooks, 4 window boxes, book \ ends for teacher's table, "5 feet beaver beaver hoard for bulletin l.oard, repaired Oiados, 12 balls, hat, 4 writing 'harts, box for library cards, 1 yard sured at reRr.i.;r ..i.crvals during the ye«r. 6. — All liora; 1 -' books have been catalogued and mended. 7. — A Christmas treat was given the 'children in each respective grade. ' 8. — Each grade is represented in the Art Appreciation contest. 9. — Each teacher has made an Art Appreciation scrap l.-ook. 1-0. — Each grade entered as rnnn\ athletic events as they were eligible. Reading Circle Certificates include Lewis Adams, Edgar Beckham, Lawrence Lawrence Beckham, Marian Branch, Otis ' times: My Weekly Reader, Play Mate, Junior Home, National Geographic, Geographic, Boy's Craft Book, 8 puzzle maps of the United States, 22 Bird ( Brancn Nova 'Collins, Annie Doug- Bulletins, and various other papers ^ Fnmk E ,. vin) A ,, ie Bruce God . frey, James Guy, Mary Sue Guy, Opal llass, 1,'llian Harriss, Philip and pamphlets. Projects: In the fall English note-books were , Hedrick, Clarence Kerr, Norman Mc- mado. These were well illustrated Call, Nellie Moose, Wilma Moose, with free-nand drawings. Several Delbert Morrison, Dewey Morrison, imaginary trips were takon but one most enjoyed was the "trip the 'Willie Morrison, Helen Norton, Jack to Osborne, Daisy Parker, L. P. Payne, the Land of btorv Books. For this Annie Mae Riddles, Pauline Riddles, * . . . * 1 1. * *"» . t*± * i _ r»__i«A__ United States Map puzzles, Improvements in individual grades are lasted ::s follows: First Grade—20 new books iu'iu<--d 1x> library, making a total of 0(5; a large copy of "Baly Stuart" actd-; to j "crap the attractiveness of our room; wc are beginning musical careers in a toy orcnestra; we can boast of five new tables and -Y2. now chairs; free health material has been distributed Miscellaneous supplies purchased include include cuitains, Looks, crayons, sci.-:- sw.s, tablets, pencils, Art B.iok pictures, pictures, drawing paper and rulers. '.'.hose having perfect atten-hn'-' are Don Kirkman, and Iloyn Wood- si'fc. Reading f : 'ele C'e:ti^catc:- will be awarded to Dorothy Dajren- )isr.t, Mildred Jnjrram, Marjorie Mor- ijson, Rosa Parker, Lenmia Me JJ^rcue, Mildred H."»tness, T>ito, Sybil Minton, Ma'-gnre 40 pictures of birds (10 >: 12), 1(5 licturcs of birds ("> x T) 1(5 pictures 'copies of famous paintings, 10 x J(i p : ctures for Ait Appreciation lite, Ova -'a Siu-lofT, Lillian ,T-->nr Fay Bow- «ian, Eli;:abnth HIddlcs, lien fon Lackey, Sam Shorn'!! and Don Kirkman. Kirkman. Second Grade. Improvements in our ron-n inchidi twii largo picture-, a I'almcr alphabet, alphabet, pencil "havpone", p:<sto, ball.' 1 crayopfi. drawincr pape»-. flower boxes iw windows, a toy o< chest -si, !S music, music, books, ](> now library book--, ant' bird hou-.fs built by t'u' boys, one of wliom will r*eeive ;i jiri/.p. Dorothy ILalvburton »nd I ois Combs have • uprfiavt attondancf. 1 rocoT'd. \vhi!< Kua'lin^ f-'wlificale;; will go to 1h< folltnvincr: .1. f B«-rJi r.!d, M. O. C'hililej 1 ', Jam's J. C. C'ooiln-ijin. r«i-kei-, Ol.ho F Thor:>* Branch, Jr.. Froi Di-cv. 1 .., 1 , Conies I..U'«B'ln Jr.. Iln-.varf Pam Grose <"'rnt, Fd-.'iu JoVn \V-.u Fllir, Kn- Etta Ma< Adams Adams' Th-inv fc'-nc Fov. Mart'.i Ituft Ball, Kat-hori'K- Tays. I'nulin Flnsvie Adams, KufTi ].o<s F!<'ckham. \'ii i K i in :- -i Bov.-m;in l.ois Tor. bs, Frances Deal, Lncilf T;li(lf>-(.y, Mavi- Gil <on. I . ••>•»?!(• Gry- <!er, Don, thy Jlal.v'itii-um, Klsie Hartness, Hartness, Favw Marlov.-", Rutli Morri.-'on, Kuth MiM-iiock, Kai hi-rine .Moose. WWma ^lonsc and Dorothy Reynolds. Third Grade JJ'']ps p i , c.'n:\ -4',| fur school "-i v'c yea,- im-liuie IT l-'.lson Reatlers, IJec-ovd I5ool; ; :, 2" library Looks, a lota* of (17 . ;t toy orchestra, orchestra, pwnci! sliai'iK-ni r, J,"i -mall An Prints, i,ne Ar'. A[jp> -ecj.-iBoi) honk, one p-ictun 1 Ci'ami'. t'-n h"alt -\ i>o^t- ei'5, •+ '-.(•I'ldiri'aph, coloicd chalk - - . he poem was copied into their note-1 Pmils havino: Perfect Attendance tional games for reading table, 2 books and answers were written to are Lewis Adams, Norman McCall, work books for readers, 4 work books' --—-.._ for English, 1 work book for geography, geography, 1 work book for drawing, SOO .rfcvts news p int, applied slating on .wo Mack boards, varnished 7 chairs, i tables, book ear-o. facing around olack boards and windows, 2 dozen -•oat hanjre'rs, 12 supplementary readers. readers. Map of United States ("'' x »') 22 government bulletins :v>out birds, ihe questions. This cprmg the note-, rjanic Sherrill, Jennie Sherrill and books are being used as Bird books.!Johnsie Lee Sullivan. A '•Study Guide'' for birds was cop- sixth Grade .eel -Sixteen birds have been studied. At the i ;e ., |nilin( , of tn i s yea r the A short dosciipiion of each bird is Bixth gl . U(le c ,, ange( | ro0 ms with Mr. wnuen. bach child is encouraged to MacDonala, the Agriculture teacher, observe the birds and a two minute m order t; a 'j. fa Hi h gchool mi ht , 1 /~V ULV*«,f b*.C«tl , Hil\i J.Al£fl »J**IiV»W» IIIIKlllf oral report is given every day. One bo closer toother. At first we did poem is memorized about each bird. not like tne change so well, hut we Bud pictures are collected from all soon found t)m olir advantage out- sources. These are put on the bul-j wclghed our .disadvantages. In our !c-tm board. Old nests of each bird' m w _ ,.„.._ ....... nni i b u nMl u nhnn ,| are collect !<tin boti , room we had a stove and both hot and many ways J6 new , . , .. , , , .. . . * .will vr^; J1CIVI a OtUVU lllIU UUUI1 II"U tt I Ivl sctwl and lastened to the bul- cold water a n of which we cou , d US(1 01 pictures (copies " "" r ' nl JUst as they wcrc take " : " " la "" w ""ramous ""ramous paintimrs. 10 x 1C nV ( 'r,,, A P2 rt ;? iatin " . *"" ^ . , boc)k -1 uid ,,l,c«>d in th« nest, a life size pic- ""*{'"' id picture studies,. S la"s:o p'.t'« tires, i • -* ^ i.-. .1 • .... i .,..../ reaa a 7 plaque^ of Colonial subjects, 1 C'artofraft slated mi:p of United just as they i''-om the tree. The proper number of eggs for each bird are cut, colored our ii' 01 . ary pl.-'ciHl in tb'j nest, a life size pic- • I urr have been added to we have been able to number of others '° of *' hf J" rt| ic : eut v an{ , 1 plac r c ! T through excliWing with other grad- L™^.™ 1 ;.^:™* b °° k , s a . nd b $: es. Our bojfli?ve a harmonica band Ictui* about birds are read to the ant , win fo statl!svine to play on • fhe boys have made five County Commencement Day. • ird nouses. | with jj ^j h ti together L-ach chik, took part in the Art A P - wc have been saddc * ed durin j the preciation contest. The winner is to year by thc death of one of ourclaas . l.cpresent tne grade I contest. m the county Total amount snont SSfi.IO of j. jP famiius picture , worc ... .. ' jr l)00ks P ame the bulletin board at the rear of tho ,om ouUido aid. room> A card was made on tes, Dorman Mitchell, and by the . «^th of the niother of another, Adol- .layed on phus Warren:.. Both .Dorman's par- "'.•itM--. p:ist"l-o;ird clock, thermomc- er. 10 copi'.-s "Mv Book Record" 2 —ill vases. 1 note hook for list of ibrnry be-t'-s. 1 t"-<"e]in<-* library, itudies of If! birds, 100 pieces fir toy :loro, 1 Christmas -oat. 'us amount on'v $2, , un , fj at t rcar 0 ^^ ^ . , f y ^ -- ^ A card was made on which s j nccre sympathy Gene:al 7.:ipr'r,-cii-;eiits: j was printed thc name of each of the, " • A combination blackboard an:! bul- pictures. Two-thirds of the children Reading Circle Certificates will be ?tin board \v;i.- moved fro"i tho bic'f i "' t' 11 ' room' can match the card with awarded to Woodrovtf hummers, Doris > lh._> ftont of the room. Two unused t' 10 right pic' Most of thc cbil- Rimmer, Kuth Da^uihart, Sam Par- laeKboards \vere covered with beav- f'rcn chose "ihf> Flower Girl of Hoi- ker, Troy Moose, Gdis Sherrill, Clarr Clarr board anil thus \ve- •'-. converted in-1 land" as their favori'„'. ence ingram, Frances Daye, Byron .-,,,,. ,,,, „,.„. ,'hass, Claude Reynolds, Estelle Rey- Arithmctic Ihe ^nnes Test and ld Ma Douglas Ned Sullivan, Fracticu books were P««ha3ed by: p ph eij a G uye, Myrtle Gant, Edna o attractive Inilletin boards. '1 lie desks were n arranged to suit he size of thc children. 1'he daily .chedule of classes was displayed. Ail .ibrary books were classified. A list if the books was displayed near the .ook case. The best writing paper Hectograph ich child and were used daily. A Pa rker, Pauline Combs, Evelyn Watt, y store composed ot 100 pieces, and p auline Sherrill Evelyn Mills, Edith y money have been used very suc- iWi | cnn ,,„,„, 'c., tva ir an ,.,, v oim . each child and were used toy toy cessfully. Spelling: A spelling note-book was made at the first of school during con-1 i Wilson, Hazel Guye, Henry Feimster, Feimster, James White, and Runa Mae .vas posted every week. cssons were used daily. ; | the art period. Two spelling Iho grade news as ptiulished in ' tests were conducted. The Statwville Daily was posted Writing: The two best writing ach week. More than si hundred papers (hoys' and girls') were dis-. The Seventh grade is quite proud uses were lac.,ueic,l at Christmas. playcd Pach week . Thc writj stan . of the fact that not one of us is un- he.-e were ],re-.ente(l to _ the _chil- , ( |ard for the grade was shown. ' ''C'D ' " •K-d hach child contrib- Conimunitv C.'hristmar ; mnthc to the iasket. Kaily this spring a miniature gai en was This garden was omposc-d of tin jiint jars filled with vitter. Mosquito netting was tied the top of each jar. A few were placed on this netting, interf-'t was shown in the fx- eri'p.c'it and the seeds -.vatchcd eare- 'ully. From this experiment the •hildren could see the roots and the •)hmf m-o'.vinjr at thc sai,.« time. Tho ''flowing seeds were planrod: wheat, rice, 1 arloy, peas, corn, limn beans, oats, rye and popcoin. At p-.-esenl %ve have another experiment experiment in progress which has created even more interest thnn the gardon. A turnip was hollowe witli sand. The tunv endf'd by cords, as a Pupils lu.'/ing I'c'rfcct Attendance are Evelyn Mills, Edna Parker, Sam Parker and Ned Sullivan. his height. ... — iderweight according to Health: Numerous posters were ' Aside from entering each County ~and nade as a class and by individuals, school contest for which we arc elig- 'ach child was weighed six times and ible, we have collected from 800-1.OuO iicasure'i twice. Samples of soap, magazines for our grade, thc High ooth paste, cereals and booklets School Reading. -Room and the vere distributed frequently. ! Home Economics Department. Ten Gco^rapny: Many pictures, maps]Art Appreciation scrap books have and panics have added much inter-1 been made by individual member!* ol L-st to the study of geography. A | the grade and Eloise.Guy will repre- ve'-y complete collection of rocks was sent us in the County contest while •nnde. A collection of rocks was se- , Ruby Morrison won the spelling con- 011 red from fne scienc« department, tent in all the grades In our school. Copies of each lesson have been hec- ] Other additions to our room .include Jograjiiiod. The slated map of the maps for the reading table, two bul- niU-d States and tho puzzles of the letin boards'.' olsrht historical silhou- puzzles U. b map, as well as the (9x12) map given us, have letin boards,, eight historical silhou large ettes and plaques and fivo large* pic- . . - •• - added.. turcB, balls, .motion picture, machines much interest to this study. I and'geography reels made of Geog- Kcatiim-: The Basel header and raphy studies, a first aid demonstra- .ive additional readers have been tion.and science talk by a doctor, and , u , „,. i'• tll /. I ' 0(> - I '' ach c "ild has read and through the courtesy of tho fifth va; then sus-Mvntten a report of twelve books. • t • basket,; Certi'Vates and Prizes. •tit and filled 1 « ' ^t 1 '» , n ;rade, a lecture on Japan by a mi» | sionarv, and ft lecture .on England ,»«»,in,s p™,M< ,»,.- ,«,v,.n ; .,, ,,,v ,,,,-k.y „.,,.» v, „• nl^to.l in Th, r,,l.owln» ™,t l«i«, an,! prte-'tad sSt ni b, MtaHiSk.l sr.w':-, 1 .' 1 ^" M'U^'^-KK e r::,,?:, 1 zjr^s£° ,t r ; is" "• "™- le " « <™- c^sJs^SSSSSii irad- and ,v,i,it,-,l and the, radiator ,he turnip bc-.-m to prnw downward. .10 punils will mceivo Reading Cir- ^""^10 are entered painted. Five texts and supplement- We hr.-i oight rather l.-u-e pic- r!e Certif.'.aios: 37 mmil < W I1I «».: «. J ^ , , . .^ • C -' «.... and P'linied iind tlie radiator painted. Five texts and siipplement- jir.v readers have been n-ad; the Lennes Arithmetic Work Book lias l.een used; hecto•_• raph copit s arc (.^iv- tbe turnip be°-nn to prow downward. We hr."( oight rather l.-ir-'c pic- iMi'i's. T) ' -e picluro" were hung on 'l>e level with the children's eyes. Since the pictures can l.c seen nee e- fie ,n i - 0 ance Ccilineates and prizes; 2 r over a Commencement Recitation contest In I which 10 are entered. -K/ pup ^ < l vi " rpc( ' ivn Perfect Attendance Certificates ,. n n - ' W -n T . nRt . nmpnt : r > wjij he awarded to Helen' Morrow, ippftixo Icrfoct Atlnnd- Ruby Morrison, Robert Adams, .Tamo« i.lngrain, Elobe Guy, Hester Sherrill i and Robert White. 1 Pupils Who have Reading Certificates Certificates are Ethel- Childers, Kathorine •.r\»Bfenha.rt, Kloise Guy, Ethel Hillard, Hillard, Mabel Johnson, Ethel Moose, , Ruby Morrison, Helen ; Morr)vw, Hes• Hes• tor. Sherrill; -Mary -Wilson, Edith Mar• Mar• low.e, Robert AdaniSj Hal Brown, Jul r ins FeiniKter, Oraham Gant. D^vid ItnrriK, James Ingram, Don MuHnck, Mortpn Maiicrans, T.n« Norton,' Rock and Robert White. MiHtory: J'cotta lliiy'V School lifts had a "•'" growth for tho past four years. The pnvolmqnt this yenr 'hftwd n f-ain of 04 nprccn.t over that four yeara ago. This steady increase rf"t mndo it riices.iavv to divide, " !ojd nndito'-ium into dnss rooms and 'a new brick building has just; beon ro"iplet°d wiving us a pplendid audi.- torium^.JitMypjL^qbr, ft "much needed .ftdfllfipp *|6 oiif'i'ftjwllij ment'and one that Wgfreatly appro ciated. The gradviatinqr class this year is composed of thirty five splen.; did boys and girls. Many' of them will enter college next fall, some will remain in their own homes, but we know that their homes and their communities will be made better because because they have had the courage and interest to complete their High, School 'work in a creditable manner. Owing to many interruptions and the fact that our auditorium was not completed until recently few plays and entertainments have been given this ye^tr. Hewever, the Seniors gave one plfly "All Is Well After All" which Was enjoyed and we expect to give several interesting programs during the Commencement season. The Junior class entertained the Seniors and faculty with a theatre paity at the Playhouse, Statesville, recently, after'which they all returned returned to the school and enjoyed themselves themselves for 3ome time and were served served refreshments. April 22nd >t 8 o'clock the Grammar Grammar Grades gave their operetta in the auditorium, and on. the 23d the High School gave the operetta, Cherry Cherry Blossoms. Tho baccalaureate sermon will be preached Sunday, May 3d and Thursday Thursday and Friday of .the following week will be taken up with Commencement exercises. Agricultural Department: This is riot a new department, for Scotts was one of the first schools in the county to offer its students a well rounded course in Agriculture. Prof. W. E. MacDonald has had charge of this department for the past eight years and many boys have gone out better fitted to take their stand in their own communities or to enter the colleges and become leaders _ in this most important occupation "Feeding -The Nation." During the year a prize of five dollars was offered offered to the boy writing the best papers papers on 'Cooperative Marketing of tobacco, tobacco, this prize was won by Keece Campbell 1st; Cloycl Gant 2nd; Floyd Harris 3rd. This department has just ordered and delivered two hundred hundred and seventy bushels of certified Mexican big boll cotton seed, cooperatively, cooperatively, for the farmers and boys in the community. English Department: Every student in high school has been required to keep an English note book this year, into these note oooks we have put all important outlines, outlines, dates, memory gema, etc. We have strived to leam how to write and speak English correctly—much of our time has been spent in having oral talks. We have written many themes both long and short. Our Most important theme this year was written on "Cotton Cooperative Marketing, Marketing, Its Progress and Its Future." \long with our English wc have been .aking spelling with definitions. Most .)f the students find Literature and Life much more interesting than English grammar and composition. We ere enjoying studying Shakespeare's Shakespeare's plays, memorizing poetry_and criticizing different pieces of literature. literature. French Department: French note books have been kept by the students in first year French class. Into these note books they nave put such things as the phonetic trianfle, irregular verbs and idioms. Sevearl attractive posters have been made by the students during the •/ear. These have been put up in the :lass room and have helped very much in the learning of new words ind expressions. Quit* a bit of dictation has been jiven this year in order to help the students acquire an ear for French. We have leame'd many quotations, piovcrbs etc.,- in French. Library: Our library has'grown considerably considerably this year. There have been •hree hundred and thirty volumes added, lorty-seven for high school work, dnd two hundred eighty-three :n the Elementary department. Ot the books added to the high school libraiy there" were thirty-two volumes volumes of fiction, three of English, four of riisTory, seven of Science and one of Agriculture. AH of the books have been carefully catalogued and a new card placed in each. The children children hdve taken much interest in the library this year and we teel that they have received much &uod from Ihcir outside reading. In connection with our library: \ye have a reading room. Each child in Mgh school is permitted to remain in !T,e reading room one perjod each lay. We take about twenty of.the best magazines and papers and the students enjoy this department. Science Department: .Scotts has' one of thc best equlp- •icd Science rooms' in the county. Some new equipment has been added this year for we realize,that,the best way to reach, scientific -truth is through experimental work.' • At the beginning, of the year we wer'e able to"order .$H5'worth-of lab- ira'tory' equipment, including Chem'- '.stry, Physics' and Biology apparatus. *»Ve hay«? also collected laboratory Sees from the pupils \yith Which we bought sk ne^V'supply of gas for the Chemistry, laboratory, varnished ta- Mes, and bought other needful equipment equipment for our room. We have acldot Mght new books to our science lib- -arv. -v - . '-•/ • . • •'•';. '." ' The class work has been' Carried on as near as possible, .with the laboratory, laboratory, work,- The rtSal' work of experiment experiment by the .pupils end also demonstration demonstration eXDcrlm^nta JIBve been carried om , Considering the large classes and; .the time wo r*O»i tha •,.f ''avehaii a Successful y«ir of s v of WoW ftgl^sM] intensely interested in the study oi Home Economics. The ami of tnis department has been to train every girl to be a successful home»maker. home»maker. No other department in •school offers better training for high school girls than this department. Wc have followed the course of work outlined outlined by the state for this department. department. The result of our work can be seen in the attractive dresses, aprons, pajamas and children's clothing made in sewing class. Beside the required ! work in foods the girls have planned, ( prepared and Eirved a banquet to thd gentlemen teachers of the county. The girls have made new curtains I for the laboratory, bought ,new mea- | suring spoons for the'tablcs and kept j the .'room attractive with foods and sewing poster's..«We have gotten all i 'he available charts and booklets on I ~ods and sewing and all thc best magazines^ The girls bought McCall's McCall's "Dressmaking Made Easy", for supplementary work in tewing. Girls' Athletics: . , ; . : We are indeed proud ot our girls' basketball team. Why shouldn't we be, aren't they the Iredell County Champions? The girls can boast of winning thirteen games out of fourteen, fourteen, losing only to Barium Springs. The high scoring honor goes to Douglass MacDonald followed by Lucy Hillarcl and Louise Halyburton. The splendid defense work of Mary Sherrill. Willard Combs and Vererene Adams must be given credit. Others entering the games' were Sue Steele and Thelma Combs who did their part in making our girls champions. We also have a girls' baseball 1 earn. Although we have not played j iny games with other schools we have some scheduled and have been J preparing for them. • • Ollie Huntley, Coach. ' . . Boys',. ; The past season in athlexloa been a v<?ry jiwccesBt'41 ,one ,foi- oiU '-ibys. .The basketball teum wan hah licapped in,tty» first part of the sen ion by pot bavlnj? an indoor court however, later in the ye,a> our cour , r necessary equipment. This made the boys jump into the game with ve» ncwyd -energy an.d they wovn able to -in a number of games to their cred »t,-- .. •;..;•.;• '.'.••;•-. • '•. ; • At the present we are playing baseball, games ftopofdJrife' to the conn: planned , gcVcJi'lfl »*>d traininff fl to enter the, flrild .<fov , are . hftpip«t that th« ' 1. Improvement Vh ^ea&lng'readin in all grades. 2, heading centers in each rddrnjl' . 3. The greater majority of pupil working for a Reading Certificate. 4. Forty-five new books bought by funds raised at school. 1. Teaching of Art and Music in all the grades. 2. Pictures in each room. , y t 3. Art scrap book in each room. | 1. Handwriting taught in all grades. grades. ' £• 2. Progress chart is kept of each child's work. * 3. Best writing from each grade is put on display. • ..8 1. Physical Education. 2. Supervised play at play period and lunch pertod. ' : " . > 3. Organized playground activities'. .1. Making, classrooms more attractive attractive and home-like. | /- '' . , ., •: 2. Pupils appointed to duties of keeping room in order. i 3. Rewards given for most im> .provement in school work. '", 1. Better -health, conditions. ; ff 2. Measurement "arid weight iqf each, child.. v v 3. Correct posture. . .j' 4. Brushing of teeth. f 5. Care of hair and nails. •*-.. .$, 1. Hot lunch served at least once a week. '' '| 2. Correct table manners are taught. -(I 1. Teaching of thrift—care ojf 3. Parents visiting school. 4. Visiting homes of pupils. | 5. Published school news to home paper. ;*•„ Annie Alley, Principal. •«; & ; PINE VALLEY SCHOOL Report of work" in Pine Vall^v School: Y. ADAMS hfts* transferred h's offire for the' trpnrrnl practice of dentistry over*- PoHcc-Gray. Pruif Co.. Off ice hours.' -R:30 to RiSO.s Phone" 204. DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED STATESVILLE'S STORE FOR MEN extends greetings and congratulations to the hundreds of graduates of Iredell County's fine consolidated high schools, wishing them a full measure of success in their contemplated life's work. MILL'S CLOTHING CO. "The Value First Store" *M^A»M l^/Wt Ht^tft***" iwr High School hoyn., -' . ' , - • - :•••'?• Qt; Wv ;Wi»ttllV;Coach, '" ; Home ';' Economics Department : GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATES . . . of Iredell County's High Schools Gable's takes pleasure in extending congratulations congratulations and best wished to the yqung ihen and wo- gra'cjuaftng t h i s "'• ,.,..-... ., , _ . .. , .; j ' ' ' ' • ' • . , ' ' . May we take this occasio'ft to; ^lijind you of otir wonderful selection of ready-ta-^e^r aiicj clotWng for young men and girls. Everything you need •'-•'' * i for vacation or summer school will be found here —smart clothes at low prices. Let us serye you, GABLE'S

Clipped from Statesville Record And Landmark27 Apr 1931, MonPage 8

Statesville Record And Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina)27 Apr 1931, MonPage 8
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