Continuation of Kiwanis Program-Morris Lenson Hosting-3 August 1922

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Continuation of Kiwanis Program-Morris Lenson Hosting-3 August 1922 - resistance. He was conquered, as We all will be...
resistance. He was conquered, as We all will be In due time, but he set ' us a fine example of high patience and lofty courage filing of a bond by the contractor E. L. Grannas, who was recently awarded the contract by the "school board. Mr. Grannas underbid his competitors by about $4,000 on all of the contracts but as yet has not filed the bond which the successful bidde'r is required to execute within five days after the beginning of the contract. He is also' required to begin work within that period. The school district is desirous of having the excavating work done as soon as possible so that there will be no delay when the general contract is awarded. -. KIWANIS DINES AT PENN-ALTO (Continued From Page One.) r i - - the Strand theatre the latter 'half of this week. Kiwanian Ernest Rudisill led the chorus singing in his usual enthusiastic manner. Secretary Paul Tillard read several communications touching on affairs of local and general nature, which were referred to committees. - Favors at each plate consisted of a ADENOID cr - italfi&Si "-ft" W S-V lAjv. A t;US-TWC7 feu, ViCkUOtLD ouHa QWM.yAs puacw VIYA.& tH A 5W AVvKVNAt) AND fcMBAw-sss.rHGa Po&KioH lead pencil and holder with the firm name of M. Lenson & Sons, Wholesale Notion Altoona, Pa., inscribed thereon. ' . Colonel Shoemaker a Gnest. Colonel Henry W. Shoemaker, president of the Altoona Tribune company, who happened to be in the city for the day, was a guest at the luncheon and in reply to President -Broomer's invitation to make a few remarks embraced the opportunity to express his appreciation of coming face to face with so many of Altoona's representative professional and business men. The Colonel has read and heard considerable about the activities of Altoona Kiwanis club, and this being his first opportunity to come in personal touch with the members he readily arrived at the conclusion, that to be a Kiwanian one must be a real live-wire fellow and builder of things worth while. The members were quite as well pleased to have the colonel with them as he was to be present, ltobert W. Smith's Address. Attorney Robert W. Smith, of Holli-daysburg, secretary- of the Altoona Wholesalers' , association, was speaker of the day. He implored his hearers not to confine themselves too closely to their professional and business pursuits, but to acquire more . of the pleasures to be found in nature. His address, in part, follows: "Let me tpll vnn nf n Civil tvflr hnt- tie, , honored with but small mention - , i By HANNY -P in the history books. It was the battle of Altoona. Not. Altoona, Pennsylvania but Altoona, Georgia. A regiment of Union soldiers held the fort at Altoona, and also held a commissary store of several barrels of crackers. Altoona was attacked by a horde of ' famished rebels, who knew about those crackers. There was a hot time in Altoona. Sherman wig-wagged the besieged a signal; 'Hold the fort. I am coming,' which Ira Sankey afterwards immortalized in a hymn of the church. The Johnny Rebs never captured Altoona and those crackers. Altoona never gave up her eats. Altoona is today running true to the form of her Georgia namssake, in saving the cracker barrels. May Kiwanis achieve lasting victories for civic uplift and peace in these weekly luncheons around the cracker barrels. "Tour host today . is Morris Lenson. He is a true Kiwanian, a builder among men. Thirty-five years ago, he was an hurr.ble emigrant boy, bowing his gratitude before the Statue of Liberty, In New York harbor glad to escape the iron heel of Russian tyranny. He was educated in the school of hard knocks. He cheerily plodded his way along your country lanes as a peddler, carrying ,a heavy pack. , His next mount on the ladder of -success was as one of the proprietors of the KeVstone Overall factdry of this city, Louis Silverman being his business associate. Today, with the loysj co-operation of his two sons, Max and Louis, he has built a lucrative, trade as, a clothing importer and jobber and has placed Altoona on the commercial map of twenty counties of thf commonwealth. N Lenson -a builder among men well merits the plaudits of Kiwanis councils. "Your speaker was requested to bring a business message t this assemblage of business men. He will refrain. This is the vacation season the season of short hours, short labors, short talks. The open season for shady nooks, sylvan 1 glades, down in the corn field. Russell Sage, the great banker, used to boast, that he never took a vacation. His case only represents an example of brain fag and body fag. During the coal strike up the mountain, the mules employed down in the mines were for the firstj time, in many years lifted to the surface of the ground, and turned loose in the green fields in the sunlight. But the mules wore In great pain and distress. They could not endure the open air and the light. So with a man under the obsession of inordinate money grubbing. His nature accustomed only to the ruling passion has lost capacity for vacation ways. Let me bring" the message of relaxation calling you out of the dark mines of business; ' "Coming aboard a trolley car, into this city this mornings I noticed a cavalcade of horses ascending the slbpe 6f Brush mountain. What splendid exercise. The noble steed is coming back into its own. King Solomon, the wisest of monarchs, loved his horse. In fancy's eye, we can see King Solomon, in his snowy white robe, in chariot decked with gold, drawn by eight flashing horses and housings as brilliant as if scalloped out of the very sunrise, followed by a regiment of archers, clad in Tyriaft purple, riding out to Visit his gardens, in the cool of the morning, before ascending his throne in royal state, for that day. "Let yotjr motor car purr along the state highway, between Altoona and Tyrone. Think of that highway protected by noble rows of trees, each one commemorating a soldier boy, dead in France. May that dream of the American Legion come true the hero slain remembered by the first, best gift of

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  1. Altoona Tribune,
  2. 03 Aug 1922, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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  • Continuation of Kiwanis Program-Morris Lenson Hosting-3 August 1922

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