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San Francisco Chronicle, 20June1891; Pg. 8 - SA3T PBAyCISCO CHEONICLE SAOTEDAY JTXNE 20 1891...
SA3T PBAyCISCO CHEONICLE SAOTEDAY JTXNE 20 1891 - MORE HELP f ANTED Great Scarcity of Hands in the Interior Heayy Crops That Need to Be Harvested Loss of Fralt Predicted Because of the Condition of the Labor Market A Denver paper recently published an interview with a resident of that aty named A II Hlnmnn who had just re turned from a visit to the Pacific coast in which a harrowing picture was drawn of tbe alleged condition of affairs here In San Francisco said the veracious Mr Hinman a man is In good luck if he cets anv work to da Thousands are walking the streets with nothing to da In San Francisco they are selling lots four miles from the business center for GOO to 11200 Curiosity to learn whether Mr Hin - mans statements as to the condition of the labor market baa any foundation in fact led a Cbsoxiclz representative to in quire into tbe matter and it required but a short time to develop the fact that so far from there being a scarcity of work there was really a shortage m the supply of help With unusually large crops in field and orchard to be gathered and marketed the fanners and fruit - raisers ol Northern and Middle California are confronted by a scarcity of labor such as this State has not known in many years In the great fruit belts where every days delav in picking and shipping means just so many dollars lost the situation is said to be decidedly serious C W Reed of Sacramento said to a Chbomcxe reporter last night I am hee hunting for men My agents have scoured tbe principal towns of the Sacramento Sacramento valley and have found help aetu ally unobtai table at wages higher than at any time within mv recollection 1 want seventy five or eighty men on my folo ranch and am offering 30 a month and found for ineiierienced field hands There are no men to be found here or elsewhere elsewhere I have instructed my foreman to employ any able - bodied man or boy who applies and have orders standing at sev eral employment agencies in San Fran Cisco and Sacramento Mv neighbors are in the same fix I have never known or beard of such a condition in this State The only theory ou which I can account for it is that while the acreage in grain hops and fruit has increased enor mously m the last year or two there has been no corresponding increase in immigration of tbe laboring clashes ft hv Chinese hands are demanding an increase of 25 to 3o cents a day over former years and they are get ting it You can t get Chinese help now in my section One of my neighbors came down here intending to ship a carload of Japanese to his ranch He went home without them 1 think it would be a good thine for tbe farmers and tbe farm bands if the schools in the rural districts were closed during ail the harvest season That would help us out of sucn dire predica ments as this It was learned on the authority of S R Johnson a Santa Clara county fruitgrower fruitgrower that a considerable part of the crop at some paces in that valley will be left on the trees for lack of hands to pick it Particularly is this so with regard to apricots which show a remarkable yield this year J M Jasper president of the Farmers Bsnkof Wheatland and the owner of sev eral large ranches in that vicinity said that the scarcity of labor had uot yet seriously seriously inconvenienced the farmers in his section But when it comes to getting in the hop and fruit crop he remarked we have a deal of trouble On the Misses Jeannie and Battle Wilson and the grand highland ree executed by George Pater - son James Baxter Edward Ross and Duncan Margenrle The little girls wore the highland costume with their kilts and tartans oi Gordon plaid and eagle feathers in their jaunty Scotch bonnets I b K Tivendale played for them on the tsgplne and they went through the dance without a false step The highland reel dancers dancers were also in kilts two in red and two in green They also were heartily applauded At the conclusion of the programme the floor was cleared and the lads and lassies danced to Scotch music until midnight FOR IMMORAL PURPOSES Two Japanese Girls Wanted In Salt take Immigration Inspector Dr Hatch was informed informed recently that two of the Japanese girls under his charge just now desired to work for a Christian upright family In Ogden Be wisely wrote to the Postmaster at Ogden in Hiring as to the character of Mr and Xrs ohnson who wen the parties desiring to secure the girls services Tbe answer of tbe Postmaster was a surprise Dr Hatch was informed that Mr and Mrs Johnson had until recently kept an immoral house in Ogden and that they had lately removed removed to Salt Lake City where it was under stood that they were engaged in a similar business business It is evident that tbe upright Christians desired to secure the girls lor evQ purposes and Dr Hatch will therefore keep the girls here SUMMER KAINS THE CAUSE OP EECE5T CASES OP DIPflTHEBIA Germs of Duease Are Stirred Up in the Fool Sewers and Tanks The Increase in the number of diphtheria cases in this city during the latter portion oi stay and the first days of the present mouth is not attributed by the health officials to any unusual def eet in sauitatx conditions heitber is the city more unhealthy than at similar seasons of the year with the same clrcum stances of climate The increase of cases of diphtheria is stated to have been due to the rains which fell during several days and nights in the latter part of last month and that in past years it has been noticeable that summer rainshave invariably been followed by an in crease in the number of diphtheria cases and similar complaints This is explained by the fait that the summer months are usually dry and that when a rain does occur It so affects surface drainage and sewerage as to stir up the foulness of sewers and spread tbe germs of disease Not only the sewers are affected but even the drinking water becomes tainted with impurities from surface drainftze just the same as it does after the hrst rain of each winter Tbe effect of this surface drainage however is of but temporary duration and can be easily overcome by boiling the water before using it for a few davs after the rain It nas also a noticeable fact after the late rain that most oi the cases of diphtheria were reported from the lower levels oi the city and but few from the elevated sections This demonstrated to some extent the truth of the conclus ou that the healthfulness of the city was uot impaired but that the cause of the trouble was due to the effect of the rain on the sewers and Water The health officials say that if property owners and boueholders would take the trouble to cleanse the roof tanks on their houses every thirty days and not aunuall and semi annually as many people now do the causes of diphtheria typhoid fever and many other diseases would be greatly minimized playfulceatteh A Faint Hope Mudge who has sworn off Doctor I stepped on a banana peel and received a pretty bard fall I am afraid 1 have broken my wrist Doctor Bowless Let me see Jio there is nothing broken Just bathe your wrist in whisky four or five times a day and you will be all right Mudge Er Doctor hadn 1 1 better be carefully examined for internal injuries too Ind tanapolit Journal On the Point Maud I know Mr Slow do y was on the point of proposing to me all last evening But be seemed so nervous couldn t keep still a minute I wonder what was the nutter Clara I can guess I found the remain of my fancy work on the chair he sat in Xenia Blizzard Consolation of an Ugly Dog I may be yaller The Learned Scientist and the Flea Dr Brills Badical Plan of Destruction Tbe Obnoxious Pest to Be Exterminated Exterminated by tbe Sickle of the Eeaper Dr Andrew Brill of 133 Octavla street has made a treat discovery It is a discovery discovery that might bring untold wealth to the cofiers of one less public - spin ted than himself but the learned doctor preferring fame to riches and the blessings of his fellow men and women to gold hastens to give bis secret to the world In a long letter to the CaaosiCLX Dr Brill speaks feelingly almost pathetically of tbe nasty fleas which in the good doctors own language torment us so much and are living on the best of our organisms and not only this but also cause such great disturbance day and night we must endure from these pests It is evident that Dr Brill has himself been a sufferer and has endured much from these pests but while as a philosopher philosopher he believed that what could not be cured must be endured as a scientist he felt confident that there was no evil without without a remedy and he determined to find it His first idea was that tbe most effective effective way to eradicate an evil was to strike at its root First find out all about your flea his birthplace habitat and habits and then you have him Many scientists the German kuchen - meister at their head have written of the flea or pulex imtans as learned entomologists entomologists delight to call him but Dr Brill when once his mind had conceived tbe idea of waging a scientific war of ex - termination against the vivacious insect discarded all that had been previously written and taught on tbe subjectand commenced an entirely original series of investigations of his own Isow after years of patient research he boldly an nounces that man is no longer at the mercy of the flea but the flea is at the mercy of man 1 believe says the doctor boldly in his epistle to the Chbosicle I am the only man in this city that knows their origin and birth and if this is cut off one year hence no flea can Do ound in any great city tor 10000 The learned doctor then goes on to ex plain that the obnoxious pest has its origin in a certain flowering weed which grows on every vacant lot in this city and whose inherent nature and design is to breed this little vicious and active sleepless sleepless animal After a great deal of startling information information not found in any scientific text - book heretofore published as to tbe development development ot the flea in its vegetable nest and its growth from cerm to maturity Dr Brill wiely says S ohing can be eradi catedunless its origin is known 1 have made this discovery to my full satisfaction satisfaction and it will be of interest for the public public to know their origin ana tbe facts as every citizen has enquired of their origin and all are at a losr to account for them So the great mystery has been dissolved by myself be rood all doubts of their onjnn besides I can advise the city how to end and eradicate this pest and evil at the expense of a few dollars The information contained in this letter was oi so remarkable a character the benefits benefits that might be conferred on humanity by the publication of this great discovery were so apparent that the Cheosiclk s entomological reporter was immediately dispatched to the residence of tbe local Agassiz who so boldly announces that he is able to perform that most difficult of feats literally and metaphorically to put his bnger on pulex imtans whenever he BIETHS JfCTRKAT jn this dtT Juoe 18 the wife of Bob - 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WALKB - In this UtT June 17 by RerD - w Di winiams ftUUamHTarlorw Miss Laara a Walker both ot this eltr XUSS - RASTIKOS - Ia AH cttr Jane 17by Byv Dr W D WlUlams George w XasstoMlsc Same D Hastings onth ot uli dtr MrLSlt8 - STBACHACEE - In Sacramento June 17 by Rer C O StHaeS of Salinas Charles a MOaes to SCln Xonla atnehaoer both or Sacramento Sacramento DEATHS BTBIBT In tbscttv June lgWDnamberoved husband of Louisa Strlbj - and fattier of Little Emuy and W IDa Strfoy and Mrs Clara Martin aaatlveof Germany seed 76 rears 3 months aod 11 days 03fnneral wTH take place this day Satar - day at 10 ocloctc from the residence 1812 Geary street DAVIS in Brentwood Contra CoU county June 18 WLItaro B - father of Joseph A Davis sfrsW r Morgans W A and David A Davis a native of Wales ad74 years ST - funeral will take place this day Bator day j at 1 oclock at Brentwood CRANE Suddenly at Tallac on Lake Tahoe Byron T Crane of the firm of Crane Hastings A COv San Francisco a native of yotuwlim St Lawrence county H Y ajed is rears S3 Friends are respectfully lnvltca to attend tbe funeral services to - morrow Sunday at 1 30 octodcat the Masonic Temple corner of Post and Montgomery streets WYLIE In this city Jnne 17 James beloved knsbandof MarlUa C Wylie aoattraof Baly mena Ireland ased 60 ears and 4 months 3 friends and aeroalataacea are re - cxrqlly invited to attend the funeral to - morrow Son - day at 1 30 tfclocc trom the hall of Mission Lndge to 169 F and A M comer of six teenth and Valencia streets Interment Ma sonto Cemetery 6ILVA Tear San Leandro Jane IS Antone brother of nans Silva a native of the Azores Islands aged 77 years 1 month and 19 days S3 Friends ana aoaainiucesare resD9tfnlty Invited to attend tne funeral to - morrew Sunday Sunday morning at 10 tfciocavfrom tbe residence of bis brother Frank Mlva near tan Leandro Interment Mountain View Oakland EOTIICHILD - In Portland Or Jnne 17Samoel Botnebtld anattvoof Bararta - ed 69 years 2 months and 21 days S3 Friends are res pec tf nil r Invited to attend the funeral to - morrow Sunday at 10 45 o clock from tbe residence of bis ton J M Botbcnild 1700 Broadway thence by trala leaving Third and Townsend streets at 12 IS o dock Interment Interment Home of Peace Cemstery Fleaseemit flowers MTIKLE In this city June IS Lorenzo MeUJe a native of Sova Scotia aed 2S years 1 month and 19 days 7 Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral to - morrow on day at 12 30 ociocc from his late residence 1509 Bacramento street thenca to the Masonic Tmpte corner of Post and Montgomery streets where tae funeral services will be held under the auspices of California Lodge 270 1 F aid A it commencing at 1 30 o clock Interment Masonic Cemetery BARTON - Id this city Jose 19 wrfflam D Bar ton a native of county Lei trim Ireland aged 6Z years tar Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral to - morrow Sunday Sunday at 9 o clock from Bt Marys ChnrCD California street where a requiem high mass wul be celebrated lor the repose of his soul Interment Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery LEVY In this city Jane 19 Abraham beloved husband of Katber Levy a native - of London Sagland aged 84 year aod 6 months tSt Louis Chicago and Cincinnati papers please copy 1 eFriends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to - attend the funeral to - morrow Sun - dar at 10 o dock from 873 Washington street Oakland CLARK - In Oakland Jane 18 Carlton H Jr only son of Carlton H and Ella M Clark a native native of California aged 1 rear S months and il days SeFrIends aad acquaintances are respect roily tnvtted to attend the funeral to - morrow Sunday Sunday at 1 SO o clock from the resMeoc 763 tneteenta street Oakland la terment private SIMPSOS - In this city June 19 Captain B W Simpson brother of A M Simpson and Mrs Austin Bperrv of Ban Francisco and AW and George P Simpson of Stockton CaL a native of Brunswick Me aged 7 years 10 months aod 6 days Boston and Maine papers please copy SaTAotlce ot funeral hereafter WALSH In Cdlstoga Jnne 19 William T beloved beloved husband of annle A Welsh aad eldest and beloved son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Walsa a native of St Helena Cat aged 31 years ST - Interment St Helena cemetery MURRAY In this city June 19 Thomas Mar - ray a natty of Scotland aged 53 years SHREED In this tity June 18 Mrs Emma Shreed a native of San ITaocaaoo aged 28 years 3

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