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new diesels02 - DAILY MAIL. HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, JUNE 23,...
DAILY MAIL. HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, JUNE 23, 1947. Latest Addition To W. M. Railroad's Motive Power ; ; ; i ! j j Pictured above is the Western Maryland Railroad's newest Electro Motive Diesel a two-unit. 300- horsepower product of General Motors, shown leaving the Hagerstown yards yesterday enroute to Baltimore. Baltimore. The inset shows the locomotive on the company's service track taking on sand to be used to prevent prevent slipping and sliding of wheels in wet weather. Die In Snow Other Vacationists Saved j After Being Trapped In Wyoming Blizzard. Trial Runs Of Western Maryland's New Diesel Are Highly Successful Railroad's Newest 3,000-Horsepower Diesel Locomotive Locomotive Makes Record Haul Of 1,125 Tons In Trial Run On Cumberland Subdivision. at of tionists seeking refuge from a how- j , lnusual horn has been start i in g jiing weekend blizzard which trap- H age rstonians for the past week I ped them on a barren mountain | pass, killing three persons and in- I juring at least four others. j And wfaen Bob Helm of Mig . j S0l3 ] a< \i oiu .. member of a volun- \ | Yellowstone Nations! Park. Wyo.. j It - p here—and the Western which may be inserted between j | June 23, iff).— Lights from a tiny j Maryland Railroad has it: the last the "A" units, increasing the total! ] trailer were "something out of j ,. vord in r)j ese i railway locomotives. | maximum horsepower of the loco- i ' heaven" to one of TO summer vat-a-, The str eam!ined black giant whose] motive to 6000. j The Western Maryland's newest pride and joy is completely modern—each modern—each unit beign equipped j with a 16 cylinder engine, the latest latest type air brakes, and all the modern protective devices, such as automatic alarms to warn of any mechanical failure or inconsistency. inconsistency. It even has a governor which cuts off the engine when the designer's designer's maximum speed, is ex- teer patro l of ex-Army ski troop- ha erp< rea( . hed the driffc'overed trail-1 of is the latest model Electro Motive Diesel produced by Gen eral Motors. In its test runs on the Cumberland Cumberland Subdivision the locomotive has handled successfully a train 140 loaded coal cars, or a weight er. o^'ned by a Dr. Engelberg of! of approximately 1125 tons. Sev- Sacramento. Calif., he found 17 j eral high tonnage trains have also persons, nine of them children, hud- been puiled between Baltimore died around its tiny stove for and Hagerstown. with running warmth "exceedingly happy 10 see j time and operation comparable'to it." i that of the largest type steam lo- Other persons, dug out of t-rap- j comotives. ped cars by the patrol and Nation-i The new Diesel is designed for al Park Service crews operating huge snowplows. were carried to safety on toboggans and then autos after more than 24 harrowing hours. Search for the stranded tourists was ended late last night when Park Superintendent Edmund Rogers Rogers said all persons had been accounted accounted for and all but four autos towed to safety. The search began early Saturday passenger and freight ser- The shiny yellow-trimmed. both rice. black Duco-finished locomotive consists of two "A"' units, coupled back to back, capable of developing developing 3000 horsepower when used together, together, but also able to be operated operated independently -with horsepowers of 1500 each. When coupled, the locomotive may be operated from either end since the two units are when word reached park headquar- exactl - v ahke - ters that a blizzard, accompanied i According to S. M. Roth, s«per- by winds up to 75 miles an hour was j Tlsor of locomotive performance. piling up 15-foot drifts on two-mile- lhere are two mor e 1500 horse- 1 power nnjts. known as "8" units, available from General Motors high Eaartooth Pass between the northeast corner of Yellowstone park and Red Lodge, Mont. ceeded. The ous control view cabs from the spac- comparable ui scope to that from the observation car of a modern streamliner. The cab's appointments outdo even the newest automobiles, complete with windshield w i p ers. defrosters, three-speed dual heaters, and pushbutton pushbutton controls. One push button at the engineer's side summons the attendant or fireman from any position in the locomotive. The new locomotive was run to Baltimore yesterday where it will stay for some time, assisting trains in that area, from Port Covington Terminal to Arlington. No more definite information on the future use of the anti-smoke-ordinance- respecting Diesel is available at present, according to C. J. Wolfe, superintendent of Moti\*e Power on the Western Maryland. a in is a

Clipped from The Daily Mail23 Jun 1947, MonPage 14

The Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland)23 Jun 1947, MonPage 14
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