Oyster Bay locomotive

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LOCOMOTIVE BLOWN UP FATAL EXPLOSION AT THE OYSTER BAT STATIONS TK, EStJINMR, FISEhtAN. AND BEAK BRAKKMAK KILLED AND ' TWO OTHERS INJURED THE ENGINE DESTROYED DESTROYED THE STATION DAMAGED. Three persons wars killed and two were in. Juxfcd yesterday by the explosion of the engine wi passenger train on the Long Island Ball-road Ball-road Ball-road at the ataOoa at Oyster Bay. TBI KILXJIn. JAM KB DONALDSON, engineer. Oyster Bay. T. t Sged thirty-aU thirty-aU thirty-aU years; leaves a wife and two ehU-ren. ehU-ren. ehU-ren. rNdEND DICKINSON, flreman. Oyster Bay, u 1 widower) leaves twe ealldren aad a crip- crip- Bled mother. kAEL MAHONEY. rear brakeraan of the iraln, Roalyn. L. I., aged twenty-foar twenty-foar twenty-foar years, sla-le sla-le sla-le ; leaves a mother. THE UUCKKD. AL rBED JONES, eonductor, Loeuat Valley. U j. 5)Q"d hout the head and badly scalded XIT.?.D 5?WAN- 5?WAN- Jr- Jr- 120 Eiat Thlrty fourth L,ITU. . T01'1 C'tyj struck on the leg by a piece of flying iron. Tve engine which exploded waa built by Roger two year ago. and wa known a No. 118. It aa attached to a passenger train conalattng of kwe pasaenger ears, a baggage ear, and a m jker, and had but a minute previous drawn uplat th atatlon preparatory to leaving for leiauu v,ity at 1 :08 A. M. e engine waa blowing off steam throurh tha safity valve, when, without a moment's wara- wara- mgi tne Doner exploded, blowing almost every 01 uie ponaerous machine to atoms, tearing traok beneath It and a part of thereof the atatlon. Th engineer and fireman both ln the cab at the time, and were high in the air. The bodv of the formar found ln a Held 300 feet distant The bodv ie flreman wa found near the wreck. The eman had Just gone to the engine to return men ne bad borrowed. Hia bodv was found he roof Of the amoklna- amoklna- mr fnnu. n and Brakeman Mahony were killed ntly, bat Fireman Dickinson lived twt minute after being picked up Tie train was standing directly in front of the station platform when the accident occurred, butl fortunately there were few people around thelstatlon or on tho train. Conductor Jones was standing near the forward part of the train whin th explosion occurred. He wa thrown don and badly scalded by the escaping steam, andlwae out about the head by fragments or the debMs. Mr. Swan, the only passenger whose Injuries Injuries were at all serious, waa standing on th station platform between the baggage and smoking cars. He was struck by aa iron bolt. There were two single-horse single-horse single-horse carriage near the starjoa. Both horse were struck by living pieces of the wreck and ran away. The vehicles collided and the carriage were dashed to piece, butkhe driver eaeaped injury. The force of the explosion wa ao great that the frame of the wrecked boiler stood straight up, with the headlight burled ln the earth. The steam dome and crown sheet were blown aev-eralj aev-eralj aev-eralj hundred feet away. They weighed foar lorn. The chimney of the station was knocked off. and a part of the roof damaged, and a portion portion of the platform waa torn up. Pieces ot iron and wood were found a block away from the icene. The noise waa heard as far away as Glen Cove, L. L In Oyster Bay, window frames wer Jarred and crockery rattled off the pantry ahelfea Tbe people thought at first that It waa an Earthquake ahock and ran out of their house. On learning the nature of the disaster they crowded around the atatlon. The local physicians were summoned, and they attended to the Injured. Mr. 8 wan went to his home. Conductor Jonea waa removed later ln tbe day to Locust Valley. Engineer Donaldson wa regarded aa a oom-pctont oom-pctont oom-pctont man and had been la the company's em' ployt for two year. ,i'1t0.I5n.I",kinon fireman ot Engine No. 112, whloh atruck a horse at Greenvale on Sanger. May 18, and be eaeaped death by lumn-lng lumn-lng lumn-lng from the cab. Engineer Harry Coomb and Blmton Jar vis, an oyaterman. were killed ln thai accident Engineer Coomb waa running ln Place of Engineer Donaldson. The railroad authorltiea aay that they cannot aooount for the diaaater. Superintendent Barton Barton said yeterday that the company would make a full Investigation to-day. to-day. to-day. He did not think there could have been a scarcity or watea ln the boiler, aa the engine had Juat left the roundhouse. Th engine waa overhauled six months ago. A wrecking train went to Oyster Bay Immediately Immediately after the accident Master Mechanic Thotn paon examined the fragments of tne boiler, but could Und no evidence of defect He saidjthat the engine's boiler was washed out and pier flues cleaned on Tuesday, and she wa JJbJeoted to a rigid examination and appeared Engineer Donaldson's watch was found several several feet away from bis body. It had atODDed at 2 seoonds after 7 o'clock. Coroner Cooney of Glen Cove took charge of the bodies of tbe victims. After Impaneling a JuryJ whloh viewed the remains, he gave the neceasarr permits for their removal to their late ""- ""- '"juesi win ne neia. on stonaey

Clipped from The New York Times10 Sep 1891, ThuPage 1

The New York Times (New York, New York)10 Sep 1891, ThuPage 1
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