Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (4)

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Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (4) - VrT ?. - prepsring at important position -...
VrT ?. - prepsring at important position - namely. Quebec He woull not how. k .T I content with voting only M,axV. for the purpose of forti - I in the worid.' to spend tM.(tO0L in the eouree of the present I tke0 "T month to prepare, which mfghf Bare uroNd kl. I - ua. lumi am wio uiaoe 01 emoareatioa ot our troona I rear. The wnrki nir season iiTCanaa from th. rhin. I a vast exDenditnre the lahonpa ik. t.u - n. I if we should be COmtwlled to TO to War. (IfHar hear Tki. 1 (k. .Km.f. . . . .J - ...L I men in mu.eV.'i. - i - 11 . (Hear I 6o' Bcw "hject to former Oorernment. although itTmeneement of uch undertaking's they could not spend tha I heriof tha cornj - .tt vote.ta;aio it. U rejected. iJtkj,; on ... mT l . present. If the Minister will look through same amount nnon them as ther wouI.Um ahl to .U af t... I n equal number vote - ! for it. The rmnmNi.,. ,v, , fortifi. I ji , i. V " 7" " .Dn, i cannot ten warns. . otning couia t an nnut t'arlument bad voted I uo JU lTur 01 taa measure which was lelore taecemca. . I e"eyln which department some opinions of the lata I tha moner. Then ther would have to hnv th. lan,? an.l k.n - n I as one whieh was calculated to he of rmhlie .'.J th) Wlbtlhi The rV).0CrY. inelude.1 in the eitimatet wa the the repU3ee of a CMtnprtsnmpti&B would bet Biafc. the I rnrZ - rjil " - - .j i - , Q, nuoesui. i i sum wnicntnaomcersortneromaeation IUpartmtnt thought I "J injustice to tne - great engineering interest, and to am 'TW'liZJZ:' ' - - - - " ." - v irora tne into I couhl De atrantageousiy. laid out auring tha ensuing season ; I "up wereem:ageiin .ureeungeenVrpiiseof UnttuUT. of W elUngton a far hack a 1828, and I know it wa one on J but it woull of ixMirseUpossible,aa!waysharn - eoedin IheJ In h" opinion, the number four waun.jC!sBTtodcl k. lsu uv .uouxu. very ueepiy and strongly, and on whieh ho I ensea. to avrr.n.1 liner anma irra.iha,,Unt ... T. I with matters of this kind f hmr k...l .T. l.. Vvi .u)n.wUK a uupc mat wneu tne tne on ect oi tne ttorernmenl to proceed with these works I aumeut ow oeen given lor nannz four metubers iBssrid sf. - upon I t - 1 eomninnieations on the subject from tha Duko year ofj'irton haek a 1828, and I know it wa one on the lch , t,ho,1?n7rT deply nd strongly, tnd on which he the 7, rlncucr7 ' be Tram'ni "? occur 9 Vn JV , Colonel whieh ha which "r4"" "'the Duke I on the matter. (Has State Earl RUSSELL. I own I. - very - much regret that my I noma inena nas uecmwi it necessary to bring on this dis iZ .i aT a i tnaaeience oi I a rapi.iiy a possible, consistently with th. due solidity ami I n"e, except tnat loa House hail undertaken more bciieas. a ,lUaT? wl:? 0,6 "port of this I permanenea of tha fortiitcation to be oooatracto.1. sn! I than it could properlv carry through. As tha Mmbriwaa bean laid on tha table, bnt will ev to k. I 4k. k . ..v. u..i: i i . t . . 1 to h. f.,,. k. .n....i.r - .i.:. :.: CTS iT of Wellington and consult bit witdotn I thoir execution as, gnidad by tha profesaional advice they I al1 to the rejectioa of nmegriit an.1 usefil eoierrrusv r, hear.) I e - oeireJ. ther should daem simli.nL 1 beeatua two luembees ont of TK. four, ali.l r...r H,;7H It "nl - eussioo. liar Majesty' Qor.rnnient are bUmcl fof'pnb tor thought It a remarxahly useful can . .a , . . . . I have a ml effect nnon tha eoontrv. to r'" he hear.) "9 - whioh we hae. taken it thU. - having to proride a I to brin on.7 ica " a remedy for the weakneasof Canada. wahr.nna..nt.,.1 Lor.1 LYVEfcEJT could not lika th. nobl. lor.1 4k. yoU la f"ur. Vreign SecreUnr, regret tha oocurrenca of that discussion. I Mr - MILSER'GIBSON' said that for hit owa part ht one, and likely to I tnat toe number of the committees had ever lesa Tn.Iiuaf It ... - - - I cnaneni irom nva. Illsar. hear I in tK. naJ, Mme. hould have wished I v' fi" thachairma tha .innuenea to ba paMed by wheat I Was nOW tha llUOStian at iasns was in t! - . nn.. - inn that is Tha subject than droppexL and their lordship adjourned V. . opinion ahoull prevail h sho - Ud tat tw out - at KiminnttTnVT.ilr ' jvmtosu I of four member to ajrHa - witJ. him - wHi!. is tk esss af a. ommiwaa ot lour ne must get twnoutor these to sr with him. a that if h. wm in tS. l.t'.. i.i,. L, t HOUSE OF COMMON'S, 3Ioxdat, Feb. 20. a - T iaA9. vote' - .8 :nnittee eomp.sed of fir, 0 - .. - I juaucaoi ci moral lauuenca prejrai - ;n; woull oaitimj - Thu SriAxnt took the chxir al 4 o - docg. 1. . - ;,k k" iM. i:Pm?.?a!ct7f, PRIVATE BrjSIS'ESS. I (A laurh.) Now. it was not - so far a. h U a... tXs - srkll Tlie.foUowtni Hill were errrJIr resJ a aonn.1 tin,. . I0' tnattoosato lessen tha inuii'nce of the chairman, aha. Aberrstwith and WeliK Coast Railirar Afnn Vn.i?.';! I a a general rule, might be resumed, to hive more eira , uroniiey uss; uury et. iylmunds andThetford Kail, I r"uoc me otner mem uers ot tLe committee ; aii ne ur 'Cambrian KilwavV(Onst Extension) ; Carnarvon Xew I no thr way iu which that iuutiencj coull b" uplirlil h a (.nesteruriu, .Newooi.t, aad uuostooe Road ; Clithe - I wtM7Tli'tTOO 'our toan oy givin; aim a iem..roieia ua - di - r0! to take, part In protecting their soil from in vaainn Ik. - , n. - . . - m . .j o - .v - tr - . - .TL "T" roon; tk.t .,;.; . . - i k..ii' - .. .'.... lti.1 in Minlrllml. 1..1. f .1.1 . 1 - 1 ., .. . I ... - ' . . - ia,i.,. large iliowing thu defect to which tha remedy was to be aDDlied ItOughL Urem.nbaradt.iat OS.'SS it w"" ""7 nw, pernapa, oa oi a very eonslderablo tk:. I amount at first, bat which mar coma to b. nr. r 'ntire year. In order to obtain the assent of the House of as Uommons to our proposal it i nacessarr to show tolh tk. con. t i i .T .,, . now oin the ... ?.. ot mV that it wUl be efficient. Tha nobis differ ' compiainen very mucn of tne yeart which the ha. been justly remarked, there were two thing, to be "JT i proved - one wa. tiat Canada required improved forti - """V I nu to contnoute largely for that object. If the Govern - of Glasgow Union): Glasgow (Citr) Union lilwar. Wcomaforwar,lthrc.ycOTagoda.ked.haHouW OT. i h3 - jLctin Raifwajfct .1'. oi summon lor a urea vote for the fortification f r..ij. I tulTU iwmwsv tneir I .a .a a a .a : cnotidered that no decision at all d beta arrive.! at, ta otMtructive effect would, ha thought, be. f roJaced: aor could h' admit thit when a eoiinit" a' four hal besa (Additional Powers) ; Great Eastern Itait I hytho Hcsisa there lia.1 been in'r g - - neral asJer jrtford, ia,. Rail says); Great Eastern J "t - 'nding that the chairman was to bars enlraaagfetpta,. Mr. CMTHlTER thouht Uiehjo. racrawr for Tanstsa scarcely correct when U4 ssv'1 that V" - mtxu ha.1 ooea tho great body of the House would have said WW,7n. W Bi? StI ' ' 'f '"' o defend them - HtTngs aTTt. nor? - 11,.. ih..m.l..... aso, suey navo none, s rer , noraionu n aier , tviaaerminster. 9tHirpirt. an 1 brpueht forward with the Vies - to assimilsU tU prsceeeoT thtJ "J l',Mthj aisltommk, 7Z' i1 l.f.P the V1 .Co to. thtof - the IH.W. of Lrls. tt f? P"Pr't,"' n"e lh "pense. we are aske.1 to " S 71 was bht forwanl rather to carry tuts, ; promaa the Uke ' P ourselves? So,, ther are not disposed to cashire ,ml &hi Uac the go to any expense to defend their sqU." Under tbWe wawpUta - l 'ihl IV ? a , K n. circumsta' - ce could w. noM . n V - vr..V? xf !!' vuZ t - t. a? re Ki"r?rS Lutoq subsUtution of tha numW three for four was rejctrl - cireum.U - ce could we, could any Coverameat expect WLS M.stley. Thorpe, tnj Waltoo ll - rar :.Vewea,t! motion which he rerrsticdt say bed! Inot soccaedji gct - to get a large sum of money from the House of W - TyM Improrem?i,t ; North - Eistern Railway IGilline. tmg the House to alopt. - T the Comm?a, The earl opposito aaid we ought quietly tfASw iSmt?g?Z' Sh' xhv the chainn oi. ''.t d , 1b l in WCK - quietly and silently! I know not and Monmouth Ititlwar; Ross Imrrorraient : St. AI 1 tterl'M ? t. - c aolde earl, h. been first LonI of Wf'' V'T)' ISrTadaocor pol T,""7.M ared ?n,(W)(. quietly and l"J nl"r - - Meh ho might put th - esLa. iBr h - - r'1. mentioning t to the Hooto oT Commons. V?Ll?; " ii - t?brM An fersU' '; . UtTod, aad th. - Vrtthe T "T ?" M ) Ith - ' - ath mril Bren Jn rimn KKS. - IT mHV "? ,fi - Idbe erected in Cana - la Wimbledon Extension Rsilwar ; Tonuay' GTyri tZr'tiTZ tl 1 T.T' "f1 Mog 1 .MrW? - Tl1 1' l i iiliw.. - l. - ,L - i - a. . , ., .. ... " iiiai wo ouent to nave tnouint or thn k.r... I a , - , . . - : . rm f . 'ua " oen. mr ' - eated fnend Sir O. "orne - V . I sww wai at toe arffioa he ha.1 the tubiaet. arW I si II a;ataa a. . . ... - hvui i ic ...u tfinuiia - iiners OI liiacKroC'X anil fentn tk. ' i. frU5n .late aad ciutrattta - of CaaaOa tosirncommitsmmTsof; both in the countrof tk. " lv TV. .ioso wno nave iiel t the offioo I iuoun : or jir iiopwoon, Iro - n the Jltror and Corpora - .'.ten!? JLT1 mreJ.or"!&. I Cli'leroe ; by MrJri,, from the Major, SS u,,a,K auC uu.i.uc and end of the l" uur.TOci .ewcaaiie - under.i,yme : by Mr. - a Pt war a different disposition has been manifest k. AYRTOy. from bmkers. merchants, trru' - r. .n.l ..C :J, - l,to wV,n ns "nacrly the euo. There, is a strong I lhe: Tower Hamlet; by Sir J. Joirsirrovz. from the '" - '."j. aijtwuiu toiorman extensive.confede. I Jiayor and tyeroration of rcarbormgh ; by Sir it. CoLLtER, tb. ih. nr - - ,.H il. . .. n T .7"0" ner,"''' 1 ijmoutn - .bvjir.lSLAcx disriUonsppearedtheGorornment tho'ughtitwa theirdntv fcirsh : y Sir F. GoLtwitri - . from rUa.!ing ; by Mr. HCTT ... r, 7 .ug . aarong case to place l" raerousnt aai iraoersoj oi - eacl ; ay Mr. Has - 1 - m . '?a',?' Gommons, and reasons which, I trust, BCBr.'from Fulhsm and Twickenham ; bv Mr. B.tRhfG. ? iluk,.. JT, ?,nt ProPl - '"'norhrn ; by Sir J. OoiLvy. from th, rmrrtratet Uimplamt ba also been made that onlr 50,0001. U asked for "J Town Council of Dndee: bv Ur Cant Ewivr. now; but, m, lord it Is .for the offic'al person. !odr fmmtlie ProroaatratXd To Conri! ofPsb - up - f'th vote in the other Howe to explain whr this ainount W : by Mr. S. A. BctrMovr. from tie Ksokers. mer - uiwii"wo,w"iioi oruia upon tkth l'4iJeliiiiiiiJmjiilMtirtnJ.ifesillM.Trj& ,0dAa before Petition, for re - lre,. of grievsnce. csaJoa.4 ky the the be J no vu tba eom.tonnU - t',.n hre K'Tal and Indian armies we pro - bo therefore to b 2hd Kt - I'rT,lt. il ?MhJ 8TA?r. from Ueutenant White ; br Mr. raiwl There it howrern. Unf J"L, " bo.e' J.wrrrBT. from Lieutenant - Colonel E. P. Lynch, of the to revTr "as e7ub?eitlT 1 Reiuient Bomhav Infantry ; Major Charles Baugb. of ffiffiKir s "t ougnt to t order to defend Test, but of honour. i. ininr soil in connexion wita tireat IJriti by rea.lT to expend our resource, in no them, That it a point not only of int I Th. nobis lord ha. sk.a eeived iu considering this as a war for the destructoTf a slarery. For rar part, I hare alwar. thoulhLnTr atlf the opinion at the commencement of th?w,r thi tt2 a. part of the North it was a eo.test for'emrS (W Wrtl Just a. I beUere our contest i. rilU l;83,wa..aoote,t for empire for StWS and had our position been simtb - to tMrtl W.I acted much th. Northern WUte. d7ri. I do nnt .. I l . iti .a - TT . aoD. 1 do not 1 uTtZttuT? rWwOTS?jaft Henrv P. mnse - nf 'the lats .'list Keim.nt Romk.. r.r.. try ; V Mr. IL BAllilE. from Colonel Snow, of the Bengal Cavalry ; Major Bradford. 23d Regiment Bengal Native In. fantry, and Captain Armstrong, of the - Itb Regiment Bengal Europeans ; by Colonel SrKES. from Maine H. EL JannK ISth Regiment Bombav Infantry: Brevrt - CapUin Fellows, of tliefith Regiment Bomhav Infantry, and lieutenant H W. Harri, of tha 10th Regiment Bombay Native In fan try" by Mr. ADASf. from lieutensot - CoIonel W. C. Gott, of the xeugai apiantry, ano irora iaptain and Brevet - Xajor Cun. pan. of the late Lata. Kegtment Bengal .Native InfaaaW and by Mr. SjtOLXTTT. from Colonel Geor TV Hly7; lata Pra'U'ons wereabn prraen'tad. br Uf. Bum fw . pablia Bsecting of inhabttanlt ' ef. Lead. apUstitht) radatv the House would finrlv!etDe - l:en to return to five. iic! was. much bitter than tlie LiiWa - r f .sir, vr aiopt ta rr - - "iton of the hoa." member for Walsall i I St theBarabtr - athree. . - ' - . - i Jlr. PEACOCK E believeil tlie Hons? had rrenfolsced to - reject the motion of tha hon. niem'ner.for Walsilf en tha uikleretantling that ths prorition of Ms tion. aad gHant friend, the nvimU - r for XortU Ltasulure was to ba" screed to. It n.w aptoare.l. bo - evrr, that whatever ia - ffnenee bis boa, andg - l?snt friei.l ruisbt have rim" - si.lent of the Board of Trail... tha inflaenre - f th hoa. fatib - . Jvr for Birmin?ham was still - greater. f..r tiic right bon.gra - . tlenian seeme.1 to hare departed from the views which lebekr on a former ooc - uion. when he !ro.'es - d to ri'irtrd the resc - ive merits of three and four - iasa awt .cf - Sella - ssig - HoIsM r question, and to be rtther la favour ofj.acB a pro,3jiia thixt under dismssi - jn. - - . " Sir F. GOLTVSMID contend! - thii if T";e pronoo! were - a.1npted the Hous - woul 1 not bo bvin down a rule t tha - gnidaase of committee, bit "rattier nii' aaiabtrof point tending to rabirrasa tliern. The result, iadred.wold be th'a nales a rezular cc 1c as to the Bu3nrr ia which the - proeeeiliaga should be con - loctyl and t.'ie question put .ere - drawn np, the chairman woulr. get back in an indirect - rsjr that inflaenca of w hich it was now sonit' ? deprive bini. During the last week, he uiicht ad.L ttelsairman of "Vjj and Mean v nn.ltr a power gim hiia by s slte.ling order of last yas, ha.1 '"lied certain regulations ir accor Janes wita which he would have, a . cutisr vote ia the event of tabra ' beinganequalitvof roieei among the rirees oo private - . ISII. If. therefore, the preseut proposal eregree.l lathe lathe House woull be makia; irconsistcn: awl ctmaijjnt iuItj wjth rejird to the tnoiaitioa tf pnrife lai?. Colonel Wl LSOX PATTEx said it t only a eaair - Biaa utterly uaacquaiatad 'with tha raje - aad ttjda - . of patting questions iu the House wb would. act Ua - . tha manner aaggested by the bon. meraber. The' qnlr - reasoa for ehirginj tha system of the.'IJouse W tles iraatter was that in practie it had besa rsnnd by ik.. r - J OaLeinn as sitiMariv dilEcaut. to obuia fiv soemhm to serve apost - aaeJa sosimittee that it baesrae neeesaary to eosasJer whether itwas aWal - W rewrite to adhere to that numb - r. Agrestdeal wtatob said i farour of both views, but the Hausa last Session . aUrrotad by a aaosiiarshJ. aiajortty that tk tamksr aagtt uon or toe mart - tax : oy xr. rllDniLD, from the ta be rexiiiced. From tha txpressioc or cplaion now pu. guardians of the poor of tha Bory Uaioa, tUtiriz thai the fasarsL aWJwtver, it Meaed that tha wtfa .aswls -

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The Times (London, Greater London, England)21 Feb 1865, TuePage 22
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