Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (1)

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Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (1) - the ' times, PARLIAMENTARY ISTELLiatTOCEJ - ' '...
the ' times, PARLIAMENTARY ISTELLiatTOCEJ - ' ' " - 1 HOUSE OF LORW, Moa - iur, txKTO. Th Lord Ouxcvxom took hi m a U woolsack et 9 o'clock. ".. THS XEW KB AD WO CLERK. , Tha Hon, SurtusBT BrratL was introiaeed to th lord . CUiwUa by Kir Jehehna Lrfrrre, the Clerk W IM 'iUMMt,iOfMauio(XutakU(aU l ss resdinr LsUsskUtU reontof Mr. FiBOsVred. cotrnTsoFjamcE srre RtLt. . Ths Earl of LOXGKOitI) Jr.. .n - iL,. ik.Tr.. Jo a reiura which hsd Just bees UM upoq their lordships' ' UUe relating to the. HnW of bouses to be reroovrd ad of j - - umimux their place of by the Cvh iwi aa mam pre um aumlwr.of bouse, to 1 rrJIK,TJ " poa the seven mtm unr Templc - lar pro - ... wn m wi; waii. in number us person Juraed out 1y, appeared to b 392. bcin Iwp to each ""? occurred v bim that there night If nm ! uwy in iiui mart, consi.ienag bow densely pu - hted tha district waa, sod be had referred to the i'srli - .me.urv acvois 1m names pi - ared on be back ot Bill who informed hi 31 that ths nun.Wnflh. ownst I'lvtiOJcrf ilmie had born given, and oottboee of the lndiers. , Coder these etrcumatsnoe it' appeared Ui (uira tm um cjct 01 lue House In lurjcuug the return return had lw uiisanderston.!, that object being to obtain information a to th n jrnlier of person aeioally iiuprovrd rut iiwir nousta. lie Iberetore suggested that supplementary supplementary return should bo directed, ia order to afford th requisite information, - Tlx I5IU CHANCELLOR Ui question wa not ' w ww accurscrni ta return, but merely woe tlier it Jo - ' - '.,1 - 1 .11 Ik. ;.,r....,U :l a.f.u l a:Din a:Din it did not d.v a it ra (a fare to uf that osly t ivmwt resided nntli iwaii. II would see - that a f or U'trrlart was ua.le, which would pre the number o! Ld.;eii to bo turn! out by tbo projected pUi, . Lord SHAFT ESIU'RV rmtrM that tho rrtnrn wainot la aamtUae with tin - ataaJtar or.Un of th" Hx!. which dirrctAl that Won tha aeeood rcfclinr of aay Itill iwolrio; lor muOT.l of houp la trw' irtnpn!ia a rfttira ahnnl.l b nU iUtinj th nombrr of tueh bouwa nqninxt.with their ctrMnrr ana m p.xiu ao - l actual notnber in (Mail of th (irraana who ;wtraM ho liimwn anil, " further. waetbar liter mi anr proVit ion tnaJ for ttaoir aorommo - datioa. Tbo rrtarq put tbo narabrr of bum vrrnnirrH at oaea 01 which might. a wanl toconUia from too to 'M raamt. anl rrt it nut i tho nimU rj' i.s.kiiu.L. .1 b1t .Ui Tbi tin tbo fo of it waa a porfrct noekery of a 1k1 aot in tb aliTntrat dosroo prrtoi to irvt uw re.miiwwnU of Ihnr lonUhirw' landing onba. H - "trulJ lht th aoblr lord on Um woolaack. would insist uiuoaprorwr returo liaj 'mad of tha actual number of rorpenona who woulj lw .lrprirnl of tbcir'bojnn Uirmi;h Uir houan Iwiac required for th rmrpracs of the Court ef Jiitio Sit BilL L - " The LOKI CHANCELLOR tid he hal been, much :ruc who me lorm or the return, ana he would take care that a return was made in aecordaaoe wi(h the itandiuj THE DEFENCES OF CANADA. Lord LYVEOEN'.iariiingtaatkccrUinqueitiVmtof Her MBieitTS Miuutrn with reference to the report of Colonel Jerroii on the defence! of Cs i.i lv, tij he did is in the hope of elicitinj tome i&fonrjition from the noble lord the Beat'Urjr for War. rather than from baring to aay much pon the matter aljnaelf, beeauae it apeared to him that the report whjeh ha.l been lai.1 upon the table waa, to a certain extent, aa otScial indiscretion,) aa i"t - disclosed a tte oj uos which oujht (to lure len kept from the public Mtil some steps, had been taken to remadr iL There mi;ht perhaps be a great number of, persona who r - taroea this country with, no! friendly feelinga, who were perfectly well acquainted with the sUte of the fortifications - In Canada; but that waa a Tory different thinf from producing a aocumeni or uus Una, publislie.1 pnJer official authority ana presented ty command of Her Majesty to both Houses of rarUaraent, setting forth the exact condition of those forti - Citjocs. The report of Colonel Jersois was a sort of abstract of a Dun detailed report, which had very properly not been mad publie up to this time ; bat ho should now ask whether it was the intention of the Oorern - ment to produce it for the information of tho - House f The report of the gallant officer showed.tlie utterly defence, less sUte of Canada. lie had been Bent out by Her Ma - iestr's Oorern ment, and his report stated in nnraittakcable language that Uie troops sent oat from this eountrv and tin local troops together oould not defend it. In f act,'if it were attacked there would be nothing for them but to retreat' he would not use a more ofTensire term as fast as ther eouU to our ships; and itwouM be Iuckr for them if they TOoaeled in doing a.j. Wasthaf a sUte of thiols whieh hould be allowed to eontinne! Some sanuin' or philoso. paw personi nnchtsar there was no chance of an attack!U'tAne - Araeriaa,n'1 "00 much sense to " V V,c acquisition 01 sjanaoa mat anr such addition to their alrealr too exb - nsire territory would only, be a source of increased difficulty to tho American Oorernmeot. uur or Ij "Xf pM'.M ttate.1 tlso - that .WsnU tBdrrtaka to daW H, wished u .iIKW! .Ulror a .maswursasVBili baeu take for - new - aw iaa iaa, - wiMUr pnparalloas ha.1 been mals f, putting Iditlnnst ruabnaU, uia Uf Tnriati.sM he wi,h t put to the (Internment wr.' - wbai (Bssepretailoa: they pbvM tho steps whieh had r - erallybeea token With reganlto QaisatU br tba United 8Uta(brrrnmeBtt what jVad been don with regard to tha Iskea, and especially Irtks OnUrlo wbether Canada "fum jw awe by any pro ns ton to imposa ant abisrg oss tho ia - future Confederation ia regard to aar tniUsr they Biirht arfnrberdefeiM! aJ what tima It wtmbl t .t . pWtetUforUge.tio.ii? 1U had tn r,arref with anrthlnr the GorernrneBtadJloner ocniUol to" do, but the time 7 , .7 '" - wnen lascruottoM must he sent out "to Lord Moixk to sar at one to the Canadian;Aseinblr In a peremptory and ire, but not by any means in a minseioa iBr. that they most - nBdcrtalu some proportion of the "T.T ' . r ?7" d'0. hBt whatoTer ther did would be met by this country, in a fair and liberal spirit. 1 - bere were but twn suaaly and rigorous courses of policy open to us is this matter. On was to say at once to the Canadians Canadians that we found It frmnoasitJ In !... I tk. they did not mean to defend themselvca, and w'e, therefor, should withdraw our troops whom w did not wish to are s f 1 ",t.l'.hw shouU part with sneu - ny spint, in um nope tnat whaa this was no tonerr an Imperial question, and when tbe - viti6dt ni iiogian.1 wu wiinurawn, the opposition ask to be baaed on the mniUmti.. .,L1 1!. .l..l Th.t ,ttfrwru, and perhai on the whole ,.v...,..,,, course, out mere wu another course roore fitting a gallant and hijh - ipiritcd nation, and more in accordance with the courage of the British people. We might say to the Canadians, wo eomidar n rt . - .. juui . K - rriwrr urionirs'lo US, akl we will not suffer your toil to be inra.led. We will sue - plr )ou with troops to scatter your enemies, and without dela'f will improve the fortifications by which your conntry is de - ienieu. ror both these courses there might be - much to be ssid : bat the eonrme for which thn ..1.:.. . L. ati'Ln l which ouirht to be aroided br h ru.M,n..i waa, that intermediate policy which consisted in telling the Canadians that we would send them troops only in driblets max, we woma spend on their fortifications just as much at we could slip quietly into tha Estimitct each year. Thus should have been exnoaed to the dinner nf i.u:i, ...I possibly to - the chance of a foreign occupation, and possibly ia the meantime we should be losiog the. choicest of our. wuuiw. vonsirniur ourselves to eternal lnluiffiiiinlui. and K committed to the excessive difficulties of a war with the United States, waged on a field mot disadvantageous to us. wmcn couia onir result in miur to wk ..1 could produce neither honour nor profit to either. (Hear, Earl DE GREY agree.! with the noble lord that this question was one of great importance.' and surrounded with many difficulties, but he could not allow that in hying this Kepnrtot Colonel Jerrolse on the table Her Majesty s Government Government had been guilty of any " official indiscretion" On Whe contrary, Tiis noble friend had been guilty of a " Parlia mentary indiscretion," because in the speech he had made he had spoken in terms of the United States' Oorern ment and of the motives by which ther were likely to be actuated, which prrhapsi he had better not have emplored. fllear. hear.) Moreover, be maintained that the peaeo negotiations which hail been lately going on had certain objects behind them which; as far ai the Government knew, bad no ground' whatever - .rxcept in the telegraphic report which reached as from dsyto day from the United States, founded on the peculations of the American newspapers, and which were very frequently no"t confirmed. (Hear, hear.) Into that part of tho question, however, he should not go, but merelv content himself with stating the fact of the ease. The Re port of Colonel Jerroiso contained statement no doubt serions and worthy of grave - consideration, but there wu really nothing in it which wai not alreidr - ncrfectlr well mown wo an. snose wno nau uicen any interest in or who had studied the subject. (Hear, hear.) In public doonmenU um netore other assemblies, and in speeches niada in other countries, would be found all the principal facta oroaeuy itated in this Riport. It hardly contains anything whieh wai' not known before it wai mala - T but the rcuon which induced Her Majesty's Oorern - mentto call for. such a Report was this : Ther nroDosed to ask Parliament in this country and the Aasemblr in Canada to take their respective shires In tha expenditure necessary for the defence of that provinceand if they wer9 going to nagmc two ueguianve AasemWiC! to rote was certainly right that thsyihould lay before them the ground! upon which they made, these, proposal. (Hear, hear.) That was the reason why this Report had been laid berorc Parliament to ihow the ground 00 which the Government Government baaed their proposed action.' and to enable tha Canadian Government to do the same srilh their Legislature. Legislature. (Hear, hear.) n therefore could not plead guilty to hi noble friend' indictment of official indincre - tion." The Eeport Vouched principallyon two point one, the fortifications UtHt, hd U fctopt i polity, larelrlaf a larg npsexU. Ure, th sbjot wa oo qulU as worthy to hart been as. tWssl! U tb Hpseeb from tha Thrasi M any of thoaa thoroughly unimportant subjects which formed tb U4 of that doeameot, (llsar, hear.) Tk cemmuaicsUioa to Par. UaovMt of this report of Cu!oal Jsrroi U Dot likely to (r to th Amerioao (Jorarnmaat, or to aay other OovsrB - Bt, loformattou whieh was not already ia their poaeea. tioat but It I a publlo avowal of the - defsooeU and unprepared som of our most tmpurtaat poa - aesslon, at a Um when tha great questions of peace and war depend, nut on' the calm considers Uoo of friendly tJorernmenta, but very much npon the txeitod pa - ioni of popular emnlie!. and of 1 naUon whieh. riehtlr of wrongly, doe entertain very hostile faeliugi toward thU r - country. I think Her Majesty's Govsrnroent, by laying I thU paper before Parllwnmt, bar. glren to it . character of !l?,l, r - "' .tep. to n - t . W, which II pointed out ia that rrmri.. bnt .kl,K f - ctly wUkn tothl, ami toother OovtlTlf Wr T Ma 1.1. ...t . : th.eoure.of rr rnVr w,..., lo.cisui aa rica; bat, looking aa I do with tha utmost horror unon tk. anUcipatlon of a'war between this eountrr and tb. V.! " SUtoa, or betwn , hi. country and the rUnl Sutea. W tuett reunion be possible. I think Her Majesty' Govern - ment bar. been slow to take note of tha svmDtams of in. I creasing danger an.l increasing - menacs from th. Ilt;ial I States, and I thihk tber 'have been slow in mll.; I war tioes to meet a danger which at last they admit to be a real and sutNtantuI dancer. Thar, la on. rri iw. ,1 I to which the noble earl did advert to - .,, .t t kit I which I think he did not gir ns all the information that is arraignment haa hilk. k - k Z I last two countries to maintain but a'. aUutcly - Efall force npon those Ukes, but, juatbefore Recommencement of the season when it would ba impossible for any steps to be taaen on our part to the agreement xrare But, in the first instance. so i direct violation Government have - violate the treaty beyond luieiy necessary lor have taken upon I anv nrerions declaration ts If.. i. ;... r? - . - They have placed a force upon the lakes which menaces the I 09 security i - canaia, and they hare not thought fit to make tASK i?. t. , hVnM fraction of the pronsiont of a solemn treaty. It is true I : tbe Ameriean R.r.m.,l ..m ,k. A - 1... . j .v ! ,n thi suspension of the treaty ahould eootiniM beyond the 1 oerioil durinr which it .kail ka . A - .v. I to nnbli.inL.Ft k. Ik. .: .1. - 1 ul . ! which wiU ."hlethemtorrvonthBVrirWor necessity as lone as ther mar think fit. anTl StZ ik.a natipnof the six months' notice they will be at liberty and increase our force, the other party to I noliceof anit.,.tVn fJ:..7l;i. Lhen itep. had been taken in abaolnte witl dlMf - th"Ukar7 th. period wlien it woull be ab - o - U tneir owo security to do so : but ther Ihemselve to violate th. trtwitCt l in readiness to place upon the lakes any amount of force I ther please ; while we, aa far aa I can judge, hare hot taken I tion sponding position. (Hear, hear.) God - forbid that th. apprehension of dancer should be oonfirme.1 or aai:.l but. there are certain eventualities which might arise bre u. ua . snreaieninK eircumstanec wniofi are well I wuc known to all nf rone Iml.kin. k..l. :..W 1. 1 - ..ll miata.1 br lf.V .! ' ......T - ..r' "5 V "rTf," : to ask for mean of erectinir fortifieition for th. ,l, f Canada. They admit that ther see ths dance, and th.. 1 - tea jnit that the danger can onlr he met successfully by a large V.0UU1UU110U 01 ; men irora vanaiia ana tne other pronoce ; but, Colonel Jervois justlr observes, men are not suffi - j'iV - L0.",'10"'. erM,jy'0"''nimental admit that fortifications for the. defense of Montreal aod Quebec are object of primary aod Dressina - imnortane. .k i v anotuerquesuon ot pressing import - 'S" anca that, in the event of an outbreak of hostilities, tha American Government should not at first hare the eom - do mandof the Ukes. Jler Majeaty. Gorernment are pre - pared to ask a laree amount nf nif,rnrfif;n... - i.:.k ow adioit - to be of urgent neoeesity, but I donot I narriut mentioned SSS itS - 5. tunatsriril war .If hnn.k Il7.. i. i2. " A "a . . ; 77 - - ... wiav 1 "j in certain .vents thn am mKI. 1.i;...1,.i.. il: 1 i.l thTffitiXi siT. - "T. a - T" - Jl, V..OT"i - T .a a .a i . ". ' " tmimjrrai. icunii oim that ther hare taken a sin.!, at.nnntil rka. s I am to provide any fortifications, and, a far as I know, they oblige hire done nothing to prevent tho American Gorern ment haring a preponderating force upon the lake. 1 should be Canl - ; - - awiii uw dccu vsaen eitner in I " dancer, but tJ,rei...tilmoin,n,Tn,nTT. " - " - water which reuuire imme.iiats 7. 3wLVn iXll. TZ &'",lj'5.i.ik&! .t - P, klh the

Clipped from The Times21 Feb 1865, TuePage 22

The Times (London, Greater London, England)21 Feb 1865, TuePage 22
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