Ed Altemeier Arrest Cincinnati Enquirer 10 Nov 1894

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Ed Altemeier Arrest Cincinnati Enquirer 10 Nov 1894 - GAME WARDENS. A Police Incest ligation on Kot T...
GAME WARDENS. A Police Incest ligation on Kot T Their Method". There prom iss to le some interctinK disclosures regarding ll.e doings of Game Wardens in this vicinity as ..-.n outcome of the action of youn? Kd Alteiueier, of Central Fairmoiint, in -a-tini the arrest of Warden John Morris ou a ch-rav of shooting at to kill. Chief lii.itsi h ha taken hold of tbe matter and an investigation has ben set ou fojt w hich proinLscs some rich developments. Last ""unday young Altemeier. w hise home is on Harrison averoio. iai-mount. took a shotgun that had Jut been repaired, and loading it at his home, went with a neighbor boy into the wood io be a ay from anv house, di-i har?e the weapon a:.d test it. Before they had r ached the foot of the hill two men came runt, ins tonard them und frightened the -mailer boy by having a dtawn revolver. Altenicier ran, vvherci: n one of the men shot at him. He heard tbe sliixins sound of the bullet jt st above him and iati the fa-ter. fhe luati 'hen ca! e 1 "Stop!" and ui.l.iviriir a vile e; lth.-t to the fufrltl.a bred nx.nn and lan after liim. caliinfi. In tlie suae mariner, to turn to i.a't, firing two nior-.- siiots as lie ran, or four in all. The last -ii.it came si. c!oc Unit Altemeier fell the wind of tbe bill. ei in fr. ttit i f hi f:-ce. 1 he n, an then returned to u her- he had left the other boy in the eu-iotiv of his o.iiit. anion and demanded to ki."H u here tlie yonn man hliu Lu.d es-capeil lived. He nan-, lo Altemeicr's house und told the latler's pevple tii:.t he wasaGan.e Warden. and utiles they catnc doHll to Jofin l;s toru s, Nd. f W est llurd street, in tbeciy, lhat eight and n veil the matter up a warrant would be sworn out for him for illegal huntini.. Hi t.arents sent !...wrn the next dnv lo. ascertain h hat H Has necessiirv t . d-. A man called at the oft1. e of Wru. F.'Chamber. attorney for the Altcuieies. and said the matter would have io he .1 t'ua' day or a warrant w ould le issued for the arre-t of Altemeier, "and the tiBtrsnt h lil lie issued from Mt. Washington." lie ivomd not sia:e what uns neee-sd! v to fix it up, simply saying, "Call on Mr. Ravnorii.'" As Alii-u.eier's parents did H it call, a warrant for Ailemeier's arrest was Issued by Squire Garrett, of Jit. Vc-hin?toti, "for having it) his posses-ion, in tiie open air. for the purpose i f hunting, the implements lor sho.v.inp. to-wit, a shoigiiu. and aid hunt on the llrst day of Ihe weclr. cniied Sunday." There is omy one truin a uay each way to Mt. Washington. The Ibh as i assed April US, lsi", gives the Wardens one La.f of the amount that may le collected on a fine, ai d by an act i assed April 11. lv"J, give tlu Justice of the Peace utis.il ;te r.nui jurisdiction. lh; penalty is not le-s than i.j and it. -t more than -il'.sj for the first ofTenb..-, and double that aniotiut for each subse.iuciit arrest, and lo stand coiu-untted to jat! until paid. ien ure selected uli over the countv to act as assistaiits to the County Warden. As these Game V ardens no in pair, Mieir te.iiiionv, as against any one per-on, prevails. In oilier inslances tnopie. ruther than sub.mt to the annoyance of being cniiielled lo go to tbe other end of the C'-unty, will i.robatily pay a cash consideration to th? assistant. The mutter ol cases belli- "ilxed"' has been called to th.' atleiilioii i f Chief Iiei'sch, a br dher of K1 Altetne.er 5 esterday detulling to the Chief the ci cu instance rettaraiiiK ihe visit of a lu.iti to their attorney. Mr. chamber, as staled above. Tlie Ch:ei has promised to sift tlit- matter thoroughly, and ir there has l.-een a "-hake down" system in operation somebody will jtoar from nun. Jol.n Grunsiey, iiscar American and a man named Meyers claim lhat two weeks ago last Sunday Ruyhtirn arrested them, but lei thi rn go upon the payment of ST 0". Rayborn, a ho n employed as a detective by t lie Rig F tir Roud, is al. Game Warden for tin district. He claims that Giinisley h rote him a teller demntuliti? nioney. arid threatening to hate him di chanted if it Ha no", f .riLconi-lng. Rayborn -ay thir he had Grim-ley ar-n-sted and bound over by S'liiire G.-rrctr, of Anderson's Ferry, for atlemptuiz blackmail. The letter Raj born claims 10 Lave turned over to the Government otTlcials.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 10 Nov 1894, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • Ed Altemeier Arrest Cincinnati Enquirer 10 Nov 1894

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