Babi/Baha'i history Kheiralla clash with Abdu'l-Karim, sent by Abdu'l-Baha

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Babi/Baha'i history Kheiralla clash with Abdu'l-Karim, sent by Abdu'l-Baha - maritime the the family are of the Pi- t" lie...
maritime the the family are of the Pi- t" lie tribo 1» considered the the upward (!it along the the* Xc/. tube; tho many Digger Ban- of th- famous Timu- ecu- wor- Wnka-.b.-,n=- the sin- the a Mex'ioo. these tho to the are Theie of size to the boundless reservations but MOHAMMEDANS IN THIS COUNTRY. Thousands of Americans Who Sow Profess Belief in tho Keligion of Turk, and Are Following in llis Steps, Tue fact that Abdel Karin, the Egyp- ti.iii mystic, has come all the way from Cairo to Kenosha, Wi.. to settle the di-ptite.s of tho Tiuth Knowers and to i!epOMj Dr. I b i i h i m G. Khieialla, of Chi- cr.'.'.i, fiom his prt^iti'iii a? le.tdcr of the ^ci- in this country, has once moic railed attention to the f.ut that theie i^ a large and ever incre.i-inu' congregation of full- fl^dgei! Mohammedans in the United States. This of couise. ilnc? not nicai' that enough of the fol!,.\\eis of the prophet Ii:u.- ionic (11 thi-, t m i n t r y to make the of s;ic!, a congicgation pu'bible, but thine :UP thousands of Americans, of education :rd refinement «ho have tinned their bail: upon all the tenets of ChrUtiauily to ouibiacu the taith of the Turk. Slartlni!; as -uch an assertion ma- be, it is nevertheless the t i u t b , ami the fact .should have taken the tiouble to tr.iv-I «uih .1 distance to de- po^e Dr. Kbioralla .ind expire what he eaanled as the en or-- of the Chiiiigoian's leadline, pioie^ ioj-vlii^i\ely that the aggrp- to any owine, learned to not have often h a t he as a left man's is a profitable them extent been , cases ! ic- seci must h a \ e assumed quite respectable respectable pidpoiliuns. For sevcial years, or ali:"-sf since the days of the Congress of lleliaions the society kiir.un as the Truth Knowers has been ma.iard in proipiilnating its doctjine.s tin oi -'bout the West. While ihe i-eadnuaitcia of the society i\as at Kcnosha. \Vi--.. he* «cie istab- lished in other cities, i-vm a few ve:ts being made in the con- has the right to forbid them from doing · a position that is undoubtedly cor- i cct. In fact, if they had not commenced to quarrel among then^ehcs it is doubtful if the general p-iblic would have more than devote ordinary nirio*rty to the doings of their society. Now the disputes have Mich poilions that it has be* u summon the head of the s ic t that pro- froin Egypt, it is but natural that people ti'M.- a trille more iiitcre-t in this \meri- can adaptation of the religion of the THE IJEAL HEAR has Pr. Ibrihiin G. Kheiralla. who ...,, been the cause of nil this publicity and discord, is n most interesting character. A few year? ago he was a clergyman the Chinch of England, bat In- had Ion" been interested ii. occult niatteis and when the opportunity to make a study them in Persia presented itself he readily readily accepted it. and w i t h d r a w i his clnrge. went to that country as the pupil of a Persian community and brotherhood. There he studied deeply bis teachers being Persian mj sties, who give all their instruction oially and who exact from their pupils a promise that 'hey will neither receive p,iy Ilor nn) - ·ther icward for impaitin; this instruction instruction to-others. When Dr. Khieralla returned he began s - t h e society was secret in'character 1 at OIUO t u o P r °mnlgation of his new - - - - - - ' taith. I n t h e middle West t h e he taught were received with special favor and all who grasped the teachings weie made members of the mystic fraternity. fraternity. Gradually the sect extended, until there were branches of it in almost almost e\ery large city in the country. all these comerts Dr. Khieralla was prophet and guide. For a time all went well and there was no one to content Dr. Kheiralla's light to po.sp as the greatest teaiher of these (nulls in'this country. As the- sect increased 'fn size, however, factions were formed and it was claimed that the doMor was departing from th? tenets as he had originally promulgated them, and as it was believed that he would undermine undermine the true faith and lead the con- well as however, and as the mem! f''l to conceal their bflij the!/ identity the «oild. the general public knew little about them. In fact, this -iccrecy was maintained u n t i l nbout a J ' a i uyi. v.hen Stoy.".u Vatial-ky. a IK'lgatian v ho had been devoting" bis time to the study of religions Mure liis graduation fiom Harvard, in ISOt, took the iuitiptirm^:nry to Income a member of the s'dity, and then promptly exposed its tenets. A PERSIAN SECT. According to Vntrals-ky "Truth Know- ers'' is simply another nanio for Babism, oue of the leadina sects cf Jlohamme- danlsm. This scit arose in Persia in the year 1843, Sejed Mohammed Ali be- THE NATIVE DANCES SOON TAKE PLACE AND IT IS THEM _ THE GOVERNMENT AGENTS FEEL THE KEENEST ANXIETY NATIVE AN INDIAN IN GALA ATTIRE; HIS COUNTENANCE AND R \ _ r . SHOW THE JOY HE FEELS AT THE TcOM?NG ^STIV u \ T ing its prophet and founder. He made .. lilgrimage to Mecca and returned to I'ersia w i t h a commentary on the Koran, composed by himself. Ho then proceeded .o make the claim that all previous revelations revelations had been but prefigurations of him, and that he himself W as Bab, the gate through which all true knowledge came to mortals. Disciples flocked to him and he headed an insurrection, but, being defeated, was executed. His followers, followers, howeuT. fled to Turkey, and from that place has spread the*Babist doctrine that has found its latest converts converts in Wisconsin. Although the «.ect of Truth Knowers is composed entirely of law abiding and refined American citizens. Vatralsky can- tint say enough in condemnation of it. "The leaching." he sajs, "is insidious. It is more pantheistic than Christian Science, more absuid than Mormonism, and is powerful through its esoteric idras. Secrecy lends it strcnzth, and is by far (lie most dangerous cult that has as jet made its appcara'nco on this continent. continent. 1 cannot believe that the ma- joiity of these people know in reality the nr.t-ire of the teachings to which'they ^c sui rendered themselves." Vatralsky claims to speak with the authority resulting from a careful study of lh- religion, and hc states that he is prcpnnvl at any time (o substanUate his assertions. The Truth Knowers. o'n (he other hati'1, claim that their rclicion does not concern (ho outside world: that (his country recognizes liberty of belief nnd worship, and (hat if they, then, wish to worship according to the faith of Mo- haicm.-d, it is their business and no one verts astray word was sent to Abdul Kami ai:d he at once started for this country. A PUBLIC CLASH. .Tust what Dr. Khieralla was teaching that was wrong from the Babistic point of view is a imstery to all who are not initiates in the sect of Truth Knowers. It is hinted that in bis instructions he did not adhere suff.ciently close to Mohammedanism Mohammedanism that is the basis for the faith of the sect, but this is mere rumor, which Abdel Karin would neither confirm nor deny. Ail he would say was: ''I came from Cairo to meet and confront confront Dr. I. G. Kheiralla on account of his recent falsifications of the doctrine? taught by the learned men in Persia and I'-sypt. I have met Khieralla and have published over his name a retr.u-tiou of the stiitemctns made by him against the mother church; but as the church is un- w i l l i n g to allow its doctrines to be into Kbierallaism (he doctor las been repudiated repudiated and is no longer nu authorized teacher." In spite of all (his Dr. Khieralla has friends and supporters who stand by him in his defeat, and it is more than probable t h a t he will go right on promulgating his doctrines, Abdel Karin to (he contrary. The result of such n state of affairs will be that there will probably be two Mohammedan sects instead instead of one in Ihe United States, nnd is ^competition is the life of everything, it is not at nil unlikely that American people who arc mystically inclined will lave, in the near future, ample opportunity opportunity to instruct themselves in the wisdom wisdom of the religion of the Turk. of no of of hc was an but who left to is he people Of that to ago. is one. The the I., of a goes with conditions lot as and to Otto, the The pold. and born it more when of

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne News,
  2. 11 Jul 1900, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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