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Henry O Remington - a a I I I a ; it I I PUBLIC MEETINGS. I The...
a a I I I a ; it I I PUBLIC MEETINGS. I The colored citizens of New Bedford have been holding holding a series of public meetings to consider the pro-slavery pro-slavery pro-slavery pro-slavery character of the African M. E. B. Church on Kemp-ton Kemp-ton Kemp-ton street. Solomon Peneton was elected chairman, and Henry Johnson clerk. On motion of L. H. Brooks', a committee of three was chosen to bring in a Preamble and Resolutions for the consideration of the meeting. The committee consisted of Henry Johnson; John Freedom, Freedom, and Dr. Thomas Bane. The committee, through their chairman, reported the following Preamble nnd Resolutions'':' V7 Z-Jl Z-Jl Z-Jl l.'J ''.. ;W X: Whereas, Repeated applications having been made to the African M. E. B. Church on Kempton street, for the use of their house to bold public meetings for the purpose purpose of raising money to assist such as are daily making their escape from some portion of the slave States, and whom Divine Providence may direct among us, destitute of the means to make them comfortable ; and whereas, said church, through their board of Trustees, having refused their house, for ten or fifteen years, to assist even their own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, uncles, and aunts ; therefore, '"'.;. Resolved, That when we take a retrospective view of the history of the anti-slavery anti-slavery anti-slavery cause, the labors and early persecutions of William Lloyd Garrison and his coadjutors, whilst defending the cause of the slaves, together together with the rights of the free colored people of the country ; and when we consider what the good God has accomplished for as, through these friends ; then for us to find a pro-slavery pro-slavery pro-slavery church of colored people in the city of New Bedford, under the garb of Christianity, it is a dangerous foe to our fellow-man, fellow-man, fellow-man, and an insult to that God whom they pretend to love and serve. Resolved, That it is the duty of this meeting to take a decided stand against the said church, and to hold it up to the gaze of all Christians, the scorn and contempt of the civilized world. Resolved, That it is our duty to warn every slave from becoming a member of the African M. E. B. Church on Kempton street ; for they are like the beacon blaze upon the distant rock, warning the mariner that its ap proach is dangerous and its contact is death. Resolved, That we shall never consider said church in any other light than a pro-slavery pro-slavery pro-slavery body, until they shall abandon their present disgraceful and pro-slavery pro-slavery pro-slavery position. . Resolved , That we shall continue oar warfare against the above church, until the principle of slavery shall have received its death-blow, death-blow, death-blow, and the true fundamental principles of Christianity and anti-slavery anti-slavery anti-slavery ride predominant predominant over its grave. The above resolutions were warmly debated by Wm. Berry, H. O. Remington, John Freedom, L. H. Brooks, H. Johnson, Wm. Piper, Wm. Bush, Rev. Wm. Jackson and others, and it was voted that they be published in the New Bedford Standard, Boston : Liberator, and Frederick Douglass's Paper.- Paper.- On motion of Wm. Berry, it was voted that the pub lication of the above preamble and resolutions be delay ed forgone week, until we make another application. Mosdat Eyexi.no, Dec. 24th. A large and enthu siastio meeting of the colored citizens convened in the African M. E. Zion Church, to bear the report of the committee, chosen to wait upon the Trustees of the African African M. E. B. Church for the use of their house to hold the meetings of the Vigilant Aid Society. The President President being absent, the meeting was called to order by Mr. Alfred Swan, Vice President, after which the following following correspondence, between the abovo Society and the Trustees of the church, was read. Correspondence of the New Bedford Vigilant Aid Society with the Board of Trustees of the African M. E. B. Church. New Bedford, Dec 17, 1855. Having been informed informed by some of your members, that we have made the right application for the use of your honse of worship, to hold the meetings of the above named society, and feeling to do all in our power to unite instead of separating separating us, seeing that we are a degraded rind down-trodden down-trodden down-trodden down-trodden race together, it has been voted by this meeting to make another application for the use of your house of worship, to bold tne public meetings of the Vigilant Aid Society. The committee, who shall present to you this paper, bos been legally chosen and authorized to wait upon you, to secure, if possible, your house of worship for the above object. Please answer this in writing, and greatly oblige yours in behalf of the meeting. f HENRY JOHNSON, Clerk. New Bedford, Dec. 18, 1855. Esteemed Sir: We take this method to inform you, that our church is en gaged every night during the week. Also, we are of the opinion that every church is a sovereign within itself, itself, and has an undoubted right to govern itself as it may deem beet for its own advantage or good ; therefore, therefore, while we co-operate co-operate co-operate with the Vigilant Aid Society in their sympathy toward the oppressed and down-trodden, down-trodden, down-trodden, down-trodden, and are willing to aid them by our means at any time when practicable, yet tee cannot admit public meetings meetings to be held in our church or house of worship. Signed in behalf of the Trustees, JOHN WARFIELD, Clerk. The following Preamble and Resolution were1 then presented by H. O." Remington. Having been warmly debated, they were adopted, and voted to be published with the rest of the resolutions above named. Whereas, the African M. E. B. Church, of New Bedford, Bedford, has arrayed itself against God, liberty and the bleeding bondman, by shutting its doors against a society, society, which has for its object the fundamental principles of the Gospel, and aids the poor panting fugitive out of the clutches of wicked human bloodhounds, and gives him a crust of bread and a cup of cold water, and bids him God speed on his way from the prison-house prison-house prison-house of bondage bondage ; therefore, Resolved, That said church is anti-Christian, anti-Christian, anti-Christian, a blind guide, a synagogue of Satan, a cage of unclean birds ; and unless it repents, ought to be immediately abandoned abandoned by all good men. ''.'

Clipped from The Liberator14 Mar 1856, FriPage 3

The Liberator (Boston, Massachusetts)14 Mar 1856, FriPage 3
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