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 - Regi- ; Twenty-Second Mnhiea- THE CHINESE STILL...
Regi- ; Twenty-Second Mnhiea- THE CHINESE STILL COMING. ARRTTAL' OF I AM QCOHQ AKD HIS PARTT FROM SAX FRAKCI8CO. The influx of Chinamen to thic City from San Francisco still continues. Ia addition to the 65 Oriental who arrived by the Eric Road on E riday morning, another batch of 31 was brought by th earne company on the 7:30 Pacific express yeater-day yeater-day yeater-day morning. All the new-comers new-comers new-comers an sua, Tbey brought with lhazn but little baggage, tbat little being being packed in dry good boxes or thrust Into huge eanvaa bag similar to tho used by sailor. At th depot ta Jersey City the strangers ware met by . a deputation of their countrymen and scortsd to this City. Tbo aaloon ot the ferry-boat ferry-boat ferry-boat on which tbey ctesssd tbe river, was thronged with passengers, and tbe China men, who congregated ia a group by themselves, were naturally th centre of interest for'alL Their continual chatter transformed the saloon Into a sort of diminutive BabeL aad at all wen talking at once ia Chinese, th effect was decidedly striking. Arrived Arrived on this tide, tbe party Aled ap Cham bars-street bars-street bars-street and wen conducted at one to liott-street, liott-street, liott-street, when they wen coon lost to th observation of prying eyes ia th bassmsnts and back-room back-room back-room of the Chl nssa qusrter. All th ns w-comsrs w-comsrs w-comsrs wots tss regulation Mongolian eostame. consisting ot a blouse, short flowing pantaloons, aad wooden soled slippers, whieh threatened to drop fnm their feet at every step in the pasty mud with which th streets abouaded. Th party was composed ot Chinaman of the better u men who bad owned little shops of their own In San Francisco, in which they hare carried on tho laundry basinest, or rlcsr-msksrs, rlcsr-msksrs, rlcsr-msksrs, who receive good wage in comparison to th common labors rs. so noma ro us in California. Two ot tba number had but lust nached this country. Ther wen Wa Mung ana Chtng Lee. who had taken passage to San t ranelseo In response to a call from their friends in that slty. Upon arriving there, they fonnd their friends ready packed for a trip across the continent, and. tarry lag but two dart la the city which Rear-neyiam Rear-neyiam Rear-neyiam has blighted, they Joined their frisnds and came on to mew-x mew-x mew-x or a. Within an boar after lbs new-comers new-comers new-comers had reached Mott-street Mott-street Mott-street ther bad. to all intents and nurnoeec disappeared from publia view, and tha almond-eyed almond-eyed almond-eyed residents of tbe Chinese qusrter wen willing and anxtona to swear. Ma lies n fashion, that aot a single Moncollan had' been added to the colony for the past two yean. One of the greatest peculiarities peculiarities of the Chinese race, judging from the specimens of li in this City, is the extreme honesty of look whicb the Asiatics can assume while tbey an telling the moet deliberate falsehood. Tbe Tuixs reporter was assured, with the utmost apparent candor, by every Chinaman whom he met In Mott-street Mott-street Mott-street yesterday afternoon. tbat no new arrlrais wen booked at any ot tne lodging-houses, lodging-houses, lodging-houses, and this many time when one ot the new-comers new-comers new-comers himself was standing by with immovable immovable face. Finally, after an hour's search, th reporter encountered a Mongolian on the street who bad evidently lost himtoll. aa be was scanning eagerly eagerly every house that h passed, and peering into windows and basements. Rightly conjecturing that thle waa one ef the strangers, the reporter approached him with tbe "frieadly "Halloo." wbieh every Cnlnaman. however short may be hla stay in the country, understands at the American form ot greeting. The Mongolian started back ss though affrighted, but instantly recovered himself, and aaid, eyeing the reporter auspiciously. " Wha you wans t" Hie suspicions wen soou allayed, 'and not having tho fear ot Denis Kearney before hia eyes, he gave in broken English all th lnformstion be possessed, id proved to be oneof the party which arrived' on Friday morning, and bo had boea out looking tor a place to establish a lanndry. He see at ad remarkably Intelligent, and answend all questions as readily aa hia limited knowledge of English would permit. His name, he said, waa Sam Quo a, and he had coma to New-York New-York New-York becanso there was mora money ben than in baa Francisco, and he could charge mon for hia work in fine linen. He indignantly denied that he or any of hi countrymen wen afraid of Kearney and hi gang, bat admitted tbat on of his objects in coming Esst waa to escape the - annoyances to whieh all Chinamen have been man or less subjected for yean in California. When aaked If this eastward eastward movement was likely to become cen eral among hi countrymen, he aaid be thought it was not The greater number of Chinamen Chinamen in California, be said, an subject to tbe orden of the Six Chinese Companies, w'ho bring them to this country under contract for a Bomber of years, agreeing to send them home at the expiration expiration of the time, or. In ease of their death bars, to sand their bone to China These men cannot come to New-York New-York New-York nnless the companies send them here, and tbe companies will not lengthen the distance between between their men and China, unless wages an offered for work sufficiently additional to those paid on the Pacific coast to make It an object to them to assume tbe Increased expense of sending thslr charges home whan the contract for their labor bas expired, Thoss coming ben now an of the elaas who work for themselves, and an under no obligations to the Six Com Dan lea, and it ta this class only tbat to likely to eome for the present at least. Sam Unonr said, further, that tha recent condem nation of Chinatown by tbe San Francisco Board of Health had not frightened tho Six Companies at alL and that tho Chinamen themselves, relying, as they do, entirely upon the eompaatee for protection, baa scarcely discussed tha subject among themselves. Tbey knew that tha companies wen in constant communication with tho Chinese Embassy in Washington, Washington, and tbey were not afraid of being given over to the tender mercies oi nearney ana nauoea. bo long as their Governmeat was ben to protect them, in tbo persons of its Ambassador, bam Quong. indeed, aeemed to intimate that that the opinion of the Chinese of California, as well at hia own, is that tbat the President of the United States en joys as complete power over thia country aa the Emperor doe over China, and that when the proper time eome he will extend hi saelterin arm over the Chinamen ot Saa r rsnciteo. ma two days' experience of Mew-York Mew-York Mew-York baa impressed him in iu favor aa an abode lor tne mongolian. a.m nas observed with astonishment that a Chinaman can not only ride in a horse-ear horse-ear horse-ear hen, bat that he can alt down in tho vehicle like any other man. Ha baa also been greatly surprised to find that he can walk the street without being obliged to constantly dodga ton aad other missllea aimed at his head, or being otherwise disturbed in his peace of miad. Thia la all very wonderful to 8am Quong. and he ia dellrhted with New-York. New-York. New-York. All of the new-eomen new-eomen new-eomen are looking for work, cither in this or neighboring citiea aad until they secure it will be made comfortable by thslr friend in Mett-street. Mett-street. Mett-street. 2

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Mar 1880, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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