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Greenville, Mississippi - Page 1) i » l » a n d | A l i l i Naval j...
Page 1) i » l » a n d | A l i l i Naval j bus, the school board and the U.S. then j District Court were involved posedj I II r Narragan-jone question whicl. attracted thel 111 Ui Ji their' interest of the nation -- and thel to city. and South, in particular. Is Faubus Immune? Is Faubus, as the head of a j t h e sovereign state, immune Jet Airliner From Russia To Land contempt proceedings? LONDON (UP) - A TU104 jetliner, first Russian plane to the United States in 20 years, from [streaked over the Atlantic jcarrying 40 Soviet U.N. delegates. .The governor himself says he The two-engined, silver-painted does not know the answer to that plane flew here from Mosco w to- one. And State Atty. Gen. Bruce 'day, then took off for the ,. ,. ,,,,..,,,,. to be composed of Lennett also says he is unable toiStates after a brief si»pover. s i clla expected to reach McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., at about 6:30 p.m. e.d.t. be decided on until Atty. Brownell had the facts. Here are some of the possible actions the government might take: night Dnvles in an effort to work out a peaceful integration program acceptable acceptable to all. Contempt Charge 2. Davies might bring about a rial for contempt of court, have Edwin of be-l (l, e Despite S o v i e t protests, the give an opinion immediately. Asked if he knew what action Uie federal government could take if he interposed his authority tween the government and ..... people of Arkansas, Faubus re-! p e was routcd to McGuire-plied: McGuire-plied: "No, and nobody else does' rccent| y lhe reception center for Hungarian victims of the Russians Russians arriving as refugees in United States because jet planes are barred from New York's either." The J u s t i c e Department in Washington indicated it looked on the Little Rock situation as serious. serious. Officials said the government's government's course of action would not Gen. mercial airports. In addition to its passengers and a six-man Russian crew, plane carried three British navigators navigators on the Moscow-London of the journey. It will pick up , , . . , , . , ,,. . , . , i American navigators 1. A high federal official might Bav , Labrador. discuss the case with Faubus anc 3. The government might take p °le in 1937. The Nant landed action to declare unconstitutional The last Russian plane to in the United States was a al engined Nant-25, piloted by hail Gromov, which set a 10 distance record of 7,140 miles a pioneering flight over the San Jacinto, Calif. the anti-integration school laws adopted recently by the Arkansas ;i Legislature. Jackson on One point the Justice Depart- scrutinize closely is whether the governor called out the guard solely to maintain order or whether it was intended as a maneuver to maintain segregation. segregation. Davies, in his second integration integration order last night, noted that Faubus had said the troops were summoned only to guard against violence and property damage -and -and not as segregationists or Inte- gra tionists. The outcome of Little Rock's The plane is one of two 2t airliners that will fly U.N. delegation members to the forthcc ing Genaral Assembly. off-and-on-again plans for integra-jintegrated today in Fort Smith, " tan apparently will have an ef- ect on proposed racial mixing in he p r e v i o u s l y all-white high school in North Little Rock, a separate separate city ^iver. across the Arkansas Postpone Integration The North Little Rock school board met last night and announced announced that it was postponing in- murky integration picture, 23 groes yesterday quietly joined white ^sludents in a Van Buren.J definitely its plans for gradual integration. The city had planned integrate about a dozen Negro students in the top grade when school starts Monday. In contrast to Little Rock's Ark., high school. A few Negro first-graders were scheduled to the state's second largest city. Both Van Buren and Fort ire in northwest Arkansas, about 150 miles from Little Rock. Three Negroes also were integrated integrated p e a c e f u l l y schools yesterday at the small town of Ozark, also in northwest Arkansas.

Clipped from
  1. The Delta Democrat-Times,
  2. 04 Sep 1957, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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