Hessian Captives

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Hessian Captives - ts bad fact tkslr th Bepab-11 lata ta th tho...
ts bad fact tkslr th Bepab-11 lata ta th tho for Republican tao bem-ocrata. Republican tor a people cooperate best of the accumulated mod-orau oon-trol ef them and that may will out-aide out-aide the be tha Th but of a say a the social la 1 ot been contributed ia-flueaoe. ia-flueaoe. tha and with is than in New-York war-ehlp -douau rlae hall ba gona . i .. 1 to ex- ex- BOip of the'' of to ior Sack, re re- re- waa tbe oatr and hard twin namber large 8 issue and had the tha waa entry the were discontinued Ihe of were hogs-beads hogs-beads of the th. case, to ua-lah ua-lah established Cllnten-plce, aome ln-tarestod ln-tarestod ot The well donation the - co-cpr-atioa co-cpr-atioa f and shop THE HESSIAN CAPTTOS BOW TBETi LIVED AUD BlBm - NEAR BEA BIB O. A CHAPTBB IN THE HISTOET Or THE XKYOLtJTIOV TTHICH IB EOT FOUND' j IN OOTt COMMON BIBTOBIBB. Kbaodio, Pna Bar. Bt What becam af the- the- HaaaUasoMlara aaptared tram thBrttihbr th olBiaI troops la thaBevalatloaia amattar.- amattar.- mtl kawa or andrstod at this day. Evry choolboy know that tha importaUoa af theav Beaaiana ta fight agalnat the patriot army wai tltuted a preminaat feature ot that war.hutj th peeallar ireumtanoes ef tkalr aojourai har and thet subaeqBeat aareers attar tba war form aa lateraaUng banter which is alto gether mlaaia frota aar hiateriae. Within a mlla tram tba city ef Beading, hew- hew- ever, ever ea th aoatbera daoUvtty of Mount Pnn. now clothed la a garment of faet-fadlBg faet-fadlBg faet-fadlBg Autumaal foliage, axis th remains of a prtaea amp which stUl apeak cloejaeatly of tha Ufa aad eoadltloa ot thoeo natortaaate oaptlvea, A tody af theae remain and their antecedent urrenadlags makes tha history of the peopl perfectly clear. Th story ' of that camp u - th story ot th Hessian prisoner In Ameriaa from tbelr flrst capture to their flaal diaappaaraaoa from the aurface of aolty. By aa lnfamou bargain with George IIL ot England th Prlnoe ot Hae-Cael Hae-Cael Hae-Cael In 1776 agreed to sell 17.000 Hessian troops for ase in tbe prosecution ef the war npoa tha A men ean ooloale. and received la payment therefor anma at money approximating $8,000,000. It wa stipulated that aaeb of the troops aa were kilted m battle or lost or for aay reason not returned returned aboaid be paid tor at tba rate at S500 per bead, while tor those who should ba re turned at th cloa or the war la a good condition condition as wbea tbey started a rebate of tba same amount per Bead should be allowed. A large oooy oi too xieaaian troop arrived early la 1776, aad at on entered active aerviee with the British army ia tha battle .with th ooio-BlaU ooio-BlaU ooio-BlaU arouad New-York New-York New-York aad throughout Kew-Jcr-aer. Kew-Jcr-aer. Kew-Jcr-aer. Kew-Jcr-aer. Kew-Jcr-aer. Before daybreak on the morning of Dec 29, 1776. a detachment of the Haealaas, a amber-lag amber-lag amber-lag 1,500, waa surprised and captured, with their commander. Gen. RahL by Oca. Washington Washington at Trenton, aad two day a afterward wa. by Washington's order, sent under guard to Lancaster. Pean, Tha town of Reading, bow-ever, bow-ever, bow-ever, oven thaa a considerable and thriving aat-tiement, aat-tiement, aat-tiement, wa found to be a more convenient aad accessible place for the bestowal of prisoner, prisoner, and th Heaslaa captive were eooa afterward removed aero and established in a camp situated at tbe aoatbera end ot the etty. Sioknese made dreadful inroads upoa tham that Winter and Spring, and hundred of tbem, for want of proper food and treatment, died and were burled In tha Potter Field, which covered covered twa lot of ground on wbt la now North btxth-atreet. btxth-atreet. btxth-atreet. near Walnut. By the middle of May, 1777, tho prisoner numbered only 3O0. An attempt wa made In 1779 to aead tham to New-Jersey, New-Jersey, New-Jersey, bnt It waa not carried carried out By the end of June, 1780, tbe little remnant had dwtndled down to 100. A year later, oa tbe 16th of June, 1781, tbe camp waa augmented by the arrival of aa adattloaal body of l.O&O Heealaas. who had beea taken at Saratoga with Gen. Burgoyn. and had boon sent to Readlag ander the protection of the York County (Fenn.) Militia, Valentine Eokert, Lieutenant of the local troop, called pat two olMses" of eompanlea from the Sixth Berka County Regular Militia to guard the encampment, encampment, which waa placed In charge of Major Bayley. la a short time another detachment, detachment, a email one, wa added to the namber of rrtsonera then in tbe camp, making tha total ,'JOa The sturdy patrioU of the town had ao love for tae Hessians, and frequent row and violent disturbance between the oitlaena and prisoner o co tinted, often lime resulting in bloodshed and loaa of lite on both aide. Compiainu ware repeatedly repeatedly Bled with the Continental Oongresa to the effect that tha Hessian were a nuteanee and should be removed. Accordingly pa tbe 27th ef June following, 1781, tbe Prealdent of the Continental Congreea wrote to Lieut. Eokert Eokert atatiag that "it would b expedient to transfer the camp to tbe heighu aomawher da th neighborhood of Reading, where wood and water are convenient,'' aad remarking that "CoL Morgan haa mentioned a piece of ground whloh aad belonged to tae proprietaries proprietaries William Peau'a eons and hlob would be a good aituatlon." Ia execution of thla authority authority three person were appointed to select the location Lieut. Valentine Eokert, Motor Bayley. aod CoL Wood of Lancaster. After some oimeulty the committee selected a site oa the mountain aide overlooking tha town from the east, and ordered buu aad cabins to be erected ther for tha accommodation ot the prisoner. Tbe entire body ot captive wa transferred to the Place, aitnated about four hundred feet above the level of Pean-treet Pean-treet Pean-treet aad covering aix acres, and designated then spe-cidoaliy, spe-cidoaliy, spe-cidoaliy, a it is to this day, aa " tbe Hessian Camp." It is a beautiful spot even at this season. Stending thare one can aee the city ef Reading, a prosperous aad bustling manufacturing centre, centre, apread out ilka a comprehensive map, with rloh isrms swelling np gently arouad it for mile and mllea and tba dim bine and purple hills, now hazy with Me nilsu ot Autumn, atretching dreamily away to the utmost horizon in every direction. The whole surface of the camp Is bare except of grass, but a thlak growth ot woods sklru it oa all side. Around th edges of the greensward are the vestiges of what waa oaco a strong breastwork. IU loose, scattered stones new lying in a ooafused but continuous continuous clrole aurrouadlng the camp, Tbe oablna ereoted by order of tbe Continental Congress were rude, unsightly structures, but they afforded afforded shelter la Winter from the nvy anow and biting wind that swept with partloular severity around tha mountain top, aud ther yielded a grateful abade in the Summer montha aa year after year the long dreary confinement of tbe Hesalen waa continued. Most of these huts aad cabin were atandlng, although ia a ruinoua condition, as recently as 1841. when they were removed aa a cunibraaoe to the ground. Llout. Valentine Eokert found that only forty mea were needed to guard the prisoner, ao eighty man ware detailed from the local militia to do duty alternately la bodies ot forty eaoh. Theae mea were well armed, but the prisoners were deprived of all their weapons, even to their JaokkBlvea. The Heaalaaa were re.uired to briag firewood to the camp under atnot guard, carry water from tbe aprlnga on the mountain aid, and de other menial service in the camp. The ration sorved out to tbem were of the poorest kind. As the war went on some ot th prisoner, with the hortea that had been captured with tbem, were hired out to aerviee id the neighboring country to farmer, bulldar, aad iron maaufaeturera Among these employer were Georgo Ege. proprietor at the Iron furaaoe at Charming Forge, and John Pat-ton Pat-ton Pat-ton of the Berkshire Panacea, waere eaanoa aad ball to the value ot 3,834 were oast and furnished to the Continental Army throughout the war. It may seem strange that, with an abuadanee of big (tone and piece ot wood that ooold have beea used fur missile and weapons lying about tuem oa every aide, the fieaaian pruou-rs pruou-rs pruou-rs did not attempt to overpower their guard and regain tbelr liberty, seeing, also, that thay themselves a umbered l.UOil aad their guard ooly forty. A glance at their condition aad tao auto of the country at the una will explain their apparent docility and aerrUlty. First, thay were unarmed, while their guard wa admirably admirably equipped with weapons, aad second, their physical health and atreagth, by reason ot laj proper food aad exposure, were la a wretched aute; but above aU, the eoaatry round about waa (warming with American troops, detachmeaU of various eommaada mereaing across eoaatry tram all dirocueas, and liable at aay point to Intercept aad put to death each hated Prisoners a tbaBassiaa, far from home, la a Strang and hostile land. Bm-aldea Bm-aldea Bm-aldea thaa considerations, tbo prisoner atood in mortal dread ot ladlaaa, at whom there were many wandering baada . in tha eeatral and northern parts of th State. An laatanoe of tbelr timidity, and for that matter th timidity ot their guard, in the pre eaoe of Indian, or what they believed to be Indiana, wa aftordad aa Chriatma Day, 1781. In th morning tba camp wa surprised and thrown into pant by tbe audden appearaac of tweoty mea la tha diagulse of Indian bravaa. decked with feataer aad war paint and carrying carrying muakeu. They were etragglera from Vaa Campaa'a command ou their way from Mo-Uure'a Mo-Uure'a Mo-Uure'a Fort at eanbury t Philadelphia to join Waaalngtea' army, and while goiag by tbe fieaaian camp thought thay would frighten th prison era, lut tor a lark. At th first appearaac appearaac at th su posed Indian the aeaU-aela aeaU-aela aeaU-aela aad tba guard Bed m consternation, while the attackiag party themselves, alarmed at th superior numbers ot tha prisoner prisoner (and guard. Ukawiaa took fright and ran for their live. Tho poor Hessian were thu left aloo aad unprotected, and not kaowlag kaowlag waoro to fly. remained where taey wan. trembling for fear ef being scalped or retaken ? otor baP of troop. Tbe militu wvu vi uwjh, mo muitu aooaar left the camp thaa thay read a general alarm, aad, hasten-as hasten-as hasten-as their Ueg eouid carry tbem to aaa a sooner pagan to aaread ingaa taat aa HeadlBg. eried: " All Mavar, wita it. i.i... la lt looser Hera, however, th Joke was kaewa beforhad, and tba guard returned to camp very mnch to their own chagrin aaa the amassment of the attacking party. After th war waa over, in 1784, th Hessian prisoner war released. Within a month from that time tbey had ail vaa Uaed like magic. Borne were caught by uaasrupulou and dealga-lag dealga-lag dealga-lag English a pec nia tor aad taken hack to Uermaar la order to collect rebate for their J.', . ret am. Other were recaptured aad St..? btror uld ntMk Plaoa at aatety. Btul other, and th greater porlioa of them, nattered aanoag tha aelghborlng farmera throughout Berka Cewaty. aad hired themeolv eut to aervio in th capacity of aorta. Tke deaceadaau of the ar the only represout-atlvee represout-atlvee represout-atlvee of tae race that remain la thla country. A eonse of hamlllaUoa aad abasement wa alwaya preeeat with tbelr father wbU they lived, aad th awndani etlil conceal their .."trr" aeduieaaly, aa thaagh It war a totoUttyotUuraWdaiba hbor ar. A reciprocal aentt-aad aentt-aad aentt-aad eon tec p waa lortatno Brut eg ae toward th x-Hanoi x-Hanoi x-Hanoi a arteeaara by tbtardr Germaa farmera at aba Bahavlkm Tall, whe 111 vl had boa loyal Aaertaa daring th war, aad Tula same teeuag rui auaaa t thw progeay ac the Breeent geraia. Dortag th g Reaa-Ing Reaa-Ing Reaa-Ing Railroad atrlk a waa at year a tha abop baada ta thla etty retaeod tajoln tha bbotb BacBt, aad their mora exolkaal Lrlaa oomrade at Potuvtlla, Part Rtchaaoad. aad Philadalphia. B wrdly Hentana, afraid to atrlk !" Taa aid Human families never avow 1 eelvee aa oh, aad If aay Body war ta aak. tne am u laoir aioaa a i iuuiuin i imiu were H sal aaa thar wuld tndiraaatly aad maBeai- maBeai- WUagly dear It Kavertbalaaa, a great maay worthy aa 1 I waU-to-4 waU-to-4 waU-to-4 waU-to-4 waU-to-4 famUlea hereabout arw. known ta aava apraag dirooUv from ah lack-, lack-, lack-, la He la mere wattaa. wbeoaly allegod cnn waa bat a miaforvnn. . A YBBI BA1BT J BAR. BmwnmnBwaaswami TBE BAINFALL FOB 1889 IS A WAT A BOTE TBB ATEBAOE. Tba rainstorm whleh began with a drizzle aa Friday became very heavy yesterday meralag. Mnch of tha time from 6 o'clock uaUl aeon It poured. Prom th beglanlng at tha atorm to 8 aelock yatordy mora lag tha amount ef rainfall rainfall waa 1.44 laehaa. But by noon the amouat was 3.45 inches. Of thl amount 8.35 lnohe fell during the twelve hoar between midnight and nooa. There wa a eleealy look about tha itreeU yesterday noa that they had not warm for week. Th aaphelt-paved aaphelt-paved aaphelt-paved atraeu looked aa Beat a a well-moppad well-moppad well-moppad floor. Bat wetness a bounded. Tba drizzling and thaa tba pouring rain had made It pre sen oe felt everywhere. There waa a a mora dry land la view than Noah saw whoa he first looked oat ot the ark. Everytnln exposed t th weather waa saturated, va the stone sup to the uptown uptown bauaea seemed to ooze molatare when tiwddan area. Tha street-oar street-oar street-oar ana truck horse, like the vehleloe they drew, looked water-soaked. water-soaked. water-soaked. Every depression In ta atreeu wa miniature lake. TBe year 1689 ha been anuanal for th amoaat af lu ratafalL Tha excess vr th normal amaaat U 8.8 tnehea. Aa th normal fall for a yaar la but 43 ar 43 lnohe now. It will be aeea taat tbe exeeaa amounu to Bet far from one-fourth. one-fourth. one-fourth. Tha greaser part of tbla exoeee waa recorded In the Bummer eeaeoa, but tha laat taw daya have kept up tha high average. Unless ther la a great deal af fine weather la tba 61 day remain Ins tha rear will rank aa ana of tha f wetuet on record. The hlah temperature of tbla year ha beea almoat aa remarkable ae tha rainfall. Prom Jaa. 1 to the psweent time the exeeeaja temperature temperature over tBe normal amount to 004s. That U equal to a little lee than 2 a day, la tbaa Autumn daya the exeeaa U particularly noticeable. noticeable. Ther hv beea no really cold daya yet Tha rainfall, bat not the recent high temperature, temperature, ha apread aver a broad area. At boob yeatarday tha storm wa central aver tha lower lake region, and waa moving alowly to th northeast. Bain waa falling ia nearly all tbe Bute eaatef the Mississippi River. In th Ohio aad Mississippi Valleys the storm waa much haa Tier thaa here. Thaa, while the rainfall rainfall amounted here to L44 laeaea at 8 o'clock yesterday morning, it amounted to Inane ia Eaoxvllle, Teaa., at tbe aame bear. All the oeuBtry 1b taat vlalnlty had had about twice a much rainfall aa New-York. New-York. New-York. But after tha heavy fall here daring the forenoon the disparity disparity was tea. TBe temperature waa much lower all through the Boath than here, In Texaa and Louisiana frost waa reported yesterday morning. Wall New-York New-York New-York taermometera indicated &3a, those of Philadelphia 62, thoae of Boatoa and WaehiBgtoa aO, aad thoeo of Chicago 44. th thermometers of Bt, Louis indicated 42, those' of Memphis, Teaa., aad PalesUaa, Tax, 3Sa, and thoeo of Abilene. Texas, 36. The aataral order wa reversed, aad tae oooleat weather wa in tha moat eulhrly aecttone. LIVE MUSICAL TOPICS. Llatenlng to Mr. Thomas' imooth, metronomic metronomic reading of th " Siegfried Idyl" and comparing comparing It with tha Intensely dramatic, almee. vocal treatment of th " Melatoralngr vorpiel by Arthur Mlkisch. th ids was Irreslitibly suggested suggested that bold aad effective tempo rub to waa aot IneonaUtent with a faithful adharene to metronome mark The truth, aa la usually tha caa with truth, la simple enough. Thar ia no reason for supposing that a metronome mark is intended to appiy so every Bar and to every crotchet or quaver ta It. TBe mark u merely a galde to the general temp, nd dramatic aoeeferatloaa, retard atlena. or helde may b Introduced in the proper puce witn out interfering with the general pao ot th movement. movement. Bo on ever made better use ot tba tempo ra-bato ra-bato ra-bato thaa Chopin. Mr. Flack. In kU appreciative appreciative essay oa that gealua, deeerfbee hi emply, meat ef thla Seet He note that in playing Chopin kept vigorous time with his -left -left band, while sometime hla right hand carried tb melody melody ahead of the bass, aad some tint ea kept It behind. This system would not b practicable in the orchestra The basses eoald not be held to striot tempo while the Erst violins rushed ahead with aome Impetuous thought, or tarried behind to Impress upoa the bearer1 mind aome Incisive pbrese. Unanimity of movement la necessary la orebeetral work." Tke simultaneous simultaneous utterance of tae various Instrument maat b maintained, or tho eompoaer'a combination will be broken and lu cheat destroyed. 'But here and ther a phrase may b haateaad or another retarded with a marvelous heightening heightening of the algBifleaaee and dramatic lore of th passage. The orchestra may be made to obey lha spirit ot Wagoera ln)onetlon to his singer, to east the bar marks aaid aa uselea incumbrances, incumbrances, after mastering tbe theugbt aad movement movement ef the maale, and aeek for eloquent utter-anoe utter-anoe utter-anoe unhampered by the rigid reatrlctloa of tempo. Tbe true teadeaoy of all dramatle maalo la toward a aubllme apeel af recitative, aa idealised form of human apeeck. In taia aame direction the romantie movement urge the orchestra; orchestra; and th secret of aoaievameat la thla path is a a wise use of the tempo rubato. Tha approachlag advent of Baraaate and, d Albert awaken pleasant expectations. Sara-sal Sara-sal Sara-sal has been stirring tha musical depths in London, aad hi mastery ot hi Inatrumeat is beyond queation. Aa for d' Albert, notain-more notain-more notain-more c bar ac tells tie has been aid in regard to blm than the satisfied remark of tke Ir. John-' John-' John-' bob of muald, Haa von Billow: "There are three great planUU," ha aald, " Rubinstein, myself, and d' Albert; and the' laat Blda fair to aurpaas us all, aa ba la bat' tweaty-slx tweaty-slx tweaty-slx year af age." Tha admirable doctor' order of merit la worthy ot aot. Ha puU Rubinstein flrat. which ia trance. The doctor la sometime smitten with a deep aeaaa of juatioe. There la an lntereiting hit of newa In a recent number of PIU Journal. It la to tbe effect that Mme. Viardot, who la wall along: in years, baa informed M. Ambroia Thomas, Director ot tb Conservatoire, and tha Minister of Public Instruction that ah haa made a claoae la ber will bequeathing to tBe Coaaervatolre the ortg Inal score ot Mozart' a " Don Glovaaal," which ha poaaeaaa. The Journal rightly speaks of it aa aa inestimable autograph. " Tbe same number of the paper stated that owing to the large aadleaoes which aad attended attended the two pertormaooes of Berlioz's " Damna-tloa Damna-tloa Damna-tloa f Faust." the management af the Colonae oonoarU bad decided to give a third on Nov. 3. Tbla wa to be positively tb last performance thin season. Th seleisM annouaced weiw Mm. U. Kraoaa, ta tenor Venrnet ot the Opera, aad Lauwera and Aaglar of the Opera Comiqae, Herr Arthur Kiklsch' program m for the fifth oonoert of the Boeton Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra, which took place laat Bight, waa a fine le-aaa le-aaa le-aaa la th growth and development ot the aym-pbonle aym-pbonle aym-pbonle form. It consisted ot a Hayoa ym-phony ym-phony ym-phony In Q, a Mozart aymphoay, la O minor, and Beethoven's great flrtb. Kew-Orleana Kew-Orleana Kew-Orleana la tba oaa city outside of Bow-York Bow-York Bow-York that haa it wa opera aoa every year. Opera la aung In French in Uat city, and. according according to tha local papers, ts well riven. Th " opned on Nov. 6 with Hal ry - La JBlva.- JBlva.- The TimtDtmoerat aaya tht MmT Maurifh --.rie. --.rie. --.rie. of Mma. Kurseh-MadL Kurseh-MadL Kurseh-MadL The paper aaya farther: - Mr. Armand Mary, tae teaor. havTa votee or r?J.,JT5'nT' DB " aot of oommearw traagta. aad abowa to beat ad vaa tage in translation of te.dr feeling. He 1. better ii" ..L'0' Ma bl phrasing lli?, dlr. i. Th" Prayer at tba eeiebrauoa ot tho Paseover wa toacbiagly f?n5 ..vWM j7,a u manner u potior to thftt of tba rendition of the paaaaga. ' Oh 1 ma fill .' Tbe grand aria, Rachel ! qaaad dlr belgnour,' waa rendered with protuad feeling. feeling. He U graceful la movement, perfooUy aelf-paaeaaad, aelf-paaeaaad, aelf-paaeaaad, and a aa aetor evinoe much akiU, In th groat aeon ot th rovelauoa la the fourth aet ha exhibited dramaOe fire la r-clUng r-clUng r-clUng th reaen ot tha Cardlaal'a aangbtos." WBMMM ASM TSM MFMLLBUtDMRSt r ta Xdifr f u JTw- JTw- Tot n ; Will yoa kindly lot your reader know what ba become of ta BseuMaera of thla city I Tbe society was formed eee after the PreaMea-Mal PreaMea-Mal PreaMea-Mal election of 1888, which reaalud to the oloctloa Of the preeeat AdmlalatraMaa. . tf waa .composed of taoaa Mepablleaa orators who ad tne naeay Iaea.lt y at so oacaaatmg large aeJIi-ieJlg?i,-th aeJIi-ieJlg?i,-th aeJIi-ieJlg?i,-th aeJIi-ieJlg?i,-th aeJIi-ieJlg?i,-th hy. boea -bm!a -bm!a ?. tt I trd aomo acewiea baabeteiiaB' ...... OOasTAJTT EXAUKB-Sj EXAUKB-Sj EXAUKB-Sj twval: t Betghbet ra. r 1 Vl

Clipped from The New York Times10 Nov 1889, SunPage 12

The New York Times (New York, New York)10 Nov 1889, SunPage 12
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