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Farro-Slavet - Professional Summer Theater Comes ToOne-Street...
Professional Summer Theater Comes ToOne-Street Village Of About 500 omance By MERYLE SECREST The Washington post HOLIDAY INN RESTAURANT li pleased to invlU 0. T, BONNE* WBTH'i "Honoree ot the D?y" to dinner any evening, TUUfiZN W. YATES, Innkeeper WE ARE BONDED AND FULLY INSURED JFOR VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA g TO DO ANY TYPE ] HOME REMODELING {NEW CONSTRUCTION ! CALL US FOR •! FRIE ESTIMATES . . . EASY TERMS AMERICAN HOME CONST. CO. 1120 South Boston Road — Dial 793-3960 COME TO AND HEAR GOSPEL SINGING FRIDAY, AUG. 28 7 to 10 P.M. Featuring The Jackson Brothers (Danville) The Messengers (Reidsville) The Ambassadors (Martinsville) FREE! BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY WE ARE HAVING A LUV 'N AT THE OVEN 1505 No. Main St. Dial 797-9171 Shown above are Debbie Bennett, Cynthia Wilson, Sinatra Banks, Tony Bennett, Scotty Bennett, J«eph Cobbs, Dexter Carter, Susan Cundiff, Jeanne S'uckner, Polly Cundiff, Willie Cundiff, Barrv Wilson. LB T US LAY A LITTLE LUV 'N ON YAH! LUV7N CHICKEN-IUV 'H FISH-LUV 'H SHRIMP ' 4 "* Srde Orders* Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Rolls ORDERS ACCEPTED FROM 1 PIECE ON Slavet grow corn, squash, cucumbers. abound in the tall grass. The Slavets haye made the hard choice, leaving the streanv ined city for life in an old farmhouse; farmhouse; doing their own planting, iooking, canning and freezing. They -have also left the life of producing where it tomatoes, Their big ibig black puppies^ Rabbits 11=00 A. is plays easier, in the city, to produce plays in the country, where it is hard. Gerald Slavet is in his third summer as artistic director of ;he Wayside Theatre, a 262-seat professional summer theater in one-street village ('population about 500). The theater's audiences come from nearby towns — Strasburg,. Strasburg,. Winchester, Berry ville, Charlestown and Stephens City. They are farmers, tradesmen, craftsmen and construction workers. There are not many doctors, lawyers or engineers Dhose members of the great mid! die class which is always given the credit for the successful reemergence reemergence of regional repertory theater since World War II. Slavet wants to 'build a professional professional theater that will draw audiences from a wide area for the excellence of its productions. productions. He wants to perform the classics: Ibsen, .Strinberg, Shaw. But he is somewhat more practical than he was a few idealistic years ago when, as producer-director of the Oarriek Players, (he ibelieved there need be no compromise between the plays he wanted to produce the plays an audience would come to see. Where there is no tradition of theater, Slavet recognizes thai the audience's demand to be entertained has to be taken seriously. seriously. So 'this year's season of six productions sandwiches two "serious" plays — "The Knack' by Ann Jellicoe and "The Price' by Arthur Miller— between lightweight lightweight but surefire draws like "You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running" and "I Do! I Do!" : . ' In the meantime, Slavet is holding audience - actor discussions discussions on difficult plays. He give., credit for last season acceptance of "Who's Afraid of Virginiag Woolf", which is heavy stuff for Middletown, to' discussion^ which aired out thejreservations or praise of members of th< audience. The Siavet formula . hai worked. In the last "three years the theater's attendance has ris en markedly, and it has opefat ed in the black on -a frugal bud get of less 'than $50,000. It is partially subsidized bj its owner, Leo Bernstein o. Washington, who in order to en courage the performing a r t< converted an old movie house It is a few steps down the street from. Wayside Inn, which he also owns. Bernstein allows the company to perform in the theater, rent-free. He is vice president of the Wayside Foun dation for the Arts, which established to run the theater The theater itself has a grea deal of ingenuous charm. Thi small lobby is particularly at tractive, and fcas the intimat feeling of a small Italian play house. The seats are slipcovered in blue and green. There is an art gallery upstairs which doub bles as a rehearsal room and a small restaurant, "The Cur tain Call", is next door. The Wayside Theatre has no yet achieved its ambitious production production standards. The perform ance of "The Price" was un even. Morris Strassberg was i joy to watch, but other player; were not so .good, Along with the coup of getting an actor of Strassberg's distinc tion to perform, Slavet ha s been successful in attracting competent young professional who like the opportunities to d< work they -can't get otherwise The theater makes its own iprops. When it couldn't rent a harp for its production of "The Price' — the harp is an essential prop — and wouldn't find a musician many o TV 6:00 Sum. 6:30 Morn. 7:55 S-.OO B:00 Old 8:30 Cook. . 1:30 Love 12:00 Heart, .2:25 News ,2:30 Sea. 1:00 Girl 1:30 World 2:00 Love 6:25 Light 6:30 Town 6:45 S : .S£^ S ™5 Z'£?£ BS 7:45 News 7,50 CBS 8: °0 6:00 9:35 Artie £ : * 5 8:53 News 0:00 Lucy 0:30 6:15 Farm 6:30 U. of 7:00 Triad 7:30 Limbo 8:30 Romp. 9:00 Movie 10:50 1:00 11:30 That .2:00 News .2:30 World 1:00 AH 1:30 Make 2:00 Newly 2:30 Dating 3:00 Gen. 6:25 6:30 On 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 9:00 David 10:00 .0:30 11:00 Sale, " 1:00 1:30 6:30 Aspect 7:00 Today .0:30 .1:00 Sale, -1:30 12:00 12:30 News 12:55 9:00 Today, 9:30 It's ,0:00 10:30 .1:00 Sale, 1:30 12:00 12:30 Who. 12:55 NBC 1:00 1:30 - A Armory stand er, a way." Combination Shrimp "lt'» also in , ~ — • —«. «. A»iuo*V,A«.J willing to lend one, it built it own. The harp looks convincing but Slavet says doesn't mak onuch music. "I am learning things down here," Slavet said, looking as if the lessons suited him. Slavet puts in much physical, work on the old farm run by! him. and his wife, Susan. They planted their own crop's this year, serve their dinner guests delicious meals with freshly picked vegetables. Susan, who grew up in New York, has learned to do her own canning. Last winter they lived on the fresh vegetables they had frozen. frozen. , "I came in with longer hair land younger ideas, and I guess I was a lot more aggressive"! says Slavet. "I'm learning that i people consider they're being talked down to if you say something something like you're trying to bring culture into the country. "And that's not what I mean But I am committed to the idea that theater has to be done well, and it has to be exciting or we'Jl never get the kids here." TWO TERMS days.

Clipped from
  1. The Danville Register,
  2. 26 Aug 1970, Wed,
  3. Page 11

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