19 November 1897, Cincinnati Enquirer

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19 November 1897, Cincinnati Enquirer - 0 PAGES j U TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. j nr. li...
0 PAGES j U TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. j nr. li VOL. XIV. FLESH Of Frantz turned. n .L ! i J fT- fT- rtrL ' ' " . sdimccicu i o i pnure in the Chair. Current Was Turned on Five Times I Before Life Was Seared From His Body. Revolting Scene in the Death Chamber. Boisterous Crowd Pushed and Shoved. Joked Over the Murderer's Sad Plight : Fnnfr Fell Uncensciens Wbeo Hli Relatlres Left, v Smoke Carled from the Body Bessie .' Little's Slayer Meeti a Tflrrl-;-. Tflrrl-;-. Tflrrl-;-. Tflrrl-;-. Tflrrl-;-. We Death la the Electric --.'-:'( --.'-:'( --.'-:'( --.'-:'( --.'-:'( ; - Chair. '; -Y.v-, -Y.v-, -Y.v-, -Y.v-, trtriAV PlSrATCB T Tag BBUPIBB " OHIO PEJflTE.VTIAlir, COLCM-BCS. COLCM-BCS. COLCM-BCS. OHIO, Xovember 10. Albert J, Krantx, tbe Dayton murderer of fcl weetheart. wu electrocuted at 13:17 o'clock this morning'. There wm a bad sdjostmaat of tbe apparatus, and Krauts wu not killed natll the eimnl had beast turned on for the fifth tine. ZZZT- ZZZT- "m"t tr Well jria affix the fatU bandage. to vara gj. etaod at "ka IJ1.rr1met WecJatad th. artee-'j?" artee-'j?" artee-'j?" ? l- l- a. Fran-" Fran-" Fran-" from th cUroom. H. was r cnepsain Wlnget, whe bad wim ainu. - - ' - rn TBS caAia. .. . ;, JTraM. wa pr. ahly pl. Dat w"wjea. . it u 12:12 wlM apparaiea waa qulrklr mads, im .ub-fc .ub-fc .ub-fc . v " M 4fflr4 wbara the ttWr apeoca waa to be plaoad, water V; ,n leetrteal eondaetor. Hut Im . . . . . a . . . ' "V" ox anatf, tbe apons ptaeaa on thia apot. It waa pmM 1 rrani ekwed bis rrca. Tb eap . mjwo,hi mu on. called eat: ""Ira aaventeea and a kif - Thla waa auppoaad to b. (or tb. pubile benefir. ,Thcre waa aa Intarcatad buaa. Thta ererrusinc waa aa quiet a tbrv. "Ixnrn ""tr- ""tr- waa jraurd bi atentoriaJl tones. nbooar baedad the werda. cene la tbe Annex Caaaed By the Morbidly Carioaa, , race al atarrea to m natrium. Ohio PaaiTaKTiABi. CotirwauOmo. No vaoaber M The aena la tba suarsrooni at tba bl prison lo-nlabt, lo-nlabt, lo-nlabt, aa tnM to whom Mmlaaton tlckcta bad been laaucd eatend. 'waa ana ef tba most aias-racwful aias-racwful aias-racwful erar wit- wit- AesaM In public lnUtuUan. Tbera waa a crowd of at lcaat Hi pcraona who pushed their way out through tb. fuardanm. Th. aonrx will eonsrortablr bold about 79 per on, but If two peraona ara aundlnc wbara one ought to be It will In a ploeb onemmo-data onemmo-data onemmo-data about twice that number, fully one half of whom cannot aee tba death chair. , To-nlfbt To-nlfbt To-nlfbt tbera . war. cxhSiitiona of drunken rowdjrl-m rowdjrl-m rowdjrl-m In the crowd that tried to push lis war out through tbe guard room. . One youruj man, who la said to be r - , . BCS81E UTTt.a'. Aid Bit " r.oiAi. atsrArea o ran awacrscs, : CoLVMaca,' Ohio. November 1A Th. moka and edor of burned flash buns; alckan-1 alckan-1 alckan-1 Inr over the beads and penetrated tba not-irlls not-irlls not-irlls of tha 17S people, who. In vlelatlow si the law mTrw-aqrDU mTrw-aqrDU mTrw-aqrDU fc-4cteitlon fc-4cteitlon fc-4cteitlon . thla morning of Albert J. Fran La. tb Day tan man who murdered bla awaetheart. Bea le Utile. The affair was not a success In any sense, of the word. The crowd waa noisy and boisterous, and tbe adjustment ef the death, apparatus waa so badly made 'that the electric current bad to be turned en for the' third time before the murderer wss declared dead.. .. , v - The acenes prior to the execution were disgraceful. Several ' hundred people thronged the offices and walked over the Iswn of tbe State Prison. All wanted to see the execution, and they besieged the Wardrf wHh their requests for - CAB.De or ADMUSIOK. , ' Long before the appointed moment for the execution the guardroom waa crowded with eater men. all of them noisy and more than one of them Intoxicated.' Agatn and again did big John tngenberger. Captain of the night watch, clear tha cuardroom, or attempt attempt to clear It. Me finally bad to use gentle force to get the mob away from the big Iron door. The word waa gtven out that a law student at Dayton, felt In a moment of drunken passion aa (hough be could clean out tha whole crowd. Ha attempted In the disgraceful melee to strike as well- well- known Columbus man. and for thla offense was summarily ejected from tbe room by Detective John T. Norrla. Aa bla ticket entitled him -to -to admission anyhow he. waa allowed to . go back and finally to witness tbe execution, or such a part of It aa he could see from an obscure position In tbe rear of tbe annex. : . . LA.8T APPEAL Mde By - V rant a To Governor Bnsh- Bnsh- neil Claimed Innocence. rsciAi. piaeATca to yaa awqerraam, Ohio FgnuTxirnAXT. CotOMgcg, '. Ohio. sent to Governor Buahneir, afnqua, tun afternoon, by Warden Coffin for FVantXi 'To Asa 8. Bcsbmblu Governor of Ohio- Ohio- Tour Excellency: My life is now In your hands, and If you do nothing for me I bare but few hours to live. I want to thank you for the kindly 'consideration you have given the papers in my case, and the patient bear ing of my friends. The evidence produced against me by the prosecution Is. very damaging, damaging, but much of It is false: none knows that better than myself and the ones that perjured themselves. May God forgive them for sweating my life -.way. -.way. and while my Ufa's blood rests upon them I pray God may forgive them, and put it In their hearts to make It . . .. r'..". KNOWN TO THBJ WORLD -: -: The great sin they have committed that tbe public may know that I die innocent of the murder of Bessie Little and my dear fath er's name go unpolluted of the stain of mur der, aa K Is known to be true by the good God and Father of us all. - "Uod only knows aa I know; and tbe per jurers know what false testimony yon nave bad to judge from In the case against me. I hope and pray that you will spare my life. for I am innocent.' If you do not Co any tiring for me I thank you for the atxentlon you gave my people, and may tba God o : ALBERT i. FBANT enemies and j... -i -i i-i i-i i-i M t There wax a heaven and earth forgive my rush aa of vulture, to an anclant battle r.lT "TT " JTkITJ: . feast. All of those who responded were not , - - -aiukkt -aiukkt j. FnAjrrx." physicians, and several of, the appllcanta I .utement'made above la only one pf were turned out. . : - - tbe vartatlona trcm ' Pronao y They could find ..S??TZtt far iK-n iK-n iK-n Then the newspaper repon-r. repon-r. repon-r. .-!-- .-!-- .-!-- .-!-- .-!-- n-al n-al n-al i.'itrmriu Frants . ii i r.. nennrd i lint1 ... h'- h'- nantained' the assertion that I a-w --UMIItU, --UMIItU, --UMIItU, , . - . . - -- -- - I he waa guilty or every step in ue gresu l norl murder. bO. the kvst. . ; . ; U twin- .mm Jai-SAUi Jai-SAUi Jai-SAUi v 1 1 a Lor he la In his to. form of views party tbe of tble , Tbe majority of rant dence He Is billies victory, of him to Tba haa There before advanced much much-talked-of Twelve, with bopping only one la even tbat by tbe vlett . The much show and funds, soon . even The was .n., r...Mieati Ohio, was btm to .-Ho.ntiv .-Ho.ntiv Repub-H.n. of the the after fices of men could Mr, tention offices, had he naxtv. does eHnn era Amons- of beard remove authority' fact at th return in mit th tbe thia no give life wonder ingtoa Tha tucky, In bad by la, be would blood on say. wauui so it aaat tb mont iirio-1 does tb least, o-p-n-ment th Wm. It From Governor Baebnell Sealed the J bef responded, and there waa another- another- , . ; TASK OS1 ASSOKTMST. - - t Finally th motley crw was "admitted t the annex aad arranged Itself en the raised seats and sJonr th floor ef tb execution room, Th crowd wss so great that there was not left an inch of standing room. Indeed.' Indeed.' only those immediately r about the electrocution chair could see what was go- go- ina-oo-. ina-oo-. ina-oo-. ina-oo-. ina-oo-. : - " ' There was much talklng'nr.a men buxted. j on0wlng telegram bearing the fateful whispered and laughed as If tliey were st telllrenc that no commutation of Frants's Fate of Murderer Frantx. arsCTAi ntsrsrea v ran bwqoibb. 1 r, . rn, nii.it. nnM a.ls a theatrical nertormance. ' Tbe doctors stood grouped wrthln tbe ratting ratting and about the electrical hrr. Guard O'Brien waa at the right ot the chair. Guard Bwmaa wa at the left. Deputy Warden UHW rWn..H., ,.vwni. w . t.1.1. A-m A-m A-m hl .nnon WardFwlat Comn revrrom Governor Bushn.ll the for up tb -- -- -rrrrr-U -rrrrr-U -rrrrr-U -rrrrr-U . - tXit--X-' tXit--X-' tXit--X-' tXit--X-' tXit--X-' tXit--X-' V. aentence would be granted: gpajNOCTEUi, Ohio, November 14 157. . "V ci rtorrnt. Ohio Penitentiary: A

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