19 Nov. 1897, Xenia Daily Gazette

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19 Nov. 1897, Xenia Daily Gazette - Now i« » ^ young urn got lloey BESSIE_AVENGED,...
Now i« » ^ young urn got lloey BESSIE_AVENGED, FEANTZ PAY^THE PENALTY Of Her Murder-He is Electrocuted at Columbus Early This Morning, COLUMBUS, OHIO, November 19.— Albert J. Frantz was electrocuted in the penitentiary annex shortly after midnight. There was great apprehension among the officials of the prison after Frantz swooned awayjit the parting from his relatives. Sliooting arrested ing Lizzie Wm. C. arrested terward latter Lyons costs was weak and nervous after being ^ gave in raw , this . UU the and occasion, and house the restored to consciousness. It was 12 • 10 when those entitled to witness the electrocution were conducted to the annex At 12:17 Frantz was brought into the electrocution room and appeared calm and collected, having recovered Saturday out Elm . when ho the girl. tried to and the which attempted his composure At 12: 22 he was of were and to were and oc- body, being Asked strapped and four times the current was sent through his body pronounced dead at 12:25. if he had anything to say, he replied: ««I believe not warden. I have made my peace with God, weapon went to 'Squire out a Albert J. Frantz died like a brave man, but he died a martyr to science and carelessness His killing was on the to kill. the man yesterday postponed time Judge's marry Squire young home night, tone that bat name course P} e( J that Cincinnati be and the her even where his escape through not the sustained of the is no assail- bear the met a crushed freight residence inadequate large many Rev. services, impressive magnin- handsomest, formed enough of piece both being the most shocking of all the electrocutions that have been held tinder the new law. Some of its features make it more tragic than any case of hanging that has taken place in the annex. . The stench of burning hair filled the little room almost to suffocation. Through the mist came groans caused by the muscular contraction of the dead man's chest. And more appalling than all were the labored and loud efforts of the dying man to draw breath. From the time Franta entered the execution room until he was pronounced dead by the physician but eight minutes elapsed. That is nearly as long as it used to take to kill a man by hanging, while in those eight minutes was crowded far more of death's horrid accompaniments than would have followed the rope's use. It was partly improper application of the death-dealing apparatus that made the Frantz execution stand out alone among all the legal killings at Ohio's penitentiary in the past ten years. Partly it was the insufficient knowledge which men possess of the insidious workings of the electric current which is supposed to cause death. FEANTZ BEEAKS DOWN, Swoons Away After Parting With Eelatives, One of the saddest scenes ever witnessed in the annex occurred at the parting between Frantz and his devoted relatives at 9 p. m. It was decided that the parting should be at that hour, and as it approached intense expectancy settled like a pall made charge nesses, their Wm. and Upon administration Harris on dec'd. The The Doogan equitable T. Emily Stewart and B. and Kyle, and performance Howard John Harris, W. Harrison Co., TO Take ciBta The bines We at the of A pre- the works, formerly of the who at the mat were Miami over hour all in the room. When the came all arose for the final kiss, the final handshake, the Burdell, Rogers Frank laid to to-day on street, is his has resumed winter. go to revivals. business. Y. M. next exhibit at Don't Admission final Mattie sobbed convulsively. She started toward her brother and her steps faltered. Frantz sprang forward to catch her, but she caughtrherself and imprinted the last kiss of sisterly affection on the face of that brother she would have saved by the sacrifice of her own life, if that could have been accomplished. Bhe tottered toward the open door and clung to it for support. In the meantime Cornelius overcome by his emotions, had fainted, as he did in the court room ' when the verdict of guilty was brought in. The scene at once became exciting and there was considerable commotion. Rev. Isaac tried to comfort the brother he was leaving and administer to the brother who had fainted and at the same time conquer his own emotions. The eistor was by tho cousin dinner in East Market assisted away Teter, and Brother Isaac, while Oomolius, who was recovering, was afiflisted by one of tho guards. When the party had loft the annex the attention of the guard wa« called to Frantz, who sank to the lloor utterly prostrated and fainting from nervous exhaustion. He was brought to finally but his nervous ByHtem was badly shattered. ._; m

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  • 19 Nov. 1897, Xenia Daily Gazette

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