Ft. Inglish article - Bonham Daily Favorite - Nov. 22, 1934

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Ft. Inglish article - Bonham Daily Favorite - Nov. 22, 1934 - t Geo. L. Ingiish of Stamford Writes an...
t Geo. L. Ingiish of Stamford Writes an Interesting Letter About Old Fort Ingiish For several weeks the Favorltef money paid, the family of Bailey Ing- formalion with a view to ree.slablLshing the fort in .some way and make It an attractive place for tourLsts who will come to Texas for the Centennial in 1936. The following letter InglLsh, formerly of has been .seeking some df finlte in- i iLsh doing ihe rest. about old Fort InglL^n The Fort was located about Two hundred yards southwest of iUmitli Lip.scomb's home, which was the oM InglLsh home place. It wek near the northwest corner of the Liacomb field. Either Chi*,s or Percy Inglteh can from OeorcT'-l show you the exact .spot. Bonham. t>ui j Bailey Ingli.sh kept open houise, now editor of the Stamford I.eader. | never charging a cent for board or contains hitere.sting inrormatlon re- rwm. .Many came who i’ld not pay, gardin>; the fort: and many of them never told their Stamford, Texa.«. Nov. 19. 1934. nam#-.-.. It was neither healthful nor FAs. Daily Favorite. Bonham, Texa.s. i wi.se to ask them, either. The Young- I>*ar Sirs: kt Brothers, the most fearless and I note in ycur Saturday i.ssu#‘ wliere 'daring men of all lime in thi United you WLsh letter.s from tho-v w’no •‘^■ate*. according to no other person- know anything about Fort Ingll.si;. j *‘iie than Je.sse James him.<w?lf, he which wa.s buU' by Bailey In^i;..sh m ;-‘a.vinp repi'aU-dly that Cole Younger the year of 1838, perhap.^ it wa.^ fin- | the most dangerous man he ever i^hed in 1839. ¡• ‘i'A’ and h#- was aetuallr afraid of no other man on earth except Cole. Fort Inglush wa.s wha» w.xs ra’.led a cole Younger told me no lt.ss than bkwk hou.se. It wa.s built at the , three different times, after he was earnest request of neighbor.*, and ' liberat#*d from hU life term In Stlll- friends of BaiU-y Ingli.sh. my granC-; water, Minn., penitentiary. ror tne father, he having bt^'n a.'-kfd repeat- ' to build it. It was lntend<*c for the pe<jpl<' to tia.hcr there In times in Indian upri-^ini' f.*t u."« .-ay right that IndiaiLs never w=-nt on r:jid.s in rainy weather, ■='o;c wraihtT nor the dark of th- mo"i; -o liwre were ’ ■ruxl' wnen <arly .settler«^ r'-.st<^d in p*ace. The Indian.* pirk’d moonlight nights Icr tnc rpa- Eons. which were: They iigured thar the white man could not .»ee well on mw;nlight niRht.“,. and they also flc- ur»'d they reuld about as well on mconhght n.ch-:^ a.s they cculd when the sun •i;*' ih;n!n2. ai;a in ’:ui' they wer«"' lì-uì’v- rnrvf'í'. .‘i» e..rnTt a.- »h- v w jr «bout !hi‘ 'A'rI* 'h:-' I ^uley In:;ii>h ^ t;:'- %''rv lit’l«*. as h '.»,a t-'Waro th ¡¡: But hus n<::îht-'.i>, wantiu the F'cr’. no he built it. If you wi.sh a very fair h’it<r.ess oí the F^ri go down lo the Ingli.«.T cem- ctrry and you will find it on Bailee ; Inghsh s tombsto’ '■ ruuU- team yra:- | ri- .^chocner anc all '.\;th ’.hv F'l.:' ■ in paiu'.adc.s t ¡,.nd Tli'- n.ai; , wi'.f- kn*’’-' :')Out ’Ahnt ’iv I-c;r ilc-' k’d .iki t-:;;-:,; nu- •<, i cop;, o robbery of the North field, Minn., bank, which wa.*« a failure, that hfc, ; topp'd at th“ Bailey Ingiish hom»* bf-kjre and after the Civil War. The Jamp-. Brolh«‘rs wf-re there, TYanK i'i,d Jf'.s; •, but they left the fight in h» for iheir own safety and told Younper to do so, too. Youn:—r said, "no. I have one broth*T broth*T ki'.’. 'd thi’re by thi- passe nno anoLlie-r perhaps fatally wounded. I ll .'tay with them till the last. Perhaps Perhaps the Jame.s Brothers stopped at my graiidfathers hou.^-. I almosr rinow ."om* of the Quanrrel gans :i:d If ti;:.s is «*f)rt2i anything, ase Y'-U;.'. v<-ry trulv. G L. INGLLSH i(>rand Jury to ; Investigate Slavinir: Slavinir: 2 .Men Held I nictiire did. ar.; For* By A.s.'^r;r;r'.ii-d Pro« WACO. Ncv 22 - Tho grand jury f'lr.i .:i-.*"Sfl':ate fhi* .»I:*:.*. M.i.< -„m Sr^-war* l< rt I o; F^;rt !>• C 1 1 ,; ii'. ' : .rt) p., Joe ' v The t*^o jail ¡..n. .ure .M- i'» V ’ ' • WI.NIER HITS ! .r • on • ! ■ ' , • » ■ : ^ ’ TE\AS, FIRST l-'.il.v ;.I . • KILLING FROST A.. » r-. t .... - ' --- - . i i V.-- rk-. t ; . Ai.= ' ., j - 0 . - \ T ■ ; • • : Tt-xa> la t 1 '< n*- 1- ■ i . A F ... tf.T.p,-radure :sm*' Ihr . '.-i - ... • ; . . . . < ' . 1 ' ’ r* portîKî. - -‘.r.-d T. •< 1 î u iirst ic:Hinf h'.i'.“ 'ns t » P. ; a ' '» I:,. ^ - . . . n . , - . ..ai; Uv :t, i' :.;i V / ■ - r - ’ . * - -? ^ ) 'W- '..d V : .• A. ... . \ h . ■ ■ . . ' ' i, Î ' .. ti..;. ? li*' ; ^ Niany ^av>‘ îS i> : f.« l.it.i-.*: X ’ ’ - • '* ' ' .. ■ - ‘ ^ * 11 . ’ i ‘ . ruirk-' Sar. = 'r.r t:.' ‘i.J' 'V.'.: *li.' Ar- A;.. ..;.0 : . ; '

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The Bonham Daily Favorite (Bonham, Texas)22 Nov 1934, ThuPage 1
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