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 - T0IIG3 i rr 1 iUil ii i ill Police Guard...
T0IIG3 i rr 1 iUil ii i ill Police Guard ii Ci.Inatown Increased in th3 Celicf Th:.t r.n Outbrsak Is Imminent. EVERY GATHERING WATCH ZD Cuspectt Halted In the Streets by the Score and Searched for " Weapons.- .7 .- 1 Cniler the outward calm of everyday He I" Chinatown Just now there la sup-piesed excitement, and those Chinamen who are not afraid to talk to an outsider admit' that trouble Is likely to start at , eny time. They say that the f.rst gun in a bitter tons' war has already been fired and that the run men ". of two strong faction ,n no Chinese colony centring around Mott and Tell and Doyers Streets are only waiting, to catch the. police off guard to strike at each other In the dark. Several member of the Four Brothers Tong and the Hip Sins Tong have been marked for death, it is believed, and during the last tew days many of the rival ton men, have been laying in arms and 'ammunition. The police know cf this, and & strong guard Is being maintained night and day. Forty-five uniformed men . are stationed at points 1" ' the heart Of Chinatown, here trouble is expected, and a dozen or more detectives In plain clothes ftrv constantly on 'duty there. Inspector ' Daley and hia right-hand man. Detective Honl-gan. are keeping In close touch with tlw P4tuatIon and have counseled each to be constantly on the watch. , The whole history of the tong war bas cen explained te each man on duty there iad the leaders of the tongs as well as fteveral Chinamen who are supposed by the police to be gun men have been point-id out to the members of the- uniformed iorce. Whenever a group of Chinamen ire seen together the police have Instructions to disperse them.. , ' The fronts and reurs of many of Chinatown's old ramshackle buildings are being fiiosely watched, and now and then a raid Is made.' Two raids occurred Just before daylight , yesterday morning, and nlne-teea Chinamen, air of whom are supposed to be gamblers, were arrested. They were turned loose later, however, because of lack of evidence. All this, however, has tended to Increase the suppressed excitement In Chinatown. It has tended also to make the members of the rival tongs even mart careful than usual and to bide their time before striking another Wow. The raids of jester-day morning were led by Sergt, Cooper of Inspector Daley's staff and Detective Caina of the Elizabeth Street Station. They were in the rear of 11 Moft Street about 4:30 when they chanced to look down through a grating and saw a large number of Chinamen sitting around tables In the basement. Several games ofMan tan were In progress and the players were excited. . . In one corner of the room was a group f Celestials, with their heads close -to-, f ether, evidently discussing something of Importance. 'The two policemen pried epen the graUng.iJumped down, and made for a half open door. But the Chinaman en guard saw them coming. He threw his weight against the door, a heavy pane or oas similar to the door of a retrlgeiat-lag plant. ; . . oeisu Cooper got his foot In the door Jamb and held it there, while he and Wuina whistled for assistance. There was a dumb waiter at one side of the basement room, and up this large number of the Chinamen escaped before police reinforcements amvea and the aoor waa forced open. Thirteeu who had oen unable to escape by the dumb waiter were arrested. Just prior to this raid there had been another on the 'third Uoor of 10 Cnatham 6c,uare. Detectives gained entrance by means of the fire escape,. and six China-tnen were arrested, is o revolvers were found on any of tne nineteen men. however, and all were discharged. A disclosure which has led the police to believe that the tongs are arming themselves In anticipation of trouble came to l?ht on Monday, when detectives went to the On Leony Tong headquarters, at 14 Jtott Street. There they found Lee Man a member of the On Leong- Tong. in nis blouse he had a heavy revolver, whh-n. the police learned, he had just purchased from a In arms -on H road way, near. Duane Street. Ying had .also laid In a store of smokeless cartridges. The detectives arrested him, and he is being: held for an examination Vina told them that he boucrht th revolver he- Cause he anticipated trouble, and because pe naa learned that most of the other Chinamen were arming themselves. tne police have been Instructed to search every Oriental who looks as though he may be carrying a revolver. Yesterday a hundred or more were halted on the streets and the police searched tnem: Few revolvers were found, how-v'r- . ... - - Inspector Daley and his men have Jearned from experience that the gun of the tonga do not go about armed sntil the time U ripe for murder. It w too risky. There are comparatively few ;" mrn in eaca of the tongs the poiic ?ay. .When tho AKsAMfnftrtnn nf nvu tong man has been aarced upon and the jtlme snd place seem riht the gun man is surrounded by members of his own tong: . e.5roup ' Chinamen moves up close ijo the victim, a revolver Is slipped into the hands of the gua man. a shot is fired. jnd the revolver is handed back by -the Fu" n and pasred along the lino until it . unis some place of concealment. J'?1" was the case on Sundar night the - police Uv when nnm t.' A Vn.o t iJ""?' Tone was shot In front of the ,'1 ieoue; Tong headquarters In Mott btret. The Chinaman Phil Wah. hn U l!!.ow ".Prisoner accused with having shot .v;'"" Kee, ls a meTiber of the On Leong t rong. as Is also Wah lAng. who. the vo- ni.-e ssj pointed out Ourn Kee to the man wno shot him. . . v , ... . .... , . ... The police say that the next move In thd Jar L ,he tngs U looked for from the four Brothers, and that while the Four U7 IIer" m,n mtiv maki a concerted move on the ldrs of the On Leong Tong it - wn 'kit tney win resort to a guer-warIar nd take pot shots at their "-i.iica. It is possible, the police say, that lead 7 " or-Jne Four Brothers and the On .4ong Tong may get together and patch J"P an agreement similar to that entered ' V3,to tetw"n the On Leong Tong and the "P bins; Tong in lttxi. each agreeing to. " ' .i-ii m wrm ifrniorr, ron commonly called the Mavor of '.Unatown. and the real leader of the vn Leong Tong faction, has Increased bis personal body guard to six men. and Is V 1 wn " tne streets without them, n the days of peace in Chinatown Tom -fe had only one body guard. The men . no accompany Tom Lee about the streets i o not carrr revolver. Thm - ,A l???, ny buHet which may be intended 10,000 FOR CHILDREN'S H0?.!E Issued de-I the adr-rd-i'erir, -reaj-e '.ics. w thinir must " next ior '27 nier more as for mlss rtl f nal Mr. the It put men now buy It per and and leaders. It label." It than ilt Is ask " how So,-000 men that kill and the like to ing the by my for to of all, by

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 15 Sep 1909, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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