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what we eat in SC 1912 - MI WE EftT SI AND WHERE WE GET IT. Jiy...
MI WE EftT SI AND WHERE WE GET IT. Jiy Josephine Clifford McCrackiti. Bret Harte, who gave many a sly slap at California and t ho Califor-nians, said that the true I'alifornian "lived a good deal below his waist"; and I have heard MmiBlgnor Fisher advise the young ladies of his flock to learn how to cook, for he said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Hut Harte's smile was cynical, Monslgnor Fisher smiled good-naturedly, as one who knows the little weakness of men. If 1 might add my little say to what these two great men have said, it would be that California women too are given to the pleasures of the table, and that many of them are excellent cooks. One would think, at least, that here in Santa Cruz very many ladleg had taken the advice of Father Fisher, to judge from their skill in the cuisine art; and cold and hard must be the heart of the husband which is not warmed and softened to a genial glow by the choice iviunds carefully prepared and spread before him in the shape of "a good dinner," in which all men rejoice. The fact that here in Santa Cruz we have the wherewithal to cook a good dinner, always at hand, both winter and summer, does not detract from the merit of the housewife who prepares it; and Bret Harte need not have spoken so sarcastically of the "big apples of California" that we boasted of, for lie never could laugh away the fact that we are singularly favored above other coun tries, and for that very reason can accomplish greater gastronomic feats.. Santa Cruz not being a world mar ket like San Francisco, depends more on home products and Is therefore a better criterion by which to Judge our resources than the larger place would be. Not but that we have all the imported delicacies here too, from smoked eel and cervelat wurst to cocounuts and bananas; but we look upon them only as Importations, not as delicacies, for our fresh crabs, our mussels, the abalone with Its beautiful shell and tender, juicy inside; our many-sided family of clams, are all more delicious than the expensive, though not expansive, smoked eel of Hamburg, and the costly, if genuine, mctwuist. And as for imported fruit, we can laugh at that, with fruit hung lemon trees in every Santa Cruz garden, and orange trees so eager to bear their fruit that trees not more than six feet high are literally covered with golden globes thrusting themselves out from among the dark green, glossy foliage. I)o I see Hret Harte's mocking face, and hear his satirical laugh, "Oh, yes; your lemons and oranges three for a penny " Hut would he have looked with more conviction on our crop of commonplace peanuts, I wonder, for we raise them not only In California but right In the neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Peanuts I are homely things, and he might have I laughed at them even more than at jour big apples; but peanuts and ap- pies are mighty factors In building I up a country; and In exporting them I they bring to California, and especially- to Santa Cruz county, as fine a revenue as cocoanuts and bananas i return to the country from whence ithey are shipped. i I ha've no time to speak or the endless variety of fruit and berries I shipped from Santa Cruz and Santa. ' Cruz county fresh in their season, J and almost as tempting Is the display iand variety of the fruits dried, from I raisins and figs down the scale through apricots, peaches, nectarines, I pears, and again the big apple. Sacks i of nuts and almonds, Santa Cruz county grown, stand ready for shlp-jment, and what 1 want to know is ; whether the great, fine, white mushrooms we cultivate here, are also sent out into the world to preach that iwe raise everything in Santa Cruz and the county. And if not, why not? And while speaking of exerting do you know that we ship from forty to filly cases of eggs a day out of Santa Cruz, even now, in the very beginning of the egg Industry? Foul-try raising Is mi longer a fad but an ; Industry In Santa Cruz, and "chicken j men are looking up." ! What we ship In the way of vegetables, I don't know; but we raise ' everything, from gumbo to Brussels : sprouts and the delicate Rohlrabi, winter and summer alike; and the heart of the lettuce Is as tender in 'January as In June. How strange U must look lo Kastern people who have 'seen their vegetable fields burled in snow, to see them green and flourishing, with everything growing and ! thriving, when they come here. I)o ; we export cattle, pigs, or mutton? I renlly don't know; but I do know that we have the neatest, most tempting- looking butcher shops here In town. ARCHITECTS. L. I). ESTY, ARCHITECTURAL DRAFT-ing and designing. Plans for buildings of all kinds. Telephone 675. Office rooms 1 and 2, S. C County National Bank llldg., Santa Cruz. no29-tf E. L. VAN CLEECK. Architect. Office Ronis 2 and 8, Neary-Sclghold Building, 121 Pacific At. Telephone John 1741. Kealdenae Black 1102. nol-tf W. H. WEBK8. ARCHITECT, OFFICE 7OU-70U Cochrane Bldg., Bush & Kearney Sts., 8a Francisco. Telephone Douglass 8008. Braocn office: WaMonrllle, California. Telephone Main 9.H. laln-tf BUILDERS. HOUSES MfVvED AND BUILDINGS erected. Stone and Umber foundation! constructed by JOHN ACHOBN. No. 104 Center St. tnhll-tf CLEANING AND DYEING. THE FRENCH ELECTRIC, ON FRONT St. (87), modern and first class. All ladies' work and men's suits correctly handled at right prices. Auto delivery. Phone 1053 R. We are prompt. fhl-tf DENTISTS. DK. T. W. DRULLARD, DENTIST, Office In the uud Fellows Building. Pa el fie At., Banla Cros. Phone Santa Crtia its. F. W. BLISS, D. I). 8.. OFFICE IN Leaak Building, PacUlc At. Phone Santa (Tin 1012J; residence phone Santa Crua 806L. W. R. LIN800TT. D. D. E.. OFFICE IN Heath Building, cor. Pacific At. and Church St., opposite tuo Town Clock, Pboue Santa Crua 818L. FOE RENT. FURNISHED HOUSES. FOR RENT NICELY FURNISHED 4 room cottage, $6.50 per mouth, including water, la V ilkes Circle. Owner 25J Wat nut Av. fbl3-tf FOR RENT ON A LONG OR SHORT LEASE, THE HOTEL METROPOLE, 48 ROOMS; MOD ERN, LOCATED IN HEART OF SANTA CRUZ; SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS', AT "SENTI- TEL" OFFICE, BY DUNCAN McPIIERSON FOR RENT FOUR ROOM FUR nished cottage, near Pacific Av.; gas and electricity- 64 Locust at. Jal3-tf FOR RENT FURNISHED, A MCE 4 room cottage with bath, toilet, electric lights, gas for cooking, wood stove; few minutes walk Irora town, inquire Branciforte Av. no28-tf UNFURNISHED HOUSES. FOR RENT FIVE-ROOM COTTAGE AND barn, Ilaekburn St., $H per month; 9-room cottage, Market St., 110 per month; 5-room cottage, Wood St., Seahright, toilet and bath, $10 per month, Rent can be partly paid in work. W ill sell cheap on your own terms or exchange lor country property, See A. Cnstofanini, 260 ', Pacific Av., Santa Crui. fb9-tf HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR RENT BY WEEK OR MONTH neatly furnished housekeeping rooms; two and three-room apartments. All modern conveniences. Inquire at 16 spruce M, ja251m FURNISHED ROOMS. LA RUB, RUNNY HOUSEKEEPING rooma with all modem conveniences, on 881J. 587 Mission St. fbS tl STOKES AND OPFICES. FOR RENT. STORE. AT 426 PACIFIC Av. Nest, central, 13 feet front, 2 rooms, by Duncan Mcrhcrson. FOR SALE. fTTIT0 Itr TTDTV Vin.rs-.S4r--a. FOR ? A I .If. R R.ST A I IR ANT AND hotel with liquor license and a good . ..... iir paying business, write or can, r Maggi, San Mateo, 165 2nd Ave. ja21-lm- with meat cheaper and better than in San Francisco. And as for fish! Why, even Hret Harte exclaimed enthusiastically "Kat pompanos and die!" Depend on it, he knew what was good; and if he had only lived long enough In Santa Cruz he would "have done Jus tice at least to our fish both salt and chovy. smelt, sardines and a dozen other kind that I can not now remem In other countries. However, you the "Sentinel" to become better post ure. PILES CURED IN S TO 14 DAYS Your druggist will tefund money if PAZC OINTMENT fails to cine iny case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles .'n 6 to 14 days, 50c r-piusiiM R. J. U. . ' BI " ' 1

Clipped from
  1. Santa Cruz Sentinel,
  2. 16 Feb 1912, Fri,
  3. Page 7

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