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fort wayne 1916 page 1 - M JOURNAL - OAZCTTI i tha Nm White H FORT WAYNE...
M JOURNAL - OAZCTTI i tha Nm White H FORT WAYNE JOURNAL - GAZEtTE. THE SLOGAN TORT WAYNE WITH MIGHT AND MADT pit JOURNAL QAZITT1'a ef Pe,ala Rue1 th, Journal Oa,tt, Want Ada Evwr Dar TtMy 01 Reealte. t founded ?;;; - .: lis (news of the world) THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 24, 1916 - 18 PAGES. (BY ASSOCIATED PRESS) PRICE TWO CENTS. WO KILLED IN NICKEL PLATE WRECK IGINEERS PERISH AND THEIR FIREMEN . NARROWLY ESCAPE DEATH WHEN LOCO MOTIVES SIDESWIPE; BLAME UNPLACED Two men were killed and two others narrowly escaped f death at 7 55 o'clock last night when freight engine 327 sideswiped sideswiped passenger engine 152 and turned it over on the Nickel Plate tracks at the rear of the International Harvester cont - ' pany building, 327 - 37 East Columbia street. The engine lell I against a freight car which was thrown. In turn, against the i brick wall of the building The dead are JOHN E BOTTGER, aged sixty Ave years, 1126 West Jef - fferson street, engineer on passenger engine which was overturned overturned P W HASSELBACH, aged thirty - five years, Bellevue, O , I engineer on freight TEN MINUTES AFTER FATAL CRASH - HUNDRERS VIEW HAVOC ASQU1TH REPEATS The men who escaped by jumping are 0 O Andrews, of Bellevue. TERMS UPON WHICH "ir """"' - August urreu, ol Greenwood Greenwood avenue, fireman on tho freight engine The east - bound freight was London Feb jj ( " p ") pulling out on the main track. remler Aaqulth found une The pMgenger enrine with A peCed tec to ha. I. th. hM$ba.. coach waa headed aaat on tha. common, to day with a n.w demand I lor th. "V'rnm.nt. view of p.. I onoomln,' He took p th. " r i frelaht H. algnahKl BottW to bk and In a brlntllng fifteen En,Mr Bott.r - whlatlad down", peech made It clea that th. Brltl.n na atartad to back on th. aiding on I irovemment a determination to carry the the aouth Th. freight waa unabl. to .. - t th. mid without compromlM ".toP ln " to arold th. craeh and the ( had not abated a Jot or tlttl. elnc the ov on ,tJ lM uklnf wltll lt a ,1 arly daya of th. atruggle car on th. aecond elding aouth. Th. only t.rma of peace Premier Looking from fhe mbln Engineer Atqulth offered to the enemy ountrle. , Bottger aaw th. approaohlng danger waa contained In th. hlatorlo an land yelled to hla fireman Andrewa, to nouncement which waa th. outstanding jump. Andrawa leaped to aafetjr while feature of hla apeech at the London Bottger waa carrtad down with th. .n - ;nn. junginear HasMlbaoh, on th. rolght waa thrown from bia aaat and mmWmWt '.''' & - '' t I VsBaA RhKTX1H.H' " H j i. - i. y ? M G9mmmmWL vlm it $tt.JUaf " at - saanw anVMP yiiJHiH ,sHKP SSSSSSSSSS1JBiaflBHewafiS "ASC fit 1fraSSSSBSSS BSSSSSSSSBf w!eMMaMlaWKagl5aWPaaWMBaWHMBaWaaaaaMaMaaKa - ' JKi " ?' tt - UH KKSiKmHKKEiHKESMSttKStBKBiitK0fB llaesaaaasgSsBst K9HfcfliHlldHft,v JiHPPiH HiHRni.W'IHiiLHHiWM asaananWsw m.? HVBtaByH.IK.B r .vlBsBSitL jtaanaw sannnnnVi9?lsyii IYLED DY CROWN PRINCE (II Guild hall In November iM which he repeated L , W ahftU nr hfttb th aword, which w haTiut UcbUy armw. ntU Btlclum - nd I wtll add, Brblv - r - covtr in full meuurt all id mort Xhan they - hava aarif1d tinttt rranea li adaquataly aacuid agalnat asra - Mon until tha rihta of tha mail na tiona of Europa ara baaad upon unaa - r uii.kiB fnt.nAtLtlon and until tha mill tr domination of Praaata ta wholly and anauy daatroyaa. - k. neiMk mlnlgrlar'A mtarn daalara tion cratd a daap Impraaaion on all parts of tha nouw ana inn iuana r ' flection Bubaequantly in tha lobblai Tha nnMitan for tha Dimlra pro - I hounoamant waa a apaach which ! fhiiip Hitowaan 01 mm uu9ii.j.i. t ttat party tnjactad Into tho dabata on th consolidated fund bill, a rouUna I maasur provldlns appropriation fi mainiv for intarsat on th national Mr Snowdan urged that tha tim t was rlpa for pac negotiationa main i lainlng - thara waa HtUa or no hope of into the wreckage t tha paaaenger sTih. H - waa rwahod t Hti Joaeph a boa. plUI ln tha police ambulance but died ten mlnuta later Bottger waa - dsaA. In oharg at th time of the accident waa to - taka naaaanaar train No. 4 aaaA at I 01 o'clock. It had pulled down ' frelarht to paea reared Explosion. Prr two hours city fireman and train crews worked to "throw th fir from th overturned engrine and prevent Its explodl g The fire waa takn from the freight engine Immediately following tha crash Th city fireman had two lines or hoe run to ato in thia work and orevent the wooden box oar agalnat which the engine waa thrown from eatchina - lira Train crew and firemen endangered their Uvea during (Continued eti Page 12 Column 1 ) The accompanying picture wag taken, twenty ndnntee after atbuhd froigntKo. 44 aldeawlpedf paea anger ebgln 151 6 ihe Nlckal PJaW track a the r of the Zntematloual Harreeter company boUdtog laat eraning Engineer ehn B. Bottger and f H. Baaaaloaek wer both tOimd. The big paaaenger engine iftartlng from th aouth track onto the mat track; with baggage car when tfr brakemaa ahead tnming the swttch aaw th approafhing freight from th west 1 signalled engineer Bottxor ta - revarae and back. ootata aouth arack - . Ch)anr& did Hot teach cloArlngtfi tima and. wa kvrted. en its atds - aaalnst a etast L .. .1 mi ntii . - Iiiiiiii"! piifi iff tl Tlif i" i V" ' " Jr Jag MfiLvmaii Stands by Crook Husband BULLETIN KEW TCkRK, Feb St. Grant Lyr I masw who la - belag nought by th fed - J oral authoritlea in connection with the collapse f a atock promotion venture through which investors all over th country are aiiegea nav Deen swindled out of approximately $300 000 ha been ln commanioation with friends here by mean f cod advr States Commissioner Alexander chrlst to dav Mrs Leontin Lyman wife "broker" .r;TirnHimr mi l r nici ainiu wjiiii in aiiai u n UCIHUbiiMIIU LLUIOLMIUHO VTMI1I WMmillll .iipii f ii ilia - a iimiu vii if i ! niiiu i n k .i LONDON Feb 23 Troops jbelonjringr to seven German army corps, under Crflwn j Prince Frederick William, are I engaged along a twenty - flve - mile front north of Verdun ln a desperate effort to drive back, the French defending forces, probably with the capture of the great fortress of Verdun in view There had been very heavy rf,h"If.'or ""i.lderabla Period In S ." i?ct u th rnch war aotie. but within the laat few dara th. M tacka of tha Uertnana ha, taken n added atremth The battle Una haa extended and now reachee from Mai !eaat with Verdun ln the center only a. few rollee aouthward ... uuumwh vuiun to ruvr. mala Important adrancea and to aora. .x t.nt thp.. ar. admitted br th. JTenoh. war office which deecrlboa th. bttl I "". of Increaalnc Intanaitjr ' The Oerman preparatlone war ear. f tanalve and the bnmbardmaat of lb Franch poaltlon with thouaaada oC ( ahella waa uninterrupted Aa tfe - a 1 French had f oraeen thla batUe all thetr I available a - uai were called loto a i tlon and reaponded ln kind to tha j hear? .helling, of the Germane. While at aom. polnta th. Ftwioh rw.r. unable to raalat tha oaalauht of the attacking force, alone much .f the front, according to tho Parle oom municatlon the attacka were well aua - talned and very Jiea.Tr loaee. wm ta Dieted on the Oermana. Another Brltleh ateamer tha Waai burn haa put Into port firing tha Oerman Oerman nag and with a Onaiu prtae Bant. Crua. TenacWa. Bh. haa aa board lot priaonerr taken from Taitoua Brltlah Taaaala which hav. bean aunkr br Oerman raldera On the Ruaalan and Auatruui frowt there haa beau vonetdarabla nghUnc point tha Auatrlarwi' avcMdad n penetrating their - Ilnea. No lata adcr - S rtcet karr - VeaMvM IMm th' vwinn - wavnw' nt jiueaiana ma oontlnulng their. - .ainult of th, r WILSON SUPPORTERS THINK MOVE FATAL LISBON, Feb. 23(Vla iParU. Feb. 2412 40 a. m ) The commander of the naval dicitton here at 4 o'clock thi afternoon, apparently of hit own initiative, took forcible WASHINGTON. Feb. 23. Agitation in congress for action ' possession of thlrtu - six German warning Americans off armed ships of the European bel - , and Austrian vessels lying In ligerents suddenly grew to such proportions to - day thai the the Tague river, hoisted the democrats of the" foreign affairs committee voted to canvass Portugueie colore on them and treating drka. TAKEN BY RAIDER APPEARS ASPRIZE LONDOV Feb S3. (10 5 p m ) A dispatch received from Santa Cru,

Clipped from The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette24 Feb 1916, ThuPage 1

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)24 Feb 1916, ThuPage 1
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