Yates is Favorite in State's Oil Belt - 1908

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Yates is Favorite in State's Oil Belt - 1908 - YATES IS FAVORITE IN STATE OIL BELT Speaks in....
YATES IS FAVORITE IN STATE OIL BELT Speaks in. Lawrence and Crawford Counties and Finds That Strength of Two Yaers Ago Has Been Vastly Increased. CHALLENGES NULLIFIERS TO FORCE BOSS RULE ON COUNTRY Big Crowds Cheer Speaker at Robinson Robinson . and Lawrenceville A. Hanby Jones Plans to Deliver to Deneen Is Badly Shattered. Sprcial kMxtuaUh to The Inter tXaj. LAWRENCEVILLE. III., June 4. Former Governor Yatea continued hla campaign in tbe oil belt today, speaking at Robinson. Crawford county, and in this (Lawrence) county. Before leaving Marshall In the morning the Governor went through the of-tices of-tices of-tices of tbe Ohio Oil Company. ' People are oil mad In this section of Illinois. Illinois. Forty million barrels of oil have been taken out of the Held here In. less than three years at an expenditure of 30,000.000. Of this amount fully one-third one-third one-third has been left In tbe counties of Clark. Crawford, and Lawrence. Lawrence. - The landowner gets the value of one-sixth one-sixth one-sixth f tbe oil produced from his land, and lbs opening up of the field bas done wonders for the eastern Illinois counties. Lawrencevllle is lighted, and heated by natural gas. which in some localities is found Just above the oil.. Tbe. courthouse, the churches, tbe business houses, and the residences residences are all heated here by gas at a minimum minimum cost. Tbe oil wells on the county farm support that institution and from tbe surplus surplus income the county is going to build a sheriff's residence next to the Jail. Mr. Yates has been much interested In his ride through this territory, the countless oil tanks that dot the fields abowlng in sharp contrast to the verdant covering of the landscape landscape throughout the corn belt. Yatea Favorite la Coast y. Lawrence county gave Yates the biggest majority in hla race for Senator of any i county in the entire state. He carrted it by j over 600 majority. While tome few of those . who were for blm two years ago are oppos- oppos- lng him now, tbe largest proportion of those , who were fighting him then are for him now. -and -and Lawrence county Republicans assured Mr. Yates that in proportion to the vote of the county they were going to lead tbe pro i cession again as the record Yates county In ' Illinois. j This county has never failed to show its friendship for Yates, and at the congressional ! convention at Salem a few weeks ago Law- Law- i rence county held the balance of power and 1 prevented instructions in accordance with t the Deneen plan. David R. Fish, chairman. of the county t central committee, and every member of the county committee, la for Yates. Ex-Representative Ex-Representative Ex-Representative Ex-Representative Phillip W. Barnes, now a prospective prospective candidate for the State Senate, ia among the stroug advocatea of the Yatea cause. Repabllesa Kdltor lilhaaslsa. ' J. B. Stout, editor of the Republican. Is upportiug Yates. Attorney 8. J. Oee, City Marshal nan Thorn, J. H. Highsmlth, Circuit Circuit Clerk Frank Anderson (the youiigest county treasurer In Illinois, being nominated thirty days before be was 21), Clarence Buchanan, county surveyor; Dr. A. T. Abel,' coroner; Dr. J. D. French, and Cbarlea D. Wright, central committeemen, are among the wctive friends of the forinvrr Govern or-yj or-yj or-yj here. The sneering was heid in- in- theceurthonser and the Lawrenceville band gave a concert before tbe speechmaklng began . Mr. Yates did not reach here until 8:30. and H. H. Bancroft addressed tbe audience briefly before his arrival. The ex-Governor ex-Governor ex-Governor waa introduced by Dr. Fish, chairman of the evening. -- -- V. . 1 .1 . in li I n lurrtil IBiro anni "The time bas come in the history of Illinois Illinois politics when tbe people are all powerful. powerful. They have' a weapon In the ballot box whose strength no one will dare. gainsay. gainsay. I have always been one of those- those- who believed In I be people, and I (rust them today today with ar-.-ater ar-.-ater ar-.-ater ar-.-ater ar-.-ater coufldence than ever be- be- '; cause the campaign that I am making Is not ; a personal campaign. It Is one that has the -support -support tnd co-operation co-operation co-operation of a large body of j T . V. 1 ( . u . I r. Tlllnl. mfrkA tuilt.v. IK. tfm' has come to enthrone again true Republic- Republic- f. anism and make the doctrines and principles 01 Kepublicenism suDervient to every oiner eonsideratlon. Caallenare to Mlatemaker. . "It is for. this reason that I am before you tonight. I am not so egotistical as to believe believe that the outpouring of the people all over the state is to do honor simply tome. Oh. no; that is cot the caae at all. .Tbe primary primary Jaw has aroused popular Interest 'in public aff-tirs. aff-tirs. aff-tirs. ar popular Interest In publtc affairs is the safeguard of all our liberties. ' "The question of the nomination of a Republican Republican candidate for Governor Is up to the people. The caucus workers and the bosses nave been relegated to the shades of political eblivion. Try as they may. fellow citizens, the Chicago crowd of political slatemakers can never put into practice their pjan In the down state counties, end I dare them to try It. The men in all sections of the state that are supporting me are engaged In making a grand rally for a square deal, and such a fight was never made In vain. I am deeply grateful for the support this county has given me In the past, and thla magnificent till among friends." "Don't make any . mistake about It. fellow citizens, we must reform ourselves within urselves or we never will be reformed. We must be true to party platforms and pledges. Tbey must be kept, tf It be parly treason to criticise primaiy nullification and the Chicago Chicago caucus idea. m:kp ii.e roott ef It. "I consider my Hepubiicanisiu Htoud ij none. I have enjoyed and suBered flrbttnc the battles of the parly, and wttn tfce canvass canvass is over, it you so (tct.lferll, I shall la glsd to mc Ju re J.uave !n the pttl-acn. pttl-acn. pttl-acn. make a speech for the whole ticket. I have presented my caae, the verdict Is with you.y ipraki la f rawfera roaatf . At Robinson In tfce afternoon Mr. Yates addressed an audience of. oyer uOO at ihv courthouse. E. S. Baker, postmaster, pre-! pre-! pre-! elded, and among those who met the e -ticveiaor -ticveiaor icd acted as a reception commit' tee were G. W. Harper, editor of tbe Arena; Attorney O. J. McCarty. Dr. A.'G. Meserve. A.' Huls. A. J. Atkins, and William Brown. Captain Lo Verton. former member of the Legislature, headed 2 big delegation from Palestine. ' - Robinson is the home of A. Hanby Jones of pure food commission fame, wfio bad decided decided the destiny of Crawford county Republicans Republicans for years. . Jones was a past matter in pitying the political game under the delegate delegate system, but with the primary law he Is a political Samson shorn of his strength. Before Tates became a candidate Jones was ready- ready- to band over his entire congressional district as sure for Deneea. Now be will do well to carry Crawford county for Deneen. Yates la strong in these , eastern border counties and Crawford la lining up with tbe rest ot them. FIND GIRL TRUELS0N SAID ; HE KILLED ON GUNNESS FARM V i Mac Q'Rellljr Adaalts ae Married Ca-.. Ca-.. Ca-.. Ceased Slayer Waa la HsekNter Whew MaaSayaHeMardcredHer. ' .Ppeclal Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. SARATOGA, N. Y.. June 4. Mae O'Reilly. who. Jullua G. Truelson, Jr., declared In j "confession" to tbe Texas authorities was J murdered on the Gunness farm at La Porte, j Ind.. la In this Tillage, alive and well. She J arriVed on Friday last from New York city j and Is tbe guest of friends here. Miss O'Reilly at first denied her Identity. "If vou work FOR HIM. " he Und butter, worK him and stand i - out to a pun-" pun-" pun-" put w " r-- r-- r-- I pound of eternally disparage you are ou 1 I V A . a rM1 ill are lf you oo you will never you but later admitted ite According to the atory told by Daniel F. Welch, a member of the family with whom she Is stopping, she has been employed In. New York city the past winter. Miss O'Reilly, Welch said, knows nothing of" Truelson or of his story, except that part of It In which he refers to his marriage with her. This Is a fact. Werch further stated In her behalf, adding that after Truelson's imprisonment imprisonment she had nothing further to do with him. She declared further that she has never been In La Porte, Ind. In June. 1907. when Truelson alleged In hla "confession" that he and Mrs. Gunness killed her, 'she waa at Rochester, she explained. " - kl rj .My v"i - Jr-- Jr-- Jr-- ' Ia

Clipped from The Inter Ocean05 Jun 1908, FriPage 3

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)05 Jun 1908, FriPage 3
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  • Yates is Favorite in State's Oil Belt - 1908

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