24 December 1896, Part 2 (pg. 8)

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24 December 1896, Part 2 (pg. 8) - SAUE. to.imiEP from nmrr page. re-2.719. IMr-...
SAUE. to.imiEP from nmrr page. re-2.719. IMr- w-boaa w-boaa w-boaa hm want auad fiat I tbw reaViaatMi lUtTb tURaraaUy brtftjat. - bvly waa adaeatad at ' asd kt Baidat ta ba la tl farwrlta '- '- "W rar. "W aweiaJ ardrtHa. bat tm, aert-al aert-al aert-al no Uttaa snrra X tartwar UM atart, ba tba ', fata aaa? a,. aaaa rut Kite atrjtwaasa rhat aTW-ata aTW-ata aTW-ata t " : tnto frtata Boyar kntywreda-a. kntywreda-a. kntywreda-a. taa waa aaadin, Bnasla Iririia ta ttaatiaira that th, Urtar a u ba- ba- Cama hm "art fa. DEEPER. ru- chaic-ferlx.! ("haia-peake undn- rela-'r Tli- 1 Anverl-rtarus. a lo-mor-row. ilH-if lndorae-ments. for it at by Ba wta "Taa taa. ba taat2tyTnt" in frsy tft. tatt-day tatt-day tatt-day tba fatJar of rravrtta taatllVad.tba ba mam aaJatrnksra rarvUrrdaAy. aatsd 1344. at faa-t. faa-t. faa-t. ha dad Taot aaa Altjart tva sdl avftar sj"-pear sj"-pear sj"-pear Jtta atxht avtrr wata aaaa taa aax alay. Expaart araryrioaj ta-rttrarty ta-rttrarty ta-rttrarty as to ma nav- nav- ttara aX ba won ad whAcb a-aaasad a-aaasad a-aaasad Bsiai Aal- Aal- Ua"s death was raaumd. wben tT. C. w. aUtta. rw waa oa tba a-tat-sl a-tat-sl a-tat-sl a-tat-sl a-tat-sl U waa laaaTaalatL H, savkt t . - aaa mat roaaiaL, That a pavraoa tsTould ba abla ta ftra a oavd abot avftar raaraM-rlnt raaraM-rlnt raaraM-rlnt tut Injory sacb tva aaa inflactad in Baaai, Uttlw'a head by taa first. If tba ravoJvaa wtara Isteid stats da of tba ear, sa aa ta avoid trwadoa vnaa tba first aaoot waa flrad. an. If that baalaa, did not injur the nerve cent- cent- of tba brain. It would ba poaalbra to Ore a aayeward. bat It would not be probaltle tha, two ahota I boa dlacharced would tew- tew- only oa wound. Jars. Isabel Fowler tra titled thai Baaai laltU bad oonfidard bar trow ban to tha all-neaa. all-neaa. all-neaa. 6b waa very daparvdent and aatd aba waa arotng; to take bar Ufa. Whan Ba-st Ba-st Ba-st saw bar tba lasat tint aha said: Oood-by! Oood-by! Oood-by! You'll tasyrer aa m aataja" Baaala waa weepin, tat teal y when ana left tba wtt-aaa, wtt-aaa, wtt-aaa, Vila tba threat of suicide oa bar Up. A TBMBO aWsTtTTHBAsXT. A character witness dlsoloaed th fact j tttat I'ranta haal a th wltnea was alia rilrle Boyar. Lli4 Mat I er wara Charles " ! oab4afai prtoe ta ' iifltill avf Ikar aad ad- ad- talrar ab aslkiil a-r a-r a-r t ta rias-iir rias-iir rias-iir eaaxr aaa arto- arto- aanas wtta sawa ia a swuat eordlaJ man near "I hcapa you ar feaim, well. AJbaaa,- AJbaaa,- ah aaahi. ami. after chat t Ita ! tba a faw paotiiaitta. aba rartrrad t tba wttnaaa door rocaav. Vita Boyar atasT-nted atasT-nted atasT-nted that Frasts . waa paytaai BttemlAa t bar Iaat "TJarmA anal . P"1-, a umme r dartnsr wbk-b wbk-b wbk-b rrarwad. wltbOat M 'aa bar, ta ft" . COXTTXCKD FROM FIRST PAOFa. frruri4"rJyoth mitirrctlon AVaviiltta corn pa ny for tb diaaatatloa of th ea-moern ea-moern ea-moern and for ar7atl3a7srltT for Stat Tiuasurar Sttv vsraa. arx-offlctio arx-offlctio arx-offlctio gutter vtaor of Building; and Loaat A sa-ortstiaina. sa-ortstiaina. sa-ortstiaina. to aaauma control of It. a ,h tha JaA In, try th Mna and In la a asatt sUrwady ft lad Bu-jaa-aaor Bu-jaa-aaor Bu-jaa-aaor Bu-jaa-aaor Bu-jaa-aaor of Buttd- Buttd- lnT Apaltaaaoaa Orry makes cnarce of lr. j cajaTrraytAaBt tcna-DAernant tcna-DAernant tcna-DAernant and raTdaaraproprwa- raTdaaraproprwa- . tJoa of fund. ..Alnar. aaveral nUamen j prvrnnarat In laacati anajat-lal anajat-lal anajat-lal Flrrlea. j a a a third sweat heart. Thai xn mcaT or tna aotanoajit cornttajiy ara. , I ae a,. Chartaa P. 1-ia-aaah 1-ia-aaah 1-ia-aaah 1-ia-aaah 1-ia-aaah of tba CXim- CXim- th'a efenlraTf t he kaaearl MlM ! r krr A ltoyer stated thafshe had rrtctrlved atten- atten- lAwrar. Vic l-artderat l-artderat l-artderat aad Counael: rrank- rrank- Th tlon from rranta durlna; Iaat aprtn. and to p. Joraaa. TkVr St. laoal, Truat Com- Com- TJ aTberi 5ot torarTnlnTi- torarTnlnTi- bar Clerk of tb kalaawppl Vailay Tmot C-m- C-m- C-m- C-m- rearular company. but th.y war very XMLaJ and A. K. Taaosy. PT-aadant PT-aadant PT-aadant of Bar- Bar- rood frterad... Ha alw.yi i amfd to b. a A. Mm1oo Mo ty.rector.. quiet, pea crania anil moral yuun aaata. i twiili.iv.. .ka rrarvarlv kent a sTUIt I Iraarnnctor Grav aava that they taavt par- par- la tore, fare expert tewtla-rooy tewtla-rooy tewtla-rooy a to revol- revol- vera. Ha Bald a-evotver a-evotver a-evotver 01 tn aaroe niaa-and niaa-and niaa-and cattlrber required oifferant devree of fore to be daaoliarxt-d. daaoliarxt-d. daaoliarxt-d. thla hetny resrulated by tb aurenrih of tn rrn,. This was to aho-w aho-w aho-w that the fun introducad by lb atat as betni identical with the on by hkb Heaaln little met ner aeatn miartta aatt-feranx. aatt-feranx. aatt-feranx. ao far aa tbe manner of ot'achargina It la eonnerned. . . . Mra. Noah H. Brookarya. who was tvt tb burain-r burain-r burain-r of th stable, testtlfied that she heard Frantx cry "Fire! Fire!" and tbouaht he walk doing- doing- evarrythlna ha could, under tn c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. c-lrrnamstan.-e-s. to control th name. Tb identity of A mystertou indlvWubl ronnected with the trial eame to llAht today, today, lie waa tha man who purehased a revolver revolver of J. W. Polnce. at Dodds", "run-store, "run-store, "run-store, within th last 10 days, and waa standing; in th Courtroom when Point, while teatifylr.tr. was unable to se any person person prsent to whom he had aoid a weapon within th period mentioned. When Poinc tr-atlfled tr-atlfled tr-atlfled that HI IDCNTiriD) rbAJCTX As th man to whom he sold a thlrty-two-caUbasr thlrty-two-caUbasr thlrty-two-caUbasr thlrty-two-caUbasr thlrty-two-caUbasr revolver two weeks before HeaeiH Little met Iter death the defense endeav-ort-d endeav-ort-d endeav-ort-d endeav-ort-d endeav-ort-d to show that Foince's eyesight waa ao poor as to render him unalila to Identify any one under such circumstance. The defense to-day to-day to-day called to th atand J. "t . Koogle, a young watton rnaker, wlio test 1-fied 1-fied 1-fied that a week airo Iaat Thursday ho bought a revolver at Laodds'a arunstora. and that be was Ktandinar in plain vtara ut tna Courtroom when PoTno railed to Identify any on as a rucrnt ptji-chaaer ptji-chaaer ptji-chaaer of a tun. He Identified a revolver in tba hands of Frantt's attorneys aa tbe on he purchased. Under cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination th witness went to pieces, and admitted that Judae Kreit-er. Kreit-er. Kreit-er. one of Krants's attorneys, sent him to the rtinstcrre with tft to buy the revolver. He admitted that he tried to prevent Poince. from identifying him tn th courtroom courtroom by k raping; his face turned partially away pearly all the time. He denied that he had his coat collar turned up and his hat pulled down over his eye whan h boueht th revolver. Th wttneas be-came be-came be-came very much ionf iwed and t-mbarraisaed. t-mbarraisaed. t-mbarraisaed. He said the gun cost only $.' 30, and-he and-he and-he received received tb remain inK 1 50 for buying; It. Kooarie bears a strong; rasemblanr to Frantz. and seems to have been selected for the service because Naf bis appearajM. stated toaattea; their oaartar. JOT A CHIT Will Mooon Work mra Laraae Throuarh ttaaa Illlnola BAnk. IxDIJk-rArous. IxDIJk-rArous. IxDIJk-rArous. I-rt I-rt I-rt Decern bar 23. Tha Naw Honon Railroad Company baa fd0.taj0 In Uva NatrOraaJ Bank of IlUnots, which f Ail ad at Chrcago th catharr day. Th r-uleu- r-uleu- r-uleu- r-uleu- pay day on that road ta tha 28th of tb month, the pay mean (a being; mad by o-hecks o-hecks o-hecks trhrota-h trhrota-h trhrota-h local A-nts. A-nts. A-nts. There haa bn some uneaatneaa arrttui, tba mean, who f aar that they watt aMrher kaae thrkr month's wttftm, or have to.tak a reductlora. "There ta no need of the sampaoyaa of tba road bain- bain- uneaay or dJapoalntf of their Ha! ma." aald Judge Wools, or tb United Btatea Court. "Thka Court will as taat tba man ar paid tn full, even If K Is naceaaAry to lawua ix:44vear' certin rates to do ao. Tba man will not lease a flv-i7aant flv-i7aant flv-i7aant pier." 3V4 today la of No. . 60 ; subdi- No. Pea-body, Oolum-biA B3 In and M Wi , aanity aa L , 27 and Lot and ISSAHITY FEATURE Of the ricfi-nse ricfi-nse ricfi-nse Brought Out By Tea-tint Tea-tint Tea-tint Tea-tint our tad Deposit iona. Tne defena this aJeirnoon mad Its first effort to show that Bessie Little did not scream Ijr-fore Ijr-fore Ijr-fore Qie fatal shots were fVred. They called to tha stand Miss Margaret ChaJrraeT. a yotrng lady who mauie a aoclal visit tb evening of the tragedy to th resi-denca resi-denca resi-denca of John Herby and daughter. Tna Herbya bad testified for the state that just barfore not lorn g the revolver shots on th BtMla-svter BtMla-svter BtMla-svter briug they beard a piercing ncream. Th proaaK-ution proaaK-ution proaaK-ution has contended that a person oommittitic suicide would not scream before abooting fiarrniaelf or herself. Mk-ts Mk-ts Mk-ts Chalmer testmed that ahe left the resideno of the Herbya bot ween 7 and 8 o'clock. While riataar the river and on her way horn ah be Ard a shot on the bnage, but she. heard no no-ream no-ream no-ream at all. Under CT-otas CT-otas CT-otas -ex -ex an Una t ton Mhan Chalmers aald ahe heard but on shot- shot- Two bullets were found rn Teal 1 At tie's head. Mlsa Jebette Chalmers, a piaster of HIm Margaret, testified testified that she was wKh Mlas Margaret and that she heard no aoreaxn. Under oroaa ex- ex- amlnarion .Mlas Jenett aald ahe did not know whrHhea th shot ab hoard was fired on the ra-itiare ra-itiare ra-itiare or not- not- She thought It was oa the earn aid, of tha bride . Bfa, beard but on abot- abot- Th quarstson of Beaarl Let tie's ag waa A eubtaet of tttatimorry trrta afternoon. Cot- Cot- 1 1 . . raMaa at. a - ...ari I ul aaa rl nai nt imtua aJtiiin, ut. -j -j . u.. ......... .-a .-a .-a ' . the Miami counaty Inrh-maj-y, Inrh-maj-y, Inrh-maj-y, Inrh-maj-y, Inrh-maj-y, was called to tn mail a ana rRODCCXD THU PAVXITtrHl Of his irieKh-atioTt. irieKh-atioTt. irieKh-atioTt. Ttie rex-cards rex-cards rex-cards showed that Edith Doty was admitted, witb her child. Beavste. In May. 1871, This would TnaJt Beanie Beanie berweea 25 and 26 veaars old. Th object of this testimony waa to ahow that Beai was much older tnan rTanta, aaa naa a su-perTor su-perTor su-perTor influence over hrm. He was not et 21 during their ooajrtshln. Rev. A. B. Hoover, on of tb asaorrlAta rtastors of trie t oli "are street crturch. to which tTavntx rteaongexi. teatinajd that Fran is had always borna a irood reputation. Under croas-exarnvrraation croas-exarnvrraation croas-exarnvrraation tha witneaa admnted that Frantx -mid -mid aom attention to a Miss Mil linger, of Wat Dayton, during th tiro he araa oeame Lxttle s or-otnlsed or-otnlsed or-otnlsed huaoauraa Th insanity ft-atiare ft-atiare ft-atiare of the dafwnse waa taken up art B o clock tbla ATterrrtooti. Dr. j, D. Thomas, one of th physlcaana at th Dayton Biavta Asylum for Itisexi, tee-tified tee-tified tee-tified that Abt-abam Abt-abam Abt-abam Studebaker, an unci of Frantx, la now an Inmate or that Inatitu-tlon. Inatitu-tlon. Inatitu-tlon. He was admitted tbe last trrrae Ser.- Ser.- t ember H, 1SKJ. He haul been aant to asy lums tour times tterore ma iaat aa-tfrusauota. aa-tfrusauota. aa-tfrusauota. being- being- released at Irite-rvela Irite-rvela Irite-rvela aa cunsd. He la at preetrnt an hiinata. The oaus of his ni ls naeraaiti . ana tv k vtoletut. at i uraa. ' n - a..a.. rcccia '-.a '-.a '-.a .varure. PE0P8 FELL From. Unflor -aVrral -aVrral Saperiop' Rank When the Illinois National FelL "vVbst Brrriuort, Wis, DaWmber "A The Bank of YVest Superior, capital b.iO.0O0 and AVJ.iarafi surplua, susperaded operations this morning as a direct reaul t of tlra fail- fail- urea of tba Bank of Mlnnaeota and tha Bank of Illlnola. The notice of sunpatialon stated that th cause was th Bank of Mln- Mln- nofa, but tbe Bank of Illinois weaakanad tt considerably, , At th Novramber state ment the bank had dejot-its dejot-its dejot-its of f78.M7. and -rediscounts -rediscounts of fl.IiOo. The loans and discounts discounts war SlOO.DTl, real estate aateta f-l8.41, f-l8.41, f-l8.41, bonds and se-curitiea se-curitiea se-curitiea (3,391. and cash on hand f 22,2TjO ll. Of this cash on hand f-W.OUO f-W.OUO f-W.OUO waa In th outslds failure, which com perl led th Institution to clow. Tb ofndala aay they expect to resume and pay dtrpodltors tn full. BIG ATTACHMENTS SESVED. Natw York, Tofmbrr 3. Tha ShriiY to day rearvd two attsarhmsrsts, sgrrgatlrig f'Jtl,8Sl, aratnst th property in this city of th Bank of VHnneaota, of St. Paul, which failed yeaterday. One attacnaroent, for fa54.Ml, was tn favor of Henry W. MU-lag' MU-lag' MU-lag' on an aaaigriatd claim of tb Third Na-tlonaU Na-tlonaU Na-tlonaU Bank of Bo ton, and th other for $3.00X1. in favor of CtTrr-asUus CtTrr-asUus CtTrr-asUus 8. Loder. MIHUEoOTA BASK BE0EIVER8. St. Pactu Mm.-., Mm.-., Mm.-., lacember 2a. Frank A. Seymour and Attorney W. H Llghtej- Llghtej- war this avftarnoda appointed by Judge Otis to be joint recelTeia of tha Bank of Mtanaaota. Tbey wara requirad to file a joint bond of 1 1,000.000. and will Unmr-diately Unmr-diately Unmr-diately ssaacan of the bank. th Ing eba-e th th th tia LUMBER rATLTJEE. Niv Tc-xa. Tc-xa. Tc-xa. Iarambr a3-iTh a3-iTh a3-iTh New Tork Aad Nw Jersey Lunltsr Company, a Wast Vtxginaa cauT-rroa-atkan, cauT-rroa-atkan, cauT-rroa-atkan, cauT-rroa-atkan, cauT-rroa-atkan, to-day to-day to-day aAaagna-d aAaagna-d aAaagna-d to HAvrwood R. Pcaot. Tba) C4rnfnvny was ka-cxaToratd ka-cxaToratd ka-cxaToratd tn l&n. CLOSED 1T8 D00B8, Toa AuBtnut. MAlWat, Datsymlrsr 23. Tba Amarlcan Banking and Trust Company, of AiAburn, closed ita doors and mads appti-catlon appti-catlon appti-catlon for a -receiver -receiver to-dsy. to-dsy. to-dsy. an aunt of the acaeissa rl. was aaimitted to th asylum Julv 13. lvS b4ns; a victim of hfrreditary Insanity, witb I nomicioaj tmaenx-ri. tmaenx-ri. tmaenx-ri. tion. rtoatt A. Al-baugh, Al-baugh, Al-baugh, of Maami Country, ex -Speaker -Speaker pro tern, of the Houee of Kepresentativea, teattl-lied teattl-lied teattl-lied that the Frants family formerly lived near hi, borne, and be knew them weJL He sold tha accueea bad borrat a good rqtMa-tlon. rqtMa-tlon. rqtMa-tlon. lit MIAMI cxytjjrTT. He remembered the lnsanltv of th stiirla- stiirla- boo i bakers. Hebeoca Nebr waa a twin, siatar-4 siatar-4 siatar-4 , or tne motner or tne accused. He knew Jo-, Jo-, I seph Btu da-baiter, da-baiter, da-baiter, an o titer brother of a,t-utt a,t-utt . Frantx's mother, to be insane. lr Jacob Studebaker, a Brat cousin of Al-! Al-! Al-! bert. the witneaa knew to be a gibberSng L000 trrlreclle. requiring the constant care of bis I relatives to control him. The defense pre-1500 pre-1500 pre-1500 ' sented depositions of seven witnesses to i the same effect as Mr. AJbaogh's testl-417 testl-417 testl-417 i mony. A deposition was presented from ' Art-rnus Art-rnus Art-rnus Smith, a farmer of Deer Creek 600 (Township, Caaa County, Indiana, who 1s a i neighbor of John, Studebaker. another 1.000 . brother of Frantx's mother. It alleged that JJohn Studebaker Ifad been an In mat of w . insane asylums at Indianapolis and at Lo-. Lo-. ; "anaport- "anaport- Children of John, H alleged, I were -rewarded -rewarded as Insane. Four of tbera rata. : killed themttel vea Geory-e, Geory-e, Geory-e, one son. shot '-' '-' i klauall. T .1.1 t a a a. a 1 .. . ' ' "-rc-ritit "-rc-ritit "-rc-ritit "-rc-ritit "-rc-ritit aaat, iiatiStaNI DUXB BOGUS MORTGAGE Sold, a Kokomo Real Xumvmtm Maa For trie venteaeu MaDdred. araciAt, snarATca to tsi sXA-rn-ia sXA-rn-ia sXA-rn-ia sXA-rn-ia sXA-rn-ia KoOm-o. KoOm-o. KoOm-o. IsTD.r IeoraTibar 23. W. TL. BlacUVdg. a ptxymlnent and wealthy -real -real aatat and laoavn ageavt of thla city, was ap- ap- paraa-stly paraa-stly paraa-stly the victim of a srraooth fox-a-ery. fox-a-ery. fox-a-ery. fox-a-ery. fox-a-ery. A few days ago a Urge, finar--loorlng finar--loorlng finar--loorlng finar--loorlng roan. ad-Tine ad-Tine ad-Tine his nam aa A. W. fsAtfas-er, fsAtfas-er, fsAtfas-er, of Not- Not- Urtarharn, Well, County, a-kppaBaj-ed a-kppaBaj-ed a-kppaBaj-ed a-kppaBaj-ed a-kppaBaj-ed with a f'J.oOO motrgag on tha farm of Barnul Belgbler, of Monro Town ship, and wanted to seU It- It- Mr. Blacklidga, being well acquaiated with Blgblor aad aJso tbm signsnMU-es signsnMU-es signsnMU-es of Squire stiffler and Jan Brory, Notary and wttnaa, SaST-eed SaST-eed SaST-eed to mAke the stranger a per sot! knw of $1,700 on th nxartgag-. nxartgag-. nxartgag-. Ha wrote his check for that mmmint on tha CHixenAr NauUooal Bank. Th man got tb ttDotae-y ttDotae-y ttDotae-y on lite cnaaca ana illBSiioai i n io-ust io-ust io-ust HiiiMr tana to town nouracad ta mcrrtgaurrt a forgtery. rant waa tAwod for Sawyer arrwrrt. but he baa three days asurt of tb o4Tlc-s o4Tlc-s o4Tlc-s and tn ensaces tor nis aprrreaienaou are not good. Mr. BlAcklidge la Oiainnan of tbe CHy Bcbocrl Board and a careful btislratats -uaa -uaa atrff: Jacob, a third son. abet hi mar If anal uatuaia a uauraitci, -vwuyiCU -vwuyiCU nrraril. Ji. It L500 ' other son. John, It aUea-ed. aUea-ed. aUea-ed. murdered one I of his netghbora In Kansas, and is now In a.BOf.aa Insane asylum at Topeka. The witness ! ma la ir. ar thla denaralrtrtrt waa a aaaan wu. A44 sin of Mrs Frantx's mother. Hla depoal-CfJ!? depoal-CfJ!? 'tion was the am as that of Mr. Bmith. except that it contained the additional in-Syrrrlii in-Syrrrlii formation that Amoa 8tudebaker. another , ? J,.3 AtKVL4' r .hAAgmg 75 .a. . ..-na-aaru. ..-na-aaru. ..-na-aaru. ..-na-aaru. ..-na-aaru. t-ua t-ua t-ua titua v-sb v-sb v-sb a-, a-, a-, in lime to aaa nia lire, a oepoajtion was presented from William Mason of the Cl, 'earn point in Indiana. fatr. . It corroborated the teajtlrraonv" of llr. Smith and Isaac Studebaker and f tarn-Abed tarn-Abed tarn-Abed TS5 . an additional rear LSuO '-",'-' '-",'-' 70, -TO, -TO, ,.jirtr ae 2&f "ClHar SO ia 1,500 ATT or TMTOmUmTKm Re '.a Uve to the ldiayTcrataiea Df John, tbe brother of Mrs. Frantx. Mr. Maaon stated ttrat John on one "ao-carrlon "ao-carrlon "ao-carrlon got tit aa old army arutn. eur-Trred eur-Trred eur-Trred arhh a bavcrrvet avsrul tmtaella-tl tmtaella-tl tmtaella-tl a half dozen of his nrisrhhora to marcTt up and down en pike until they we- we- nearl-r nearl-r nearl-r exhausted frorn this "thrill, you tar nor, onn, pri itituam. A derx-asKlort derx-asKlort derx-asKlort was prcaaiTrted from T W T. Ixrop. w he bad bat-n bat-n bat-n Hhe rterhbor and family prrystciata or John mtadeiaAker. It AJieared that John Studebaker rnauia terra daa. Derate atu-mpta atu-mpta atu-mpta to kQl him With a knife and t a mtaaket witnout any apparenc irriotlve- irriotlve- and 9U feast New-Year's decided being c X30 . araa held off at the point of a revolver. Jolin also theeaeryed to k'M tb pastor mt his rSiAtrch. tt was alleged. v , larru's Cream a. of Clear cyaek Ttvw-iiaifTt Ttvw-iiaifTt Ttvw-iiaifTt Caj-y-rrii Caj-y-rrii Caj-y-rrii Caj-y-rrii Caj-y-rrii Couth y. waa the ara here oaf aimilia a2Cr!deaoriUon rt!4alnr to i0)m aude-bakez-'a aude-bakez-'a aude-bakez-'a aude-bakez-'a aude-bakez-'a In- In- j sanity. r. traata aoar-arara aoar-arara aoar-arara tnat jotm nlacea tttu vattt on numan hre. and p r ly alrot him one, "'jiafat for fun." A depaUoa arars priaa 11 ted fraia David. araorirrer eon or Joha Btod-ebaker. Btod-ebaker. Btod-ebaker. Mra Frantx's brorhja-r. brorhja-r. brorhja-r. it told of taa Insan'i jr of hbs trtrotber, now cx-mnned cx-mnned cx-mnned In an as-riicm as-riicm as-riicm at Topeka, and of the suicide of th aTrthea iiemte-rs iiemte-rs iiemte-rs of tn family. Tha Cotrrt ad. jOcsrned to ata t-s t-s t-s to-rc-MTOWr to-rc-MTOWr to-rc-MTOWr to-rc-MTOWr to-rc-MTOWr .: A ww, VERY STRICT This Carfew OrtllBanaB. Wblcb Max Not Be Oba-ye-d. Oba-ye-d. Oba-ye-d. Oba-ye-d. Oba-ye-d. a Urr-XA Urr-XA Urr-XA BAjtiajsgr. Orno, Dtcember 28. By a uraanltTnnus sots last night th City Council pissed a cut few t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, t-rr-dlraauK-e, aarad. beaarrnirag to-f-Jtrht, to-f-Jtrht, to-f-Jtrht, to-f-Jtrht, to-f-Jtrht, . ell children undtr 10 must be off the streets anleas properly ao t-a-rtnpanied, t-a-rtnpanied, t-a-rtnpanied, t-a-rtnpanied, t-a-rtnpanied, by fi o'ekx-k. o'ekx-k. o'ekx-k. In caa of trioi-- trioi-- trioi-- io-n io-n io-n of tbe o-f-dtoaavja) o-f-dtoaavja) o-f-dtoaavja) o-f-dtoaavja) o-f-dtoaavja) the par-etna par-etna par-etna or guard- guard- will be IlAble to fins of not ovmr f 10; in ajittat of refusal of pau-awxta pau-awxta pau-awxta or guardlana a bquldat tb offatriding child wlU ba ko- ko- Dtjrirur tb sontuBer monta-ts. monta-ts. monta-ts. from Axaril untltl Oeteber. atn curfew bour ! will be 9 o'clock. , Tb th oreHnance will be raever be eartf orcaad. Some of tb leading cit izens ar a iron An y eppoeeci to K. aaa threaten, threaten, la case of taer childs-en childs-en childs-en bail tag moles tard. ner. aai cunew oour t current belief is that I a dead letter and ... it... . Lo carry th . ta tba Siipree-r Siipree-r Siipree-r Court. To ta , TLUBD SWEETSEAaBT. AnotberrXaa,-; AnotberrXaa,-; AnotberrXaa,-; Lady Who ax Fraatg 'c "Wag Btrsralariy CmUmgs 'r Mia B3mm Boyer. tb tlkiral sasslksai I of AJbert FrantA. lives ta Wast Dav-rtea. Dav-rtea. Dav-rtea. - Her father Is O. P. Boyar. a weU-kriowa weU-kriowa weU-kriowa naader-Aavkatv naader-Aavkatv naader-Aavkatv Sbs bt aarettjr -rjri -rjri sf it -raars. -raars. w-Rh w-Rh w-Rh Taa Italian lJsTia-iij-rsraixts lJsTia-iij-rsraixts lJsTia-iij-rsraixts lJsTia-iij-rsraixts lJsTia-iij-rsraixts Ba-toatarht Ba-toatarht Ba-toatarht By v ; .. tba MeaaxsaJp Paturia. - N7W Yoag, DeaaAA-aber DeaaAA-aber DeaaAA-aber 2X5 Of tbe ill passengers passengers that the French steamship Pat ria brought to this port to-day to-day to-day from Ma-rsa-sUles Ma-rsa-sUles Ma-rsa-sUles Ma-rsa-sUles Ma-rsa-sUles aad Naples JOO ar tti,ahand oa EOJs talaad by order of tb Immigration ant fia-arttJca. fia-arttJca. fia-arttJca. Wbe taa passarngers of tbe Patria wetrs landed oa tb Islartd Aaslatant 8e-mt-er 8e-mt-er 8e-mt-er 8e-mt-er 8e-mt-er of the Treavsury Wlk aad Bupei Inf ssident Stanspf ware firiias. Nattber sasmad to be p repass aaatd in favor mt tbe new aarrivaia. Dr. aentser and otbers said they wer the worst lot of immigrants that ever reavi-hed reavi-hed reavi-hed tb sbopas la a lavtag tltne. Moat af tbe de-TaltaTid de-TaltaTid de-TaltaTid IrTrmlgraata ar Italians who boaurdad ta aalp at Naples oa Dert-ember Dert-ember Dert-ember a,. : . V gUTID HagS HTJSBAaxlyS ItlTiA, SaaniWaS. artaaaaeaa TaUS a aaja aa-n aa-n aa-n - " astattr-ja. astattr-ja. astattr-ja. Drix, Doa-raler Doa-raler Doa-raler 71 last ttigrhi boat 11 aclock tna real denes of Dan Ho-Dot-ssML Ho-Dot-ssML Ho-Dot-ssML Ho-Dot-ssML Ho-Dot-ssML tare a-rTles a-rTles a-rTles sotttb of Itayra, was daa- daa- Atr-oyed Atr-oyed Atr-oyed by ttra wita Ka thtmteais. When cb fir. waa takstaosared taa roef had biana ts laal in. aad Mrs. McDusia-ald McDusia-ald McDusia-ald bad baureiy rhra to -rerraov -rerraov ner biiahanrL who naa beta nelp. lea for two -raaxr. -raaxr. Alt aat tbair kArasaha.a roads wer dsalreyad.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer24 Dec 1896, ThuPage 8

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)24 Dec 1896, ThuPage 8
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  • 24 December 1896, Part 2 (pg. 8)

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