Isaac Holman, N.C. 1861

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Isaac Holman, N.C. 1861 - , - . Extra Session of the Provisional Congress...
, - . Extra Session of the Provisional Congress : 1 of the Confederate States. -. -. ; Montgomeby, Ala., May. 11th, 18G1. v Congress met to-day to-day to-day at noon, and after prayer by Mr. Montgomery the Secretary read the journals of the previous day, which were approved. ' On reading; the iouruals it was arnmmrpd tht President Cobb had, in comnlianrp with t.h rlntinn offered On yesterday by Mr. BarnweU, appointed Mr. jllunter, of a, on the Finance Committee -s -s Mr. ; Brockenborough, of Va.. on the Jndiriarv and Mr. Staples,! qf Va;, on the Military Committee! , L Messrs; McRae, Shorter and Conrad presented memorials memorials in relation to claims, which were appropriately appropriately referred to'the Committee on Qaims snd Finance; Mr. Gregg, of Texas, presented a certified copy of a joint resolution adopted by the Texas Legislature, which he desired 'to have: read and referred to the Uddiciary? Committee. - The resolution is as follows: : 'A joint resolution in relation to the establishment 'of an Admiralty Oiurt for the State of Texas at Gal-veston, Gal-veston, Gal-veston, and such other other places on the coasts as' commerce requires. ' - j SkC iBe it resolvedly the Legislature of the State l of Texas, That the government of the Cmfederate j States of America be and is hereby respectfully re-Iquested re-Iquested re-Iquested to establish an Admiralty Cjurt for the State jof Texalfc at the city of Galveston, and such other f places on in this State as commerce requires, j- j- Sec. 2. The delegates of the State of Texas in the Congress, of .the Gmfederate States are hereby requested requested to use all proper efforts to accomplish the meas-fur'es meas-fur'es meas-fur'es indicated iu the foregoing resolution1, and that iihe Governor cause a duly certified copy of these resolutions resolutions tjri be transmitted to these delegates, and this joint resolution shall be in force from its passage. : Approved Feb. 6, 1861. . .. '' The President, after the call on the committee for ; reports,' without response, stated that the only busi- busi- ness on the public calendar was the bill to establish a Patent Office! ; As the bill had not been printed, and i no other business offering, Congress went into secret session, h . : -'.... -'.... ! Secresy has been removed from the following act. AN ACT. . ' : To make further provision for the public defence. Wheels, ; War exists between the United States and ;the Confederate States ; and whereas the public welfare may require the reception of volunteer, forces into the service of the Confederate States without "the formality and, delay of a call upon the respective States; : . "' : : - ... ' i Sec. li The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, L hat the President be . authorized to receive into service, such companies, battallions, or regiments, either mounted or on foot, as may tender themselves, and he may require without the delay of a formal! call Upon the! respective States, to serve for such time as he may prescribe. ; j Sec. 2. Such vlunteer forces as may be accepted under this aetexcept as herein differently provided, shall be organized in accordance with and subject to all the provisions of the act entitled "an act to provide provide for the pribliG defence," and be entitled to all the allowances therein ; and when mustered into service I may be attached to such Divisions, Brigadesjpr Regi-rinents Regi-rinents Regi-rinents as the President! may director ordered upon j such independent or "detached service as the President , may deem expedient. Provided, however, That bat-' bat-' bat-' Nallions and regiments may be enlisted from States not of this Confederacy, and the President may ap-! ap-! ap-! point allbr any 'of the field officers thereof. I-;;' I-;;' I-;;' Sec. $. The President shall be authorized to corn-emission corn-emission corn-emission ;all. officers entitled to commissions of such volunteer forces as may be received under the provisions provisions of this act. V And ujwn the request of the officer Commanding such volunteer regiment,- regiment,- battallion' or company the'Tresideut may attach a supernumerary officer of each, company, 'detailed- 'detailed- from the regular army army for tliat purpose, and' for such time as the President President may -direct. -direct. . ' h ' ' i-l i-l i-l -. -. ' I '! ',.- ',.- - , " . For the State Journal. Ji After only a few days notice, a large number of 'the citizens. of jiDavie convened in Mocksville and it jhaving bejen ascertained that there was no building in 'the place -large1 -large1 enough o hold them, they assembled p the grrive of Thomas? H. Gaither, when, on motion .-'jof .-'jof .-'jof Jno.". Qlement j Dr. .Robert Sprouse was called to the iCJhair, and John Johnson and Dr. John Clingman re-Iquested re-Iquested re-Iquested t act as Secretaries. . The object of the meeting, meeting, was explained by the Chairman in some spirited Remarks,' I . strongly condemnatory of the proclamation proclamation pf Abraham Lincoln and urging a bold re-jsistance.; re-jsistance.; re-jsistance.; lOn motion of! Dr. C. V. Lanier, the following, following, committee w7ere apjxinted to draft resolutions. -John -John AV.' Cleirieiit, Dr. C. V. Lanier, Nelson Travil-jlion, Travil-jlion, Travil-jlion, Stephen Douthit arid George W, Johnson. During During their iretireinent, the meeting was ably addressed by Dr. J. W. Wis'cmaiU " .-. .-. .-. j i Jno. Clement reported the resolutions below from jttie; committee -and. -and. advobated their passage in a; very able and eloquent speech-' speech-' speech-' j i. Whereas, Abraham Lincoln, without authority of law, and iii defiance of eyery principle of the Constitution Constitution and every dictate pf humanity, has commenced a war of aggressioii for the subjugation of the Southern Southern States and has demanded troops of the Governor Of North-Carolina North-Carolina North-Carolina to wage this unnatural, uuholy and fraternal Xvar : i Thcreforei, : ! . 1 1 Resolved, That we pledge ourselves without distinction distinction '.'of .party . to stand -by -by .'and defend the honor and "Hghts of Nortl-Carplina,fthe Nortl-Carplina,fthe Nortl-Carplina,fthe integrity of her soil and. institutioris against all Enemies, both with 'ur men and our .money! . J . ' ' " t , t Resolved, That we endorse and approve the reply' of Governor Ellis to the requisition of Simon Cameron, Secretary Jof War, ''that Lincoln can get no troops from North-Caroiina." North-Caroiina." North-Caroiina." . v I Which resolution's were unanimously adopted. ! ftThe meeting was further addressed by Dr. Wm. R. Sharpe arid Dri C. V. IJanier," in bold, manly terms, urging an united effort of the whole people against this wicked crusade. . ' 1 A' call was made' for volunteers, which resulted in the formation of one full company of one hundred men, and in part of a second company, i A call was made for money, and in an hour or or so, "sixteen hundred dollars were raised to equip our vol unteers. ? j i-j i-j i-j i ' .! . On motion, the following gentleman wereappointed a central committee,, to provide money and means for spdiers and their' farnilies. A. J. Carter,; S. ;A. Hobson, Jno. Johnson, B. Baile3T, Isaac Holman, Dr; Robert Sprouse, John"C. Fourd,.G. W Johnson, Sphen Douthit, Peter W. Hairston; ! Charles Anderson and Elisha Gibbs. : ROBERT SPROUSE, Chm'n. Joiik P. Clisgmax, , . Jas. M. JoHpoN, ccrartM. t . Salisbury papers will copy. ' .. 1 ' .:,'; .' ':' .'-, .'-, .'-, ..' ; For the State Journal.

Clipped from The Semi-Weekly State Journal18 May 1861, SatPage 2

The Semi-Weekly State Journal (Raleigh, North Carolina)18 May 1861, SatPage 2
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  • Isaac Holman, N.C. 1861

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