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23 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette - "^^~^F^^ST)AY EVENING DECEMBER 23, 1896. ") ^-...
"^^~^F^^ST)AY EVENING DECEMBER 23, 1896. ") ^- L 5 ~ •'•• t to to to TEE FRANK TRIAL. THE PRISONER'S DEFENSE, Trying to Show That Bessie Gould Have Killed Herself In Manner Named, DAYTON, O., Dec. 22.—Albert J. Frantz is now having his inning. The state has completed the presentation presentation of its direct evidence, and the defense this afternoon began the introduction introduction of testimony to show that he did not murder Bessie Little. The most important witnesses for the accused accused to-day were surgeons, who gave expert opinions as to whether Frantz's sweetheart could have fired both of the shots which caused her death. The defense is endeavoring to prove that the first shot struck the petrous portion of the temporal bone, passed through it and lodged between between the skull and dura mater of the brain. The second shot, it is contended .by Frantz's attorneys, is the one that penetrated the medulla oblongata or nerve center of the brain, and caused death. Two surgeons testified that if the nature of the injury was as the state asserts Bessie Little might have fired both shots. A third surgeon gave the same opinion conditional .upon the revolver being held far enough from the ear to avoid concussion of testified that he was 78 years of age. His family consisted of himself and daughter and son, Albert. Rev. Isaac Frantz is his oldest son and Albert the youngest. He knew Bessie Bessie Little. She* had come to his home several times to see him and to urge him to consent to the marriage of herself and Albert. He asked her what claim she had upon Albert, and she said that their relations had been such that she could compel Albert Albert to marry her. She said that Albert had promised to -marry her and if ho didn't she would commit suicide, and it would prove a dear thing to some one. He also received a letter from Bessie, written at the Hotel Cooper, the same date as that written to Mrs. Little, in which Bessie Bessie urged his consent to the marriage. marriage. Mr. Frantz said that he told Bessie that Albert was young yet, and as he (Mr. Frantz) was afllicted he needed Albert at home. NEGBOES WANT REVENGE, Citizens Armed at Mayfield, and a Colored Mob Will Get a Hot Reception, MAYFIELD, town is in a KY., Dec. 22.—The fever of excitement saloon It ap- Just as Mrs, Grubbs Thought, There Was a Burglar, to library. in $1. $1. Cheap price, the brain. One of them thought it probable that a woman with the physical strength of Bessie Little might have tired both shots. The other believed it improbable. The basis of the defense's claim that the first shot did not penetrate the brain is simply assumed, and will be vigorously vigorously combatted by the state in rebuttal. Miss Mollie Car fee, residing eight miles north of Dayton, was the first witness called to-day. She testified that Frautz had called upon her for about two years at periods varying from two to three weeks. In March last Frantz had made her a proposition proposition of marriage, which she did not accept. She regarded him simply aa a friend. She produced-.eight letters received by her from Frautz. One, dated July 10, referred to parties parties and social engagements, and he asked to see her on the following Saturday to get his answer, "Aye or nay." On August 27 another letter was written, which referred to some talk about Frantz, who was running with bad girls, and that Miss Carte had heard of it. Frantz claimed that he had reformed, and was surprised to get a letter from her charging him with unfaithfulness. He said that he intended to run the reports down, and that she should have no fears but that he would come out all right. He said that he always thought her to be a true, virtuous girl, and hoped to have an opportunity to see her soon. Frantz enjoined Miss Carte to keep the contents of the letter to herself, saying: "I will prefer that you keep this letter under your own preservation, preservation, as I desire it to be between you and I." A letter of appeal from brokenhearted brokenhearted and repenting Bessie to her parents was read. Throughout she begged forgiveness and an opportunity opportunity to return home. In asking for her clothes, she begged Mrs. Little to gather them up and put the bundle bundle outside the door, and if she was not wanted inside the house she would come home at night when she would not be seen and carry her clothes away. She told of how her DAYTON, O., Dec. 22.—Mr. Chas. Grubbs, proprietor of a boarding house, was awakened shortly after 12 o'clock this morning by a noise, which he attributed to the movements movements of a boarder in an adjoining room. His wife thought differently, however, and got up and investigated. investigated. She found a burglar under the bed, who showed fight when tackled by Mr. Grubbs. Alarmed by Mrs. Grubbs' screams and the sound of the desperate straggle straggle in progress in the room, the male boarders of the house quickly flocked to tho rescue and subdued the burglar. burglar. The fellow was taken to the dining room and held a prisoner, pending the arrival of the police. In the interval the young desperado, at a favorable moment, seized a caster from the table and hurled it at Mr. Grubbs, striking the latter on the head and felling him to the floor. The burglar was then knocked senseless senseless and thrown into a corner, where he lay in an unconscious condition when the police arrived. The fellow gave his name as Thbs. Maley, and age as 22. Although yet young in years, he has two terms in the penitentiary, each case for burglary or larceny. since the lynching, night before last of Jim Stone, the negro who outraged outraged Mrs. J. M. R. Greene on the night of November 23 and the burning burning of property of negro keepers by a mob last night, pears there is going to be serious trouble. Telephone messages from Water Valley, Wingo and Paducah say that colored mobs are preparing to visit the city, but the general belief belief is that no action will be taken to-night. The citizens, however, are greatly excited and are heavily armed in case of emergency. The hardware stores have given out their stocks of firearms. A message from Fulton states that a crowd of white people is coming at one o'clock, heavily armed. Messages Messages from Water Valley, Wingo and Paducah state that negroes are organizing and ready to come. If any such action is taken by the ne- groes they will certainly be killed. When the lire alarm sounded tonight tonight at 10 o'clock, the citizens fairly fairly poured into the court house yard. A false alarm and about five fired in that direction. Some fear of the town being burned by the negroes is entertained. was fired to-night, hundred guns were served in ROMANTIC CHAPTER In Millionaire Snyder's Life Disclosed Disclosed By His Will, Si'iiiNQEiBLD, O., Dec. 22.—The will of John Snyder, the millionaire bachelor, who died last week and bequeathed $100,000 for the sick poor of the city, was probated late this evening. He leaves $180,000 for his ten nephews and relatives and the rest of his estate, valued at from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, to his brother, brother, Dave L. Snyder. He also leaves the interest on $25,000 worth of Government Government bonds to Chas. Brusman -and his heirs. The last bequest disclosed a romantic romantic chapter in the deceased's life. It is common report that Mr. Suyder loved a relative of Mr. Brus- mau, but owing to the opposition of his father he did not marry her. Chas. Brusman is a man about forty years old and is at present employed in the Mast, Fooa & Co.'s shop as a mechanic. THE GREAT HUXLEY, What Huxley, the Great English Scientist, Considered the Best Start in Life, The great English scientist, Huxley, said the best start in life is a sound stomach. Weak stomachs fail to digest food properly, because they lack the proper quantity of digestive acids, (latic and hydrochloric) and peptogenic products; the moat sensible sensible remedy in all cases of indigestion, indigestion, is to take after each meal, one or two of Stnart's Dyspepsia Tablets, because they supply in a pleasant, harmless form all the elements that weak stomachs lack. The regular use of Stuart's Dyspepsia Dyspepsia Tablets will cure every form of stomach trouble except cancer of the stomach. They increase flesh, insure pure blood, strong nerves, a bright eye and clear complexion, because all these result only from wholesome food well digested. Nearly all druggists sell Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablets at 50 cents full sized package. Send for Free book on Stomach Troubles, to Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. STOCK CREMATED, Large Barn in Madison County Destroyed By Fire, LONDON, O., Dec. 22.—The barn of Richard Lloyd, a farmer residing in the northeastern part of this county, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning about 3 o'clock. In the barn were six head of horses, corn, hay, wagons, farming implements, were consumed. The to about $2,000, upon which there is no insurance. The origin of the fire is unknown. buggies and all of which loss amounts $15, illustrated, $5. $3. things -everyone. 750 to Royal and in ChHsl- board was unpaid and of the distress she was in. Begged Mrs. have a talk with Albert. Little to Said that Albert had told Mrs. Bell at the hotel that he intended to marry her, but could not at that time. It was in response to this letter that Mrs. Little called at the hotel to see Bessie, on the day it was received. received. It is regarded as a very strong point for the defense in securing securing the admission of the letter as evidence, as showing the condition of the mind of Bessie Little at that time. Jacob Frantz, the father of Albert Baby Screamed One Hour-One Dose Brought Smiles, MASSILLON, O., Nov. 6, 1895.— Hand Medicine Co.—"I cheerfully bear witness as to the virtues of Dr. Hand's Colic Cure. Our baby, now nearly four much from months colic. old, suffered After having screamed with pain for over an hour we came upon Dr. Hand's Colic Cure and gave her a dose of it. In five minutes after taking she is all smiles, and at night we all sleep. Mrs. F. L. Traphagen, 46 W. Charles St." All druggists, 25c. The old lady was right when she said, the child might die if they waited for the doctor. She saved Catarrh in the Head Is a dangerous disease. It may lead directly to consumption. Catarrh is caused by 1m- mire blood, and the true way to cure it is by Surffv ne the blood. 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Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio)23 Dec 1896, WedPage 5
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