16 December 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer

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16 December 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer - il DEATH" I I I I I j i . , - ... j lTJipaSSlVe...
il DEATH" I I I I I j i . , - ... j lTJipaSSlVe &S TuOtlgn All tiOpd TJ J -i -i I UOU VJUUO. I 1 Gf I &d t SelfCtlB JflfT Still Hade Frantz Shudder DidnU Like To Hear the Omiooos Word, i (ontiiaed. I I I JadfC Clark. While Talklfl. Dnnkard Farmer Who DidChores Is Fined. Drops His Cannon. Jury Will Probably B Complotod To-Day To-Day To-Day Defense Will Umi Plea of Insanity. j j 3. Attorney-General the the of became the to two the Jar. by the deliberations Interpreta-tlons . a Fed i sraoiAi. ataravosi to tbb aaxaPiaaa. DarroM. Ohio, December IS. Unless th slgna fall, th. character of the d.fens to be mad. by Albert J. Frents will have been decided before another .unset. This to now the paramount qusetiuo. Non. aava the prta-en.r prta-en.r prta-en.r and his attorneys know whether h will endeavor to escape th. gallows by a downright denial of th. crime or upoa the ground that his reason was dethroned and that Bessie Little met her death at his hand. Th progress mad. to-day to-day to-day In the tedious procedure of Impaneling a Jury was' such as to Indicate that It will be completed tomorrow tomorrow In time for the presentation of the case to tb. Jury by both the prosecution and the defense. The line to be pursued by tb state Is too well known to need specula tion It will be claimed that r rants, either I believing Bessie Utile to be approaching maternity or simply lo rid h Vm self of her persistent efforts to have him become her husband, lured her to the secluded bridg. killed her while she unsuspectingly sat at his side and then csat ber corpse Into th stream, hoping that 'tb. silent waters would keep the secreU From the best Information obtainable to night It may be stated that the defense will first snter A OEXCIIL UI.IAU Of all the aocuaatlona against Franta. aad then, as a supplementary safeguard, con tend that. If th slat, should be able to ghow a probability of his guilt, tt mujJhot b punished by "sn eys for an syxf and "a tootb for a tooth." because the man la la-sane. la-sane. la-sane. At the close of the proceedings this evening evening there were 11 men In the Jury box. a suHLctent number save one to try the case. The defense still has several opportunities for peremtory challenge, however, and th tale U to have a similar Inning. Bet It to prairtlselly eartala that by noon or nto later verrtblnrwut be la uaaffiwas ftsv the slat. menu of th case by the opposing counsel. w It to understood that Colonel R. M. Kevta Is to make a silver-tongued silver-tongued silver-tongued declaration ef th various feature of the defense. Ta principal address for the state Is to b delivered delivered by Prosecuting Attorney C. H-Kumlar. H-Kumlar. H-Kumlar. This will probably b th nature of th proceedings up to adjournment tomorrow tomorrow night. If th programm to ful- ful- -filled -filled as now indicated, bright and early Thursday morning th first witness for the state will be called. Another Meek tnorniag greeted Albert J. Franta when he was taken from the Jail . for the second day of the ordeal which meana to him life or death. He catered the courtroom at 8:0". accompanied by Sheriff Anderton. The uncanny steel brae la again adorned his wrist when he was ushered TBfaOl'OH TM DOOR The handcuff wss removed aa soon aa be was wtthfcn. and n took his seat wiua tn counsel for the defense. There wee nttlo change In bis epteerace from that ef yes- yes- .terday. He has Jbeem freshly shaved this morning, wore fresh linen and shoe that sparkled wtth their faultless shin. Franta seemed laaxUeav. srlU, aad eat much of the time bowed down over th tab- tab- The prisoner prisoner often manifested weariness end leaned hie head on his hand. Ocoaetonally a slight shudder was ootle-able. ootle-able. ootle-able. when the Proectrtor would mention to th prospective Jurors the teot that neoalty for th crime charged Franta was "death," and that If they were not ta favor of capita punarooMan wr should declare their conawiealous ecru pleas agair sitting tn th case. But through nearly all th day F rents was lrnpavewlv aa If be bad given "P hope. "Good roornine. Albert. How ace yoo feeling feeling to-day to-day to-day r said Attorney Vaa Slosik of the defenae when tb socused entered th courtroom. -Pretty -Pretty well." repHed Franta. ta a very low tone. Except -axhen -axhen spoken to by bat attorneys, attorneys, those were the only word fa uttered uttered from the time trust the trial began until It was adjoxjrned to-night- to-night- to-night- to-night- . The large audienee asswnllii I By bouse to-day to-day to-day was as cosvMpootan aa those at the average popukar tbsater. Poverty Jostled weaHh on 1 etair. end U farlac sad the pauper sat down within. There were a large nunsber of , f. r.,mm n ATTrVJCDAJSCS, ; AAtoac them many young and irty, ta holiday attira. sjttracted no dorabt by tb recoenoe of the crime. Fretfats aevsr Isakait . toward the crowd, indeed, fa appeared to shun it- it- His eyes. Judge and ta verdr tion rested on the floor. At times aa his surroundings seemed lost to him ta reverie, I.U anleat tmehaOL IlllSljilg th atSSMI ta- ta- yond that fatal eventog- eventog- whoa Bui a LltUe met death oa the bridge. Rumors have been cut lent at the eourx-bouse eourx-bouse eourx-bouse to-day to-day to-day to the effect that early ia tbe. trial the defense Is ta spring sees start- start- , i uM. arCiiAakeiai X. am samw. rn ua laonaar aan Washing- his attorneys know what this evidence is to be. It is said, however, that tt will re- re- two late to the revolver which Treats Is known ex- ex- to hr purchased a short time previews to the kfiltag ef Bessie Little. When Fraats they 1 was aobjectea t ais ciamraia iniemew face I with SuTertoteodent ef PoBce FarreU he - denied that be ever had a revolver. I He oaclarea tnai cesan aAtu Taasx nave who I rwreaeaeo or eorrewca on wita wnaca so kOl JJerseti. ana tnnt n tnrew n into ia girl ( river immediately after he east her corps aad j nrldr- nrldr- The polio snade every pos Sew I rao" " w.'-wevw w.'-wevw w.'-wevw us vwan wkj. i wmich Franta aaegea tnat tne girt tooa nr 1 awa Hie. a proiaesionai ojvar bvlPoyea to searcn ue oonom ex law i anaa I - ue wtaayajii wis aea-m- aea-m- aea-m- aea-m- hiih. the tY caiveat at the cenrthtv.se to-day to-day to-day was rw- rw- 'ba Franta- Franta- attorneys weold prodnos a and reroaver. tn Court, of a caler different ever ,ro Besale Court- UtUeB hrala, aad declare that H la lb w asjon rrasis j i as. - l rirr0 Ex- Ex- Fraata'B sua was net ased ta Ullar the to- to- girl, and be calculated te strangtheu th and defease that th gh-t gh-t gh-t eoexuadUed am lead. of The fact was Tame a brought te light, Jpb however, that Fraatx, Anxust IS last, 14 ladi-A ladi-A - "?Zrr , i vwjiu -.w -.w -- -- uuiuu raaaaa. Thi

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer16 Dec 1896, WedPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)16 Dec 1896, WedPage 1
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  • 16 December 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer

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