12 September 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer

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12 September 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer - to It in be of B bti tn for in to re the...
to It in be of B bti tn for in to re the apparently aJ Is bks senss- the 00 tb as to for the tb tb The SEEH1I1GLY Devoid of Any Feelingf, Albert Frantz Answered "Net Guilty," ! 1 When Formally Charged With Bessie Little's Harder. Ms freliBiaary dearie; Wi!! Occur Next Taesday. Diver Graham's Fruitless Search For the Reyolver. ETcrr Foot or (.roBBd Near the Fata fal Bridge Will Be fleself F-xsalaed. F-xsalaed. F-xsalaed. lumia. tmm, avptani'iar It. Me guMty waa the reanonae, spofc ta measa ured but diattrrc-t diattrrc-t diattrrc-t t'onea. by Albert J, Freayf 8 When, facing Judge C W. ttale ha tb lo-11 lo-11 lo-11 o Court this afternoon, ha pleaded to thai affidavit wttlc charge th prtouner wltb the murder of Betat IJttle. The a or 11 a it was auired In dark clolhtnar His fane bad , been cleanly altaven. and he Jiiaaaiutod aa . agreeable preaenc-e preaenc-e preaenc-e whaHl tlxus Standln at -the -the rll!n in front of the Police MaTtrata h answered to the charge that accredits him with bains; a murderer. He waa very pale, but outwardly wa cool and eooiposa-d. eooiposa-d. eooiposa-d. Urotaped about rn prat on r were tu attorney. Judge J. W. Krelraer and William H. VanKaik. Th stat was represented by Prosecuting Attorney C H. Kumler x-Praaecuting x-Praaecuting x-Praaecuting Attorney J. C. Pat terson and Hull.- Hull.- Court Pruatrutur B. r. MoCann. Mr. McCann read th oharga. Im meiltately after the plea made by Frame Judge lal fixed the dat for rh prelimi nary examination at V Tuesday morning next. rite prisoner wes held wlrhout ball and ordered hack to Jail. Back of the Inckraur occupied by the prtsovMrr. attorneys and wit- wit- a mas of sweltering ho men! t y. each of whom was Indifferent to the suf, , foe ting condition of the room and only In tent on seeing the prisoner and wiTsuutaiaa thi sy-rMata sy-rMata sy-rMata Frants paid no attentlen to the surround. Ing. but maintained tbe aam stoical and Impressive silence that has hitherto gov. erned hia conduct. He declined lo talk. nd was silent during the patrol oa drive to and from th Jail and Potloe Court rwim. When recommitted he appeared la better mood and talked about Ike trip and Its incident to hi prison room a "socle tee. At th upter hour h ale heartily of the evening bill of far. While the attorney for Fronts have noS outlined the defense, nor Indicated the) ' course they will pursue. It Is probable that the case will not be heard In th Polio Court on Its wterlis, further thaa the latro iludlon of sufficient testimony to warrant tha buldlria of the prlsonar to await the) action of the greed Jury. ...... While these serious peaeaallnga ware be Ing conducted at tbe Boitce Court snore) animated scene were being enacted about the bridge over Stillwater, where th pro faeurional diver. Ben Graham, wa engaged In submarine explorations for t he fatal rw volvar alth which ilea ale Utile waa kliiad. . and which He concealed somewhere la tha limy and rocky bad of this now bistort scream. Hundreds of people, ran nine evesx Into the thousand a. lined the river bank oa either side and crowded tbe bridge 2whUw the novel performance was la progress. a mix so ASssaTsuaoa. It was a mixed assembla of raen. women and children, many Influenced by morbid curiosity, that Intently watched th scene. Mothers wer preen nt with baby cabs contain! tig little ones, who innocently slept u-Montartoue u-Montartoue u-Montartoue of th tragic meantng of the scene rbat Invoked the assemblage. Men and boys climbed to pertlooe position on the Iron bridge and duns; 19 projection and available places until tb outlines of the structure wars concealed by a aaa ef humanity. It was about 0 to the mornsna alien Dtvaar . Graham, accompanied by a squad of police) oflicers, waa d"lYn In the patrol wag-on wag-on wag-on I tb scene. The heavy diving- diving- apparatus uaed by tbe operator was also contained la j the araaron. This consisted ef a heavy air pump, by which air is pumped to the diver during bis atibmergecnerit, about 100 feet of robber tubing-, tubing-, tubing-, through which tb air at conveyed and tbe submarine acosuter-meats. acosuter-meats. acosuter-meats. Tb air pomp was plsced upon the bridge at the north side and near the center of th structure, from which point tt was oper ated. Some time was devoted to pr sclera tkm. The brig floor was aprinkled that particle of duet misrht not be pumped into the tubing, and Ice water was forced throun-h throun-h throun-h the batter to purify Its interior. When thee pretlnitnery preparation wer concluded Graham waa floated In a berg to a point almost Immediately below th biood-stalned biood-stalned biood-stalned rslMns; oa which tha Mood r corpse of Besale Little rtd before It fell Into the river below. prviBMi roa raa as-rot.VKa. as-rot.VKa. as-rot.VKa. Tbe barge was anchored, aad then Ora bam donned bis divine apparatus, consisting consisting of a heavy canva suit, belted and weighted with lead. Th shoes worn sea taJwed leaden sole. Tbe strtkias; featar of tb submarine apparel wa th heed piece, a metal rovarlng globular in form, aad containing aa air vent from which tat eject tbe reeptralona. aad two large glass) banners erlsdowa. throuah which th eper-ator eper-ator eper-ator pora aa he gropoa la th ausay depth below. Tb bead piece was fastened ti glibly glibly at th seek of tb water-tight water-tight water-tight vest, th air too attached, and when all was tba ta 1 es 1II11 1 s Graham mad the tnltlal plunge lato th water. 1 feet tax depth Irs th c hansel about th bridge. For a few rnornarnt the throngs remalaed In breathless silence la expectaacy that tha maa who' waa tons traaeralna" ta hiddeav depth would announce th dlea osagy ox tb weapon which, tt wa believed lay eoav- eoav- benaaLk. Inch by tack th diver bed tbe ground, the base air bubbi to th surf ac from th valve, at Tareathlna; interval. srli exactness th ha of bis travels aad . work below. Tbe scene was fantastic aad thrtUlna- thrtUlna- . Graham remained below shout 9 nwnarte when he slgnsled bis est re tat ' ba drawn to th eurfaoa. As th diver ersverged fross tb water taa excllrmeat was Intense. Tb assemblag thoosrh was doomed to diaappoln taven t The diver bad not found the wsapoax. That . ssocad phnxg waa made - a few m times ta later, but tb swarcb was barren f results. diver tha coatlsued during the ro of th day. By nkgktfaU ke had carefully laaatcted tb river bad at every saint imaxediatety below ta bridga, aad tally eslsned btmaelf that the weapon doe not .a aleatc th root la spirted. Graham -will -will 1 1 sami oparationa to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, aad fay confident that he win find th wespsa tt it Be am the river ta tb vicinity of th bridge. i v

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer12 Sep 1896, SatPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)12 Sep 1896, SatPage 1
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  • 12 September 1896, Cincinnati Enquirer

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