11 September 1896 Cincinnati Enquirer

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11 September 1896 Cincinnati Enquirer - 10 PAGES TO-DAY. rm E, G vol; Lin; ko. 255....
10 PAGES TO-DAY. rm E, G vol; Lin; ko. 255. FATEFUL Words Spoken By Frantz May Send Ilia To a Pel-on's Doom, ;- . As Accessory, at Least, in Bet-sis Utile's Harder. , Threw tbe Bed ssd Wespen lit the Blrsr. His Declaration To Chief. Parrel!, Before Witnesses Followed Rj a Warrant Charge In Him With Harder. jathllkt Se-Bo Whoa He Sealed HI Fata--His Nrr Going To Pl-css. vwuk aimers ee Taa eaoeiaas. Iitb. I'hio, September 10. Doubt end tim-enaiaty no longer exist aa to taa part pliycl by Alb'M J. Fronts In tha tragedy in whit h Bessie Utile mat bar death. Br Ma own admlaeloa tha young maa waa associated with bar when her Ufa waa eecrt-fl ed Tha rhaln of far la and circumstantial evidence tightly woven about tha Frantz Telling Chief, kocuaad aan to a how beyond queatloa that be waa tba murderer. Franta claime that tha p-lrt eonuatttad ulplde. but when at the office of the Superintendent of Police. J. J. r arret 1. and la the preaenr of th Chief and wllneeae. ha mad the elpnlflcent admlaaloa: ?I flrat threw the body Into tbe river and then th pletol." He than mad tha fatal declaration that may doom him ta tba (allows. Tha elmpie sentence, brief la etanaaenl, conv-prrhende the volume that tall Of tha atory or this crime, and In Ilka terms farnlahes Its solution. The declaration embrace all of tha ronfaelaTthe accused haa yat made. None other l eapected and none specially desired. It may stamp Franta aa th aa-aaatn. Th plea that the flrl committed suicide la dissipated at a glance. There ta na point r concealment la which he can hide aad no bulwark that aJTorda refuse. Hia association with th plrl before har death and Ma conduct and tnovemante since the hour her dead body was caat Into the liver stamps undeniably with falsehood tbe aa-eertton that aha deliberately took her wn life. It la by hia own confession that Frants admits ba waa on the Stillwater bridge that nlpht. It la hie voluntary ad-pnlaaton that he threw the dead body and th weapon Into tb stream. He haa thus Bhvoed himself at the scene of tha crime. It la net essential that he confess that be Bred tbe fatal shot DEATII-LIIE Bcaaa Wbn p'raats Made ratal Ad-aat loae Wltaaaeaa Tharw. It waa shortly after 9 M that afternoon that Fran la made theea damaging admla-stuns. Ha had been eummoaed to polloa headquaitarp that th warrant which rharpea him with tha kUllnp mlphX be read. The prlaonar, la c harps of Detectlre Parry, walked from tb all to beaduartera. It waa hia Prat breath of free atr sitnc hia commitment for th crime. H seemed to enjoy the trip, and walked with aa elaatlo trrsd tn taa brief Journey. He war a dark cutaway coat and dark vast aad black Derby hat and light-colored pants, and. barrlnc fia black growth of beard, presented an asrwsbla presence. 'K t He waa ushered Into tb prrrata alle of the Chief, wbea the door waa dosed.' aad the two area wr th only ocubpntp' 'Af the room. Tb Chief pad th prlaenor (ra Pislned la coaieraoc far nearly ball hour. Th ca during th reading Of 'th amdavtt aad aooampanytnp; warrant was srsjnatle- throughout A pallor pf th v . Mai.apca or paara ' r i (-eroaat tha fwaturea of b aocused as' tm at facing lb Chief. Tb Chief read slowly ' I yea bear aad understand IhJer Tb prisoner nodded . bla . head afflnbaftvety. Whn th canoludhHr paragraph waa r-eltad. -Teu are charged with deliberate niurder. the full prsjing ayea of tb prto-ner beamed with latoaee exdlemeat aad bis boeoat fairly beared with heavy breath-Ins that btked ph atruggUa emotions , within. Laying aside th warraat, th Chief persoastrwy put a number mt queatloa. lo which Franta tnrartably reapondwd. M will answer a quaatieaa. , ask you this aa question." said ta cbisr. -Tea eajr that Bsesle Utile committed auk-Ida by shooting herself. Let Pie aab did you threw th body lata th t " Pawapaaai eaaBBWaPaaia aVti LiAA J. - : w ay , ' 7k k. " 1 1 al river first mt the revolver body afterword, or we th trary treer Blewly bwt dtstlaetly stews - Beer UIcm rsmem her. I threw tb body la flrat aad tees Um revolver. Quickly reelislag la aut nan bm-pertaacc r fa reply, aaa tan K misiH a T'lnrhri sad tha fata of tba srcuaad sealed, the Chief opened tb floor M4ui( lata tbe of Boa aad beekenad ta fur newspaper nasi ta Wtr. As taa quartette aatared Presta "Now. Chief, yes aa!4 that there waa ta aa aa aaa praoaat hot youtaeir." srosa vatau wean. "Merer salad bow." waa tb aad without further Bets of taa sbjactloa tbo Chief to tba prsaaece aC wit n waa pt the qnsstlsa: "DM yaw not say aso that yaw threw tb body tat the river flrat aa4 tba ptetel afterward I" . There waa a mocaeatery ettUases remind -death at, mm. Tb pel.oesr waa sv-deafly smssad. Thar waa brief beattal-teg ta) tbes lb sncwaci -A I toad yea hifsr.. aaa aa far aa I cam raaaaaibar. 1 threes tb body to. flrat and tba revolver a toward." ., i-v - "Vary wall. I will Bat pattiar ye furtbor. ay way; ahal ta all." Aa s gloss waa sties railed, with tloas ta ret era Fran is ta iait departure ba waa ashed if b desired to a havaA. Tha prtaonar plscwd a baad ta tha tubby baard aa bla far, atavad bla flncara var tba tee, asd. aftar alajrht hraHallaa. rpUa: "I arwaaa tt la Wi will aond i rv4 tha ChUf. - "It la pet Paeaaaary bow." raapondad rruti. Tha prtoonar pad hia aaatodlaa tha ro-traoad tbair atap to tb MIL MUKDES Foal mnd nllberm Poranally Claprcwd Aataiwa tb Pttauwai. Tba aAdavlt char trine F rants with mwr-der waa aworp to by tha Chiaf of Polio In tha Potto Can. Tb full taxt raada: "wtata'a Warrant. Tha .Stat of 'Ohio, Montpomarr Couoty. Ctty of tiaytoav To a Chlf of Pot tea of a id city OrUnf: Wnaraaa. Oacnplalnt haa baan mada bafora mm, C J. Vf attarn. Clark of tha Polloa Court of tha elty of Dayton, la tha atat and county pforaaald, upon tha oath of T. J. Parrall. that AJbart J. Fruits, oa or about - QJ&MU 1 1. u hi pi ifjt'lJ pil I ;- rBWBpwaaVPa. PaWJBHa-aW-T'r k V Farreli: How Bessie Little Met Her Death. th 27th day of August. A. D. ISUtt. at th county of Montgomery, did aforesaid, la and upon an Beaef LJttle. then and there bhux. did unlawfully, parpoaely and or deft berate and pretnedltatad malice, maks aa assault In a menacing manner, with Intent her. the said Beaete UtUe. unlawfully, purposely and of deliberate aad premeditated malic, to kill and murder, and that trie said Albert Franta with a certain pistol then and ttier charged with gunpowder and certain leaden bullets, which said pistol he, the aald Albert X Franta. tben and there In hia right hand had and beld then' and there unlawfully, purposely and against, of premeditated malice, did discharge and ahoot off to. against and upon tha aald Be! Little. ' wrra raa iicrsorr aroasauua. And that tha aald Albert J. Franta. with tbe hullsts afnrriaalil out of tha nlatol aforesaid, by th fore of th gunpowder aforesaid by tha said Albert J. Fruits, then and thr discharged and shot off as aforesaid. Her; the said Baal XJttka, In and upon th head of bar. tba aald Bessie Ltt-ll tkaa sjiat etiara nalawfulhr. nuruueelT and of dellberar aad premadllated malic, did strike, peoetrat aad wound, with Intent aforesaid, thereby then aad tsar given to har tk. ulil Bala LJrtVa. with the leaden bullets aforesaid, aa a aforesaid disc har red and ahot out of th pistol aforesaid by th aforesaid Alaart' J.' rrants m aaa upon in head or her. th aald ueasi unw, on mortal wound of the depth of thro Inches and of tha breadth of ana quarter of an Inch of which aald mortal wound aha. the aald Bea-a l.uiu ikaa sad tbsr died. T. J. Far- rell does say that tha aald Albert J. Franta. her, th said Basal Uttla.ta tn meaner ana by th means aforesaid, unlawfully, purposely aad of deliberate and premeditated malic, dkl kU aaa muraer. v . - "Thaaa ar thcfwfor ta Bornmand yea to i.k. tha said Albert J. Franta. If ha b found la your county, or, U b phaU have fled, that you rVHCB smS m SAID ALMkT J. rPAMTP Into any county wtthia this state and take and keep tha aald Albert J. Franta so that w.-a. hia hodr (orthwUh before tbe Judg of Police Court-of said city tp asanrer aald complaint, aad b farthw dealt with according to law. Olvea under my nana pad official seal, th loth day of September. Uoc ' d 1. Maraaje. "Clerk af tha Folic Court of tb city af Dayton. Ohl. . I . . . V " " tmkk wot arobablr b arraigned ta th Pone Court to-asorrow. when the climax t thta tamarkabf v muraer asyarary wtu har ban reached. Fran is doubtlea wul ia ...autlaa aad will ba committed to Jail without HalL. Tb oonfeasloa of guUU for as aucb arc tha startling declare tlomr of th a a. used reaardeeV. oesars away aaarty a verr eletaent of mystery that attached 10 tb ertaa. It ssMCUuaa extmfmaloaahlp of th girl whew sb M her death; shows bow b disposed of hh body pad tb weapon. It paTorda anv tn-abxht 'InfereaUally nta tb law offlc la .hioh th. secret conference waa bald bad la which th two unknown "men told ' of their k bowk) re-of th crtro ana reputed evaaaettoa with It. Whlh ft does hot betray the Ideality af th two tfakawav It clearly- euUlaea their story. - These aaa srar cloeely related ta Fraata by tie .of frwndshlp. aad ta th for aosw purpoee he related a ptory f, '- - - - - . . . iun pauTtt nr sctctnp Of th girt and of his subquot aet la, dls-poalng of the body- that suspldoa might aot reat upon bias as a murderer. Possibly, too. h told of th Incendiary Ar In which. tbe Mood - bespattered phaeton, buggy was burned, that Ita erlmoon-atalned srtdoac might not remain aa proof f a tragedy. Tb real motives for this recital max bat tbB bar be apparent. Burdened thro ash with tb atory. ccascienca-amlttea and fearful that they, too.-might ba tm- :T . . told tha atory to a lawyer and eourht legal advlca. Tb to- ttiatlap that Ml that law wSlea waa tha paeiawa abawt wharh farad tm wttx tajtarv rata p paaay laaa af atartH twrtdaata aad ravalatluaa asd wbleb atttemataly lad tb datarpBlU mi p crtapa, tb btePUScptlaw af tb oawayad pad Mpatad corpa. th aipw a ad cwrtala pad par tradnc of tba fowl a tawa af tba drr. bu prraat, tba dta- cloaaraa pad laatlr tba aaefaaataa that fi tan Up do. - CTJllboLT - War Taavaat T Bid aa ErJ- ! Crlaaa. I Tba atarr tbac Baaaae . lAlO bsbaadad paU dtraotlaa that fatal plpiit aba hor-lad from bar buai dlna; ha aaa boat to aaaat bar lorar win aot boar paalyptai Tear waa aatbtnp; fca bar aator that punaatad th aiii r mi aatd daapaaoaat aalad. baa waa f p vlvacloua pad ktpb atdrttad dtaeo b bad prwrhaoaly taikad af puaotda. but wadaubtasUy that waa at ttmt wtu la a waaeat e4dM1aa. draadlag tb mt lUMMrt. , it waa daubUaaa at Chat aba cava vaat ta au ad aa kaawhda at owpt tb far af tbiua. pad had aa forppar pecaataoa told bar adopt ad aaotb-rr tJaat aba draavdad ta p rtdtnc with bar hrrar aa ba aaa i la, a rtiar. Tbar waa no raaaua tt tba band aappwatwl to pronapt a aaatlra far aaaclda Kataiac ta f aet. baa tftua far baaa brwap-bt Put that laduoaa tb ppUUoa that ah fllrtand aay - wwoooptt or ppxr-pspricn. JTbaw aa bantad away that avanhmp- t ami bar lanrar It waa dowMlaaa ta tha a Itaf thajrVaa ptaaa ba bad nropoaad la rWar-ooa ta tbatr atalrlapa ,- wri abaol - tatap eoiunuapiptad. Wltbjp PA ?tvY hftrr aba mat rrpiHP op th botiUi-anliajKj got fpfo hi buscT aba waa p V.'f Hi pit mJti ha dylap- body wtth pWp". blood ppurtJpc orar tha faoa pad apparpl of bar lippaaalaa. arual-baartad cotappnlop.- waa betnp- swiftly eoavayad to tha prldf from whatica it wpp burlad into tka rivar. Than tha bloody waapoa waa toaaad lata tha atraasa. Thaa tb axlvar and tha paardarar drera awlftly away, aad within M or poaaibly S pataut tharaaftar th taapslac bora wpp drlraa ta tha (labia and Albart J. rrtutu wpp ao at hia bta. Tha f pat that portion of aa-dlpaetad fao which ah bad partakaa af llphtly at tba auppar labia that TalnaT yat raasalnad la har atofpaeb proraa eoaeloarv ly that har death ooeurrad within a abort tim afterward. Th fact that Frpata wpp at hip homo pa early pa o'clock that n-lnp- followlna; his departure a( . la fUy p determined. There Is nothing to warrant tha assumption of belief that there waa any prwarrangemeat aa To suicide by one or both. -and that when they started on the trip to tha dark and weird surroundings at th bridge, that th drl had selected TXB KACat SJTD TBP XOtnt At which voluntarily to aaerlnc bar own Ufa. Tha deliberation and planning waa that of porn other othar mind. On th following morning Franta -appeared at Mra. Drees boarding- house aad coolly paid In advsvae aaotbr week hoard for hie swees- beart. When apprised that Beasts was not there he affected surprsa. When Informed that Basal had stated on tb previous v-entng that eh intended to go put riding with Fraata no denied that they were together oa a pre-rtous evenln-- Wbea kfrs. Drees otJsotd ta rsoetvtag the money, sx- prcaalng tb opbtioa that Beesle bad gone to tha parental horn. Franta loakated upon th landlady taking th money. - He again called oa Saturday, th aecood day following Bcaaae'a dlsappsaranc. and again Inquired as to th knowledge tb landlady bad aa to th 'w ban about of tb girl. Ha re- Rrrated hbi denial that b Went riding with th girl an ta fatal Thursday evening. Ha thoa expreeeed th belter that eh was at tba been of her mother; aad breaealy re quested Mrs. Xh-aaa to call at Hassle's bean and request th girl to return t th bearding houee. la aU this procsdnre Franta.' It Is thought, was simply carrying at a cunning purpose of bajning Inquiry, and. .warding susplelan front himself taa tba event that tb waters should quickly grr up Its deed. Wbea, e few day later, aad in th development of events, :- r tt iiusF ssurio,'..;'"' In Interviews with th Chief af Police, be denied ell knowledge. res the raerements of tbe girl that nigh vend declared that he was not bar compeaian, aad that be knew nothing eC - the . tragedy.) His utteraaoea ware given no credence. Tks revelvcr, whlob Ilea la th river bed. win be recovered, and perhaps may add a link ta tb chain af evidence. . it la knewa that be was ta a gun store euunlnlnsT re-verrars et e tlm lO or 12 days eofare the dlaappcarae of tb girl. He aaswer . tbe dsscrtptloa alee af tbe paaa t wbosa a revolver was sold. - . : -- , ' After FraaU was returned te tbe Jaa fee-lowing tbe toterrlew at headquarters b was again taken from jail and conveyed to th bom of th patler of weapon, who Is a pick bed. ' The maa. would not be ear af the JndanstnCatloa, bat. waa mnllnod bhe eplaloa that srraart was the pmiibaaai The Brlseaer was again- returned te Jail tome tha later nip slater, Xante, who Is a daily vial tor. again called,. The twe wept bitterly through the brief eoavstae. t A- force of saea were - at work to-day searching th waters under tb bridge for tbe rweolvsr. A - "orty-pouad operated by a Ivs-ceH battery, was used. The magnet, as previously shews by experiments, grans et metal with ful swift mess, aad wbea It catches aot tot go. " 1 - 'v '" psAooa-o raoit rtre dppp. ' ' .'" , Ianumerabl thfaigs poestsetd of a metal-Ue nature were drawn from tbe river bed by tbe snagwat rythmg-. la fact, bat a leaelvar. It la knewa. though, frera Fraataa statamanta, that th waapoa la la the rtver. end th ptaicb wlil be coaUnucd asm it hi found.' In th meantime the magnetic search win be Supplemented by tbe drrlng work of Ben Graham, the expert diver. He arrived to-night, aad will begin operation to-morrow. Th finding or the weapon aad establishment of the fact that It wae poe-riir-1 by Franta will supply tbe Saai Baas ha the encircling chain, Caewaer Corbta concluded hi mveetiga-Uoa to-day. Hia verdict raedai . . "Attar having heard the eridenos and examined the body I do find that th deceased. OOXTU.C-i Ct i li I -J FAU . waa s It a of to It to F. of or to-morrow Ita ' of to m 8 lb

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