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Schallar Brewery -Huemmer - 1 Million- a im-in:iw in-lered. yeater-...
1 Million- a im-in:iw in-lered. yeater- mod-irt-l a a o ana weaaing ring, she alleges, and cnt her home to her parents without money or clothing. .She says Dress-mid Dress-mid ig continually bragged of his con-of con-of Quests of women. Cin-'innntl, Penn-,tlon han-' 7' " nTOU'1 1 "n1 ,,ohn V' Cajn- Cajn- neys Clo.s A ll.nehhert anil E. 3. Jt, rlnnitl th ,i.r.nii,nt , - " . , , V empsey, ana mere nss ae-n- ae-n- ae-n- ae-n- , veloped a disagreement among the May Sentence Albert To-Day. To-Day. To-Day. , decree, and that he could handle it to letter advantage if Hie claim aptiiivit i taa liftnd. 1 dj not doubt but thet - li- li- fw la (tTiilt l.o and hia ba f brotlie,-j brotlie,-j brotlie,-j v. ill i' Hi.! entire estate 'at rd i father a death; or that both Till share liuiirt: omely In it at ary rate, unci both beatise, of Sin-great Sin-great Sin-great ufection for Ms father and tho' fart that the latter can ; bundle to bettor advantage tl'o estate ; which some day will belong to him and i half-brother, half-brother, half-brother, he siuitflat'J, of hi 1 Hj-tt-uivimi, Hj-tt-uivimi, Hj-tt-uivimi, Hj-tt-uivimi, Hj-tt-uivimi, in- in- uiiiai.-j, uiiiai.-j, uiiiai.-j, oi 111.-1 111.-1 111.-1 "n UCrrd' thC "tPP h""h hM b"Pn t taken, reles-dns; reles-dns; reles-dns; the e(ate from tlm j cl;il,n atalnst it ..nd tfhich was u 'lion the entire estate;' 1 ' Consent To Modification. I The authority to modify the ali-i ali-i ali-i mony judgment was signed by Mrs. Anne Howard Reakirt and her son, t Robert H. Reakirt, and by Mra. Anno Dixson Reakirt. wife of Robert H. Heakli t. AVIth this was filed the consent consent of the Pennsylvania Insurance Company also, and Judge C. W. Hoff man ordered the entries made. L. It. Roukirt Is one of the wealthiest residents of Cincinnati, and hi realty I hoM'.ngs here are estimated to be worth I more than M.POO.OUO. Ilia father was u wholesale druggist, and his mother was. I Miss Lauretta itojmann., She received' j an Immense estate from her father. and this was enhanced when the cider . Mr- Mr- Heaklrt died. Later 'she was married to John i5. Gibson, on of the founders of the old Glbapn House,, and teceived additional wealth at his death. At her death a few years ago. 1 7?. HpaL-frr HpaL-frr HpaL-frr ramM (ntn unl i ,a fortune. He now makes his home in her late residence nue, AH. Auburn. 2020 Auburn ave- ave- Cruelty Charged Bjr Wifa. Accuslng him of cruelty and neglect Court, failed to agree yesterday In the for tive year, Ida Kyan, 3078 -Zum- -Zum- -Zum- trial of Earl Greenwood, charged .with cn-blelu avenue, Hyde Paik. tiled auit having held up and robbed Fred yealerdiy for divorce nnd alimony from A. J. Ryan President of the Ilyon Ideal Stain and Blacking Company, to whom ah wiur married at I'ellcvue, last. Hchaahel declared he Identified Ky., June 27, 1007. Hhe also seeks Greenwood as the man who held him restoration of her maiden name, up. Greenwood sought to prove an Rogers. alibi. The Jurors stood 4 to 8 for con-Through con-Through con-Through Attorney Frank V. Benton, vlctlon, but later w,ent to 6 to 8. and Mrs. Rogers says that on numerous remained that way until discharged. oeusions during the last five years Attorney A. J. Canon defended Green-Ryan Green-Ryan Green-Ryan struck ami abused her. Ho also -wood -wood and Assistant Prosecuting Altor- Altor- nbaented himself from home fre- fre- nuen'.ly. she aays. staying away for week at a time. They separated the day after last Chrtatma. she says, and since tnsn uyan nas reiusea io con- con- tribute anything toward her support, she de-lirc. de-lirc. de-lirc. , Mia. ityan sa h-r h-r h-r husband's bunl- bunl- nets has branches In St. l-mn. l-mn. l-mn. Mo., and Lynn, Maaa.. and hi aalary aa Its hcvi .s a week. He owns tne Z'lnisti In avenue . property, worth '"J Pwmrljr and securities which, ah- ah- declares, are worth "oro . .n..lA - That he failed to diaclo- diaclo- to her that li hid he--n he--n he--n he--n married four times before, before, and that he misrepresented his fige to lir, treated her cruelly and 'neglected 'neglected her. la charged by Alma Dren-Ins. Dren-Ins. Dren-Ins. lilt Marburg avenue. In a suit filed by Attorney 'C. 8. Sparks, in w hleh alio seek to set aside her marriage marriage to Charles Dressing, Hamer street. She says she was hut t years old when she was married to Dressing at Newport, Ky., October l.'i last, und she declares that Dressing Is 4i years old. or nearly three times her age. and she has learned Hint sh he is his fifth wife. Instead of providing for he prop- prop- erly, fhe declares Dressing estab- estab- '""is that exist there. Ileeomnu nda-llshed nda-llshed nda-llshed her in a furnished room, whero ilnn ,B n,up h"t the long- long- she had even of his doga for com- com- Pr0PO8RIm of abandoning the County panions. Jie nnaiiy relused to pro- pro- yide for her at all, took her dl.mond. Although he carried a laige roll of bila with him. which she alleges he exhibited to others, he refused to glvo her sufficient fund, tn provide for herself and their child. Stella Cain charges In her suit for a divorce and alimony from Albert A. Cain. 741 West Seventh street, filed by Attorney Fred H. Derfus. They were married at Aurora, jnd., August 3. 1908. Says She Feared Wrinkles. Rulnr for a divorce from Triolma neh,e. 1 or divorce. Hornet A Mornalte. ouing ior a aiNorce rrom Tnelma i J7,0S. Rumford va. Hutu lum-Davis lum-Davis lum-Davis Merland, 218 West Twelfth frd. For divorce. Jonea. flarke, Mor-street, Mor-street, Mor-street, telephone operator, Clifford N. T'rr' . ' Merland. 2168 Ohio avenue, florist, 'SSSl KtT?? Schaller aays she has relused reconciliation Brewing- Brewing- Company. Kor a receiver. Cloas with him, telling him that she does Lu;l- Lu;l- t . not Intend to "be a slsve and stand rflTnT5 over a stovo and cook." as she does JiaJiAXJJ MAltb CUUillS. not want to "bo wrinkled up jvhen "hen trial of tho case of the Ciovern- Ciovern- Ie says that nno la . yeara oiu. rie saj s mat after their marriage, ' September' 13 last, she developed a Jealous and quarrelsome disposition and would slap and kiclhim, pull his hair or ririae mm w.'1" Jecis near at nanu. 8ef on the mercy of the Court. Declaring that she has "fits of Judge reck thereupon Imposed a sen-anger" sen-anger" sen-anger" and has threatened to take her tence of six months in Montgomery own life or his, and stating that sho County Jail at Dayton and fined the deleft deleft him 14 months sgo and went to fendant 3,0mi and costs. This Is the Toledo, Ohio, Frank Gross is suing heaviest penalty Imposed In Cincinnati for a dlvlrce frjm Xellle Gross. Hoth the petition for divorce filed by Charles Boldt, widely-known widely-known widely-known manufac- manufac- turer, and the rross-petitlon rross-petitlon rross-petitlon for nliinony filed by his wife, Mrs. Amelia Boldt, 1837 Madison road, were dismissed in a decision announced by Judge Chas. . Hoffman In Domestic Relations ; Court yesterday. - Judge Hoffman held Boldt's charge that the final separation1, which took place October 1J. 1912. waf due to bis wife's conduct. lacked corrobora- corrobora- t in. He also stated that Mrs. Boldt's cllegations against her husband were uncorroborated. The decision affirms a contract of separation contained In a decree oj the Circuit Court In 1911 end refuses Mrs. BoIdt's plea for additional additional alimony. Under the existing decree and agreement agreement she Is receiving $5,000 a year, but testimony at the trial showed her bus band had presented her with her. home on Madison road and stocks and bonds ich Increase her annual Income to BTpi proximately. $9,600. the decision states. Attorney Frank Wood, for Mr. Boldt, Immediately filed a motion for a new trial. Charles Matkon. Jr.. Cleves, Ohio, was Granted a divorce frrnA Melva Howard Matson, Harrison, Ohio, yesterday on allegations of neglect, Oliver V. ' Winters, Harrison. Ohio. was found to be guilty of failing to provide ln Domestic Relations Court ' cterrtay nd ordered to pay his wife -ii -ii iv jim in vt inters, fio a week for the support of their minor child. Mrs.' Winter wai granted a divorce Wednesday on her Vllegatlona of cruelty and Winters' arrest followed the hearing. hearing. Beceiver, For Schaller Brewery. As the result of a suit filed In In- In- aolvency. Court yesterday by. Michael Keck, Judge Joseph B. Kellcy ap. pointed Michael Hilsinger as receiver for the Schaller Brewing Company Keck. who la President of the corn- corn- .pany, says that since the eighteenth amendment to th. Federal Constit,,. went Into effect the business of . ... . . ... In0 company nas pcen lainntr on. and a eonseouencS It has been creased ifor caih t0 ni,.. lti cu-rrent cu-rrent cu-rrent exoenae. although. It is declared, the company fullr ,olv.nL Creditor, have W ' stocknoiaers and Directors as to the, proper manner in which the situation ahould be handled, and a receiver if neeeasary to preserve the inttt. The company has an authorized capital of 1:00.000. of which 194.300 was i.ivued. .It .has axsots easily worth 1150.000, it is declared, whereas It liabilities amount to but J 37.- 37.- 4':.57, it is set forth. Other officers of the company are J. EdwaM Sohn. Sr.. Vice I'resident; Michael Huemmer, Secretary, and Carl Schall. Treasurer. eccretarj. and van Schi ''tary Huemmer a Schall filed an anawer. nd Treasurer aHtnittlnr the allegations of the petition and joinins in the prayer for a receivership. Taken To New York Jeor Trial. Mrs. Ynr.o Vunko. who. wHbier hus-band.Pete hus-band.Pete hus-band.Pete Yunko, both gipsies, was charged with having obtainVd JT.SOn from Nick Stamina, Central avenue storekeeper, under promise to drive away a "spell" from hint, vn taken to Syracuse. ,'. y.t yesterday, where she win stand trial upon a eharse "t grand larceny there. When the Yunkts were arrested and indicted yie chances nf convlctiofl were such that it was dc- dc- elded to permit them to plead guilty to petl larceny, and each was sentenced sentenced to SO days In Jail and flnd. I'(te Yunko was released a week fgo, tut his wife was held because the for her. .When reelased Yunko, who bad served his sentence, paid his line and that of his wife also. Yesterday Common Pleas Judge Thomaa HDar-y HDar-y HDar-y recognized a requisition tor the vnman and Sheriff Ford Bader tqrned her ovcr t0 Officer Jeffery Malone, of Syracuse. . I Jury Falls To Agree. Judge Thomaa H. Darby's Jury rA,vimnn uiAn . M-blakv. Schnabcl, 1323. Cutter street, of a watch and t-4 t-4 t-4 at Fifteenth and Kim streets on the night of November -7 -7 ney Charles H. Elston represented the state. Ralph, Vritach. indicted upon four charge of robbery, will be placed on inai onuay. r ntcn Is alleged to have been the mysterious "lone bandit'" who held up and robbed several saloons and oil filling stations. To Work With Two Juries. Judge Thomaa If. Darby, presiding In rcl-runin.i tu..i.i.. i.i "'"T" ' . ., " .Mr , ,. . i ., mia vi iiio muicit-n muicit-n muicit-n rveinuy on IT.hlltf.ri" -U -U m r m m m .... , - I . . . . .. . j ''. ' , ' u 1 10 u 11, 1 r inu Juries in his courtroom, so that one may take up a new rase while the oilier is deliberating upon a case tried, thereby losing no t:me To this end he had the names of 'U additional prospective prospective Jurors draati from the wheel yesterday, i In the diawing the names of 10 women were taken from the whel in obtaining the 24 needed. 1 wountj visitors JSaKs Report. In Its annual report to Probe ( jtwae William n. I.ueder yesterday the Board of County Visitors -mmt -mmt nds Rencral conditions at Lnngview out uepiores tne cruadii icmll- icmll- , Hosnlta be " woite l Jut If ms- ms- "0p,," bc "M u'" ,f NEW SUITS FILED. COMMON n.RAH COURT. 1T7.0M. Ida Kyan vs. A. J. Ilvnn. lor divorce and aUmonr. Frank V. llinton, 177,7. Alma Drcn.ln. vj. Churl.-. Churl.-. Churl.-. Ire-ln. Ire-ln. Ire-ln. Kor divorce and alimony. '. S. Bparka. 17i.06I. Btella Cain va. Andrew A. f'aln J or "vorr. alimony aud custody of rhlld. i:; nsi ' ateWiian tiehi man. Jr . v.. tda (T Jannke. for apaciiic performance of con- con- tr"7LSort xMerland v.. Theima Merland. 1'or dlvorre. h. vv. Merland. rLl'T .AZlr U'M' 177.062. William H. Hlevenann vi .Inanh C... . : ,, - . fctevenaon t al. Knr partuion of eatate. Charles H. HofTmel.ter. 177. 03. F.mina N. lllehla ra. .tolm If. m against Henry, alias Hurry, Freid ' man, rumours, nqnor dealer, as re- re- suined in United States District Court yesterday morning, counsel for Kreld man a(jvsed court' their client had con- con- clule, to p)end Bumy ttnd throw ,llm in a liquor ease. The costs total Kroiilman's ojur.sel, Howard N. Hag-Innd. Hag-Innd. Hag-Innd. of Cincinnati, and Judge William .l.Biennen. of Pitts" urg. told Jud-e Jud-e Jud-e Peck the Government had surprised them with the evidence produced during the trial of the case against Freidman and that they had advised him to bring the trial to Immediate conclusion by chang- chang- lug his plea. They added that Fried- Fried- man had no interest In the l.ono ?aea of whisky, transportation of which he supervised from a Frankfort (Ky.) dls- dls- tlllery to Cleveland Ohio, but had acted simply as an agent of the purchasers. They said he received $000 and expenses for his services. 0 Patents Involved in Suit. -appeal -appeal anu cro.-appeai cro.-appeai cro.-appeai in me patent Infringement suit of the Victor Talking Machine Company. Cmden. X. J.. vs. .Appeal and croup-appeal croup-appeal croup-appeal In the patent the Cheney Talking Machine Company. Crand Rapids, Mich., were filed in Vnited States Circuit Court of Appeal yesterday from the jlecree of I'nlted States District Judge C. V. Sessions, Grand Rapids. : The patents In the suit aro Ariose of H. T Johnson, one cdverlng certain Im- Im- provements In talking machines, and the other improvements in amplifying horns. Court below held the defendant hart f.i a ,u. . ii... i . iMi.i.ihT.. mnimijiiig norn iiHieni and one or three claims of the talking mnrhln.i nAtent. LTunteH an lniuni.Hnn and an accounting. Two other claim. l,t the talklna macliino patent were not Infringed, the Court held. It la - . . . . rrom ima pari ot tne ..ourla decree the ictor Company in taking Its croas-, croas-, croas-, uppeai. . Ancor Case Ends. ioiu oiui.-n oiui.-n oiui.-n uauiK innTii 10 aurae by th7 decision of the petit Jury in the government's condemnation suit " J orvuuweu, Cincinnati, for possession of 74 acres of land at Ancor. Ohio 'nli.rf . . . . auii inn juage jonn w em feck yesterday entered final Judgment In the Th lnrv havinir flrart ii,. ,.i, - . . - r. - iu.uv v& the land at 24.fna.I; and the trmount of damages to the residue of the Uroadwcll farm at (Toon Juda-o Juda-o Juda-o Pe,ic ordered that , he Government pay tne 'ot1 of these two sum, together with iiiurMi n n .Ar.t L " i"' vm jeermDur .V' .1U,J0: Upon Payment, title to . , 1 . vfMt tllc Lmt,!d Sl-te. Sl-te. Sl-te. - t rted T. frWi,, 1" tt rney' r' "'iiiru liar UVntLTmTir ' In Meyer Albert, pawnbroker, who Central avenue,' waa convicted in I in v-' v-' v-' I to to he ted .... , ' tho of t 1 . all ,)V k"-'1"" w. W; W ax

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer22 Jan 1921, SatPage 4

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)22 Jan 1921, SatPage 4
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