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 - ed to our fund. Mr. Charles Henry Ha.wtey of...
ed to our fund. Mr. Charles Henry Ha.wtey of Mi-,-, Hawley Family Has Its 43rd Reunion Favored by » perfect sutifmnidata, added to the riles nf l h e day, the Society of the Hawley Society. She . likewise extended Family held its *3rd annual re- re- an Invitation for any genealogical union Saturday in the Hawley information whicn might be add- add- Manor inn, Newtown. Tne Society represents, lor Ihe ost pari, descendants ot Joseph awley, one ot the [list selllers ol the Bridgeporl-Stralford Bridgeporl-Stralford Bridgeporl-Stralford area. Miss Emily C. Hawley rounded the society in 1021 la perpetuate e memory or Joseph Hawley id to keep the family together. The reunion was attended by about 50 people frorj Connecticut nearby states. Family History Traced wealth ol genealogical ma-I ma-I ma-I was assembled by Ihe var ious committees, featuring photographs, photographs, clippings, old manuscripts, manuscripts, charts of the various branches al the lamllles, and miscellaneous other memorabilia of the Hawley family in Ame and Europe.. Specific charts v prepared showing the lines descent of many ot the Hawley families represented in the ciety. One of the simpler, but n becoming one or the most pri; possessions ol Ihe Society, v a large nail e.'iart snowing main branches of three American Hawley families on which members members have written their signatures signatures under their respective lines This chad, which was Inaugur ated several vears ago, now con- con- lains rne ouuigiapns ni many | Hawleys who have died, movedl to distant places or arc otherwise otherwise out of contact with ihe fain- fain- y. Perhaps the most elaborate hart displayed was a diagram f the Hawley family of Britain, found in books of Ihe landed gentry and peerage of that coun try, with some ot its American branches and their lines of con- con- i, particularly Ihe Connec-Marylapd Connec-Marylapd Connec-Marylapd and Wept Vir- Vir- ewhglor. disclosed his recent discovery Df sqmd Interesting and] e data, rela tve lo tils great- great- grandfather's service In ihe Civil I war and some ironical policlos ' then in force by the Military 'tilch led lo dishonorable charge for disabling illness, lie | uiitcct. Mrs. Henry A. Bollinger.u uiiiiaitt¥-s.jiiuaii uiiiiaitt¥-s.jiiuaii uiiiiaitt¥-s.jiiuaii m-imii m-imii m-imii announced her plans lor Knlden. Mast'; Mr,: .nd-M«: .nd-M«: .nd-M«: John W, Shallenbergtr, Of Bridget pari; Mr. ana mra;-pramum mra;-pramum mra;-pramum w, . and Mrs. Franklin Hiwley, Jr, of Brookfletd Center; Mr. and. Mrs. Gordon ,R. ^awley^t Mil. ■-Also, ■-Also, ■-Also, Miy intj Mr!.,;L:ui(ier W. Hawley of New York-'ctty; York-'ctty; York-'ctty; ' Mrs. Grace Hawley Billings of Albany. N.Y., and gucs:. Mips Marlon' Cowlbiclc of Delmar, N,Y| Miss Helen Falrchltd ' Hawley of Bridgeport; Mr. Philip \C, Hawley Hawley of-Windsor; of-Windsor; of-Windsor; 'Mrs. Henry R. Bollinger of Poughxeepal*;- Poughxeepal*;- N.Y.f Mrs. Alice Hawley Malane ot Tarrytown. N.Y. and, Mrs, Helen Malane uecner ana her aiugjjiw Pamela, Tarrytown, N.Y. ; forth which will be reported to the Society l tier iCturn. Among lliose alk-ndir.g alk-ndir.g alk-ndir.g Mils jar's meeting lvere: Mr and Mrs, Arthur Hawley Church, cl Stratford; Mr, and Mrs. Frede rick G, Church, or Nichols, and children, l-lllcn, l-lllcn, l-lllcn, Christine and Frederick Jr: Mr. and Mrs. Ho ward B. Church of Wcslport, nnd Carol, Dia ty; Mr. nnd Mrs. Church nt Wcstlield, daughter Nancy; Pal nnd Mrs. llasvlcv and sor Steven of Trumbull; Mr, and Mrr. Charles Henry Hawicv Newington, and children, Charles <i. and Hina&etn J. ■ Also. Mr. and Mrs. Arjiu Hawley or Harlsdale. N.Y. his cousin, Mrs. Lillian Hawley Howes ot Brcokly nnd Mrs. William D. Downing ILiroiyn nawiey uowning] and Mrs. Howard O. Hawley and their son, Richard H. Hawley of i a: hit remains by hit arougni-oepiet- on ot Signed To Ense Trawl. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia.. (AP) Yugoslavia ; and Cuha. signed an agreement abolishing! .urements lor travel bclwccn the Lwn countries, the. officinl Yugoslav news ngeocyj TnnjuE'said Sunday. The ngency snid !he agree-, agree-, agree-, mcnt was signed in Hovoon on Oct. fi nnd will enter In ioi'irt when the two governments ratify ratify II. . . V GUNTF.R. GRASS GETS PRIZE' DARMSTADT. Germany-CAP) Germany-CAP) Germany-CAP) West German novelist Guenter' Grass, >33, has received the S2.-500 S2.-500 S2.-500 Georg Bucchner Priir, awarded hy the German Academy Academy tor Language and Poetry, the State ot Hesse and the town ol Darmstadt. His novels include include "The Tin Drum," "Dog Years," nnd "Cat and Mouse." Ofllcers Elected The group convened for regis-j regis-j regis-j -ation -ation and social hour, followed y a short business session in ■hich the following 3late ol ol-cers ol-cers ol-cers were nominated and elect-d: elect-d: elect-d: Arthur Hawley Church of Slrat- Slrat- ford, president: Elliott G. fiiw.| arminglon, vice prcsi-s. prcsi-s. prcsi-s. Henry R, Bollinger of Poughkespsie, N. Y., general Philip C. Hawlev Df Windsor, treasurer; and Mrs.: Charles W. Hawley of Trumbull, recorder. Elected to the Executive Com- Com- mlttee were Luthor W. Hawlev of New YoTk city. Franklin W. nawiey ot Brookheld Center, Ar- Ar- Hawley of Hartsda e. N. Y„ Mrs. W. Earle Hawley of Stratford, P8l| H. Hawley of Torrington, Charles W, Hawley or Trumbull, Paul R. Hawlev M.D of Shady side, Md., Mrs. H<*tn I-. I-. I-. Hawley of Bridgeport and Alton Alton J. Hawley of Trumbull, Relates European Trip Dinner was served at the conclusion conclusion nf the business session Ihe program which followed was presented by Arthur ' Hawley v". <-urrcnE <-urrcnE <-urrcnE rresiuent ot the Society, who told or the trip he Church ijav to Britain and the Rhine Villev recemlv. Mr. Church showed many color flide pictures, accompanying them wilh a commentary which was a particular delight n audience. A moment of silence was ob served in the memory of t h e several members known to hive rjfed since the last meeting, including including Percy Bennett Hawley of Southbury, long time Treasurer of the Society, j?u1h Hawley Bry ant Windsor, Charles Arlhur Hawley- Hawley- of Colorado Springs. l^torado, and Grace Hawlej Doyle ot Buffalo, M. Y, lirii Henry Benjamin Hawley o Brookfield. All had been Charte Members of the Society ot the Hawley Family and had long been active in its affairs. The seas ten also confirmed the previous action of Ihe Executive ™millPf in voting ? mcmcrn contribution- contribution- to the Brookfield Congregational Church to which Percy ant Henry Hawley had be. longed. This action was alsc placed in that church's Rook of Remembrances. Acknowledgement was voted wit1, thanks for Ihe bequest oi Mrs. Henry jj. nawiey or t copy of the Hawley Record tc Ihe Society. This copy, lately be longing la Mr. Hawley, hid ori ginally been m the possession of Miss Emily Hawley, founder, of tne society. This copy has great many added notes made over tne years hy iimiiy Henry Hawley and represent! a wealth of material contributing In the long-term long-term long-term project ot the tiencalozist, Mrs. Charles Hawley, to eventually bring forth a revision and extension of this official genealogy of the Society ReToluOmiary War Note* Mrs, Jane Bollinger ot Pough- Pough- liecpste, N. y. , disclosed progress progress on her project or correlatinp all Revolutionary War data ol Hawleys in that War. She exhibit ed a chart showing their name: and solicited any additional , information information which anyone might do aDie to eoninoute to Iter col lection. Mrs. Dorothy Hawlev ol Trumbull reported considerable correspondence ot genealogical naiurn ana announced Fsvera new .Demaers as a reault of this activity In addition to the new 4ft OUT OO ROOTS, GREASE, «md SKI Ml '•W'' WHEN ROTO-ROOTER ROTO-ROOTER ROTO-ROOTER "Rorer*KJ**nt. lioro-ROorER lioro-ROorER lioro-ROorER RAZOX-KLEINED RAZOX-KLEINED RAZOX-KLEINED WITHOUT DlOftlNS TEARING UP WAUS OR PIHJ. ALL WORK GUARANTEED PliBna Aby Day V Nlakt 135-TI54 135-TI54 135-TI54 our offices will be CLOSED TOMORROW s In Observance of sVa| COLUMBUS 13 ui United Illuminating Th» Southern Naw England Tilaphoni Cempanv Ptrtrtrt.NMtaiM.MiSrrtim

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