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Brock murder 8 Feb 1864 - PROBABLE VrVFE MURDER. John Brock mectel of...
PROBABLE VrVFE MURDER. John Brock mectel of Srnrderlnff III Wife ! Drowning Her In Upper Vrilnsville or .Myrtle Grove Sound Y Mysterious Affair. ShenlT F. II. Stedman was notified Iondy that John Brock; a white man with a bad reputation, who was a. resident of Wrightsville, was su-pected of mtrrdenng hU wife. When the Sle-riff learned the circumstances he left here dbout 10 fV!o-k Miiday mornincr for .Ir. Dave Williamson's, on Myrtle Grove Sound, where h eo.ld inquire into the matter.. He was ncornpanied bv Deputy Sheriffs Wm. Sheehan and W. T Harker, Jr. and Mr. W. A. Wright. Sir. Williamson informed the fherifl that at 1 o'clock 'on Sunday morning, John Brock brought hk two children to Vis hour?, and tola him that his wife had lec'n acciderdallv drowned 'TWAS WIFE MURDER. MRS. BROCK'S BODY" FOUND BURIED IN THE SWAMP. No CoreHnxr Over the Remains hut Her Clothing Killed bj Her Brutal Husband In the Presence or their Utile Children HejDag the Grave With Ilia Hands and an Axe. "When the news reached the cfty Tuesday before noon that the body of Mrs Breck had been discovered, the Messex-tiYVi despatched its representative to the oene of the tracedy, accompanied ty Messrs. E. V. Richards and W. A. Wright. We left the city 'c 12 o'clock, Saturday afternoon and that he wanted and proceeded to the residence of Mr. leave ' th children there until thcy could be stZit to his "brother, Steven rBrock, on Wrights vil? sound. Mr. W'ilhamson took Brock and his children in. and al! retired to bed. About "5 o'clock a.'m , Brock ot up, and tol l "Williamson he wantAi him to go with hint and help to find the body of l is wife. He seemed to he excitM. clrcd 'about Ji public road leading to Scott's Hill. ar.l ' the information frc.n Ir. Williamson, 'he did not wait for him but went immediately towards 'Scott's Hill. Since his disapr.'arance he-Las never b-en s .n by anybft ly who knev him. and suspicion was roud that he had murdered his wife, (Jr.p of the children is a little .j-year-old t irl narnsl r llie, and the ot! r is a boy, between C. and C yers ob named Joh a. for his father. Sheriff ' fJtedman fjnr dioned th little fellow, arte he said th" loat was picking arid she fell overboard -while trying to tret u biseuit to cal-. If th- l",ct'w;n sinking r. is mother would hard! have b- n try::ijr to get a biscuit, and it is Indieved the little hoy was t.H i- tell a sdory like that. He said his father took him ni.d his little sister to the edge of the m.'.r-h and told them he w.tu' 1 g.i bak for their mother where she h:.d f ill n overboard. It was only a hort diit.-mee a wav, and the little b v sys l e saw h's father stamping and boding and he thought hr. was "burying m mi "V." Th" little fisIow told the b lerill that wlien his father came back t i them he warned them if they tl I anybody alont this KCirrertce he would kill them. This is all thtf evidence that could be gotten about the matter, but the disappearance of Brock lrakes the circum-Btances very strong that he has killed his wife. The sheriff reached Mr. Williamson's about T2;: o'clock p. m., and he learned that Sir. Williamson and two other men had taken the little hoy out in a boat to Bee if they could find the lndy. The sheriff got a boat to out where they were, but met them coming bac k. They had been unuecessftd. but about the tMi" the sle-riir left another party took boat ; and renewed the search. lirock's had charart r an I the fact that ho frequently ill tn'tted his wife, causes very lit le l uht in the minds of the peopb-at Wrightsville but what he has foully inur'? re.l Jut. About ten days days ao Brock hrfl!e into Mr. John Crand itl's house ar d stole a jun and Shiritr Sted'tiau was apjlied to for a warrmt o a rest him. The warrant was issued and Deputy SI erilfs V. V. Kin; atxl William Sheeliati went to Wrisjjhts- ville to arrest him l?-.t rhurstlay. Tiiere was not a soul at home, however, and ollieers have since f ern on the wateh but could not run up wjjii Br-'ck or hear of his whercalut-. His little boy states that lie took his mother ond tl- m. and staid in the mar..h in liis Lo at, and was mak-ine; his way up tl:e S itnd when the ; tragedy oeeurred. It is s ud that be- ! fore leaving Wrir;lX ".ville. Brock slapped Ids wife's jaws. He. also said it hejut had live liours nure he would settle up his atTairs and !:ill John Crandall, I. J. Cox and H. B. Hankins, utul then' he would be satisfied. Tiie community at Wrihts- ville is in a state of fear alnmt this man. David Williamson, on ifiddle Sund, three miles above Wrigbtsville, arriving there shortly before 2 p. rn. The distance is said to be about ten mfles, over a fairly light sandy road. Mr. Williamson lives on a leautiful plateau, hich overlooks one of the prettiest sound views on the Atlantic coast. Paire's Creek circles around his house, after Kttins an,i empties into the sound at the foot of a hih bluff, and from there, across tvro miles of raarslt and numerous alternating small and large channels of the sound, the ocean can be seen breaking for two i secretary. Dr. Jewett then made a post high tide and not only . the 'top of the machine but the stove wasut of the water. When the 'searching party saw the raffled ground and found the tracks of Mrs. Brock, they knew that no drowned woman could make tracks, and they felt sure that there had been foul play. They followed Brock's tracks Into the marsh, and fifty yards from the point where the scuflie took place they found where Brock, with his axe, had marked off a place about six feet long and two feet wide, evidently to be niada into a grave. Doubtless thinking that was too close to the channel, he went at least 200 yard from there into the marsh, to hide his crime. His tracks going out tc the spot sank deeper than his returning foot prints ar.d it wa3 thus known that he must have been carrying the ;xtra weight of the body. When the tracks came to a seemingly stopping place in the marsh, the search was about to be given up when Mr. Humphrey discovered a fresh clod of earth nader some drift and sea weed. The balance of the horrible story is told in the evidence before the coroner's rnouest, which was begun at 2 o'clock, the following being empannelled as a jury: W. W. King, Jemes N. Shep-ard, David Williamson, B. B. Humphrey, E. L. Eanett and II. B. Shepard. Juror King was sworn as foreman and Mr. W. A. Wright acted as or three miles along the beautiful strttch of beach. It was in the round opposite Mr. Williamson's residence that Mrs. Brock hst her life, the spot where she was found buried in the marsh lx?ing a mile and a half distant but visible from Mr. Williamson's yard. The sound in front of his residence offers uiiarrp;issed opportunity for boating and lidiing, and at the foot Of his yard several boats were tied up to the shore under a fringe of trees. One of these boats belong d to John Broek. and in it he brought his two little children on last Suurday night to Mr. Williamson's residence, as mentioned in the Mkssexglr of yesterday. Coroner J. C. Walton was notified of the finding of the body, and accompa-ni.d by Deputy Sheriff W. W. King, he preceded the Messenger's - representatives, and reached Middle Sound a short w hile in advance of them. Within three miles of the sound we overtook and accompanied Dr. Ii. B. Jewett, who had been summoned to attend the inquest mortem examination tind the testimony was taken. David Williamson, being sworn, testified: I was acquainted with the deceased, and recognize her as the Wife of John Brock. I knew John Brock. I saw him on Saturday night, February 3rd, at 8 o'clock, and saw him last about half J past 1 o'clock Sunday morning at my house. Between 7 and 8 o'clock Satur-j da3' night I heard someone calling at rayj gate next to the creek. It was dark and I was at ray stable when I heard some- j boly shouting, "Dave! Dave!" I wentj to the gate, and he was moaning and seemed to be excited. I said, " What's i the m&tt:,' Ha said, "My God, Dave, my wife is drowned and my poor little J children are perishing to death!" Tlr: ; boat was in the creek at the foot of th ' bank, oniiy a few feet away. He had I left his tvro children in the boat, a little. boy ancle little girl. Ihe children were crying and Brock told me to give tbem some water. lirocK was not crying but Highest of all in Leavening into the marsh, and discovered it buried and covered up with seaweeds. We then notified the coroner. Brock's little boy, a bright little fellow, was questioned by the jury, and be said in answer to questions: My name is John Claudius Brock. I'm six years of going on even. On Thursday we Started (from Wrightsvihe) going somewhere but I don't know where. It was in the north through the sound. Papa, mamma and little sister and I were in a boat, and we went on the beach over yonder. We spent one night in the boat, and one day and one night on the beach. 0n the day papa took us to Mr. "Williamson's (Saturday), about 3 o'clock we landed and papa choked mamma. Be, jing asked what hb papa did that for, he said, "Just for meanness, I reckon. After we got out of the boat, papa took us through the marsh to the beach and left mamma on the marsh. Asked why -he was left, the little fellow said, "Papa had knocked her down and she oould'nt walWl After papa took us over to the beach he went back where mamma was and I reckon mamma was drowned by that time. He dug a hole ; in the marsh and put mamma in it and covered it over with sea ore and was stamping on it. He cut a hole with his axe and dug it out with his hands. He kept us on the beach till f evening auu orougnt us nere tliat night. .ith hi . ,nin aml .hot al her He told us he would kill us if we told, nm tinted against tafcinir to the c - - . " . , pent Wednesday and part of Wednesday night at Wrigbtsville and vicinity search of birn, and on Thursday they staid on the watch all night. had ' however, taken his family household effects in a fishing and! was making his home the waters cf the sounds, as the has! proven. While he was hiding from the sheriffs warrant, he broke Mr.! John Crandle's and stole a smgle-barrel gun. but at hast accounts he managed to get hold of a double-barrel gun, so tliat it U pretty certain desperate a man will shoot before he be taken. It is learned that on Thursday leaving Wrigbtsville he struck his when When paps, knocked mamma down, we were two or three steps from the boat. Dr. R. B. Jewett, -county superinte nd ent of health, who made a post mortem examination read to the jury the follow ing statement, hurriedly written: On Tuesday February Gth, about 2 o'clock p. m. I held a post mortem at Mr. David Williamson's place on Middle ?cuRd. The following are the facts as revealed by the examination: Woman o rather small size; skin of hands and body pale and shrivelled, bearing the appearance of having been and sounds. 'We also hear a story effect that ten years ago he left River, Onslow county, because his iara-mour was found strangled with a handkerchief and buried U'uhr a log. The Suu'rf Coiion Keview New York. Feb. G. The Suns review Fays: Cotton declined 4 recovered" this and advanced- 1 points, lot this and declined 2 points, closing steady. Sales were -IK hi. LiverjK)ol declined. 1$ to 2 ami recovered 1 point of this, Spot sales were ouiet and steady m ine water sometime, o rigor morns, j. Fingers of both hands were clinched;fin- j -n j varns aml cloths wert, juu gers of the right hand holding a blade of j Hteady. New Orleans and Mobile ex-marsh grass and both holdinginud. The : changes were closetl. Sot cotton face exhibited evidence of extensive was auiet anl steady..' -bales were and make a post mortem examinatHai. j he waa moaning and going on and said When our party arrived at-Mr. William son's there were assembled about thirty men, And in the yard lay the body of the unfortunate woman, which had been brought over in a boat by a party who disco vertxl it on Monday afternoon at a late hour. It was learned from Mr. Charles Wat- j tore that the first trace of the body was through his fishing crew, who picked up Brock's sewing machine, cooking stove, and other small articles Saturday even-ing in "Figure 8'' channel, which runs through the marsh neartho cean banks. ! At that time they knew nothing of the tragedy, but when it becsnie known, Mr. ' Waiters went over to Mr. Williamson's 1 and with Mr. Obediah Corbett the three of tlw iii went to "Figure 8'' on Sunday his wife was drowned. I asked him where she was drowned and he sard ajt Queen Inlet. He said his boat capsized and his wife was drowned and thej would have all drifted outside if the wind had ! not blown him and the children ashore. Afterwards he told me that the boat capsized in the broad water of "Figure bruises,the left side being greatly swollen and discolored by blood that had eiuded into the sub-cutaneous tissues, the left eyelid being eedematous (swollen) and bearing a cut. and the conjunctiva (skin over the eyeball oedematous (swollen). There was a bruise on the riglxt side of the throat. The body bore no other bruises, but there was some exudation of blood from the right ear. The pleural cavity contained about ten ounces of flcid. The bronchi and air tubes were filled with a bloody froth. The external bales for spinning. Southern were quiet and generally unaltered. Norfolk was 1-1 Go lower. Memphis sold 1,-9 JO bales and St. Louis GOO. Port were 2 ,215 bales, against 22,T."8 this la-t week and 18.142 last year; thus this week, 58.81G bale's, against thus far last' week. New Orleans receipts to-morrow are estimated at bales, (some of the railroads not reiKrt-ing owing to Mardi (ira-), against on the same day last week, and last year. Memjhis receipts were bales, against 1,112 last year; to-day. 2,195 bales. St.. Louis ..,v, v. i.. .-iu cuipiijaciiui- j were o,aies, against i,joi last tous (swelled or bloated). The heart was shipments to-day 2,323. bales. small and contained no blood. The 8 r wlvieh is n mili or r nnrti, nf nons P-stem was congested, inesur- Oueen's Inlet. He told me three difTer- face of the brain wa congested." ec t tales about it and my suspicions were In answer to questions Dr. Jewett said aroused. We took the children to the the deceased was evidently drowned, as house. Brock was drunk. Whem -we the examination showed that she had went to bed he pulled off his coat and breathed, or attempted to breathe, under pants and laid on a pallet on the floor. About 1::30 o'clock he got up and said he was going to look for his wife's bod-. To a question as to whether Brock asked the witness to go with him. morning about 11 o'clock to search for to help look for the body, witness sa-'d the body. They never found any trace of it, however, although it was subsequently developed thai they searched the marsh within ten f et t of the spot where the bod was found the iiL-xt afternoon. Other searching parties went out Sun- He never asked me to go and I thought strange of it, as I wanted to go and help him. He inquired of me the way to -the plank road and the last I saw of him, he was going towards town Wilmin: ton Tliat was about half past 1 o'clock day afternoon and Monday morning. and Saturday night, or rather Sunday moni-a party of seven men made a thorough ing. About 11 o'cl ock Sunday morning search along the channels, and through myself, Ouediah Corbett and Char-lev the marsh on Monday afternoon. This Waters went out through the sound to Jast searching juirty conaitile'd of Messrs. look for the body but we never found It. iJavid W llhamson, Jj. U. t.lumphrej, II. 1 also went out Monday mornino-? n water. The indications were also that the bruises were made before the woman was dead. After hearing the various witnesses, the testimony was discussed, and the following was entered upon the records; "And the jury, after having heard the testimony ot the foregoing witnesses, re- tirea and haying considered the evi- deceased, Winnie Brock, came to her death by drowning at the hands of John Brock. Signed. James N. Shepard, W. W. King, David Williamson, B. B. Humphrey, E. L. Enwett, H. B. Sjlepard. I . JNlr. W. W. King, the kind hearted receipts were .l,.r,G8 bales 'against last ear; sli p nents to-day' 1,718. declined 5-lGd in Ijondoii and was lower in New York. A Prominent Minister Writes. After ten years of irreat sufferinsr indigestion, with great nervous prostration, biliousness, disordered kidneya constipation. I have been cured by Mpzley's Lemon Elixir and am now well man. nrv. C. C. Davis, Eld. M. E. Church, South, No. 28 Tutnall St., Atlanta, Ca. and it is really feared he will return and l'- Shepard, James N. Slicpard, Kobert company with Charley Mason and Obe deputy sheriff, decided that it would be endeavor to carry out his threat. j N. Carney, J. E. Ennett an i J.II. South- Corbett to look for it but we were not prudent to bring Brock's two children to Ayer's Hair Vior koeps the scalp free from dandruff, prevents the hair from becoming dry and harsh, end makes it flexible ami glossy. All the elements that nature enanu, cuiu it was tney wii3 ai.covered successful. Un Monday afternoon, j I the city, so little Johnny . came in the ic.iwu. it u3 a mirueie now uiey a parcy, consisting oi seven men, buggy with him and Coroner Walton, Huu.Mvnm uiuiureo me eiitn- wcui.qt;i again to nuat lor it. we went while the little girl, whose name is I . , V"? getting 10 uie oroaa waters ot figure Fannie, and who is a very pretty child, into -Tysure b channelthey discovered ' and t,lere found a plaoe wiiere came in the hack with the Messenger's w te toe ooai, w as auegeu .10 nave cap- lanueu. e saw cracks and three representatives. ThP mrfr rpH 4. 1. i 1 1. j From a Prominent Iiady. have not been ablo in two vpain walk or stand without great pain. takinir Dr. Mozlev's Iumn Fhvir t walk half a mile" without suffering least inconvenience. Mrs. R. H. Bloodworth, Griffin, 00c. and $1.00, at druggists. VOICK OF TH1J SI ATK PRESS. requires to make the 3iair abundant and beautiful are supplied by this admirable sized. They found where Brock and his followed them into tho marsh, and after the city last night at'&SO e'eiockand the mue lamziy lanaeu, ana aiscoverea wi-vinp up me search we laund little children wpr tkn tn Mr T,-,Wo gure 8." The ; the body buried with about six inches of comfortahl hnm in tho V-,-;i tracks were those of Brock, his ; two sand and sea ore over it. The body wasThPir will remain trra fti . JL' children, and his wife, who, he says, . in a ehalls whole which had beetidug out! provision is maHp for was drowned by the capsizfcg of his and after it had been filled up tl h Th hodv nf Mr iwt n 1.1 The, party discovered evidence of ; plaoe wu levelled and covered wer I, th(X f v rr, v.-.. iVilOU VX. UUC LiUliii Li V . 1 lit- noon preparation. Prevention is Better cure, and those who are subject to rheumatism can pretent attacks bv keeping the blood pure and free from the boat. : i i. i : a - iiil-h i.ius nn- urease, iou ran . n , , . , " , , j , ... " ,Vr T 7", i at tne expense of Uie county. unon Hood's Sarsanarilla as a rem- a struggle at this place, as the marshy with drift iuid seaweeds. We found the I i rheumatism and catarrh, also for banks were . considerly broken up by ! body buried in the extreme edge of the. from Mr. Williamsons house and tl o.ther diseases cai: sett by impure The evidence f a scuflle wasetill plainlv It toners and virilizes the whole visible, altborh there a lianl min found the iody we sent to town and svstem. Hood'c lills are easy antl gentle in effect. ; j How's I his! We offer One Hundred Dolls rs leeward am- oav of Catarrh th;it cannot be bv llall.s Catarrh Cure. J. CHENEV & Co., Props., Toledo, O. Wo the undersigned have krvewn F. J. for the last fifteen years, and him perfectly honorable in all tran-;ictions and lin-cncially ty. carry out any obligation; made -,by their firm. Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O. . ling. Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Dru-g,.;ts. Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally directly up m the Idood and mu surtaus of the y-Um. 1 nee, Toe bottle. Sold by all druggists, fre. Tcs- I on Saturday night, and the tell-tale tracks were aUo still there to lead to the discovery of what is beyond doubt the iufaoioin crime ever committed in New Hanocer county. It is conjectured, and tie theory is borne out by the testimony of Brock's little boy., that the party landed at the fatal .spot bout 3 o'clock anc that after Brock had choked and drowned his wife, h threw his sewing machine, stove and other things overboard to make his tale plausible as to the capsizing of his buat. It transjures, howeVer, that even at liigh tide there is not enough water in this part of tli? channel to drown anybody, as the depth of water at its highest is only about two or two and a half feet deep, while at low water it is perfectly dry. We learned from Mr. Watt- rs that when he picked up the stove and machine it was about notified th& coroner. axe ai said I could lia muddy. Ho told-me he floated the children ashore on a mattress, and tried to save his wife with one hand but be couldn't hold L?r above tke water and she drowned. j B. B. Hum phi ey, being sworn, testified: I heard aixmt this matter on "rro- emains will be laid away in the Burnett eravpvard. from whieh iho Brock gave me a tragedy can be seen across the marsli and iiare it. It was Linif tcrv. Tlere were various rumors tliat Brock was-seen at Wrights ville Tuesday, and one dsrkey who knew him. says he saw iiim at Rosindale on tlie Carohna Central railroad. Yesterday a negro who - was cutting rail timber within a mile cf Mr. Williaxcson's house on Mkl die sound. We were in a condition to expect "Prover Cleveland" administration, and were, therefore, not surprised he, called Judge Gresham, an ex-Republican, and considered an "available" Populist, to the chief nlace in his f'jd net. Neither were we surprised ho chose as Postmaster General, a ' tl C f w. A. 1 - uy OWui io inmK, judged by actions, that a white man may be aa u. negro pixmded Ho has a character. We Were not. itirnricwl Wayne Mc eagh, another Kepublican, was given an important ai)oin t merit-nor are we surprised that, with the exception of Lumberton, Laurinburg, Maxton, Charlotte and Wilmington the order named, there haye been'no cnanges in nostmasters in thi - m. w(jn;3- sional district, while a negro still I 4 t i 'i l best. i'tsl s beeus ;ire known aiul crrown in ( coso tc-t l'er parpen, farm or CbliT fend for ii. tiI;. It is not tl nif rA Mtnli-sc!'.) .. ... i..i.-v uiu rtaicM value, ton rfal inf irmar ion both for the trucker aid plj.nier, toja;uer with fuil particulars about ( i f '! C7!" T f? e. a :1 C 3 die? - ?J i)A fCd (rstr tr? H r m day and went tocee Mr. Williamson. I jc&me out of the woods in alright, saying had heard that Brock left the children that he had seen a white man dodirir wuuir. w niiamsDn ana l went over to tru ought the woods. Tiie MjcssENOB!ts advise him to hold on to them. Mr. team wa&on its way to Mr. Williamson's Williamson told me what he eiated be- when the- darkey came from the wool3, Lire the jury about Brcck's ccming to and told thorn with bated breath of what his house Saturday nht. Whea I h ard j he had seen. It is rather to be supposed iue Muu-mem oi me matter, 1 started to f nowewr, tiitt lie saw Brock in his mind, town to notify the sheriff that foil play j yet he might not have ben mistaken, was suspected but wlien I got as far as ( Brock's present troubles began about Mr. Hosea Shepard's I learned ths.t Mr. ten days ago when a warrant was issued L. R. Ma-on had already gone to town j by Sheriil Stedman for his arrest on the to let the sheriff know about it. I went j charge of stealing cattle from Anthony back to Mr. Williamson's on Monday j Nix n and Jaoob Lowrey, two colored afternoon and I and others went into ihe farmers who lLr.e on the Sound lie sounds and found the body. j however, evaded the officers, although James N. Shepard, being sworn, testi- I heard on Monday morn in v thit . . o master of the postolfke of Fayetteville wu ue i.epuoiican postmasters Iwaleigh, Durham, Greensboro and other cities still hold the fort Lumberton Ji'jocsoman. I he only charge that we have heard against him, nd the charge which in our, opinion justifies .Senator VanceV uMuon, is mat Mr Simmons went to-W ashmgton ignorel Senator Vane or "kui auu ueieateMi, not one of Senat ucc s recommendations for apfKjint-ment but several.- In other words he used his position as chairman of the Democratic Executive Commits ... :.. ttj 111- tf-rfj-r iL-itli w:..... - : -r-- " '-"wiur ances patronage m order that Senator Itanwi,!' friends mi-ht receive olnce and that his (S-nn-tor kiinwu s p jlitical fortunes might be Tu-omoted. dn other words accord-g to our information Mr. Simmons d Mr. hansom "run over" Senator - au orcier toshowh sindfo tw.r. A r pedal feiture for l;rl Is the fail directions for c! prrov. in Urcts Tor Snnr 3Ia!iloj also descritv O t:oU3 Cf IJtIiyru3 fc'vlvcstris. i n lnva!nfi!!.- Cj I f jr:t'3 plant, a-d all the latest novcKies for par- X den and farm. V.'rito for it, nnd ci:rre:;t rrices of o any Grass, Clover, or other Field SeMs ronuired. )4 .Send roar orders direct, if your merchant does not handle Wood's Seed. 8 T. W. WOOD & SOUS. Seedsmen, Richmond. Va. Q Med: with his children and reported that his wife had been drowned I went to Mr. Williamson's Monday after dinner with Mr. B. B. Humphrey, and went wirb lnm and others to look for the body. We found it buried in themarsli between Figure S channel and the ocean hanks. We discovered signs of where Brock had landed m "rigure is, and saw tracks which we supposed were his. We followed the tracks up to the body. Before we got to the body, we first found a place squared out in the marsh mud, evidently with the blade of an axe. We supposed it was where he started to dig a grave. Wo followed the tracks on1 tney wnt alter turn several times. Deputy Sheriff Ivir and other deputies ... .uui treatment ami that he had prerogatives that must be. reacted, sina-tor ance opjKed the confirmations of .Jesrs Lira and Simmons. In I,,, 50c -4vr Perd tat per 6- -.-T . -V fy Dr. VnXIAIIS1 Brcvtrillr, OnU s action. Senator V;t.r r. , what Mr. Simmons did when he foaght ur V; an1 exactly what Sen- atorjluinsom did when for personalVea-sons: he defeated Mr. K.wl.L. . . 7 lector. If they Avere rihC then Senator ) ance is right.-.S'Ae liecuw. i W m ... I nappi lluana. Delaware, Ohio. After four months use of Smimons Liyer Begutator mv vvife; is almost entirely rehevei Z chrome constipate and Weeding pileS W. B. Ieirr. Your dru -LH,t tL powder or liouid. th. dry or made into a tea. 'I bare used the Japanese I' U is'.V. H. Hardin. th Sold by j. 7

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