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 - THE BALL TOSSERS. eitv 0. V. Au- JMiss JSlla...
THE BALL TOSSERS. eitv 0. V. Au- JMiss JSlla down a stairway breaking daughter train for who was here the same place, yesterday sad accident: Davenport, 10:30 down Miss stairs as she and breaking a most been Cleaver's Miss An from in this friends sudden Monday of a ou a Sbe a young past was now clerking Rapids. THEY HAD A HARD DAY OF IT THE FOURTH. Uuvt'iiport uiul Itut'lluutou AViu a Giutio ric'CO--The AHc'iidunce-.A Summary Other Bull New*. Pl'd Won Lost P'r Quincy ,,,,,, 53 2i» 24 SpringUeld 54 Davenport 54 Evansville 5T Peoria Burlington 25 20 .518 .490 27 3:2 \VednesdaytheonIytwo ball clubs of the inter-State League that are Iowa cities, played two great games the presence of thousands of A large number of people from ton were present to see their get ail unmerciful drubbing in the morning aud to yell themselves in the afternoon. Manager Allen anxious to win both games but the had decreed and locherwise and iugtons got the afternoon game. Hhines and Harrington Oiled the for Davenport in the morning and excellent work, Uhiues was at j h best and pitched -from first to last the* determination of winning. Ilia curves were too much for Burlington's heaviest batters who were unable get but three base hits while Davenport touched Nyce up for ten. home te;im did not have a single while Burlington had six. The follow. ing is the summary. scone Jir KNNISHJS. Davenport . . . . . 2 5 Burlington . . . . . 0 0 Karned rims-- Devenport 8. Two base hits-- Kappel 1, Allen 1. Double play-- Corbet t aud Ilarter. Stolen bases-- Itoutcliffe 1 Kusselbach 0--10 0 -- Oats. CUosvn- of the work the r a r t e n school --- -- -·- -- - - - - - - · * - - . - _ _ - - * . . w * - «.» .»-- -- _r K K · K --,^ .» _ » «. ^t^/ft^ ^j f, l^f Kappel 1. Schildkneeht 1, Corbett 1, Xyce Bases on balls--Hv Rhine-! 2, by Nyce 5. Hit by pitched bail--By Khines I, by Struck out--By Khmes9, by Xyce 3." Passed balls--By Harrington 1, by Weck- becker i. Time of game--1:40, I'mpirc--Hunt. 1 N' Til E .AFTEKNOOX the attendance was much ianrer in the morning, fully 3,500 being ent. Davenport made three runs in the iksto inning, mainly aided the errors of Burlington, three costly ones being made at first base by ler. .Fender was put in the box for present Davenport but for some reason the visitors could hit him freely and been g , formerly ihe fielders chasing tbe on .Ninth j balls. This was not J in accordance w i t h Allen's d e and tion to win and he put Fanning" in the second i n n i n g . He held grounds the ora down to but f o u r hits the w i l l ba i t u t e , and w i l l rest of the game. This ^ainn was m u c h more exciting: than the Kzune even though Davenport lost. Shaw, B u r l i n g t o n ' s new are: in the box aud did good work the secretary in addition or the o w n busings m e n : Judge of pupils The boys w i l l be the t h e refuses to be governed by the rules regarding a pitcher. Ju this connection connection the f o l l o w i n g from the Courier applies exactly; l 'It is due to the other clubs in Inter state league that a protest should be put in against J3urllngton's pitcher, Shaw. He is a hard one to as long as he is allowed to chouse own point of delivery. That is, pitches a dillicult ball when he takes a yard outside of the box as his point. J J u t i f he is a good directors is la of the suc- der the rules w h i c h requires a to deliver the ball from w i t h i discover it, for he has not kept w the box in any part of ui.y i n u has played here. It is said that he been released iVora other leagues be- in S e p - j cause of bis violation of W h e t h e r t h i s be t r u e K v a n s v i i l e h a s had no every should be barred from playing uoo of such state league games i f . fie a good one and the Ia- The t r u t h interest not Develop his curves w i t only. TO C H A U T A U O U A and 7, at a very particulars Agt., c o n - 1 vantage of t h r e e feet uf But it, is not i m p o r t a n t , Burlington cluo, that lie should develop develop thecu if he cannot do it honestly, because he is not goinff to be permitted to repeat his performance of yesterda iu any f u t u r e Kernes w i t h villes. lie will have to d e l i v e A L S l ' M J I A K Y . i n g Ui c Cold which shows cooler than be- lowest 7-; following .MONTH IN l3,2 7.30 west miles. was loth, and 28 21st. days ramcifell iiux- N T H IN the box or lie will be bounced out The following is a s u m m u r afternoan game: SrQUn \\\ 1NMNCS. Davtruport ____ 8 0 1 0 0 o 0 I 0-- 5 Uurlington ____ :S 0 0 0 I tJ 0 1 *-- 7 hitrt-- Davenport S, Jiurliuguni y. s -- Iavcnport -, 15 rlington t. Karnud runs--Davenport 1, Hurliiifirton 5. Two bade hits -- UoiUclilTo J. ^chiKlknccht Philips i. Threo b:isu h i t -- Moyor. li.-ublc play-- Oitci'ion, C-.rbct.l, Ilarior. .Stolen bat us-- KoutchlTu .1, Kussuk?ach 1 T Co-bolt;*, Mover -J, 'JhiidsS. liases on balls-- Uy Fanninc: 2 t by Shaw 1. Hit by pitched ball-- By Shaw I." Struck out-- By Fanning 2, by Shaw 4. Wild pitch-- iiy Shaw I. Passed bails-- Harrington 1, ChHdsl. Time of game 1 .4~. L'mpirc-- Hunt. S T I I I K E S . Umpire H u n t was rather off and strikes aud generally in favor of Burlington. In the morning game McUridc bunted the ball foul by accident and started for first t h i n k i n g it but H u n t called it a striKe. 1 1 alter, Burlington's big first base" man, played like an amatuer during t h e f i r s t t w o i n u i u Phillips came uear disabling Harrington Harrington during the morning game in attempt to all :e home but Jerry plucky and caught the rest of the (MS) 1.60 3.80 for The nnm- H; occured The management of the base ball association did a good tiling when they made Allen manager. He is a conscientious conscientious and hard working ball player and will do his best for the "Cycione" is a title that fits perfectly. He pitches a ball as though he had to send it through a two plank. Schildknecht plays first base m style, holding every ball tluit comes in hU direction. The boys leave for .Burlington this morning at G:4o. Rhines and Harrington Harrington will be the battery there this afternoon. There was only or.e game in the Inter Slate League yesterday, Springfield and Peoria. SpringUeld won by a of 3 to J. NATIONAL. Jfew York 2, PILtsbr/rg 5.

Clipped from Davenport Morning Star06 Jul 1889, SatPage 3

Davenport Morning Star (Davenport, Iowa)06 Jul 1889, SatPage 3
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