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Rum sellers page 15 cont from page 1 - i with-I I ; . even-i ' j i I j , situa-l I j j...
i with-I I ; . even-i ' j i I j , situa-l I j j as-I t ROM SELLERS PLAN NEW IM TO GET I LI0UI0 TO WETS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 J lug machinery, and within easy reach j of the driver. I The plan works something like ' this: Autos are sent out from "heml-' "heml-' "heml-' quarters," anil take their stand ' along one of the curbs. A "frit d," or preferably "friends" come along. I .tump in and the driver and dispenser starts out for any old plan- plan- or no I place in partii'ular. After buzzing j n round for a time, the "friend" re- re- ! murks that this is "u pretty dry; I town." whereupon the dispensi r, re-; re-; re-; served' in conversation, proceeds to j I a sequestered spot, whereupon the long-delayed long-delayed long-delayed answer 1s lorllicoining, ; i "not so dry as you think." The car j Is dually stopped, a si-vlii si-vlii si-vlii nal boltom-I boltom-I boltom-I piece is removed, the neclur - a good-sized good-sized good-sized whiskey bottle- bottle- Is produced. produced. The customers may hike one "snort" or half a dozen; It all depends depends upon hab'lt. At the "end" of the Journey, the price Is regulated, not by the consumption of gasoline, but the real stuff. The minimum charge Is $2; ranging up to $'. Absolutely Absolutely nothing for the vvhlskev ; all ; for the ride; thus the -vendor -vendor hopes to evade' the law. I'.ut the meshes are smaller t ha u he a lit ici pa ted. Time will reveal that fact. A Sample Case Here's a real, sample. case of the i new line of booze dispensing. By the way. this "enormous t?l traffic in Intoxicants may be for the purlins purlins e of money making, but more likely for the purpose of demons! rat - i ing to the citizens living In say the wet territory of Hritlsh GoUimbia. j that "prohibition doe's not prohibit." i That, we believe, is a striking cam- cam- palgn cry. imt on with the story. The dispenser Is drawn up, say at the corner of Main and Portage. Mr. Thirst comes along, is engaged In conversation, when Kh and Peachy come around the corner. "Nice girls those." says Thirst as they nod to the manipulator of the auto blind plgger. "How would you like to take them out '."' "What's the use; your town is dry." observes Thirst. "Leave that to me." The Joy-party Joy-party Joy-party Is organized, the auto is headed for a quiet spot on Assiniboine Avenue. Thirst suggests pretty soon that the governor of North Carolina said something to the gov ernor of South '.irolina. The auto man fumbles lu his pockets for a moment or two. produces a Vale lockkey. reaches to the bottom of the car and produces the "g'nods" a bottle. Thirst and the other members of the party pronounce the sample as "the real sniff." "I'll take a bottle off your hands," says Thirst. "No. sir, I wouldn't sell It for n thousand dollars." j A turn or two, and another driver takes the place of the Orst dispenser, j Driver Xo. L' mav be a prohibition- prohibition- i is, bin along comes still another, j who loosens up so to speak. Hut .Mr. Thirst when he returns may find himself land -d -d by another man who never "lasted, nor touched, nor handled a drop in his lite" - a sort of endless chain combination. The bill for a ride of this description, j where the bottle Is entirely ennsutn- ennsutn- i ed, runs as high as $!. Women At It Women are also operating these cars; hut not to any great nnm- nnm- i her; th I" methods are not. dissimilar ' to t he ' Johnnies." ' The moving boozies have a "head- "head- ( quarters." The operators are the same old gang that operated "rlubs of that class," under the old re- re- ! gime. And there vou are. Violators of the law have about ' n much chienre of surviving or ply- ply- i lag their trade for any length of j time, however original they may be. ' as a Whvtevvold mosquito has of surviving a Lake Winnipeg winter. ! j or In M No. No. Ne. 1 Nj. n.i. No. l-'i-e l-'i-e l-'i-e l-'i-e I Ite.l li.-l.-i li.-l.-i No. No. N,. Nn No. Nn. I-Vi'il I-Vi'il I- I- No. No.

Clipped from The Winnipeg Tribune15 Aug 1916, TuePage 15

The Winnipeg Tribune (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)15 Aug 1916, TuePage 15
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  • Rum sellers page 15 cont from page 1

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