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Hoeclal Term yretdeua, of the Superior Conrt ad- ad- Kmntom. &-Ko &-Ko &-Ko day calendar. Term nUrtmeiu. Ji JSftld Motions. of tha Cltr Conrt adleorned for APPOINTED. In Connty Clerk's ofSeA John W. rrench. CALENDARS THIS DAT. Oenerml Terns. ReoeeA Special Terns Bartlsff. J. Term Clramt, C. J. 298 800 Black ta lunnA 20 INTELLIGENCE. ALMANAC THIS DAT. PM sets. 7151 Moon sets. .1186 WATkat TOD AT. A W I AM Ial 1 48 Hall Gate.. 3 41 M I PM Ial 3 23 Hell GaU..4 16 WATIE TO-DAT. TO-DAT. TO-DAT. AMI AM Ial 8 07 1 HU GaU..9 36 P M I P M 11 9 09 1 Hall Gate. 10 87 STEAMSHIPS. OfOHDAT.) AUO. L Mailt CUtA Ytuctt Halt. 3:00 PM 3.-O0PM 3.-O0PM 3.-O0PM TCESDAY. AUO. 1 12:00 M 9:00 A M 1-uO 1-uO 1-uO P M 2:00 PM 10:00 AM 12-00 12-00 12-00 M 8:00 P M 8:00 P M 1:00 PM 1 :00 P M 1:30 PM 1-S0PM 1-S0PM 1-S0PM ACO. 8. 11 :00 A M 11 :00 A M 10 00 A M 11:30 AM 1 A :tHj A at . . 1:00 P M 1:00 PM 2:00 P:M H:00 P M 8 :00 P M 3:00 PM THURSDAY, ACQ. 4. Southampton.! 11:00A M : 2 KM) P M 6:30 AM FklDAT, ACO. S. 11:00 A M 1 :00 P M S-00PM S-00PM S-00PM STEAMSHIPS. Aro. 1. Asiatic, PrincA Elbe. Bremen. July 23; Wei. 'I!: neatan Hirim Jnl, 911 CanadA Ixndon, July 17: Htate July 23. Dldam. Amstsrdara. July 33: 26; Niagara, HaranA Jnly uneenatown. Julr 2 BollTlA Glasgow. July 21j juiy ii; waeaiand, Antwerp. of Berlin. Urarnnnl Jul. 97, Aug. 1; Venezuela, La Guayra, SUNDAY, JULY SL AltKIYED. Bishop. Port Limoa. Ac 8 aa iHKBKHi to rim. jranriMaa ca. ,11 P U Richmond. Newport News, and ana passengers to Old Dominion Con-many. Con-many. Younc. Urerpool 10 (is., with P. Sumner A Co. Arrived at the BencA Antwerp 11 ds, with to ireter ngnt SB "sons. AT-I AT-I 8 A M. TUalenhorst. Genoa and Gibraltar ana passengers to Oelrichs A Co. at 10 85 A M. rJarannah 2 d. rlth mdo waixer. Liverpool and Queenstown 8 paeiengors to verooa u. Brown the Bar at 13 IS f M. Santos. Bio Janeiro. P-arnam. P-arnam. P-arnam. St. Thomas 28 da., with mdsa. United States and Brazil Mall Arrived at the Bar at IS 10 Brooks, Llrerpool and Queenstown uiu paaeengers to A. JH. under- under- at the Bar at 3 50 P M. Thompson. Liverpool 8 da, with Aereey. Arrived at the Bar Jacksonville and Charleston 3 da..' pasaengers to will lain A. Clyde A Newport News and Norfolk, paasengers to Old Dominion Steam. Niokerson. Boston, with mi Portland, with mdsa and nau. Uole. Weat Point, Vi, with mdse. jm AJominion fiteamsnin fjonv Duchesne. Marseilles nnd NsDlee and pasaengers to Punch, hidye toe Dtr at m a. so.. N. 8,) Sanders. Sydney. iienast to anvsrs uoaoxen A.) Christlanaen. Halifax 17 ds ture a ua (of St, John. V. B..1 Morris. March 13. with sugar to order Brothers. (Br, I Harvev. -Windsor. -Windsor. N. B W. WhitaeT A t)a. (of Aberdeen, new.) William a. ballast to M V Pirkerins a iv (ItaL.) Corbo. Marseille to order Teasel t J. W. Parker Barbados 16 da, with sugar to Hatch togs Bros. (Br .) Olaen, nnaatanamo 16 oroar Tassel to rcnika A Co. Sandy Hook, moderate, N. I saiauiu. ireen, a. aw. Cloudy. RETURNED. Morris, hence Teaterdav for cams back at 1 P M la tow ana Wendell Goodwin, with en- en- fPOKKN. ! from Hamburg for Naw-Tark. Naw-Tark. Naw-Tark. v lu Htt as n x, loa o. 10. ur CABLE. Gnkm Line SS AlaekA Caot. Mur-y. Mur-y. Jnly 23. arr. at uueaaatowa Line SS La ChampagnA Capt, stt-iHi t uij aa, ut at navre at FmbriA Cant. McKay, from Liverpool, QueeaatowB for New. York to-oay. to-oay. to-oay. from Japan and China porta tor viirraitar to-uay, to-uay, to-uay, Now. York lor HalX Ppaarndaro. Capt. Boaler. aid, Naw.Vork faulkv rrom Hull tor New-York New-York New-York to-dar. to-dar. to-dar. SL Galon Line 88 Wlacoasla. from Queenstown tnr New-York New-York New-York i Blii tfinaariaL oi INVESTMENTS. , Works Bonds, & Power Bonds; Bonds.! ; Iatereet aayabla la GOLD. INTEREST, Uotlns & Clarke to pise st. i MAG0UN ft CO. WaH St, New York.' " EXCHANGE AND LETTERS OF ia au psrm of tn warid. Ah) unoini mr naa m uu easm. I4 eitattrliL THE CHEMICAL NATIONAL BANK, A; ; ' 'City, - THE MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK. New.Terk City, TTIK riRSt SATIOXAI. BASK. Albaay, THE MAXCFACTCRIRS'SATIOSAI, BANK Newark, K.'J ! AND TH FIDELITY TITLB DEPOSIT CO SI. PAST. Newark. S.J. WILL RECEIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS FOB THE Cumulated Seven Per Cant. Preferred Stock OF CEO. C TREADWELL COMPANY, (Incorporated under th law of New-Jersey.) New-Jersey.) New-Jersey.) CONSOLIDATING AND SUCCEEDING TREADWELL 6c CO, OF ALBANY. S, T IN COMBINATION WITH W. II. 4c K. BURNETT, Tnr Manufacturers, A A. of Newark. N. J. ' A. B. WARD ds CO., Fur and Fur Trimminar Maa utecturera. Nsw-Yorki Nsw-Yorki Nsw-Yorki naa uie Dressing end Oosarlng Bn sin ess ot THE GEO. : C. TREADWELL FCBt COM. PAST. ALBANY. N. Y (Tncorporated : 1890, under th Law of New-York.) New-York.) New-York.) CAPITAL. ONE MILLIOS DOLLARS, . la Tea Tboaeaad Hsmree, 816)0 Eaehi Five Tboaeaad Share of Preferred tek bearing' a eumulatlr dividend of 7 per cent, per an. - ' num. nau Flvb Tboneand Sbmrew at t'esnnsew fOidlnaii j) Htsck an titled to a dividend of S per cent, per annum, with equal division to holders of preferred and com nos stock of all surplus pro tits after payment of above diTldendA All hare leaned will be Fnllv Paid Up. Steckboldors laenr no personal liability. Main Office. WarenousA and SalereomA 4S0 AND 43-4 43-4 43-4 BROADWAY, ALBANY. S. Y. Extending to 13 and IT James ftc DYE WORKS AND FACTORY. 8, 10. 13, 14 VOS- VOS- BCBOH BT-. BT-. BT-. ALBANY, N. Y. REGISTERED OFFICE AND N E W A fc K BRANCH STORE, 17 ACADEMY ST, NEWARK, NEWARK, N. J. NEW.YORK OFFICE AND SALEROOMS, 63 MEBCEB ST., NEW-YORK NEW-YORK NEW-YORK CITY. DIRECTORS. Mr. GEO. HOOKER TREADWELL, Director First National Bank. President Albany Safe Deposit Deposit snd morses company. Albany. N. Y. Mr. JOHN D. PARSONS, Jr., President National hxebanre Bank. Albany. N. Y. Mr. GEO. H. THACBER of Geo. H. Tbacher A Co.. Car-Wheel Car-Wheel Car-Wheel Manufacturers, vice President City National Bank. Albany. N. Y. Mr. CHANDLER W. BIKER of Biker A Hiker, Counselors at Law. Newark. N. J. Mr. W. H. BUHNKTTof W. H. A B. Burnett, Bur nett's Fur Store. Newark. N. J. Hon. E. L. BIDGWAY, Vice President Consolidated Telerranh and Electric Subway Co New-York. New-York. New-York. Mr. AUGUSTUS H. WARD of A. H. Ward A Co, New-Y-ork New-Y-ork New-Y-ork New-Y-ork New-Y-ork City. Mr. N. I. BISHOPRICK of A E Ward A Co., New-York. New-York. New-York. Mr. WALTER B TIM MS, with Austin, Nichols A Co, Mew.xork city. PRESIDENT AND GEN ERA t, MANAGER, GEO. HOOKER TREADWELL, VICE PRESIDENT AND TREASURES, WM. H. BURNETT. SECRETARY. N. J. BISHOPRICK. COUNSEL, BIKER A RIKEB, Newark, N. J. AUDITORS. BARKOW, WADE, GCTHBIE A CO. REGISTRAR OF THE STOCK, The Mercantile Trust Gompanj of New-York. New-York. New-York. TRAN8FER AGENTS, v Fidelity Title and Deposit Co., flewark, It J. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. The PREFERRED STOCK. U entitled to a cnmalntlve prrlerenf Ial dividend el 1 per real. per annum, payable quarterly oa tbe 1st ot February. February. May. August. November in each year before tne payment oi aoy dividend on the common (Ordinary (Ordinary ) istook. Tne dividend or 7 ner cenu ner ananas la ra. matallve aad, la case of aea'prnymeat, will re mala a charae againnt ike earainge of lb Company, prior to all claims f th Common stociu The FIRM OF TREADWELL A: CfK. Mann. facturers of Fun. la the oldest of Its kind la the United States, and. with few exoentlonA the eldest in the world Established by tbe late George C. Tread well in 1833. It at once acq aired an enviable reputation for the high character of its manufact ures, especially tor lia peculiar process tor Ireae-lng Ireae-lng Ireae-lng and Dyeing Seal ttktns, producing Furs that hare never been excelled by any other house, American American or European. The formula ot ueorce c Treadwell. known throughout the world aa tne " T READ WELL DYE." lor Dyeing and lireesln Beel tklna, has been acknowledged acknowledged by all tbe Trade tor sixty years a THE BEST, over halt a million Seal Skins having been dreased and dyed aad sold by Treadwell A Co. alone during this period. The possession of this Formula ravs the Firm a position, unique and without parallel, which it has steadily maintained, and Is to-day to-day to-day one of the few mercantile houses of so many years' standing that weathered all the nnanclal criaeA Treadwell A Co. 'a success haa been continuous and uninterrupted, nnd every member of the Firm baa aconirad slsrn fortune out of his share of the profits. Tbe final ok w. 11. ev k. hlrirtt com menced business In the year 1860 with no capital, bnt practical knowledge of th Fur buslnesA with determination never to misrepresent good and only to do the teat work. ui, bji eti ru K HTOBi - la well and widely known, aad in addition to a large local trade it Business extends through every state in the Union where Pars are worn, and, with increased facilities and systematlo advertising; can ha largely In. creased. The FIRM OF A. B. WARD eV CO. of New. York, established 1880, with but a nominal capital. acquired and has maintained a re imi aou naa maintajneu a reputation a on OI most reliable aad enterprising honsee tn the the most reliable and entei trade. With th bead of thla firm oririnauul TrlmtnlBsrs as a special branch, aad thla has always always been a leading fee tare ot the house; tbe circle of customers now Includes nearly every well-know well-know well-know Pur Goods Maunfacturer and Dealer and first-class first-class first-class and must prove aa important profit making factor ui ... v wiuwuu.,Hrau The death of the founder and other mamhera ef iTeanweii a ca, witn tne retirement from active business of Banners in the trail of W. H. A B. Bar- Bar- net i and A. H. Ward A Co, and the aettlenteat of lamlly eatates. necessitate a rearraagement of capital, capital, and it has been decided to combine in one Joint-Stock Joint-Stock Joint-Stock Corporation theee and. as opportunity rosy oner, orner nouaeA wun a view to secure tbe ad. vantace ot airect- airect- local representation at lmnor- lmnor- tant polntA and to further develop a most Taluabl DBameaa, The Properties Acquired by Geo. C : Treadwell Company INCLUDE BEAL ESTATE AT ALBANY; LAND, STORE, WORKSHOP, and FACTORY BUILDINGS, a appraised by expert valuers. no rum no .AWA. V,. AbMIOSnUlDt OB band: Albany N. Y.; Newark. N. J . and New-York: New-York: New-York: Plant, Horeea. WagonA Machinery, Patents, and Coniracta. aa appraised by experts, together wim Ownership of the Special Special Formula tor Dressing and Dyeing Dyeing Seal and other eklne (for sixty years the secret of the Senior Part. ner ot Treadwell A Co. I iniuu SECURED BOOK DEBTS AMD BILLS RECEIVABLE 80,046.83 Total Real Assets.. ..S7Sl.Jttil.asi These assets hare been eanitallaed as aavji stats. in Three Thousand Shares of seven ner sum rami? taUve Preferred Stock, aad Three Thousand Two niiutt tu r utj- utj- essns an signs per Mat Oom-mon Oom-mon Oom-mon (Ordinary) Stock, me whole of which first laane haa been subscribed for in Cask by th Owner ot tbe Consolidating Firm a as that for the leans of S633.000 of Capital Stock the Company becomes w.,.uu, f . ww vf mm wrp ev USMIU, WACSrr. of REAL ASSETS to tbe amount of S76L.8S1 3d. The Book and Accounts of th several buaiaea see nsv been examined by tbe well-known well-known well-known firm of at eeara. narrow, waa a, uatnrw 4k Co., Chartered acwusitsis oi juonuen nna new.xora, the resull t wawa M NHIWS Uf lot njusvuf tWIIBStttl 1TO Ktoimrir Vcw.Tritr l.i. m km,. TO THE DIRECTORS OF GEO. C. TREADWELL nA :trvur.uv u. .i- .i- , w. net n- n- - . wwmwwM vM,nAaa,i.,ii-,ssotll vM,nAaa,i.,ii-,ssotll vM,nAaa,i.,ii-,ssotll GKKTIAXKII : Ha visa carefully eaaaalnad its K.k. and aceeunta of MeasrA Treadwell A Oe, Albaay. for tne period etflve year ending 1st February. 1S93: Messrs. W. H. A R. BarneM. Newark, foe ii. years ending Slat March. 1893, aad MeesrA A. H. Ward A Co. et New. York, from the berianlne- berianlne- at their baslness to leeO ta the Slst December 189L we find tne total net profita for taaaa ueU charging all expeasee pertaining le mnanlaoturing ana i ram nr. were oio, 11.31, or aa a....i avsras-a avsras-a avsras-a profit of, 8V3.10b.65. Yonrs truly. i JSARitOW. WADE, OCTHRIE A CO. The boot Benert of the Pwhlie Aenmat..,. based ob aa atemco eg peat years, when tha Bene. rateooooeraa hare beea ta mere or lea active oou-peUtlon, oou-peUtlon, oou-peUtlon, eah bona maiatnining Maaasrera. Braach ottioeA AgencleA and the General Expeaeea et an Independent business, ahows an earn In sr newer of tMsmartsl bVSeoVS-WarLT,"".,S bVSeoVS-WarLT,"".,S bVSeoVS-WarLT,"".,S yah tired tram Co-of Co-of Co-of KkAnoHsiw,iuta..wiii la sure, abaoiutety tbe paymentof iseeewea per eant. ssBsisuTi sinarso oa u aiaoe preferred Stock and th eight per cent, regular dividend oa th leaned mmwmn witst a aarpina ror ivwioa amoasr ail tao Stocknoldara anitteinBt aa M, ,a. ..... dividend to OVAB FOURTEEN PER CENtJ The right la reaerrad. ta ease of th subeartption exceeding theamoaat v he allotted, to allot ealy a perosmef tboamenat sn been bed tor. and preraraaee wm oa: give to cn. tow, are at tn teemoUdattaa An dspealt mad n aeeonat at nbatrlptjoaa which may not b aeceptad will b returned to th mbMrtber IN FUU, , . .. :' . Sabejeripitoms for tko Bteek of Ooev C. Tl emdU 7 ao.wweaea oa tut Jnly 30, a lm LS-aN LS-aN LS-aN wUlataasM Wi wavy, aanaia,ua r. SB. . .- .- i lie First Mtge. 5 per COLD ! Into rest Payable PBXNCIPAX. CAN, The Saadasky aad Catamba system extends from tba City of Colnmbns, In the 110 Mil, aad U tDat7dirct mttesv being 88 mile shertor shorter tnaa the easier ot the exUtttg. AtOolnmbaa i th COLUHBUS. S HAWS RAILWAY, with which TEAR TRAFFIC BLADE FOR TBE SES. Thai Vice President and CotumbuA Shawaee aad as follows regarding th XesarA Hatch a Foots, Gkmtlxmkx: i can now mat tatemeat of the coal Columbus, Ehawae and fiscal rear ending Juns 30, Total coal handled.. Coal to local points. Total through coal Th throagh coal tonnage to the Northern and Columbus, Shawnee 396.163.63 of revenue. Had built and la operation during June 30, 1892. this would tonnage aad revenue that have: derived faom tho Hocking Bailway. I am satisfied that In YEAR'S operation from BY ' THE COLUMBUS. HOCKING RAILWAY sufficient to pay It operating on its proposed issue ot Five Mortgage Bonds, and that th local; freight and passenger provide in addition a good Stock. (Signed) F. J. ThU 6396,163.63 groM $160,000 net, and will charge on mil 6owt from on turn of trmjflc, from tn one direction only. Mr. Joa O. Osgood, Chief Engineer ot the Lake personally examined the business, reports as followst TX MaMtwtkv and mot oMrmctio nn rmilromd no tie or textral ytar. " Vndr oxitOng contract coal teanags from th ttovL " TK rood ha a Strang taluabU kind, eemprtriag rttptcUd eitUon in Colnmbn hoes imssated tAttr ewa gooi faith, and teithfull The Tain of the ColumbuA Bailway as a connecting line amount ot its aming. and Tons coal carried 1890............ do do do 1881 do do do 1892 Gross earnineA, 1890 . do do 189L de do (6 moA) 1892 Gals during last six month Tbe Saadasky aad le centeeapisUed, will operation by November, Th aathorised laaae of which aaeoaat for cematractloa parpoeee bee aold. la order to prorlde th meat tba Beard of tba astie at S799.999 of boada at 99 aad bba f $'A36 of th ef th esapuy with The ntock baa a from twenty ta twenty6v Additional particulara and win be fnrnlabed on Bnheorlpaon will be Attg. 1. iHATOH & i 7 Pine St., 05ION TRUST COMPiBY 80 New-York, New-York, Notice ia hereby signed, aa Trustee) of SHORE AND EASTERN COMPANY First Mortgage, 1886. having received any FIFTY-8IX FIFTY-8IX FIFTY-8IX HUNDRED AND pkyment on account of invitee proposals for of said Railway mortgage to the extent will purchase, which opened at the office of on Monday, Aug. 8, serves the right to at its discretion. UNION TRUST NEW-i YORK, Trustee. New York Indemnity ; 89 CEDAR STREET, Kmtnal Idib CAPITAL, . SURPLUS, - - la addition to it special uompssT passsssBS ail tn companies under the Mew-Yers Mew-Yers Mew-Yers Trustee for oorumattoaa, Exeentar or Administrator uepoaitory oi trust iunoA ISTERE8T ALLOWED ED WIS PACKARD. ADR1AS ISEUS. Jr.. GEO. R, TURSBULL, HEN RY A. HURRAY, J.SSLSOS BORLASD. 1 - ' hwaelTXBaboock. kadarlc Cromwell, Joslah M. Flska, Walter R. Qlilett. Robert Goeies, Georsw GrlsrwoM Haroa, Ottvar Harrtnsan. R. Somer HaysA Charles R. Henooraoa, Adrnmlselln,Jr, J.Hood TBI ST. LOUIS, BULrilBK.l SCA1L.W FIR. L Th St. LeulA Iron fyCompeay ha SAOOO.OOO ! BondA at ta rat of 6 per eeat. 1 9 the preaent seenrity cro8s, i Bondholders who wish Prt vtlesre Le extead may MareaaUl Truat Oompaay. Xerk, oa aad after A us aootraet ot extension sad The Railway Compaay !"?!!!WJW8 ( are Bet exteade oi maturity, .vue same mr seeoani ec ' . ; : A. Sefetriasf to tho aksrew arwd to mkIhus em :.? issismrs i 'aU ralhwr tasta axoad. TH MEJtCASTTLK : , By LOUIS ' 1- 1- , ' B. CORSER OF WALL ATaOabt few Traftor ..'- ..'- . - - Snort 1

Clipped from The New York Times01 Aug 1892, MonPage 6

The New York Times (New York, New York)01 Aug 1892, MonPage 6
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