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Page Six W A U K E S H E di to ria I s "~ supporter of Waukesha Progress for Nearly a Century Parole System at Cross Purposes With Justice The rising indignation of-Wisconsin, against state parole practices is reflected in a resolution resolution which has been adopted here by the Veterans Veterans of Foreign Wars post, urging "capital punishment for any person convicted of first degree murder or for the crime of rape where records of the conviction are clear and unmistakable." unmistakable." In view of the shocking crimes which have occurrred and the molly-coddling of criminals once they are in custody, it is not surprising that sterner measures are being ' asked It would appear that the pendulum will have to swing full stroke in the interests of -justice and decency'before any real improvement improvement can be expected in the way probation probation apd parole are now, being administered. administered. We don't have to go very far to find a glaring glaring example of how the parole system works at cross purposes with justice in Wisconsin. Arthur R. Betzhold, 44, who was known as Kelly "The Choker" who strangled the life out of Mrs. Alvin Greenwaldt in 1927, has been freed from Waupun on parole. Yet here was a man who committed one of the most cold-blooded murders in the annals of Waukesha Waukesha county and for that offense had been sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor lor the rest of his natural life. There are a good many people in Waukesha and vicinity who can clearly recall the circumstances in this case and the terror this crime struck in the hearts of everyone. The body of Mrs. Greenwaldt was found on ance son Highway 67 a 'few days after the body of a Milwaukee girl, Lillian Graef, was discovered in a creek north of Waukesha. .The Graef murder to this day has not been solved. Had anyone suggested 20 years ago that either "The Choker" or Alvin Greenwaldt be sentenced sentenced to a term not to exceed 20 years in cause of misplaced sympathy for the No one has reason to feel secure with Ine Choker" again at large. Betzhold once took a" life'in exchange for money. Is .there any reason for believing he will not do it again, if and when the opportunity arises? : * # Now turn to Waupun where Buford Sennett, Sennett, who at 22 is a rapist-killer unlike anything anything which has been uncovered in Wisconsin for many years, if ever. His previous record discloses that as early as 14 when a sophomore in high school he had been taken into juvenile court for criminally assaulting "many/times a-7-year-old girl. Foj this crime he was placed on probation to his parents. He is currently being linked with the disappear- disappear- of little Georgia "Jean Weckler of Jeff era era ^ county, and only a^few weeks ago he was sentenced to life for the killing of Carl L. Carlson, University of Wisconsin student. Under these circumstances one would suppose suppose that Sennett would be at the mercy of the society he has for so long held in disrespect and has so often abused. But this is .not the case. It is shocking to read that Sennett--the Sennett--the same man who murders as he would light a cigarette--has the authority left even in_his prison cell (if he is in a cell) to say that he will NOT submit to a lie detector test! If not, why not? Have we become so concerned about ihe welfare of criminals that even behind ihe bars they can hamper and even block the solution of a crime involving an innocent innocent child of 8 years? Upon what right does Sennett say he will not submit to. a lie detector test which might well clear .up the disappearance and probably the murder of a school girl whose only wrongdoing was to accept accept a ride from a stranger" dignation and a demand for capital ment, the same as there is today. A life term must mean life in prison or it means that we in Wisconsin have less respect for ihe lives of stroy some of the maudlin sympathy and con. con. cern we now hold for criminals it had better be made a part of the statutes at the earliest opportunity. Price of Gasoline Goes Up The price of gasoline, fuel oil and other with all its inequities and inconveniences is not a pleasant memory; voluntary action which will stave off any threat of a return of Clearing superintendents the The'feature snatched Red As dump disappeared the shovel curb. cavern .began, bulldozer. One in the "elevator." wondered crane, chains ' tempt, deposited after Correct A show council aldermen it cautious before have council hour they cause to the clock other

Clipped from Waukesha Daily Freeman12 Dec 1947, FriPage 6

Waukesha Daily Freeman (Waukesha, Wisconsin)12 Dec 1947, FriPage 6
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