Iredell soldiers in war - James H Reece 11 May 1906

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Iredell soldiers in war - James H Reece  11 May 1906 - ? Co. commerce to in- railroads Company....
? Co. commerce to in- railroads Company. engaged issued. have of 70th coi- IREDELL SOLDIERS IN WAR Campbell, E. Campbell, B. Carte. J. Chamberlain. S Chamberlain, , Cheshire, J. Crewfield, J B. Cum mings, J. N. Cummings, P. M. Car rent, M. B. DeFoe, M M. Dingier B. E. Dillon, W. J. Dillon, W. F Dobson, J. S. Dobson, J. Dobson W. Dobson, J. A. Dunlap, S P. E',d wards, T. W. Edwards, J R Ervm A. B. Ervin, D. Farr, Jos. Farr John Farr, B. W. Forcum, W. Far cum, T. Forcum, J. "W. Foy, S. Fra zier, T. Furches, W. Gaither, B. C Gaither, T. W. Gaither, J. Goodin L. L. Goforth, J. M. Goforth, W. S Greenwood, J. C. Grose, D. A. Har man, T. R. Harman, J. D. Heath, A W. Heath, N. M. Harman, N. Hallard T. Heath, H. Hicks, A. B. Howard D. M. Jones, B. Jurney, T. L Jur ney, R. A. Jurney, N. V. Jurney W. Jurney, J. C. Joyner, J. R Km der, M. Kinder, L. Lambert, J. Lem mon, J. A. McHargue, E. L. Me Hargue, J. Mitchell, H. L Milton L. Morefleld, G. W. Morefield, R. R Morgan, T. L. Morgan, D. Morgan S. M. Mise, S. McFoster, W. W. Ma den, A. H. Mayes, S. McDaniel, L G. Morris, J. L. Padgette, J C Padgette, J. G. Powell, M. Parker J. C. Privette, W. P. Patterson, R N. Rhyne, T. Renagar, J. Rash, B Rash, J. W. Robertson, H. F. Robertson, Robertson, A. M. Richardson, N. Rives, J Revis, E. Shaw, J. Shaw, F. B. Sprinkle, J. "W. Spicer, G. W. Sim mons, E Snow, J. D. Smith, H. T. Sprinkle, G. W. Sbives, B. Thorpe J. W. Thorpe, N. Tomlinson, I. H. Thomas, J. A. Wetsoner, M, H. Weis- oner, M. H. Walker, J. L. Walker ?. Wooten, T. Wooten, A. Wooten ?. Wood, W. H. Wood, J. York, A. COMPANY I, SEVENTH KEQIMEST. This company was organized at Creswell's Springs, near what is now the town of Mooresville, on or ibout July 22d, 1861. Weareindebt- d to Lieut. John Young Templeton or the muster roll. Officers--Jas. R. McAuley, captain, captain, Wm. W. Dickie, first lieuten- nt; Robt. G. McAuley, second lieu- enant; John Y. Templeton, third eutenant. All these were commis- ioned May 16th, 1861. The non-cominissioned officers, ap- ointed July 22, 1861, were as fol- ows. D. C. Smith, first sergeant, Edwin N. McAuley, second sereant: sereant: Edward M. Correll, firstser- eant; J. W. A. Kerr, fourth ser- eant; Jas. Van Pelt, fifth sergeant, as. S. Lipe, first corporal, Geo. M. torrow, second corporal; John M. -dwards, third corporal, J. A. Harris, Harris, fourth corporal; JosephG. Donalson, Donalson, musician. Privates--John Alley, David W. Alley, Joseph C. Atwell, Jas. B. Atwell, Atwell, Thos. H. Atwell, Robt. L. At well, Wm. S. Ballard, James W Baxter, James U. Beatty, Wm. S. Beard, Ralph E. Bell, James L. Blackwelder, H. F. Blackwelder John H. Brown, Robert S. Brown Smiiey J. Brown, Dossey Battle, Franklin Baxter, Robert C. Beard Wm. A. Bell, Joel V. Brawley, John L. Burke, John C. Cashion, Mastin D. Gavin, Wm. J. Cavin, Miles G. Christy, James C. Creswell, Forest H. Cornelius, A. H. Cook, Wm Cook, Robert S. Cook, Robert H Cowan. Geo. L Clodfelter, John Carter, Andrew Clearer, Clearer, Thomas M. Beaton, Wm W. Daaton, Aaron G Deaton, Andrew Deaton, M. V. W. Deaton W. P. Dsaton, John H. Eddins Benjamin Elkins, Robert M. Emerson, Emerson, James W. Freeman E'bert Fisher, James E Galhher, John Galhher, James Graham, John M Gardner, John Hayes, G. R Ham bright, David H. Honeycutt, M. Hardin, Geo. L. Henry. John Henry, Elias V. Johnston, John Johnston, Monroe D. Jones, Julius Julius F. Kerr, George L. Kistler, Roderick M. Kistler, James D. Jonas E. Lipe, Geo. L. D. L-pe, Joseph Lipe, Edward M. Lentz Robert W. McRay, A. B. McDaniel, Ephraim T. McLean, Joseph A. McLean, John R McLean, John R McNeely, Wm. M. McNeely, John W. McNeely, Joseph P. McNeely Daniel S. McKay, James F. JohnR Means, Wm C. Mills, F. Mills, James D W. Morrow, George M. Morrow, George H. Morrow, Straugeman M. Morrow, Andrew Andrew T. Neil, Matthew F. Nesbitt, 3h Ov-ercash, Otho C Overcash, Wm. E Overcash, Wm. A. Overcash Solomon J. Overcash, Samuel C Overcash, James E. Overcash, So L. Parker, Peter W. Parker, A. Parker, Lloyd C Perry, Dame A. Perry, Thomas L. Perdue, Purvis, James A. Rankm, Geo Rankin, James H Reece, Wm. Jeedy, Edward B. Roberts, Hiram W. Robbins, James M Rumple Wm. A. Rose, Alfred Sanders, Job F. Scott, Geo. A. Shinn, New«o Smith, Jr., Watson M. Smith, 3. Smith, Abraham K. Smedes Robt. C. Steele, Joseph H. Temple ton, Joseph U. Templeton, Julius Templeton, George G. Templeton lenry H. Troutman, Daniel C. «rs, Jesse D. Watt, Parker P Westmoreland, Geo. W. Westmore and, Rowan J. Willeford, David Villiams, Wm. T. Williams, John V. Willis, Frances M. Wilson, Jas . Wilson, James S. Wilson, Alex nder Wilson, James G. Wilson 'en. F. Young, Geo. A. T. Young. r. Merryinan Got Guy and Also Got In Jail. At Marion Saturday United States ommissioner Craig bound M. P. .erryman, of Virginia, to the nexi erm of United States court atStates- ille, on the charge o£ impersonat- ng a United States deputy marshal, t is alleged thatMerryman secured bogus subpoena and in the guise of a United States officer served the same on Bell Clure, of McDowell county, citing her to appear at Asheville and give evidence in a certain criminal trial to be heard there. It is repoitsd that the Clure woman acted upon the summons and got far as Old Fort before she learned that she had been imposed upon Merryman. In default of bond Merryman Merryman is in McDowell county jail. Have you pains In the baclc. Inflammation any kind rheumatism, (ilntlnir spells indlffes- tion or constipation, Holllstsr's Rocky Mountain Mountain Tea makes you well, keeps jou well cents. Statesville Drug Co , Centre Street. I t s t d,

Clipped from Statesville Record And Landmark11 May 1906, FriPage 6

Statesville Record And Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina)11 May 1906, FriPage 6
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  • Iredell soldiers in war - James H Reece 11 May 1906

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