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Foster 30 jul 1907 - a a of Is TALE OF Two Huntington Maids Are...
a a of Is TALE OF Two Huntington Maids Are Rounded in by Ft. Wayne Police. NICK FOSTER'S HEAVY LOSS Boarder in Whom They Had Placed Great Trust Made Away With Watches and Cash. Diamond earrings and bills with a "V" spot on them formed the biggest part of the wlerd tale which was told the Ft Wayne police by Elsie Stahi and Grace Oates, (sister to Maude) who were picked up on the streets of Fort Wayne by the police at a late hour Monday evening. Neither girl has seen "sweet sixteen" sixteen" yet but lu their brief sojourn on this mundane sphere they have succeeded succeeded in making a big enough mark on the police record of the city of Huntington to last even the most ambitious character for the rest of a natural life time. Saturday the two girls went over to the city for a "short visit with friends" and according to their tales those friends were so Inconsiderate and altogether rude as to repay the girls efforts at making themselves agreeable by stealing a fiver from one of the girls and taking the diamond earrings from theveryearsoftheother charmer. They did not specify which of the young ladiesowned theearrings so we will not be able to satisfy the readers' curiosity in that regard. Theflrls were without funds and had no place to spend the night nor any funds to enable them to return to their homes In this city, so the police police provided them with quarters for the night and communicated with Chief Stouder this morning. The girls' parents were found and both girls were declared by their parents to be Incorrigible. The girls had been missing missing since Saturday but the parents felt very little anxiety as the occurrence occurrence had happened before. A policeman policeman was sent to Ft. Wayne this afternoon afternoon to bring the girls back home. OVER A DEBT. Because Dick Davenport of Wabash annouifced his Intention of going to New York without paying the little bill of twenty - eight which he owed his brother - in - law, Bert Lew, of this city, the gentleman was taken into the mayor's court room last night by Officer Aldrldge and a compromise was effeoted by which Lew will hold the man's trunk as a pledge of good faith. A HEAVY LOSS. The many friends of the Nick Foster Foster family, formerly of this city, now of Hammond, will be sorry to hear of the loss they suffered by burglars. ; Mr. J. O. Jacobs who Mrs. Foster befriended some two weeks ago, took a French leave last Wednesday, relieving relieving the family of . $100 worth of valuables some clothing and other miscellaneous articles, y Amongst the valuables taken was a gold, watch, DIAMOND EARRINGS AND FIVER Herman Foster, a son, silverware belonging belonging to a daughter stopping there, pair of five dollar trousers belonging to Orval Foster, a roomer, and somo other clothing, amounting to about 110. The young man was caught at Standard Steel works and taken before before the authorities given a preliminary preliminary hearing bound over to court at the sum of $900. He was taken to Crown Point on a late train where he will await a trial. He if twenty - three years old and looks the part oi a sneak thief. HOWETT FINDS BOY. Patrollman Howett proved himself to be the angel of deliverance for an anxious mother this morning. Just before dinner Mrs. W. B. Piatt called up the police station and told of the loss of their little two year old son who had taken it into his small head to go out for a walk. The little one described with such accuracy that Howett was able to Identify the lad with little trouhle when he found the little fellow trudging along Market Market street by the Glass livery barn. The boy can hardly talk yet but did not seem to be alarmed at the fact that he was lost, but was trudging complacently along holding a white umbrella over his head to keep the sun off. The officer took him In charge and returned the boy to Ills well night distracted parents. YET ANOTHER PROWLER. When Miss Mayrne Lamonte returned returned to her home on Byron street liust night she was frightened by seeing a man lying on the grass In her yard. As she aproaehed he got up and moved moved out without a word. OCEAN WAVE HAS FLOATED AWAY FROM MARION The Marlon papers anonunce that the "Ocean Wave" which tossed the younger generation of this city on Its crest for a week during the season has' spent Its furry In that city and has floated away. It seems that the muBlc with which the manager terrorized terrorized Huntington people was met with the same unfriendly spirit in Marlon and a committee of the business business men waited on him with an earnest prayer to remove the unhar - monious box from their midst. In response to their requests he corraled the mighty wave and betook himself overland to Swayzee where he will do the fair the coming week. TRIED TO RUN AN ENGINE WITHOUT GASOLINE People living near Bippus have a Joke on Lee Flshbaugh, proprietor of a grain elevator in that town. Mr, Flshbaugh had been trying for three days, according to his story, to start the gasoline engine In his place of business. He finally gave up the task In despair and sent for an expert to tell him what - the matter was with "the pesky thing." No sooner had the engine man glanced at the engine than he told Mr. Flshbaugh to put some gasoline In the tank and he would have Po trouble. Misses Stella and Delia Carpenter will leave this evening to return to their home at Defiance, Ohio, having a a It of connected Is of In of In the

Clipped from Daily News-Democrat30 Jul 1907, TuePage 1

Daily News-Democrat (Huntington, Indiana)30 Jul 1907, TuePage 1
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