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waughfield gets life - Waughfield Gets Life Term For Cafe Murder Jury...
Waughfield Gets Life Term For Cafe Murder Jury Decides Slaver's Fate In Two Hours An all-male jury deliberated less than two hours ' yesterday to find William Lawrence Waughfield guil- «ty of second degree mur- · der in the Jan. 29 gun-slaying- of 32-year-old Thomas Anderson. T h e y recom- m'ended life imprisonment. .Waughficld, 50, already having spent nearly 15 years of his life behing bars, sat with folded hands and bowed head as he heard the jury foreman read the verdict. He showed no emotion. ... , , , Afterwards, he managed a grim smile and said a few unheard words to his attorney, Pub- lie Defender J. Bayne Burton. The defendant was on trial for Jon. 29 gun-shying of Thomas first degree murder, but the jurors Anderson, 32-year-old La- vg//e F o u n j wor jcer. He wilt Ike Pledges Solidarity TAIPEI 'API-President Eisen-j hower pledged America's "steadfast solidarity" with Nationalist China Saturday hours after Red Chinese guns hurled a record- breaking, death-dealing bombardment on the Nationalist island of Quemoy. Eisenhower, arriving for a 24- hour good will visit, said East- West tensions demand "increased vigilance and closer cooperation in CONVICTED - WiHiom law... . t . . . ,-. rence Vvaugnrie/a, 60, was . , , , "nvincfed of second degree Hundreds of thousands of peo- ensure peace and security in the pie were' gathered along the mile route from the airport to Taipei to welcome the President on the Formosa part of his curtailed Asian tour. With a'Nationalist Army, Navy and Marine honor guard standing by at the airport, Chiang told Eisenhower: "Today with half of mankind enslaved . . . especially the majority of the Far East under the constant threat of Communist aggression, it behooves our two governments to cooperate even more closely than ever before to uphold freedom and justice, to preserve human dignity, and to murder by a Ctrcutt jury here yesterday Court n fhe could have found for second degree murder, or involuntary-man slaughter. Second degree murder carries a penalty of life, but first degree murder could have meant life in prison or death in the electric chair. = Waughfield, a foundry worker, was convicted for the pistol-slaying of Anderson as Anderson sat on a stool in Collier's Cafe on Anderson's westside. Waughfield \vas captured in a police drag net two days after the slaying. Waughfield, wo testified in his rwn defense during his trial, contended he shot Anderson because he feared Anderson was going to stab him with a knife ' he held between his knees. He also testified that he "didn't know the gun he.accepted as pawn for $10 was loaded." Prosecutor, Mel Thornburg_ and · Deputy William Lawler produced evidence tha.t no witnesses except Waughfield had seen the murder victim carrying ( a knife. Circuit Judge Pro Tern Wilsno Anderson ordered Waughfield to return at 9 a.m. next-Friday .for formal sentencing. Waughficld was first sentenced to Indiana Boys School at Plainfield at the age of 12. -He served Please Turn to Page 2. Column 5 . . .., be senfenced to lire in prison next Friday. (Herald Photo) the face of threats imposed by Communist "imperialism." The Chinese Communists poured nearly 86,000 rounds on the Quemoy complex Friday night while Eisenhower traveled here aboard the cruiser St. Paul. Unconfirmed reports said 19 Chinese Nationalists on Quemoy were killed and many wounded. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, president of Nationalist China, met Eisenhower at Taipei's Pine Hill airport in near 90-degree humid temperatures. Eisenhower flew from the St. Paul to the airport aboard a helicopter. Chiang, dressed in his field marshal's uniform, called Eisenhow- -- ^ tentative agreement Atlas Workers Reach 2-Year Pact lerms LOS ANGELES (UPI) Nixon Backs School Bill WASHINGTON (UPD -- Vice President Richard M. Nixon has taken the lead in efforts to force a school construction bill through Congress before it adjourns for the political conventions, a Nixon aide reported Friday. Herbert G. Klein. the vice president's press secretary, said Nixon conferred with House leaders and 'White House representatives on .school aid legislation. er's visit "a powerful demonstration of the lasting friendship between the Republic of China and the United States of America." Eisenhower's helicopter touched down on this island -fortress nation less than 100 miles off the coast of Red China at 10:02 a.m. Eisenhower said he looked forward to "fruitful exchanges' with Chiang. /'Our friendship, tested in war and in peace," he said, "is a real source of strength in our development of free world security." The President, in his arrival remarks, hailed the aspirations for a "world of freedom, just peace and friendship under the rule of 36 Injured When Bus Attempts To Avoid Auto JACKSON. Miss. (AP) -- A now stymied in the House. He said "Nixon was one of the prime movers in arranging the conference. As a result . of the session. Klein said.. there is -"a g o o d chance-that a school construction bill" will come out of a House- Senate conference-committee. He indicated it would be acceptable to President Eisenhower. The House passed a bill calling for a $1,300,000.000 program of school construction over f o u r years. The Senate approved a two year $1,830,000,000 program -- and voted to provide the states money to help pay teachers salaries if they wished. The administration strongly opposes the teacher pay .provision and Klein said it would be omitted from any version that came "I bring you the personal assurance of America's steadfast solidarity with you and your government in the defense of these ideals and in the pursuit of our common aspirations," Eisenhower said. Neither Chiang nor Eisenhower mentioned directly the · furious bombardment loosed on Quemoy in what the Chinese Communists said was an expression of "con' was reached Friday on a two-year contract covering Convair workers who build the Atlas missile, but machinists at some key bases where the long - range weapon.is tested remained out on strike. Another walkout was in progress at Lockheed Missiles and Space Division, and a midnight walkout was threatened at Dougas Aircraft. .The International Association of Machinists (IAM) members under contract to Convair at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., the nation's only site for war- ready Atlases, turned down a supplemental offer by a 2-1 margin. But at Cape -Canaveral, Fla., IAM workers agreed to the supplemental offer -- for off-site em- ployes -- and returned to work at the Atlantic missile range test facility. Two other · key- - biases,; Offutt AFB, Neb., arid Warren AFB, Wyo., were' reported ready to area of the free world." Eisenhower stepped out of the Marine helicopter for a red carpet welcome at the tightly guarded airport. Only top Nationalist officials, a few invited guests and U.S. Embassy and military authorities were on hand for the officia greeting. The President's face was ruddy from six days of travel. Eisenhower was - dressed in a charcoal-gray tropical weight suit He shook hands warmly with Chiang and introduced the Na tionalist leader to his son, Lt. Col John Eisenhower, his daughter-in [aw Barbara and other members of the party. Chiang and Eisenhower, both smiling broadly, then shook hands again arid hiang escorted his visitor along a receiving line. A 21-gun salute boomed out as a band played "The Star-Spangled Banner." , the President and his party came here from the Philippines for "the 24-hour visit before going on to South Korea. His scheduled visit to Japan was called off because of violent leftist demonstrations in Tokyo. In the Japanese capital, more demonstrators poured into the streets Saturday to protest against the government of Premier Nobusuke Kishi and , . ,, f 551 ". OE , Lon ~ vote on the separate agreement tempt and scorn for Eisenhower. s a turdav Announcing in advance the artillery assault would be timed with Eisenhower's visit to Formosa, Peiping called the American President the "god of plague." $746 Million US Pay Raise the U.S.-Japan security treaty. The St. Paul arrived off the coast of Formosa at 6:30 a.m. but her exact location was kept secret under security precautions. The resident and his party, however, were far from the scene of the Red Chinese artillery action and; were not endangered by the unprecedented bombardment. Nationalist defense officials announced the total of rounds fired in -two thunderous barrages Friday night. No casualties were reported among the U.S. advisory group on the heavily fortified Quemoy complex, which lies more than 100 miles over water fr6m Formosa. Nationalist guns did not reply. The "Communists began shelling Quemoy 13 hours before" bower's arrival At that time the resident was steaming toward Formosa with. vessels of the 7th Fleet deployed around the St a Despite the continued, walkout by some of the 3,000 machinists at Convair installations, the tentative pact reached between the company and the IAM might prove a guide in settling other labor troubles in the aircraft missile industry, observers said. Lockheed missiles and Space Division machinists have been on strike for three days at scattered missile - space installations Paul to give him maximum protection. Eisenhower spoke in a strong clear voice in his brief reply to Chiangs speech of welcome. ·--' Fare Raise Of 5 Per Cent Granted .A LOOK AT THE LOOT -- Anderson Def. Houston counls out $290 recovered along Ind. 32 that was thrown from a holdup car used yesterday afternoon in the armed robbery of the Cross Street Market. Suspect Joseph E. Grady, 24, Muncie, awaits further interrogation concerning the robbery. Grady was captured near Chesterfield only minutes after holdup. He also confessed to three other robberies here during the past week. (Herald Photo) House Restores WASHINGTON (UPD - T h e louse responded to Communist- ed overseas, disturbances Friday by passing a $3,584,500,000 foreign aid bill after restoring half of the military aid funds cut by its appropriations committee The measure was approved by a roll call vote of 253 -124. The bill, which now goes to the Senate, still fell $590,500,000 short of the military and economic assistance sought by President Eisenhower for this nation's cold war Allies i nthe 12 month start- er's visit. It also came as the Chinese Reds shelled the offshore island of Quemoy in protesl against Eisenhower's visit to mosa. The House action could be President's only dividend from Please Turn to Pace 2, Column . : t . Parker, Welsh Trade Verbal

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