The Scranton Truth 31 July 1914 Thomas A. Barrett letter

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The Scranton Truth 31 July 1914 Thomas A. Barrett letter - do' an to be to it - TYPEWRITER PLANT MAY...
do' an to be to it - TYPEWRITER PLANT MAY J0CATE HERE Board of Trade to Take Matter Up With . Victor Company . Owned By I. C. S. v About a year ago the Scranton Board of Trade endeavored to have the Victor Typewriter plant, located in Frooklyn. n. Y., bring their plant to this city but, at the time the beard could offer no special inducements. Now with the million dollar fund at their disposal, the suggestici been i.'.ade that the typewriter concern would be t - aquisl - tion to the list of Scranton industries which have been located here through activities of the local trade body and it is l.Kely that some inducement will be offered by the Ii ustrial Development Development company in the endeavor to get the plant for Scrantcn. The principal inter, t in the Vict v typewriter Is own.d or the I. C. S. and negotiations will Drobablv be nwn.i id with the TextbooK ccmpany officials at an early date. The I. C. S. is a local institution and if inducements' in tho way or a suitable site and financial assistance assistance in aiding to defray the expense expense of moving machinery, etc., can be offered it is anticipated that the prop osictlon will be looked upon favorably by the typewriter concern. Giving employ ir u to - everal hundred hundred hands and being an industry of a thoroughly established and solid character character the Victor cyp - writer plant Is 'e' wrth going after for Scranton. The desirability of bringing the Vic - Sre was SJestd to Sec - tTyn.KEdSar in the 10 - owing letter from Thomas A. Bar. . n this city w.Ct, j ScranJt,on' Pa. Ju'y 28. 1914 MBokaridr'Trqe' SeCretary Scranton of the Scranton Board of Trade paid t Q? tr'bute to Psident ThoWas spondVnce School. AflEf CoJ"fe: empnioy t000 people 'he?e and 1 SoV more elsewhere in the L'nited States! and Canada, and whose subsidiaries' L. , or more employes abroad. I J; " - ","P"meni to tne schools, as a further resentment of the petty fuming of chronic critics, the Board of Trade pSBf,d strong resolution giving unqualified unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement endorsement of the great I. c. S., an institution institution which has made scranton renowned renowned in many lands and which has brought millions of dollars into this city. . In view of the foregoing, "and in view also of the fact that vour fx - cellent organization has undertaken a laudable and exceedingly active campaign campaign for the bringing of new indus - l tries to Scranton. permit me to remark remark that you have so far overlooked wnat i consider your "one best bet In the way of a new industry. You should by all means urge Mr. Foster to move to Scranton the plant of the Victor Typewriter company now located in New York city. I do not Know, or course, whether the International International Textbook company, which recently acquired this plant, want to move it to ?cranton or not, but as a resident of the Electric City for 21 years. 1 want to see the city grow. ine i. s. nas plenty or ground n Scranton upon which to build a type writer factory and as It has been de cided to make Victor machines in several several languaees and with I. C. S. agencies agencies in all parts of the world, the Typewriter industry should grow to huge proportions. I am informed that the Textbook company has al ready put iSOO.000 into the Victor factory factory and . may spend as much more in the development of the business. I understand that the New York location is satisfactory because there skilled workmen used in the construction construction of the machine are easily obtained, material plentiful, and shipping shipping facilities are favorable. The v - erv fact that this industry employs skilled workmen at advanced wages is one of the strong points in its desirability desirability as an addition to Scranton's manufactories. It would not be in competition with any other local enterprise enterprise and you can readily see that this factory would be a great sain to the city. 1 am not a member of your honorable body, but like many men in humble circumstances who can not afford to Join vou, I am nevertheless interested in what you are doing and want you to get the credit oi cringing id it - Tvn.wrii,, nlnnt to Scranton. I do not know just how to proceed in the matter but beg of you to lay this letter and tne appenaea uescnpuuii of the Victor plant before the board members in open meeting and have . w.An. ftpmiiiat, a nian of brine - ina: the subject of the removal of the plant to the attention of Mr. Foster and. his associates. I have Just returned Irom New York where I had the pleasure of viewing the Victor plant and am firmly convinced that It would be a solid, reliable, everbusy and profit able industry a great thing In fact and just what Scranton wants. As the sale of Victor machines is now worldwide worldwide it would afford a means of advertising advertising Scranton, second only to the I. C. S. itself. Sincerely yours, - THOMAS A BARRETT. M so

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  • The Scranton Truth 31 July 1914 Thomas A. Barrett letter

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