Wilmington Morning Star 21 Nov 1919 pg 5 Bozeman Clan on trial

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Wilmington Morning Star 21 Nov 1919 pg 5 Bozeman Clan on trial - WOMAN DEFENDS FOUR BOZEMANS Mrs. Rodgers...
WOMAN DEFENDS FOUR BOZEMANS Mrs. Rodgers Represents Alleged Alleged Blockaders In United States Court rrue, Bozemans, father and three the alleged Brunswick county "nHers. were arraigned in federal 1,0 h yesterday afternoon at 2:30 on ( Lrze. of manufacturing, conceal- conceal- transporting and selling un-iIlg,nerl un-iIlg,nerl un-iIlg,nerl liquors, and through their stamps TrrH fttl- fttl- I 11 fl!" fes court for the eastern district Slorth Carolina, a woman has ap-p ap-p ap-p "p(1 in a criminal action before pefr v the junior member of tho firm the group being Mrs. H. Edir-und Edir-und Edir-und Rodgers. phaps no more unusual scene has r been presented in the annals of Z court rooms of the state The tne . nt errnimed closely ,ir rteiP"""""-" rteiP"""""-" rteiP"""""-" w - .- .- tereti k uiDn.v rtf th TTnitad in me - - . oHnrnPV VSStBfdaV aft -,,nri -,,nri I I'll "noon rough, uncouth, ill-clothed ill-clothed ill-clothed er2 unhaven. and whispered in un-" un-" un-" nneo among themselves, glancing fLjvpIv at their counsel, a woman. rtiv' dressed, keen arid incisive of 'Tech the match of any witness that .1 the stand or any lawyer with hom she crossed in parrying the Thrusts of the prosecution. Kile Into Courtroom The Bozemans filed into the court nnm handcuffed in pairs, a few min-r min-r min-r ' before the hour for the opening t court after the noon recess. The f ther T P. Bozeman. with his son, rLkcr Bozeman, was brought in rst and then "Babe" and Spencer BoVeman. The elder member of the eVmilv is a slight Httle man, appar- appar- nm- nm- well over the allotted three-Lre three-Lre three-Lre and . ten. He barely reaches to 'tht shoulders of his powerful son, - Lpker the first to fall into the hands of the law. He wears a scraggly gray beard flowing well down over the breast His cheeks glow like mountain mountain apples, and his eyes retain the sparkle of youth. Tasker Bozeman is the spokesman o the clan, and is somewhat more urbane in appearance. He wore a starched collar with a tie. pierced by a mammoth stickpin, also smoked classes with sold rims around them, and brushes his hair carefully. The others were surpassingly rough in apparel, and their hair fell in long, unrestrained waves over their skulls. They sat plainly bewildered by their unwonted surroundings and for the most part were silent while witness after witness recited the long tale of their alleged illicit traffic on the margin of the great Green Swamp on the lower side of Brunswick county. Many Witnesses Summoned More than a score of witnesses have been summoned by the government to testify against the clan. The first to mount the witness stand was Deputy Collecto. Coleman, who told of having on more than one occasion, invaded the domain of the clan, finding finding stills, and destroying them, but never being quite able to take the Bozemans red-handed red-handed red-handed in the manufacture manufacture of the contraband potation. On the last raid he. wirh-dtherswho wirh-dtherswho wirh-dtherswho followed him on the stand, found and destroyed a still of large capacity that sat at the conjunction of a series of paths that led to the residence residence of each of the four Bozeman's, it was declared. Following him was C. A. Russ, of Shallotte, ten miles away from the haunts of the defendants, who testified testified that he had purchased a gallon of whiskey from Babe Bozeman, paying paying therefor 50 cents a quart. "That was when liquor was cheaper than it is now," he added when he observed observed the look of Incredulity on the faces of all who heard him. "Even Judge Connor chuckled at the humor of the situation. Another time he had nought a half gallon at .a somewhat higher figure. H. G. Hewitt, of Shal-lotte. Shal-lotte. Shal-lotte. told also of having bought "monkey rum" from "Babe" Bozeman. Both witnesses declared that the general general reputation of the clan was that they made large quantities of blockade blockade liquor ;.nd sold it. A half dozen revenue officers and deputy marshals who had participated in raids in that section offered testimony testimony of their belief that the Boze-.nans Boze-.nans Boze-.nans were engaged in the manufacture manufacture of liquor, and that on one occasion occasion they were seen - gathered around one still that was destroyed, after the operators had taken flight. Mrs. Rodgers took the witnesses on cross examination, but 'was unable to break down their testimony or to develop any material differences or "discrepancies. For a few moments she eonfused Deputy Lifsey as to the time that he made his last raid in that fertion. but no change was recorded In his testimony. Will Retwme Today The hearing will be resumed this horning when court convents at 10 o'clock Rnrl the government expects (Continued on Page Six)

Clipped from The Wilmington Morning Star21 Nov 1919, FriPage 5

The Wilmington Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina)21 Nov 1919, FriPage 5
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  • Wilmington Morning Star 21 Nov 1919 pg 5 Bozeman Clan on trial

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