25 april 1904 Adam Welker

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25 april 1904 Adam Welker - i. .' - I . J Name Delegates To Thi Va r....
i. .' - I . J Name Delegates To Thi Va r. piniie ilfher fVl!n 1 IIVN VtllVI bwill.J Some Townships Have Net Yet Re ported The Delegates - v , Democrats of .the yarlous townships of Huntington county, " , excentinK Huntington township, met in conven tions Saturday afternoon to name del egates to the various ' conventions. Huntington township will meet at the court room in this city Monday: evening, evening, May 9, at 7:30, to name delegates. The following reports have thus far been received from the various town ships: .'.""'."'v. ; ; ; .. ;" , WARREN .TOWNSHIP. Delegates County . . Alternates J. A. Lahr... tJoe Bowman S. F. Eberhart, G. - Rickert D. F. King. . . .J. Steffea L. W.. Koons. . . , . . ,. ..J. D. Rusher Henry Brodbeck ..... . Eph Brlghtmlf e S. L. Emley. . ...... . , .,. , . , : Petrio F. Toung. ........... Charles' Close Lee. Flshbaugh. . . . .'. ..Charles Rudig. ':; State. ,''.: r. ;v J. A. Lahr.. ...... i. ..,H. S. WIsmer . Congressional. ( Andrew Kelty........S. F. Eberhart Joint Representative. a G. ,Rlckard. ............ .John Rusher The first Saturday In September was named for the township convention. convention. convention. - : ,'.' 1 ,r ROCKCREEK. ; v County. - V, J. D. Gusmau..... Jesse Cllne George B. Young........ R. A. Sparks A. Brickley....., Lewis Stockman John Reber.' '. . . ... .Chaster E,.Wirt Arthur Allen . .... .Dr. ( Pblllp Monnxi Joseph JCrevston.v .A. D. Gusman A. McFadden. . . . . . . .Charles Freds Charles A Sutton . . James . McFadden Golvin Summers, Jr. . . . S. M. DeHaven Jacob Bonewltz...... David R. Geiger William Kocher.........Adam Keoats George Ellis Samuel iC. Soott ; Jerome Minniear. . . . , . . .Mack Harris Charles Smlth.V... Charles McClurg Peter S. Wall. William Mauger Congressional. . . - " j - J. C. Baker. . . . . .. . .V, . W. H. Michael ' ' 8enatorlat M. H, Gaskill........ Jacob BonevHa . Joint Representative. Samuel C. Scott..'. .Harvey Z. Collins Omer Summers (May) Harvey Z Collins F. D. Smith... (July)... J. D. Gusman ..7 : ' "r union. . . ' '. - m - County. ' i' '. Adam Foust.. ....... ..Simeon 81ater George Beaver. . .... .Henry Thorn Samuel Stetzel... .......Fred Weber Thomas' Whitacre.... Fred Dumbauld Samuel Kline. . . . . . . . , William, Beaver Emanuel Caley. .Arthur Smlf.h Marlon Hlte .......... Jacob Vollmer George Br ubaker...... John W. Taylor Peter. Brown , , . . . , , Warren Wilson John D. Miller. '. . . . .Emmet P. Beaver - ' v - State. ' ',.v7: Harold Guthrie..... Reuben Feightner Congressional. E. P. Beaver............ .James Lantz ; , Joint Representative. Jacob Vollmer.......... Henry Miller . ! JACKSON. .. - v.;. T;Vr; v: ; ':.".,' County. ' - yv;' M. B. Thompson. . . . . .Chester Webber Lewis Romey... ...Augustus Saracen Henry ChriBty ......J. P. Smith Charles Wygant...i,....'.J. A. Myers D. C. Dennis... Jesse McTaggart Martin Glock... ...John Rindchln, Jr. J. H. Briner....... H. L. Maddux E. A. Keefer, . . . . . .... . . .Jacob Schoeff J. H. Abner ........... S. C. Christian ' . . 'SUte. ,'r; - r J. M. Keefer.......;.. J. A. DeArmltt Joint Representative. ,' t:. George Fields. .. , . . . , , . .Henry Pelgh Other State Delegates. ;: , Daniel Young was named a , state convention delegate in Dallas township, township, Henry Mayne in Lancaster, Lemuel Lemuel Prlddy and George Roberts In Sal - amonie and George Griffith in Jefferson. Jefferson. Delegates thus far reported are supposed to stand six for Parker and three tot Hearst . - . J ADAM WELKER AND . ' ; HIS ANNIVERSARY V , - S mmi . As Sunday was the seventieth an niversary of the advent of Adam Welker into this world, it was thought proper by his amiable wife and himself himself to have an ingathering of a, few of his comrades of the late rebellion in honor of the event . Veterans and their wives here named were present: Samuel Dlvelblss and J. B. Harris, of the Thirty - Fourth Indiana; Samuel G. Hoover and Benjamin Shideler of the One Hundredtb and Thirtieth; J.. J. Riggs of the Seventy - Fifth; Jf. R. Mar shairof the Twelfth" Indiana; M.VV.1 Broyles of the One Hundred and Ninety Ninety Third Ohio; and Adam Welker of the One Hundred and Fist Indiana. In comparing ages we found that eldest; Adam Welker, was seventy - nine years old and the youngest M. V. Broyles, fifty - nine. .The total ases of the el.t comrades was five hundred cal fourteen.' fourteen.' Tbe average age was Blxty - fcmr years nine months and 1 day. Mell gchemerborn of the One Hundred and Third Indiana was present the latter part of the day.; Lewis Craig of the Twenty - Third battery should have been, present to. make. the list ; com plete. .William Andrew, Line Andrew, William Henry Poor man and wife, Alpheus Poor man and ' wife, Vincent Welker and wife,' Mrs. Fred Dumbald and son were guests also. Adam received received as a present a very fine rocking chair which on trying" it he declared was 'just as - nice as it could be and that he would Bit In the' shade and rock this summer, while other people were at work. Martin Broyles furnish ed some music on the graphOphone. A ''great - many pieces .were "played, "Ticklish Reuben" being the only one encored. So everything went on and the day was spent very pleasantly, be ing a grand - social event add Adam and wife were made .happy as well as the guests. . .. t - A GUEST. SENATOR PUftVIANCE ; TO INDIANAPOLIS , ' Senator H. M. Purvlance will leave for Indianapolis Tuesday morning to meet with the committee 'appointed by the last legislature to investigate the means adopted by , other states for the care of epileptics.1 The ' Insane Insane hospitals refuse to admit epileptics epileptics and there Is a growing demand for an institution for the .cure of epilepsy. epilepsy. A committee consisting of Sen ator Purvlance, SenatorJxTewhou8 of Greensburg and two . representatives was instructed to make a trip of in spection with the governor. : The meeting' of the committee Tuesday is to arrange for the trip. ' A NARROW ESCAPE. Harry Miller, son of Michael Miller, and Miss Hazel . Montz ' were thrown from a buggy at - the Tipton street crossing of. the Erie Sunday evening and the .buggy fell on top of them. The buggy righted, allowing them to escape. The horse finally kicked loose, the buggy being badly wrecked. Neither was badly hurt The horse scared at the headlight of an Erie engine engine and ran down the. track. - ; ' . i Louis W. Cook n r Erie machinist, had the end of the second finger of his left hand amputated by. a falling side bar.' - - : i. ' - ,. j ' Mrs. A. B. Richards df Auburn vis - lted with her - daughter, - Miss Nellie, today. Miss Richards is a student at the business university. ? - ; : A message was received here this morning saying. Mrs - Beatty, wife of the new pastor at the M. E. church', would arrive this evening. , Mrs. Beat' H. E. Exerett special agent of the Michigan Fire and Life and Marine Insurance company was Jn the city Saturday; and l adjusted the loss by fire on the John Fulton barn. A claim of .$30(Lwas paid for tie loss.' A Terrible Discovery. He What? You cant go to the opera with me to - night? You promised She I know, but it's impossible. , "Ha! I see it aUt You love anoth . "Oh, no no, indeed." - i "Then you have determined to tram' pie on your own heart and marry some man for his money. Aha! You shrink! You expect him to call this evening! Perfidious" ' ' "Please, please, don't It is not aa" ' Then why don't you go?" ' . " "I I can't get my new coat on over the sleeves of my new dress." N. Y. Weekly.;. . v . Didn't Like the Look of It Uncle John (to small boy Just re turned from the country) Well, Tom my, did you have plenty of nice new milk, when you were down at the farm? ; Tommy Not ma , . iUacle John How Jwas that? 'Tommy - rThey wanted .jne to drink some, but I saw a man squeezing it out of an old cow, so I wouldn't have any, a m. 1 j , Auy sioper. ; ) " Beputatlon Saved. ' 'V ' Dealer Where are you going now? ; Driver To take this barrel of apples around to Mr. Brlckrow'a, ' - "Good lands! You'll ruin me. That barrel hasn't been opened." ; ' "Do you want It opened, sir?" , "Of course, you dunce. If we leave him to do it himself, he may open It at the wrong end.' New York Weekly. : ' Colorado'! Largest Orissly. S The skla of the largest arizzlv h? ever bagged la Colorado will be an exhibit exhibit at the world's fair in St Louis The animal was a local "character" In the neigbDornood.of Delta, Col., whers he was killed on the Grand Mesa, and was known as "'Old Two Toes,", from the circumstance of having lost all but, two qf the useful appendages referred referred to from one of hla feet In a cob - venleatly placed steel trap in cub days. ne.weigaea n nis aeatn i,zoo sounds and measured.14 feet - from the tip of his - aose to that of hla, stub of a tall. and 73 Inches across his head. ''"' ' 'apanass Women. : Not only have Japanese women adopted the European costumes, but soras even wear trousers. 4o Is

Clipped from Daily News-Democrat25 Apr 1904, MonPage 8

Daily News-Democrat (Huntington, Indiana)25 Apr 1904, MonPage 8
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