Wilmington Morning Star 8 Nov 1919 Outlaw N.T. Bozeman captured

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Wilmington Morning Star 8 Nov 1919 Outlaw N.T. Bozeman captured - NOTORIOUS OUTLAW TAKEN YESTERDAY ederal...
NOTORIOUS OUTLAW TAKEN YESTERDAY ederal Officers Invade . Green Swamp and Bring Away N N. T. Bozeman After eluding state and federal offi cers 'who desired him bp various charges for the past 15 years. N. T. Bozeman, a notorious bad man of Brunswick county, was captured late yesterday afternoon by a squad of deputy United States maVshaJs and collectors collectors organized in New Bern early in the week by United States Marshal George H. Bellamy and sent hero to assist Deputy Marshal A. B. jWest. who has been in pursuit of the fugitive for five. months past, j . Thet desperado was taken, at New River,' while in the midst of la hilarious festival and oyster roast, and brought tft t Via (t loo . L . 1 V. VliJ lllAJlb DilUI Li j ventre midnight and patched together again at the James WalkeT MemoriaL hospital, hospital, a score of stitches being, necessary necessary to bind up the lacerations in his scalp, which were infiictedj before he submitted himself to arrest. After-. After-. After-. wards he was landed in Jail to await a hearing before United States Commissioner Commissioner A. S. Williams a 10 o'clock today. It was only after a stiff fight, ; tn which Deputy Collector E. jR. Brown, more generally known as "jut Em In the Hospital" Brown, used the butt of a .38 Smith & Wesson oh the skull of the desperado that he was subdued! subdued! .A brother of ther prisoner, Spencer Bozeman, eluded the officers in the gathering dusk and made his way Into the Impenetrable depths of Green swamp. , ! 1 It was early yesterday morning when the squad of officers, led by Deputy Collector J,. P. Lefsey, and composed of Deputy Collectors J. H. Jonnson. C." C, Shores and E. R. jBrown and Deputy Marshals A. B. West vand J. H. Ramsey, left the city it quest of the desperado. A serious ! day's work was In prospect, for. the Jman has a reputation that has made 'him" the terror terror of the , southern end o Brunswick county. The section in which he holds his habitation is a wild and sparsely settled wilderness, and such citizens as it boasts of have the reputation of holding revenue officers ijn very low esteem. Bozeman is a giant In physical physical strength, and Is about 35 years old.1 The party went to jNew River, which Is the nearest village. On every face that wa$ met there Vas suspicion written in unmistakable expression. The word went abroad that there were hated ' and dreaded, revenue officers in the neighborhood. Spencer Bozeman, brother of the desperado and outlaw, and himself havinjg somewhat of a reputation that has! caused the federal authorities to issue warrants against him, was in the pillage when the officers arrived. . Observing the situation situation and not finding it to his liking, he forsook the environs and fled toward toward Green swamp. The officers gave chase and there was an exchange of shots as he disappeared into the jungle. jungle. ' ' ' Foiled in their first endeavor, the officers officers set about -the!, -the!, mission , in earnest. earnest. It was tljen mid-day mid-day mid-day and they made off to await nightfall. When it was growing dusk they approached the house of Bozeman and found it the center of great merrymaking. The population for miles ' around had .congregated .congregated to celebrate with an oyster roast, and there were indications of a rustic dance later in the evening. Dep- Dep- 'Get share today, ne investment stock at 123 Princess. Carolina Building Building and Loan Association. adv. Pneumonia often 'follows a Neglected Cold KILL THE COLDI r ' &II.VS CASCARAfcPQUININ Standard cold remedy for 20 years k. li.. ..r. . - opiate breaks up a cold in 24 nours renevet grip in a days. Money oacx u ft mu. ine genuine dox oat a Ked top with Mr. HiU's picture. At All Oris Storn uty-Lefsey uty-Lefsey uty-Lefsey threw out a cordon of officers officers about the place and himself approached approached the scene of merrymaking. He was received 'coldly and with suspicion The wife of the desperado declared that; her husband was not at home. The neighbors reiterated her assertions asservating that he had departed departed from the settlement fo parts unknown and .that the -day -day and the hour of his return were not matters of their knowledge. Mr. Lefsey was unconvinced unconvinced and gfarted toward' the house.. Mrs. Bczeman la'd hands upon him to detain him, but he proceeded. As he approached he saw the two Bozemans leave the cabin from the rear and make off toward the swamp, both heavily armed with shotguns. The more desperate -of -of the two took the path that led athwart the hiding place of Deputy Brown, and thereby hangs the tale of his undoing. He had taken the wrong path. Although Deputy Brown is a man of small stature, he is a giant ' in courage. As the man passed he reached out and gathered the alleged blockader in the collar and ordered him to surrender. The "man jerked himself clear of the deputy, but as he did so there was a crushing impact impact of the pistol butt ; against the skull, and the scalp was .laid, open for six inches. Not even that powerful blow was enough and others were necessary ' before before he gave up. He was heavily armed, carrying among other destructive destructive weapons an automatic shotgun, loaded with buck shot. In his pockets he had sufficient ammunition to withstand withstand a seige. The other Bozeman got away. The officers gathered quietly and slipped away with their capture, fearing to continue their pursuit lest the guests at the festival rise up and obliterate them. The arrest Was done almost without sound, and the merrymaking merrymaking continued uninterrupted, 'although 'although within earshot of the struggle. As the officers left they could see the male guests gathered around a festive keg in a shack near the cabin. Many stories are told in Brunswick r.nimrv rtt the misdeeds of the Boze mans, and of ihe prisoner In particu lar. There ar. warrants wiinout number number against him. Once when the trail grew too hot he left the county to sojourn in South Carolina. "While there, according to the officers., he chot and killed a sheriff ind thereupon returned to his natlye heath. Some years ago the sheriff of Brunswick county, irked with the continued lawlessness lawlessness of Bozeman, approached him with a warrant and attempted his arrest. Bozeman listened with amused contempt contempt while the officer read the warrant, warrant, but declined to be arrested. The officer attempted force, bo the story goes, and the desperado picked him up arid threw him against the fence. Three panels of the fence fell down under the impact of the sheriff against it. Bozeman then told the sheriff that he wpuld let him go at that If he would promise never to bother him again. The sheriff left, and yesterday was the first time that he has ever been arrested, arrested, though the first warrants issued issued against him are said to carry the date of 1904. t X

Clipped from The Wilmington Morning Star08 Nov 1919, SatPage 8

The Wilmington Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina)08 Nov 1919, SatPage 8
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  • Wilmington Morning Star 8 Nov 1919 Outlaw N.T. Bozeman captured

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