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Cam Easter Reconciliation - SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.,SUNDAY, APRIC...
SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.,SUNDAY, APRIC l,.1fM is it to a if be Easter < In Hollywood Cameron Mitchells Typical Family Of Movie World By LOUELLA 0..PARSONS HOLLYWOOD — You may put it down in your book that it's a very happy Easter today for Cameron Mitchell, his wife, Johanna, and their four children, Robert Cameron, Cameron, 14 %, Mitchell Frederick, 10, Charles Emil, 5, and Camille Jan- claire, 2, and the only girl in the family. The Mitchells, who parted briefly, briefly, are fully reconciled and today there is a general feeling of peace in their eleven room modern house in the. Pacific Palisades, with an Easter egg hunt for the younger children. As far as Cameron is concerned, the children can bring the bunnies into the house, carry their Easter eggs into the" living room, and in general have a good time. But Johanna, who was born in Europe, believes in the European approach to the child-raising problem and a much stricter discipline than is common in the average American home. Cameron is something of a dreamer, a writer of .poetry, songs and books — a truly spiritual man and one of those raii; intellectual people with whom spending an hour is a real pleasure.' - . He is so intense and so-highly strung that it's easy to see why he and his beloved Johanna came to a breaking point while he was making "Carousel." Cam, himself, says that his nerves were in a frightful state. "I was bitterly disappointed because because my big number, ''Blow High, Blow Low/* was cut out of 'Carousel,' " Cam told me. "I had a dance, too,, and the amazing thing is that my long, with my voice, is being played by disc jockeys. jockeys. Insult was added to'injury when a reporter wrote that Gordon MacRae had sung the song." Cam laid at the time he left home, it was actually because he was so run down and had worked so hard that the noise of the children children disturbed him. .There really was no quarrel with Johanna. "But that doesn!t happen often," he assured me, "only when I'm for — not rhinestone studded uniforms. uniforms. - At the same time, this show should be done in no other way. '••.•••• "But no matter how- beautiful a show is, if the story isn't good it can't compete with the beauty you see on the street. Girls, for instance.". instance.". A new comedy .by Alex Gottlieb called "Wake Up, Darling," is due to go into rehearsal Monday with Barry Nelson, Barbara Britton and big trying to concentrate on a role." I asked him if the' children had seen his pictures. "Not all of them," he replied. "Do you realize that in 65% of :hem I've been a villain who richly richly deserves the punishment he receives. receives. In some of them I die. and in others I just get punished, don't want the children to see me as a criminal." He .went on to say: " 'Love Me or Leave Me' was one of the most rewarding pictures I've ever played, played, because the character' was more or less sympathetic. I also played a nice giiy in 'Command' on television, which gave me a complete change of pace. I received received many fan letters abofll it, and ! was particularly pleased when Glenn Ford sent me a telegram saying he liked my performance. I'd like to do something like that on the screen so that my children can "see more ; of my pictures." He was very interested in rhy trip to the, Middle East, and especially especially Jerusalem. I found that he is well versed in all religious sub ects. In fact, he said that his one jreat ambition is to write the life of Christ. - :''. 'I wouldn't write about Christ as has been done in many of the stories," he said. '.'I would show (H) is human side as well as -(H) s divine character." One of Cameron's finest."experiences finest."experiences was speaking the voice of Christ on the cross iiT"Th* Robe." To obtain the quality of agony in voice, h« had a man twist his arm severely while h« spoke the words. Cameron really was trained to >e a minister... His father is a Reformed Reformed Lutheran minister and tie was very eager for Cameron, to follow the ministry. But now lie is completely reconciled to the. fact that his son is a successful actor. "My father really became reconciled reconciled : to my becoming an actor when- he read all the favorable publicity publicity oh Taming of the Shrew* in which I appeared," said C. "He knew bow long the Lunts had been happily married and decided there were some good' people in the theatre after all. • "My father is an amazirig man,' Cam continued. "Once he was drafted on the Farm-Labor ticke' for Congress. He could easily have been elected, but he felt that his true business was serving human ity through the church and nol through. politics. All of his ideals are wonderful." It was while Cameron was ap pe'aring with the Lunts in "Taming of the Shrew" that he met his Movie Called Tremendous With" John Wayne and Susan Hayward co-starring at the head of.a big cast,, Howard Hughes $6,000,000, CinemaScope techni color production. - "The Conquer er," is announced as the special Easter attraction at the Strand Theatre, starting Friday. Recognized as .one "of the biggest ilms ever to come from Hollywood, Hollywood, this RKO Radio feature tells toe story of the.virile and hot- blooded Mongol' leader whose conquests conquests changed the face of the world, and of the beautiful Tar- ar woman who melts his fire with ice until he succeeds in tak- ng her for his bride. Two years were devoted to its making and not only does it present a spectacle spectacle of barbaric splendor in its quieter scenes but climaxes them with : som% of the most vivid and exciting sequences of violent ac- :ibri ever filmed in the battle be- :ween the Mongol and Tartar wrdes. Thousands of men. and mndreds of horses were used in 'ilming these thrilling moments amidst the weird,'- miilti-hued crags, desert and cliffs of nevei> >efore-photographed sites near St George, Utah. ' John "Wayne, in the. most unusual unusual role of his career, portrays femujin, the Mongol leader whose conquests were to mark him in history as Genghis Khan, "The Perfect Warrior." His rugged physique, expert horsemanship and daredevil skill fit him excep- lionally-well for this important as< signment and he is equally convincing convincing in the fiery love scenes as in the spectacular action; Susan. Hayward is ideally cast ai Bortai, the beautiful Tartar daughter of Temujin'i hated foe who fights every step of her transition transition from fierce hatred to ardent ardent love. Her wardrobe ranges from daring 12th Century Oriental Oriental creations in which she dances for the first time • on the. screen to barbaric" covering, all skillfully conceived by Designer Michael Woulfe to accent the red-headed star's full-blown beauty. . German-born Johanna to whom he's been married over 15 years. Johanna retired to raise her family, but. about a year ago when Cam went; to Japan to make "House of Bamboo," she went with him and when they couldn't fine anyone to play a mother superior, Johanna was drafted and playet the role." What do I think are the chances of the Mitchells marriage contin uing? I'd be the most surprisec person in the world if they ever really separate again. Donald O'Connor and Francis, the talking for the sixth time in Universal-International's "Francis in the Navy," at the Crystal Drive-in today, which is the opening of the Season at this theatre. Their lovely co-star in the new film Above, Francis aid O'Connor are shown discussing military-move. •'•' '• : Coleen Gray and Bill William*, shown abort, th* Arapahoe Indians,regarding their. faU, in a Wild Dakotas," which starts Friday at th* Co-hits are "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy" From Bitter Ridge." - L

Clipped from Cumberland Sunday Times01 Apr 1956, SunPage 27

Cumberland Sunday Times (Cumberland, Maryland)01 Apr 1956, SunPage 27
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