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Cam BK - TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1974 T^JCSON D A I L Y C I T...
TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1974 T^JCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Good ol' Buck has run out of T_ . , . ,, . . . ' v · ' . intn finilted rnhps or wear the SflDercent nnxt fall In the category of sad but not too surprising items that came across the news wire desk recently was this report: Good ol' Buck has declared bankruptcy. Buck's proper stage name is Cameron Mitchell. He's a pretty fair actor who has appeared in an awful lot of films (we use that word "awful" advisedly) and perhaps is . best known around here for his role as Buck Cannon in the ."High Chaparral" series. television. Most of that series was filmed in these parts, and Mitchell must have a lot of friends and acquaintances in Tucson. 01' Buck is the kind of guy who mingles - and marries. Mitchell was paid'$8,500 a show for the weekly series filmed here, and it is estimated that the series has brought him about $750,000 in "residu- als" (payments on airing of the shows, including reruns). So what's his money problem? "The reasons are the same as have happened to other actors .over the years," Mitchell told an Associated Press interviewer. "Stupid investments. Parasites who live off you. Too much trust in people who handle your money. Most actors are children, really; Watch The Scene at 10 P.M. Tonight MIKEFOLEY is NO. 1 Tucson Television O O CD CD KVOA KUAT KGUN KZAZ KOLD NBC PBS ABC IND. CBS Tuesday Afternoon 12 Noon O ANOTHER WORLD " Q LOVE TENNIS O GENERAL HOSPITAL SO PHIL DONAHUE SHOW Guesl lo be announced. (1 hr.) CB LOCAL NEWS 12:30 P.M. O HOW TO SURVIVE MARRIAGE O RELIGIOUS AMERICA O ONE LIFE TO LIVE SB MATCH GAME 1:00 P.M. O SOMERSET O LET'S ALL SING O LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE SO MOVIE . "Deadlock." 1969 drama wilh Leslie Nielsen. Aldo Ray and Hari Rhodes. Dislricl Attorney tries to find killer ot newspaperman in racially troubled · cily. Ten minule program entitled "Model Cities Changing Tucson" ' follows. (2 hrs.) SB TATTLETALES 1:15 P.M. Q EN FRANCAIS Marians. Joan Blondell and Cyril Rilchard also guesl. (90 mins.) CJ TOPIC OF TUCSON Premiere. Acting City Information Officer Jack Bonner is host with guests Morris Franks, Assistant Director ol Planning for Ihe city and Kirby Lockharl ol the cily Planning and Zoning Commission. O MOVIE j "The Victim." 1972 drama wilh Elizabeth Montgomery. George Maha- ris, Eileen Heckart ond Sue Ane Langdon. A young woman trapped in an 1 isolated house by a violent slorm, is unaware lhal she Js Ihe next largel lor an unknown killer. Repeat. (90 mins.) CB HAWAII FIVE-0 Jay J. Armes guesls as a double amputee who sets oul lo avenge Ihe loss ol his hands by killing every law officer who. he leels. conlributed to his maiming. (1 hr.) 8:00 P.M. Q BLACK JOURNAL A look at black tilms with Ron O'Neal. Ossie Davis and lilm critic Vincent Canby. CD THE BOLD ONES Rerun dramatic series. (1 hr.) 8:30 P.M. IB HAWKINS Billy Jim Hawkins (James Stewart) is plunged inlo powerful undercurrents ot rumor, scandal and revenge in the nation's capital when he de- lends a senator's aide accused ol 8:00 A.M. O WIZARD OF ODDS O ROMPER ROOM CB LOVE OF LIFE: NEWS 9:00 A.M. O JACKPOT Q PASSWORD GAME CB SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 9:30 A.M. O BAFFLE GAME 0 SPLIT SECOND GAME CB YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 9:45 A.M. O LET'S ALL SING 10:00 A.M. d DINAH'S PLACE Mario Thomas discusses Ihe advantages and problems ol a single-career-minded girl. Q ELECTRIC COMPANY O ALL MY CHILDREN CB JOKER'S WILD GAME 10:30 A.M. O THREE ON A MATCH GAME Q SESAME STREET O MAKE A DEAL GAME CB AS THE WORLD TURNS 11:00 A.M. . O DAYS OF OUR LIVES O NEWLYWED GAME CB GUIDING LIGHT 11:30 A.M. O THE DOCTORS Q MR. ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD 0 GIRL IN MY LIFE they have no sense when it ·comes to money." That's not the whole story, as people who associated with Mitchell in Tucson knew. The fact is, Mitchell is a spender; OF Buck is more than just a fast man with a buck. He's plumb rapid with a C-note. For one thing, he's a rest-' less 55 years old and in recent years has had two costly divorces. He's now living in Darlington, S.C., with his third wife. And he had contract trouble while making a bunch of Italian films that, much to his relief, never have reached this country, He made about 40 of these stinkeroos, had a big hassle with a producer, walked out in the middle of the deal and is being sued for a million bucks. Thus, the bankruptcy route. There are persons in Tucson who knew Mitchell as a golf nut and, what's worse, a golt club freak. No, not clubs like you join; clubs like you swing at a ball. Mitchell couldn't resist 'em; any time he saw a set of shiny, new clubs, of a make he didn't own, he had to have them. He couldn't walk through a pro shop without spending a bundle. "I must have 10,000 golf clubs scattered over this world," he once told me. "I've got 'em in closets of hotel rooms in Tokyo and in the basements of apartments in Rome. I've got 'em stashed in every house I've lived in. And I'm gonna go right in there and buy 'that new set of Wilsons we just saw." Mitchell even tried designing and manufacturing his own clubs. He had some weird ideas about club design, and he had some clubs built to his specifications and tried to sell them. They were some- iliing less than a hotcake item across the counters; his clubs were bought only by persons who still drive Edsels. But Buck was irrepressible. ' He played golf with Tucson people and spent money as if it were going out of style. Strangely enough, he never gambled on the golf course. Not even in a ?2 Nassau game. TV Views By TED CRAIG Citizen News Editor He liked the game too much, he said. He didn't like to see those big, fluid golf swings get' cramped and chokey as they do for some of us when a week's grocery money is stacked up on the final hole. He always carried a packet. One day, after playing in miserable heat on, a golf course near Tucson, he bounded out of a cart and into a handy swimming pool. He didn't bother to remove his clothes or empty his wallet, and for the next half hour his companions were kept busy using quarters and pebbles to anchor several hundred dollars in bills as they dried in the warm breeze sweeping the patio around the pool. "I thought I had enough to pay," he said. '.'You have," said Beman as he straightened one of the crumpled bills. It proved to a |100. So ol' Buck is having it little tough now, although he expects to bounce back .through landing his be,st acting role in years. He has a good part in "The Klansman," playing with Lee Marvin and Richard Burton in a sure-fire seller on bigotry in the South. Meantime, he's not absolutely destitute. In the bankruptcy petition he .lists his debts as $2.4 million. But he lists Two bank accounts worth $26. Cameron Mitchell During a golfing visit to Tucson I had lunch with Mitchell. and professional golfer Deane Beman once when they were playing golf together in a pro- am event. Mitchell insisted on paying the bill, which came to only a few dollars, since we had only sandwiches and no expensive drinks. . Mitchell fished in his pocket for a few minutes and came up with a couple of crumpled bills and a few cents in change. He seemed embarrassed. Year Color Picture Tube ALL

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  1. Tucson Daily Citizen,
  2. 05 Mar 1974, Tue,
  3. Page 17

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