Austin Weekly Statesman June 15, 1876

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Austin Weekly Statesman
June 15, 1876 - A Jew Kvansrllsed, It appears one genuine Jew...
A Jew Kvansrllsed, It appears one genuine Jew has been converted converted to Christianity at last but whether the Christianity is genuine and will stick t aiains to be seen. Hammond, the evangelist, evangelist, did it, as appears by tbe convert's owa account of haw .he found the Masoiab aad bis soul's salvation. This - conversion appears appears to have been, as miraculous as that of tbe fanatical anti-Christian Saul,- aad "all Kossvalley has to do to complete the siraili tude is to change bis name to beathea one aa Soul did. - T he following is M,L,'JRva-valley's M,L,'JRva-valley's account of bimselfand hieooover-sion, hieooover-sion, spoken in a Methodist -church "of Brooklyn tbe other day : My Christian friends, If you could Me taj heart to-night I think you would find it full of love for Jesus. Five months ago I cursed aim; Yes, for" more than forty-six years I cursed Jesus Christ. 'My soul almost Shrinks within me when I think of the past. 1 went to Jesus at last, aud ant happy ; and now I intend to tell you how 1 found Him. In last February I was invited' to slug la a Methodist church in Albany. After the singing one .of the members asked that everybody might prey for the coa version of that Israelite meaning me. I said to the gentleman, '"You might as well attempt to convert tbe stones in the streets to your notions notions of religion. , I will not be taken out of the Jewish faith." Tbe gentleman visited me at the Delevan house one cold night, and toid me what Jesus had done for bim ; bow Jesus took, bim out of the gutter, gave him a good family and a nice home. The gentleman gentleman was so earnest that I began to think aad say, "There must be something iu this.' I came to New York. 1 I was looking' for something, but I didn't know what it was. Then I went to Philadelphia, to Baltimore, and at length to Washinton. My mind was uneasy.- I saw an announcement, that the Rev. E. P. Hammond was holding a revival meeting, I attended, and when the great revivalist began to charge upon the Sabbath-breakers Sabbath-breakers I felt that be was looking directly at me. Tears filled my eyes and I bowed my head.-' ) listened to the- beautiful song, "Jesus of Nazareth passeth by," and then turned to go, but Mrs. Young of uWaabing-ton, uWaabing-ton, God bless her soul, stopped me, and asked that she might pray with me.. I vu led away tike a lamb. When she finished her prayer, I went out of the church." I was downcast and miserable.. . Around the corner corner was a rum bole, and I burned to it with the intention of drinking brandy; but wbea I reached ' the tbcshold something stopped me, and I passed on up the street. ' I went to my. room, and for the first time ia mt life addressed rayself to Jesus..,. Then I went to bed, but I could not sleep. . I arose anrved again, and at half-past two in the morning iwas walking the streets 'of Washington, I bad round Jesus, and I was so happy. At 8 o'clock -I, was at -Mr, Uauvt mood's hotel. , . ne openedbeMjoyrf his room at my knock, and whoa I said, "M Hammond, I have found the Messiah,'" he took Jive by the back of the neck, and wa kuelt and prayed.. I attended all bis meetn ings and spoke in Calvary church one day. We went down Pennsylvania avenue together, together, and exhorted and sang on the street' corners. The day following I was out alone,' I went into a Jew's store and asked tha proprietor to loan me a dry goods box... JJs gave me the box, and I rolled it to the cor-r ner. Then I mounted the box. Previously I paid a small bootblack1 Ave cents to Stay' and bear me sing. The boot black was tojr first congregation, nl 1 song, 'Jesus, Lover. of my Soul.' . The New York chronicles of the time stats- that Rosaval ley is an unmistakable' type of the German Jew, is constantly on; the alert, and has a shrewd speculative air.i He was a surgeon in New Orleans during, the rebellion, and has come to New York' to stay. His little speech in the Christian' chuiou is bis card to both believers and uo-n believers, and gives him a formal in trod uo-i tion. He followed Hammond in several, revival meetings. "At one of them, be states, he asked a young man to- become a Christian, Christian, i The young man shouted out in meet-i ing;,, "What I : He asking me txi be a Christ tianl That fellow's a Jew 1" ; iD.i8.vocu-, erous young man was Rossvalley'. first con-, vert, and he is proud of bim. ' ROssvkllsy ' is described as an enthusiast, and believes 1 ia "working with a rush.", -r : i '- ; i

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The Austin Weekly Statesman (Austin, Texas)15 Jun 1876, ThuPage 1
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